For the second time in the past 2 months, I purchased and attempted to make some Chicken of the Sea tuna fish. I bit into it and it was bland and horrible. Tuna does not even look or smell like tuna any more.

From now on I’ll purchase Albacore in hopes that I’ll get something remotely resembling tuna fish but that JUNK that is being passed off as tuna these days is horrible. Tastes like cardboard. I’d actually much rather pay a little more for quality tuna fish.  After biting into the awful mess this evening, I’ve given up on Chicken of the Sea. I tossed the remaining tuna in the garbage can.  I don’t know what that is but it’s not edible for me.

Do those representatives of such companies think we are so dumb that we cannot see that they are not giving us the original food? I wrote a similar article last year regarding Hawaiian punch. The gross tasting stuff being passed off as Hawaiian punch does not even resemble what it was when I was growing up. Again, I would much rather pay a little more to get the original taste.

I’m concerned about what we are eating, everyone. Out of concern for my health, I’m spending more time in natural stores such as YES Market.  The food in natural stores cost more but at least you know what you are eating, the taste is there and no hormones are floating around in it.


  1. I get the Star-Kist solid tuna in water. It tastes great. Albacore is great too and it is good for you as well. It costs more, but it tastes great. I don’t buy “chunk-light” tuna anymore either- it is BAD with a capital B!

  2. I’m not sure which canned tuna it was (maybe chunk-light), but when I opened it, it looked like cat food and smelled bad. Companies don’t care what they sell for profit anymore.

    I will try Albacore. I love seafood.

  3. I thought it was just me. I have said the same thing. I remember when I was a kid, you could eat it straight out the can. Now even the one that is supposedly in Water, is an oily, greasy mess. I don’t know if it’s a combination of pollutants in our waters or them putting chemicals in it when they process it, but you are absolutely correct, it is horrible. The one in the pouch is not so bad (or greasy), but it costs more and I can’t always afford it.

    And food like french fries every since they came out with this no trans fat mess are disgusting! They taste like they were cooked in industrial cleaning solution and have a weird after taste. It wasn’t like I ate fries all the time either. I grew up in the era where they were considered a “treat” and you went to McDonald’s as a reward for doing well on your report card, or it was your Birthday, or we were celebrating something, but not because my mom didn’t feel like cooking….that’s what leftovers were for.

  4. Very interesting you would state this one. Our family eats tuna on a weekly basis and haven’t experienced that yet. Though we don’t buy Chicken of the Sea brand tuna, we do eat other brands and COTS albacore. Actually, we have noticed over the past 3 years, companies have been compromising the quality of their products while the prices are the same or even more. We have actually contacted these companies when we were dissatisfied with products and complained. They either changed the product overall or not at all. But some have offered many free product coupons in order to regain trust. I recommend people to notify companies with complaints because I have actually seen good results from doing so.

  5. Most fish these days are being farmed-raised which is suspect in and of itself. Read labels very carefully everyone, the mass production of ALL foods, once found seasonally should be a red-light moment for everyone.

  6. It’s sad that we have to sit around wondering what we are eating and hoping it is fit for human consumption.

  7. Seven foods experts wont eat – maybe we shouldn’t either.

  8. OUTSTANDING information! Thanks a million for posting this. If I get the opportunity, I’ll post it as a separate article in the health section.

  9. Not only is the food in cans of lesser quality; there is also less of it! But they charge you the same price. Example: until recently, if you bought most national brands of tomato sauce, you got 14 to 15.5 oz, not a full 16 oz. But you got charged the same as if the can were 16 oz.! I notice things like this because I have several old cookbooks with recipes that call for certain size cans of veggies–and what I find on the shelves is half an ounce or more short of what some of my favorite recipes call for! Ditto for tuna; it used to be 7 oz. cans; now it’s 5 to 6 oz. depending on the brand!