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As a teenager I joined the Bethel AME Church of Baltimore under Pastor John R. Bryant and his wife, Cecelia. They are the parents of Jamal Bryant and Thema Bryant.

Most of my memories of that church are positive. I remember being invited to the Bryant Parsonage/home once, as he and his wife were holding an event to thank those of us who were active in church ministries. They treated everyone like family.

I’ll never forget the father of John R. Bryant. His name was Harrison Bryant (now deceased) and he was a retired bishop and a true man of God! The first time I entered the church, he was leading the pastoral prayer and he prayed like a man who had had some encounters with God. It was clear in his prayer that he LOVED God and respected God. He had a strong legacy in the civil rights movement and when he was in his 80’s he got arrested while protesting Aparteid. Strong man for the Kingdom. That’s the type of legacy Jamal Bryant comes from. In fact, his middle name is from his grandfather.

Jamal’s mother is Cecelia. I always admired Cecelia. She dressed in African attire, wore her hair in a natural short fro, and she and Bishop Bryant had a loving marriage with mutual respect.

Pastor Bryant (who is now a bishop) was a great preacher. But I enjoyed Cecelia more. She was uncompromised in her preaching. She knew that Word backwards and forward and the girl would bring it raw every time.

Regarding the Bryant offspring—Jamal and Thema. Thema was bright, obedient and reminded me of her mother. Jamal was known throughout the church as a problem child. He had some behavioral issues and was often referred to by members as “sneaky”.

One of my fondest memories of Cecelia was of her praying. That was a praying woman. I’ll never forget a sermon she preached once where she talked about how parents can pray for their children but the children “still fail in school” and still fall under the spell of foreign spirits. Powerful sermon. It was clear to me that she was referencing her son who was having problems in school and hanging with the wrong crowd.

Well prayers can only take us but so far. You can pray and fast for a person but we all have a free will. Jamal Bryant clearly has potential. He did not finish high school but he completed his GED. Then he completed Morehouse. That’s an accomplishment. Prayer changes things, folks!

Jamal’s father is presently a bishop in the AME church. I believe that Jamal was allowed to become a pastor so quickly due to his family ties. Remember, his grandfather was a bishop. His father is a bishop. And his mother is a preacher and Elder within the AME denomination.

Jamal was not ready to be a pastor in anybody’s church. His priorities are screwed up. This is a man who brags about a Bentley that he leased. He brags about his home. He cheats on his wife and makes babies outside of his marriage. He is not fit to be anybody’s pastor. He does not even live up to what he preaches.

I said in the past that I have no intentions of covering his divorce (his wife filed for a divorce against him on the grounds of adultery and out of pride, he filed against her). I stand by that. I won’t be following the divorce here. I’m sick of that garbage already.

What I will say is this. Jamal Bryant had no business being elevated to the role of a pastor. And even now he needs to come out of that office. He is not worthy or ready for such a serious position.

God issued a warning: Beware the pastor who scatters the sheep.

I would strongly advise Jamal Bryant to examine himself and to heed God’s warning.

Here is Jamal Bryant talking on the subject, “Why Did I Get Married”

Part I

Part II

Part III


  1. Hi All,

    Jamaal is charasmatic and he has a strong pedigree, which seems to matter more these days than character. His followers will say “it’s just a mistake” or “nobodies perfect” and he’ll be allowed to remain a “pastor”.

    The AME is caught between a rock and a hard place. If they force him to step down, he tells them to jump in a lake and takes his MANY followers and goes independent.

    Watch the divorce rate skyrocket after this mess in his congregation.

    I’m sick of this mess Lynn.


  2. “Why is Jamal Bryant Allowed to Pastor in the AME church?”
    Because no one in the AME church or the congregation has the guts to tell him to sit down. And the people that do have the audacity to actually say something about this mess are labeled “haters”, “busybodies”, or “messmakers” etc.

    The people of God need to WAKE UP! As long as these wolves are ALLOWED to devour the sheep they will continue to do so. For those of you who insist on following these charlatans please read 2 Peter Chapter 2.

  3. It is just as Lynn surmised because his father and granddaddy were big bishops in the church and his mother is a well known preacher and celebrated author why he is allowed to do what he does. Beacuse of this, no one will dare sit him down because they don’t want any trouble with the bishop or Pastor Cecilia.

    I’ve met Jamal personally on several occasions and my spirit really was bothered when in his presence. Aside from his ostentatious arrogance, there was something about him that I personally found disingenuous and malevolent. I concluded back then that he was only elevated to this role because of who his parents were and their connections with many high profile preachers, particularly those within the AME denomination.

  4. I am so bothered by this rhetoric among so called Christians. Instead of being the same wolves that are now scattering the sheep (because these blog responses would surely deter many from Christianity) How about you pray for him, the time it took for all of you to right this you could have prayed for him as I will be doing as well as for you three.

  5. P1nk1c3,

    I’ve always questioned the sanity of hypocrites who actively seek out blogs on a particular subject, sign up for the blog, then PRETEND that they are upset or bothered by the story—and this AFTER having read the entire article, of course.

    I’m going to do you a favor since you are so offended and ban you out of here.


  6. Now that was funny Lynn. BYE BYE P1nk1c3.

  7. @ PJRNDON – LOL!

  8. Thats funny!!!

    Claiming a blog would deter people from Christianity, instead of the Bryants horrid acts as a husband.

    Heeeey!!! Instead of blaming the zero degree weather on a cold front moving in, lets just blame the weather man for reporting it.

  9. What kills me is P1nk1c3’s insinuation that folks on this blog have not prayed for Jamal Bryant. People are entitled to their opinions, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t prayed for folks and/or won’t continue to do so.

  10. And another thing, Diva. The very people who always bring up the subject of prayer are not themselves praying as they should.

    People have the right to pick and choose their own prayer lists. I can report or give an opinion on someone or something without feeling an obligation to put that person on my prayer list and everyone else has that right.

  11. Lynn she don’t know about Hicktown Press. If she want to pray by all means do, even better why not start a blog that do what she suggest you do.

  12. JJBrock said: If she want to pray by all means do, even better why not start a blog that do what she suggest you do.

    Trust me, that P1nk1c3 character, who is probably a member of Jamal’s church, is praying for no one—including him.

    P1nk1c3 is a prime example of a blind, backward, brainwashed cultist who blames the victim instead of the perpetrator.

    I can pray for Jamal all day but Jamal has a FREE WILL which God will not override. Jamal reportedly has at least TWO and rumored to now have THREE children outside of his marriage. And he has three within his marriage.

    Divorce papers use adultery as the reason for the divorce.

    With that in mind, he is obviously a serial adulterer and womanizer who fails to use a rubber, thus the pregnancies. He is exposing himself and his wife to disease.

    Now what good is prayer to him when clearly he has preached on adultery and fornication (I’ve heard the sermons on t.v.) and he knows full well that he is in sin but too arrogant to repent and come up out of it!

    God will not override a person’s free will. Jamal is purposely fornicating, knowing he is sinning. Prayer? I wouldn’t waste my breath on him.

    And if any of his other church/cult members roll up in here talking crazy, they’ll be banned out of here too. HickTowners don’t have the tolerance nor patience to suffer fools and brainwashed “silly women”. I banned a bunch of Thomas Weeks’ followers when they slipped up in here trying to support his “right” to be abusive. And I’ll ban Jamal’s crew if they try to say he had the “right” to be a womanizer and sinner.

  13. Lemme ask yall a question. What does this mean for Christians. I feel as if God used Jamal. He is annointed. Does this means that he can no longer teach. Im just asking……
    Because he sinned should I no longer listen to his word? Is he not worthy of the “cloth”. If not what can I do to be worthy?
    Is lieing…stealing…..gossiping any different? I prayed when I heard this. But not for him, for myself. Its so easy to say what we WOULDNT do in a situation …but I dont know. ive had some pretty testy times and I havent even been saved that long. I ask God where have we fell short. What can we do to INSURE that we remain in your will. To be real Christions. To what measure does God forgive. Is it possible for him to continue using someone after a sin such as this?
    I pray for understanding and encouragement. I just dont want things as this to hender me from a strong continuous fight

  14. Nu2Christ,

    I have a question to ask you.

    1. Would you knowingly sit under a pastor who practices sin? Jamal Bryant has multiple children outside of wedlock and his wife is divorcing him on the grounds of adultery. That means he is STILL cheating.

    2. Are you aware of the fact that when a person consciously practices sin such as adultery, that the person is rebellious and reprobate?

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  17. To all you judgemental women and men of God. I urge you to be very careful on the words you are spewing from your mouth. I do believe God commisioned us to not to touch His annointed and regardless of what you think Pator Bryant is our Father in heavans annointed. Whatever be the case of Pastor Bryant and his wife is just that between them and God. I can almost bet my life on that everyone of you writing this negativity and promoting hatred instead of holding our brother up in his fallen time have a few things PRESENT,PAST and FUTURE that you wouldnt want anybody knowing about let alone blasting it on the web.

    LYNN’s RESPONSE: I truly wish that the lap dogs, mistresses, and flunkies of these fallen ministers would stop coming here with their nonsense.

  18. Be careful of who you let feed your soul

    Why do people always assume that everyone who preaches is annointed by GOD………….? Not every minister,evangelist and so on are chosen by GOD. Some are self chosen…………learn to try the spirit by the spirit.


    Is this what the church is coming to ?no wonder the world fill like the church can,t help them . that is from the pit of hell no man should put his hands on a women and a want a be pastor ;my pastor is a god loving man he dont, take offerings or salary amen,i,m the lead guitarist there i am a female frist lady is wonderful we are one big happy family . I know this made god so unhappy useing his name in vain he will have to answer to GOD,

  20. I must say that I am sad to hear what has happened and what is going on. Yes we must pray for our leaders and our leaders must be praying for their flock. Yet it is God in the end that will have the last laugh, and I know from experience not many will be laughing. Please pray for our leaders it could help, look at Ted Haggard?

  21. Pastor William D Poovey


    Pastory Poovey,

    You came here and dropped a bunch of scriptures without any explanation of why you chose those scriptures or how they all relate to this situation.

    If you would read the rules of the board (always read before signing a board) you will see that one of our rules is that you may only post a scripture if you also take the time to share how that scripture relates to the situation at hand.

    Never assume that people can read your mind or that everyone who reads this blog is familiar with scriptures. That’s why you must be willing to take the extra time to explain yourself.

    If you choose to re-post the scriptures, please note that for every scripture you post you must also include an explanation of or interpretation of that scripture AND tell the audience how it relates to this situation.



  22. If this is true ok, but everyone needs to be held accountable for there issues . but we all need to remember that we are human and so is Jamal they are not god or without sin we all have sin. Jamal is responsible if this is true his wife and the people that have carried these children and participated in these affairs. Remember that are alot of rumors in the church it is redicluous … and women follow pastor with the intent to sleep with them … Think about it why has he so many memebers and still touring the country if he is a bad persn ?? Who started these rumors anyways?? You ever thought about maybe his wife could not deal with this calling and want a divorce which was probably an ultimatum but Jamal has a call and answers to God and not man or people. Until I see a paternity test that say Jamal is the father than all they are is rumors.

  23. Evanglist Mitchell

    I would just like to said, one thing i hope and pray that Jamal and his wife work thing out before God and he repent and move on with what he feel God call him to do. God is a just God and a forgiving God. Man will alway hold your past to your face, God never do. That is why i thank God i serve a forgiving God. Yes the devil come to destroy but God come to set us free. we will alway have trial on this journey. but with God we can make it. I know this my be a big disappoint to people what this man is going thru. but it time we pray for our pastor and bishop, ministry, and the leader that make discison for this nation. We are in the last day and it time to come together get on the battle field and fight this devil with every word of God and stand on it, while we are looking at this pastor, God has forgave him and moved on. so we have to do the same. God bless

  24. You indicated that “God” has forgiven Jamal Bryant. I don’t know that. I don’t know that Jamal has repented so I don’t speak for God.

  25. desertdetroiter

    I’m blown away…and i mean FLAT OUT blown away by some of these responses! How can people be so dismissive and dispassionate about the behavior of a man who is supposed to be the leader of thousands of people? Especially when the behavior involves adultery, arrogance, greed, lust, and making ostentatious purchases such as a Bentley when his ministry is in one of America’s poorest and most run down cities?

    I don’t like to be overly critical of some of these church figures seeing as how i don’t have a background in the charismatic black church (or any church for that matter)…i try to be respectful of the traditions of these organizations. But it pains me to see people being so gullible. So much so, that they’ll twist biblical teachings to defend people like Jamal Bryant and accuse you of being the bad guy just because you’re using your common sense. I know that we aren’t supposed to “judge” (whatever that means), but don’t tell me that i’m supposed to suspend my sense of right and wrong just because you deem someone to be “anointed.” Please.

    Lynn…you’ve got your work cut out for you! LOL

  26. DD,

    You would probably come into the church family if wasn’t for all the criminal and hypocritical behavior by its very leaders who are fleecing the flock.

    Rogue ministers will answer to God for that and so much more.

  27. Everyone will have to give an account for everything they have ever said and done. We don’t have the right to judge another masters servant!!! The same way we judge others GOD will judge us in that same manor, now that is what the scriptures say. The LORD is in control no matter what it looks like and He will deal with everybody accordingly!!! GOD Bless

  28. desertdetroiter

    ^^Again with the “judging” thing. I’ll admit that i don’t quite understand what that passage means, so i’ll just ask someone in here who knows…if we’re not supposed to judge according to the Word, am i supposed (or expected) to completely suspend my belief in what is right and wrong and just go with the flow when i see misbehavior on the part of church leadership? And not just in church, but within my community in general?

  29. DD,

    I totally ignore such people. This is a BLOG and the purpose of the blog is to have discussions.

    The holier than thou crew can stay away from here. I’ve told them to stay out of here with those annoying references to judging.

    What—-we are supposed to sit silently and ignore Jamal (and other “pastors”) behavior?

  30. Sorry, Lynn, but the Bishop (Jamal’s father) was never faithful to his wife. All that glitters aint gold and the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. I know for a fact that the good Bishop committed adulterly because he did with my girlfriend.

    LYNN’s RESPONSE: NO proof of this accusation and I choose NOT to believe it. Do a better job in the future of choosing girlfriends and check your own game. I’m sure she cheated on you, but I don’t believe for a second that it was with Bishop Bryant.

  31. I know there has been some confusion on judging someone and when, how or even if we should judge another person. As always, I look to scripture for clarity.

    In 1st Corinthians 5:11 – 13 gives an answer to the judging debate.

    “But now I have written to you not to associate intimately, if any man called a brother and is either a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such a one not to eat.

    For what is it to me to also judge those who are outside? Do you not judge those who are inside?

    But God judges those who are outside. Therefore put out from you the evil one.”

    Here God is telling Christians that we are to “judge those who are inside.” The inside is the Body of Christ (followers of Christ). God judges “those who are outside”; outside the Body of Christ (not Christians) who are in the world.

    If you read the 12th verse, God (through the Apostle Paul) says “if any man called a brother and is either a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such a one not to eat. ”

    In other words, if any person who claims to be a Christian and is living in sin (the above is just examples), we are to judge and also not even associate (don’t even eat) with those who are purposely living in sin and put them out of the church. Timothy (the Apostle Paul’s assistant) takes it even further and tells Christians to openly rebuking them of their behavior.

    1st Timothy 5:20 “Those who sin, rebuke before all, so that the rest also may fear. ”

    As for Jamal Bryant, yes – he should have been rebuked by the congregation openly and if he (Jamal) were truly a follower of God’s Word, he should have immediately stepped down and left the church. Why? People in church will justify and defend their pastor’s (or any church leader) their behavior mainly to justify their own sinful lifestyle. As you see, Timothy says their sinful behavior will be a lesson to other elders, or other members of the church, or both, that they may fear not to do the same evil things, or they will incur the same censure and punishment.

    I hope this helped with the judging debate.

  32. Ryan,

    As ALWAYS, you came correct and dropped some serious knowledge. Thanks!

  33. Amen Ryan!

  34. desertdetroiter

    Ryan…thanks a LOT. That certainly clears that up for me. You really broke it down so articulately that it’s irrefutable.

  35. I am personally sick and tired of hearing church people say “don’t judge’. It is my experience that when someone uses this term it usually is in defense of some wrong doing that they do not want themselves or the guilty to be held accountable for. They are basically saying that we can’t identify right and wrong (when it is so clearly evident) without being accused of judging? Please… if stating what I see and know to be wrong behavior (especially by so-called spiritual leaders who I thought were called to a higher authority than the rest of us) is judging them let the judging begin. This man is wrong and what he is doing on a reality talk show serving as a spiritual advisor to Omarosa who is looking for a man is absolutely ridiculous and should be embarrassing to his congregation and family. And yes I am a Christian and a sinner too.