TRAGIC UPDATE: He has committed suicide

The accusation:

Pastor Matthew D. Jarrell, 41 is alleged to have driven the victim from a bar in Charleston on the pretense of giving her a ride home. Instead, the victim told police that Jarrell took her to a secluded area and forcibly sodomized her on Thursday night, May 19, 2011.
The victim was able to escape from Jarrell’s truck and she gave police a description of Jarrell and the truck he was driving. When police found him, he denied any sexual contact with the woman, but then changed his story, admitting to having sex with the woman. Jarrell is facing similar allegations from a San Antonio woman for a previous alleged attack.


Okay, let’s break this down, shall we?

1. “Pastor” Jarrell was in a bar which is where he met the woman. Would someone mind explaining to me why this “pastor” was sitting his “holy” behind up in a bar? That’s #1. Why was he there?

2. Why exactly did he pick the woman up?

3. Even if the sex was with consent, does “pastor” Jarrell know any scriptures pertaining to fornication and or adultery?

4. Why is this the SECOND time that “pastor” Jarrell has been accused of the same offense?

If any of “Pastor” Jarrell’s members are reading this, please check in. On a separate thread, “Pastor” Bruce Sanders’ followers are showing up and showing out for him big time. Do the same for your leader, please.

I say that, of course, with the full knowledge that the good “pastor’s” members are not quite as forthcoming. For example, they have already taken down the church’s website. Also, I found this note on the church’s Facebook page, written by the administrator of the page:

I was trying to delete this group and accidentally deleted myself as administrator and the only way to delete a group is to delete all the members, which I cannot do now. Please delete yourself from this group so we can remove it for now. If you need to discuss this with me, please send me a private message. Thanks.

Of course, the page may be gone by the time you press the link, but I cannot help to wonder if it was the Holy Spirit who locked the administrator out and blocked her from hiding the page. God is exposing mess, saints!



  1. As far as the church taking down their website, I cannot speak for those motives. I also need to clarify that the facebook page is not an “official” page created by a current member of the congregation. This page was created for members of the church and/or attendees of the school to get together and reminisce about the past or post current happenings. There is nothing on this page to be “hidden”. You may have done your research, but you only shared half the truth in your article. Anyone can view this page and see that the pastor of the church isn’t even a member. The page has photos and stories from the past and information about current happenings such as funerals and reunions. Did you find any information on this page even discussing the integrity of anyone? The administrator was asked to remove the page not because the church staff or members are trying to “hide” anything from the public, but to protect from any negative comments that might arise from the general public.

  2. Dear “A Christian”, thanks for taking the time to stop in. I changed your user name from “Anon” Christian to A Christian because we don’t allow any anons here.

    However, we report what the mainstream media reports. They listed him as pastor of Open Door Baptist Church.

    Now if he is no longer a member, that sounds odd. How is it that the pastor of the church is not a member of the church? Or are you saying he is not a member of the Facebook page? I could not care less if he is a member of the Facebook Page. I was simply searching out information about the church to post.

  3. I am stating that he is not a member of the facebook group. I replied to you because you are accusing the church of hiding something. The church is not affiliated with the facebook group. You mention that you were “simply searching out information about the church to post.” You are telling the public to gawk at that group (you even provided a link) and that because the members of the group didn’t want garbage posted and are trying to dissolve the group, the church is hiding something. How is that “information about the church?” My purpose is to let you know the facebook group has absolutely nothing to do with the church, so please do not lump them together. The group was started by a former church member who moved away from the church long before the current pastor arrived.

  4. A Christian,

    If the members of the facebook group don’t want people “gawking” then make the facebook page secret or private.

    IMO, it really doesn’t matter. The CURRENT pastor is arrested for rape, confessed. This kind of thing is all too common. Dare say, Baptist ministers are at least as big of sex offenders in the pulpit, than the Catholic Church. Possibly worse.

  5. Chuck Travels,

    The administrator of the Facebook page is locked out so he or she is unable to hide the page (which she attempted to do).

    A Christian, sorry you are so snippy. I know this is a sensitive time in your church’s history. I’m actually happy you are not jumping to defend your pastor at this time.

  6. Can I ask you what she was attempting to hide on the page? The content has nothing to do with the church at all. She just didn’t want nasty remarks posted on the page (that’s not fair to the current church members and Bro. Jarrell’s family). How is that attempting to hide the page? Have you actually looked through and read the content? I’m begging you…please do. As you will see, it’s a site for people to reconnect.

    After speaking to the administrator, she is completely embarrassed and humiliated because she was just trying to prevent something very negative from happening. She doesn’t even know how old his children are, but she thought if they happened to be on facebook, she didn’t want them reading any additional garbage being said about their father…there’s already enough in the media. There are still people whose motives are pure.

    By the way, I’m also a former member so he’s not my pastor.

  7. We visited that church numerous times just to see how the church was doing since getting a new pastor. We went to the sunday school class taught by pastor jarrell and we were shocked at how he belittled his wife and she took it. We were thinking well whatever works for you two. Like many independent pastors from the hyles adultery school in Indiana, many are abusive and condescending especially to women and to anyone who doesn’t 100% agree with them. There have been a few men from that church that have had sexual issues that involved arrest. Not interested in going to visit there or any IBC ever. Before anyone takes me to task, ask yourself before you reply – should you defend this man?

  8. @ Lisa – Thanks, Lisa! Your observations regarding his wife were interesting. Heaven only knows what all that woman has been through.

    @ A Christian – I was simply noting that the church’s website was instantly taken down and that someone is attempting to also take down the Facebook page.

  9. I find it hard to believe that he belittled his wife, since I am a member and have never heard him say nothing but praise. If you are a christian you would want to pray for fellow brothers and sisters that fall. The church has to go on no matter who is not there. Protecting the children of the church is the most important thing we can do! Put your life and thoughts in the light.

  10. Cliff,

    Thanks for stopping in. If what he is being accused of is true (two rapes in two different towns) he is not a fallen brother. He is a wolf.

  11. The Web site was taken down out of respect for Mrs. Jarrell and their 4 children. There was a photo of the family on the site and the media was using it without blurring out the children.

    The site will be relaunched later this coming week with an official response from the church membership.

    ODBC does not maintain an official FB page.

    This is a difficult time for our church and as our assistant pastor stated, we will not be sweeping anything under the rug. The last few days has been an entire shock for all of us and prayerfully we will get through it.

  12. Brian,

    Thanks so much for coming here with further details. I also want to say that I am impressed with the members of your church thus far.

    Unlike many of the church members (from other churches) who come here when their pastors have been accused of a serious crime, you all are not condemning the alleged victim and you are not openly jumping to the defense of the pastor.

    I like that. Thanks.

  13. We never in any way attempted to cover for him or excuse his current behavior. We will however do everything in our power to protect his wife and children. They are amazingly strong, but what six year old wants her picture splattered all over the news in this way. The media was ridiculous to use the pic of innocent children. As far as his treatment of his wife, publicly, it was always positive. As far as Lisa’s visits, he hasn’t taught a Sunday school class in our church in almost four years. Like others have mentioned, the FB page was not hosted by the church or its leadership. Please, when leaving these comments, consider the fact that these children have lost a father whom they adored. I feel for any of his victims in whatever criminal activity may come to light, but what good does it do to make victims out of his family. Aren’t they going through enough? No 18 year old boy wants to plan his daddy’s funeral?

  14. News is that Pastor Jarrell committed suicide last night. His congregation learned of it on their arrival to church this morning.

  15. Shocking and so very sad for this family and church. Very troubled man.

  16. Sandra Pearson

    This is not the chruches fault nor the families fault. To use the pictures of his wife and children is sad. It is wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself. That pastor was a very distrube man. My heart goes out to all his victims. For the media to go after the chruch, the wife and children is cruel.

  17. Folks, the Lord is going to purify his church.

    This is a horrible event, and my sympathies go out to the victim of the sexual assault and the pastor’s family. But I hope and pray that someone out there hears of this and sincerely repents and gets right with God.

    Any “movement” that will cover up abuse and sin is not a movement of God. All you big dogs in the IFB better get your house in order.

    Every secret things will be revealed, bank on that.

  18. Sandra,

    Show me where on THIS site you saw his wife’s picture? I was not interested in his wife’s picture. My interest was in him and his history of alleged rapes. Further, I was interested in seeing how much support his church would give him in this situation.

  19. I haven’t seen any pictures on any site, only his. I agree though, the family pics should be private and not for media use. Again, I haven’t seen any pics of his family.

  20. Me either, Lisa and I have not searched for any. My interest was in the accusations against him.

  21. believer in Jesus

    Pastor Jarrell spoke at our church a few months ago on Forgiveness. It was very powerful… and i will remember him in that way. He did announce at that time of his sermon that he had been diagnosed with cancer (kidney or liver, i think, cant’ remember) & had been given 6-8 months to live. I have not seen any mention of this. So to answer your comments about him being a “very troubled man”. Maybe the strong cancer meds that he was on had an adverse affect on him. Folks said he was not acting himself previously. We are all sinners & fail. Thankful for God’s never-ending grace & forgiveness. Pray for his dear wife & 4 children.

  22. Believer in Jesus,

    With all due respect, people get diagnosed with cancer and other diseases regularly but they don’t go out and rape and/or sodomize people and the medication they take does not cause them to go hanging out at bars, picking up women, etc.

    So with respect to his loved ones, this must be taken as it is. This was his second accusation of rape and it cannot be blamed on cancer.

  23. This guy was scum. Any rapist doesn’t always give his wife praise and where there is smoke there is fire. In the IFB religion, especially churches whose pastor is from Hyles college, the pastor has way too much control over his members. They belittle and condescend and when there is trouble they minimize and slight the victim. Christians in any denomination need to pull their head out of the sand and get their lips away from you know where and smell the coffee. Think with your own head and when you sense of inkling of something isn’t right, you are probably right. There are always signs when someone is in trouble, they are ignored most of the time. If you were assaulted or made to feel less than by this guy, you need to report it. Having said this, not all IFB pastors or pastors specifically are scum but some are. It’s no coincidence the former secretary and her husband left the church. They were embezzling for years. So it’s not just the pastor who has problems. They should have been prosecuted. Randy Taylor is scum too and the whole KJV movement is beyond ridiculous. If the rape case against Jarrell was in 2007 and in 2010 Randy Taylor Revivals still allowed him to preach then what does that say about Randy Taylor? Gossip is so rampant please don’t piously tell me he knew nothing. Jarrell was a serial rapist – he didn’t stop raping and violating women. You don’t praise your wife and go out and rape women. Uggh. The IFB majors on minors and people are truly being abused. Yes, I’m mad, mad that the Hyles IFB has been glorified and put out so many abusive men and women who allow it to happen.

  24. What??? Not one person who has had cancer that I know of has gone out and raped women!! When he spoke on forgiveness perhaps he was under a boat load of guilt for the lie he was living. He had a double life. Wake up!! Open your eyes. Cancer meds make most people weak but this man held a woman’s face down on the seat of his truck and sodomized her. Was that the meds or was that this rapists way of controlling yet another woman??? Geez! Are you kidding me??? He violated women PERIOD!!! It’s wrong to violate a woman. Stop sweeping outrageous sin under the rug and minimizing it. It is a crime and he was a criminal.

  25. Read some of the comments on under his article. People are coming forward with very interesting information on him. Two so far from his former church in PA. Sad details about this man. Do I believe them? You bet your bottom dollar I do.

  26. There is a , fact ,That this happend,But , There ,is only, one thing, You as a church can not , go own in your own power,mark this, down in your little black book, God , give’s grace those who Repent from the heart.Don’t be running your mouth, how great you are ,Just because A cat covers up crap, dosn’t mean, it’s not there.God give each of us, that chance to get the crap out.Open,your eyes and heart ,To Knowing God not just knowing a bout ,Him.If there is repent.s in your church you do have a hope, John3:16-17.With True repent’s your church , will never be the same.Know the truth,I don’t exacpt a line of bull. I put ,trust in ,God,Man may put, own a mask , and people ,don’t know, but it will , some day ,eat his very sole.And bang it’s to late.

  27. Bernice, why are there commas after every word? Your post is very difficult to read and comes across as rambling. Sorry to say but it does….

  28. I saw that also. Note that not everyone is educated, John. That may be the best she can do.

  29. Tis true, I wasn’t trying to be mean, it was difficult to read. Perhaps it was one of those voice command things….apologies sent.

  30. found this link to a sermon He preached. Interesting some of the things he mentioned,,, knowing his outcome!!!

    PRESS HERE to hear his sermon

  31. Believe me, Jarrell we don’t think he had cancer. If he DID have cancer, he wouldn’t have shared it with the world. That would have been a sign of weakness and Jarrell always wanted to be known as “The Man”. Having cancer would have been too embarrassing for him. Read that the docs gave him 3-6 months to live. We heard he was diagnosed back in Sept. with stage 3 or 4 colon cancer – so here we are in May. I would think he would have been in pretty bad shape by now. He looked like he always did in the video clip where they were arresting him. This mans problems go WAY back so please don’t use the excuse of cancer meds. I just think its so hard for people to believe that they were taken in by this monster. That would mean that they are admitting that they can be brainwashed and conned and that’s hard to admit-believe me, we’ve been there. The cancer bit gave him an excuse to get out and travel and sow his seed.
    On the flip side of things-Ginny is the sweetest person I know. She’s a great mom and she raised 2 fine boys and 2 little ladies. I think Ginny knew what was going on with him but what was she gonna do? She never really worked a real job other than teaching in Christian schools with no teacher degree. Her parents are in PA and her father is ailing. He probably threatened her if she did leave. I think they ought to thank God that they are still here. Jarrell was the type of person to kill his wife and kids and then himself. Fortunately, he just chose himself which was sad because if he would have just owned up to what he did, repented of his sin, do the time in prison for hurting those women, he would have still been alive to see his precious kids get married, see his grandbabies, and grow old with his faithful wife.

  32. John,
    When you said “former secretary and her husband” were you referring to the secretary and her husband whom Jarrell brought with him to TX when he took over the Open Door church?

  33. No Maurice.

  34. Interesting insight, Maurice

    I listened to his sermon….this guy was a rambler. Had too much on his mind and his thinking was in a million directions

  35. Nobody blamed Jesus nor the rest of the Apostles when Judas Iscariot betrayed our Lord for 30 pcs. of silver which he did not enjoy not even for a season which made him commit suicide. Then why blame the Church, the wife and Kids of this Man who like Judas has betrayed the Trust of his Congregation including his family and Friends?

    “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.” [KJV] I Corinthians 10:12

  36. In all fairness, ughh as I type this, Jarrell’s brother Butch posted this on his family website about Matt. He did in fact have cancer. “(Pastor Matt Jarrell – Mesquite Texas – ) who has liver cancer (Hepatocellular Carcinoma). He HAD a total of 8 tumors with one large tumor on his liver and 7 tumors spread throughout his body including in his lymph nodes. We praise the Lord that all the tumors are gone except for the one on his liver. ” Source: This was truly sad for all those around him. For his victims, I pray they will get the counseling they need and the justice they deserve. Whatever that justice looks like for them. It can’t be easy for them nor can it be easy for the wife and her family. Take care everyone and have a blessed Memorial weekend.

  37. John,
    Unless his brother Butch was actually there at the doctors with him or anyone else like his wife for that manner, his brother was just taking Matt’s word for it that he did in fact have cancer. Matt was a great at lying; he could fool anyone-even his own family. So unless Butch states that he was definitely there with him when he was diagnosed, I don’t believe he had cancer and looking as healthy as he did in the video. In order to get rid of the tumors, he’d had to have had chemo. Chemo makes you VERY weak and sick, my sister had it. Sorry, I would just need more proof other than his brother Butch said Matt told him that.

  38. If he had cancer, it did not affect his weight. But let’s be clear that if he in fact was guilty of what he was accused of, diseases of the body do not cause people to attack others.

  39. I personally knew this scumbag years ago and i will tell you first hand, he was a douchebag back in the day. im so tired of hearing about sites being down, and sites being private so we dont “hurt” anybodys feelings. how bout the 4 women he raped and put thru a living hell, ive heard no compassion in the least for these woman. all im hearing from his closest and people involved with the stiuation is, that its a horrible thing thats happened to the IFB movement…..ARE YOU SERIOUS? come on people, lets be real about this, matt jarrell gone off this planet is one god thing that happened over the weekend. if the ifb ers are so loveing, why havent we heard some remorse for these woman that have had irreversable actions done to them….WAKE UP you bible thumpers and show some love to the women that were raped instead of pouting because one of your own has been caught for the 4th time with his hand in the cookie jar. you baptist bible thumpers are a complete joke.

  40. True Lynn, I didn’t know the guy personally (Matt) but you (Maurice) think he was that good of a liar? That’s really sad. But then, he went to Hyles Anderson College. I think they have a class called Liar 101, Pulling the wool over 102, Denial and how to be successful 201. Abusing others and how to make it look biblical 301, and How to Manipulate others by guilt/sympathy 302. Just sayin’.

  41. Andrew, we know he was accused of attacking 2 women (and of course it will never go to trial now)…..but what do you mean by “4” women?

  42. Easy Andrew, not all of us are IFBer’s! LOL. My posts at least and Lynn’s post mention our concern for these 2 women……there are 4?? I’ve never read about 4. Jeez, this guy really had issues. It is a sad situation. : )

  43. I just posted an article regarding the IFB movement (which I had never heard of until this post).

    Those familiar with it, please go to the thread and give us your feedback regarding IFB.

  44. he was confronted with an action in 94. He was charged with this three different times in three different states. He managed to get by with …it the first time (Maryland in 2003). His congregation was told he was in the hospital with gal stones while on vacation. The second time was in Texas $50,000 bond. He managed to “hide” that one–he said he was arrested because he forgot he had hunting guns in his car. His wife bailed him out yet still had no clue? This time it was a $75,000 cash bond. His wife was reportedly there to bail him out when he hung himself. I guess he figured there was no way to hide this one since it made national news. I don’t know how much his wife knew about what he did or if he threatened her in some kind of way to keep her quiet. It wouldn’t be hard for me to believe that he did threaten her. I feel horrible for his family. He was definitely a con artist. What a pig!

    @john…….im on the same page, not all ifb ers are bad. i agree.

  45. Andrew, I started a page regarding IFB. Please visit it. I had never heard of it prior to this situation happening.

    Wondering if it’s a cult.

  46. The IFB is NOT a cult however there are some that are questionable such as some of the Hyles churches. It’s very disturbing too. I’ve been to some that are very laid back and are very loving churches and there are some that have pictures of dead pastors along their walls in the sanctuary and a big picture of Hyles and his wife. It’s like the Holy Spirit doesn’t go to that church because it’s the influence of Hyles. It’s really odd how its all turned out. The school is not accredited so these women can only teach in Christian schools but if something happens to their husbands, where will they go and work? It’s a very close knit group, these Hyles churches. They are a force to be reckoned with. I no longer pay attention to them….except in the last week!! : )

  47. The more you all speak, the more interested I become in digging deeper. Hyles churches? This does not sound like a group of people ready to drink the cool aid to you, John?

  48. This is very different from Jim Jones. Look up Jack Hyles, Dave Hyles (his son) and Miller Road Baptist Church in Garland TX, Was Jack Hyles guilty? and read for yourself the things about him. It’s all on the internet. There was a great cover up and much denial. Yet people still flock to that school. ????? Look on YouTube for videos on Brenda Hyles (Dave Hyles ex). Very disturbing. It makes sane people want to drink the Kool Aid after learning about him. LOL!!

  49. put your eyes on Jesuschrist, you will always be upset and dissapointed when you trust men. thats why the Bible says in Psalm 118:8:Mejor es confiar en Jehová Que confiar en el hombre.(It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man)


  50. Roberto, I appreciate the fact that you put some context around the scripture you posted. People often will drop a scripture in here without any explanation of how the scripture relates.

  51. Andrew,

    The 2003 incident was NOT a rape. I have actually seen the court documents. It’s a solicitation of prostitution on Baltimore. You say he’s raped 4 women, and in this one case, you’re wrong. It’s equally disgusting, but you should at least be honest with your statement.

  52. I noticed John mentioned Miller Road Baptist. Just FYI, Matt Jarrell pastored both Open Door and Miller Road for a while before it merged with his church last year.
    The previous pastor of MRB, Larry Parks, asked Jarrell if he wanted the position of pastor, knowing he would because it was Hyles old church. Jarrell paid Parks 10 thousand dollars out of Miller Roads account in a leveraged buyout. I know that to be a fact. Parks liked prostitutes too, and also had slept with other women from the church. Parks wife caught him in the very act in the building. I knew the married person he was caught with. Parks proceeded to threaten the life of his own wife if she talked about it. She had to take off to another state for protection. And it was all swept under the rug. It’s a good ole boy club, and they cover for each other.

  53. Andrew, Jarrell was my pastor in 2003 and I don’t recall hearing that he was in the hospital with gall stones. Lynn and John-I was saved in 1994 under the preaching of an IFB preacher. I was told that I had to give up my pants (according to Deuteronomy 22:5), stop exercising (due to wrong dress and music), my husband couldn’t wear any jewlery except a wedding ring, the split in my dress/skirt couldn’t be any longer than 2″, couldn’t go to movie theaters, and no mixed swimming. I had to sign a paper agreeing that I would abstain from all of this if I wanted to work in the nursery, sing in the choir, teach, or do anything in the church. That pastor wasn’t a pastor who went to Hyles Anderson College, he went to Fairhaven Baptist College which is just as bad. My sister in law said they taught that being overweight was sinful and a sign of gluttony. They had weekly weigh-ins. The girls slept in garbage bags to sweat the weight off. Many girls left there having eating disorders including my best friend. Thank God she’s okay today and she’s been able to control it but while we had Jarrell as pastor, she taught in the school there and she was under so much stress from him, she started vomiting again. He even told her that he respected her more for vomiting and trying to stay thin than if she got fat!! She wasn’t trying to stay thin, she knew things about him and she didn’t know what to do about it-it was very stressful for her. I could tell you things about the Hyles preachers and IFB that would make you drop your jaw. In a nutshell, it’s all about Sex, Power, and Money.

  54. Oh, and John-I know it’s hard to believe that Jarrell could be that good of a lier, but let me tell you….unless you’ve met the man, you have nooooooo idea. And yes, he WOULD lie to his family if it was part of his scheme. He lied to Ginny and his kids didn’t he? He lied to his whole congregation and led them to believe he was in PA and he was in W. Va. Seems like he was always scheming something. This whole thing about Jarrell has me extremely puzzled. Haven’t been able to get it off my mind since my friend called me late at night last Sunday to tell me he was dead.

  55. Maurice, aren’t you so glad you made it out alive?? I tell you, I still have a little PSTD from the years in the IFB. Thank you for sharing and my prayer for you is healing and comfort knowing you don’t ever have to go back to a church like that. Have a blessed weekend. Take care.

  56. Maurice and John are women using men’s names.

    Why is that? Does the movement you are in make you believe that people will only take you seriously if you are men?

    I find that sad.

  57. @ David – Thanks for letting us know that the incident in Baltimore was solicitation for prostitution and not rape.

    His wife went through hell dealing with that womanizer. Apparently he liked low life women whom he could degrade.

    @ Auriel, there seems to be a serious issue in those IFB churches and they don’t respect women. Proof is found right here with John and Maurice using men’s names when they are actually women. They don’t believe people will take them seriously with women’s names.

  58. I saw the 2003 charges as well. True, it was for solicitation but the other 2 charges were for “handgun on person”, and “handgun in vehicle”.

    And Maurice, I remember he could not stand overweight people. His wife must have weighed less than hundred pounds, and the irony was he got up to about 300 pounds. Also, re: the gall stones. Back in San Antonio, 2007, they were told he was in hospital and could not have visitors.

    And agree Lynn, I believe his wife went through hell and may have been afraid of him. He was intimidating and ex Special Forces.

    True, in the IFB movement, a woman’s word does not carry as much weight as a man’s. Women are to “keep silent”. I remember visiting another IFB church for a revival as a child, and they made a man get up and sing with a woman soloist, because the preacher said, she could not sing a special by herself, and not break the ‘woman are to keep silent in the church” rule. Even then it made me want to gag. I got into major trouble in the churches JR High for suggesting that Mary Magdalene was the first evangelist. They were always extra hard on me because they saw me as needing to be “broken”. All I heard was “she’s a pretty little girl, it’s a shame she’s so strong willed”.

  59. Nope that’s not it. There are people in the IFB who are mean spirited and they will rip your character and name to shreds. Anonymity is safe. I would use my real name but for this topic, no way.

  60. I would not expect you to use your real name, but at least a woman’s name. So for example, if your real name is Tina, I could see you using “Alberta” or “Renee” or “Gloria”.

    But you and Maurice chose male names and it just lead me to believe that you don’t believe you will be taken seriously with a woman’s name. I find that very sad.

  61. Thanks for being brave enough to use a woman’s user name, Auriel.

  62. I heard rumors about possible connections to other crimes, rapes and other possible unsolved crimes. I knew Jarrell was a freak but did not know who bad of a monster he was! QUOTE In his truck, they found two knives, a stun gun, leather gloves and a leather police badge holder with no badge inside. A gold, five-pointed-star badge was found under the steering wheel dash.
    In another part of the truck, police found a video camera and several handcuff cases, along with a machete and a video screen.END

    They are using his DNA and are on a nationwide search. LINK to new article:

  63. That was a very thorough article. Keep us posted!

  64. I’m proud to be a woman. I’ll admit to using 3 different names online, but only because there are some people in that movement whom I believe would come after me and kill me if they thought I knew too much and would talk. I do not want them to connect the dots and some are still in my area. Not all of their crimes were sexual in nature either. A few remind me more of an underground religious mafia. There have even been bizarre poisoning deaths associated with the Hyles cult.

  65. I agree with John. Except here, I still live around some of Jarrell’s family, one of whom we strongly suspect helped him with the church fire. Even with Jarrell gone, I still fear for my safety. Not to mention what John said; there are still people here who abosolutely adore Jarrell and they feel he was set up and not guilty of any of these crimes. They are taught that Satan is out to bring down the preachers, the heads of the Church, and if he can accomplish that, than he can bring down the whole congregation and render them useless in spreading the gospel. They are so brainwashed, they actually believe this is what happened to Jarrell. But I hope they read the Sunday paper today cause here’s what it said about the incident in Baltimore and the one in San Antonio. “She stated he held her face down on the seat of the truck and raped her.” In regards to the San Antonio incident-“the woman said Jarrell told her he was going to hurt her.” She told police she had been walking home when Jarrell asked if he could give her a ride. Soon after she climbed into the truck he flashed a gold badge at her and said he was an undercover police officer and that if she would perform oral sex on him, he would not take her in.” “He told her he had a gun and he would use it and that he would hurt her if she didn’t do what he wanted.” The woman had been charged with prostitution twice. Jarrell was released on $50,000 bail and an electronic monitoring device was placed on his ankle. A day later the judge order it to be removed. (Some of the power I mentioned these pastors have, he probably paid him off or contacted one of his fellow IFB preachers to reach people in high places. In his truck they found two knives, a stun gun, leather gloves, and a leather police badge holder with no badge inside. A gold, five-pointed star badge was found under the steering wheel dash. They also found a video camera and several handcuff cases, along with a machete and a video screen.

    Now I ask you- Did this man have cancer? Do you actually believe that pathetic story? Give me a break, he was obviously a man with a diabolical mind. Knowing that I had this man in my house and cooked a meal for him and his family when we had a missionary in town, knowing that he sat at my kitchen table next to my child(ren), knowing that my husband went hunting with him and Jarrell had the perfect opportunity to “mistakenly” shoot him in the woods, knowing that I actually rode in his vehicle with him – Oh My Gosh – it makes me sick to my stomach – literally. It also makes me question my own judgement of people. I find myself wanting to keep my kid(s) from going to anyones house for playdates, or sleepovers. I experienced first hand the mind of a diabolical mind, I thought I was a good judgement of character but I was fooled. Thank God my husband wasn’t though. I couldn’t get him involved in anything at the church and couldn’t figure out why. My husband had him figured out but not to the extent of being a rapist. My sister met him for the first time and her husband told her to stay away from that man and if he ever comes to the house and I’m not here, don’t you dare let him in. My neice told me after meeting him for the first time, said that he was so full of anger. At the time I told her she was nuts.

    This Sunday’s paper stated that they have Jarrell’s DNA and they are checking it with the database to see if it matches any other unsolved crimes spanning a four year period when Jarrell was traveling across the country supposedly preaching at different churches and events. I got news for them, they should go back more than 4 years! It should be interesting to see if anyone comes forward from around here. Then again, it’s like the moffia, you open your mouth and you better watch your back; Jarrell’s dead but his croonies live on!

  66. Everything that you three ladies describe points to cult behavior on behalf of that church. Why are you not calling it what it is?

  67. Lynn, I’m no longer part of the IFB movement. I’ve been out of it for about 10 years now. We attend a community church that’s made up of alot of different believers but we all worship the same God and Saviour. I spent about 10 years of my life being brainwashed into hating homesexuals, fat people, people who don’t go to church, separated myself from my family and siblings, my children missed out on fun things like Santa Claus and trick or treating, which I can’t get back now. When we left the church, my 3 yr. old said “Mommy why are you putting boys clothes on me?” when I bought her her first pair of pants.

    Auriel, I know what you mean about the strong will thing. My mother didn’t raise me to be a door mat. I once remembered Jarrell saying he knew Ginny was the one for him because one time when he was having dinner at her parents house when he was courting Ginny, her father lifted his glass and jingled the ice-cubes and Ginny got up and got her father some more drink. He stated that her father “trained her well”. Sitting in the pew, I remember turning to my husband and saying “If you ever do that to me you’ll be getting the ice-cubes poured over your head!” I was looked down upon for being a hunter and going deer hunting. That wasn’t a woman’s place. I spoke up and asked questions at church meetings and didn’t realize until after we left that when the church voted on something, only the mens hands were counted, not the womens. I battled the “wearing a dress thing” all the time. I always said I was born in bluejeans. I remember when a perfert was making comments to me at church and I walked in the back church door and there stood my husband and Jarrell. Jarrell asked me what was wrong cause he could tell by my expression, I guess. I told him that if he didn’t do something about “Steve” (not his real name), that the next time he said something sexual to me I was going to lay him flat out. Maybe that ‘s why Jarrell never came on to me cause he knew I couldn’t be threatened and I wouldn’t keep my mouth shut about it.

  68. Lynn, I have always called it a cult. I don’t remember saying in any of my posts that I felt otherwise. Actually, it’s worse than a cult because they actually allow you to have your own Bible, they just take the verses and twist them to mean what they want it to mean.

  69. I was so thankful to get out and I will tell you I’m so happy now. I started going to Tony Evans church and had been there for many years. I wouldn’t trade his church for any other. So many of the IFB churches are cults. I’ve learned so much and have healed so much by being part of this Bible church……Thank you for this forum. There are some who have commented that if I gave my name they would know me. Do you know who Pastor Tony Evans is?

  70. Yes, I know who Pastor Evans is. I sometimes listen to him on radio.

    By the way, there is freedom on this forum. If ever there is a topic you ladies want me to bring up, let me know. We are free here.

  71. i think its crap that yall will sit here and bash someone who is dead. yes, what he did was wrong. altho he is a pastor..everyone seems to forget that he was a human…yes he was a christian and held a position that he was suppose to be a leader and uphold the name of Jesus Christ and be an example to everyone….but he is no different than any of us. he was a sinner. Jesus died on the cross for someone like him..we ALL sin and it seems like everyone is not remembering that.. yall seem to forget the verse in the bible that says he who is without sin let him cast the first stone….to God every sin is the same no matter how big or how small it is. He forgives anyones sin. and i believe that Pastor Jarrell was a Christian. but he fell. Satan is a powerful being. and cant get the best of anyone….we arent God and our flesh is weak. Pastor Jarrell did what he is not our place to judge him….i dont suspect this will make it through the moderators approval…but to me…yall are actin like a bunch of kids gossiping about some preacher who is human and God forbid he makes a mistake…there are thousands of ppl out there doing the SAME EXACT THING! but you dont see them being bashed all over the place..nope…but as soon as a Pastor does it…lets just all let the devil have the victory and trash talk this man cause he messed up……..

  72. Marie, let me get this straight. Clearly you ran a search for the “pastor’s” name. Then you came to this blog and read every word.

    And now you are complaining? You are a hypocrite, indeed.

    Now move on. This is a blog and it’s here obviously for people to freely speak their minds—and to judge as we see fit. We are FREE here and will not allow you or anyone else to put us in bondage.

    We respect your opinion but that won’t stop us from continuing the dialogue.

  73. i only searched his name cause i knew him and moved away from my state so didnt know what had happened and was told to look it up. and i honestly do not see how you can say i am a hypocrite. i have done nothing wrong. im not trying to put anyone into “bondage”. this is not the only blog i have stopped at and read what people have had to say. i just think its sad that people can sit there and just bash over, and over, and over a man who isnt even alive! i mean does it make yall feel better to sit there and talk crap about him????

    judge all yall want..i really dont care, yall are the ones who will get to answer to God….yall are sitting here judgin a man of God that has fallen…but i know, yall are gonna say he wasnt a man of God and probably gonna try to say he isnt a christian…but no one but pastor jarrell and God know that….

    yall are no better than pastor Jarrell in my opinion

  74. Marie, that’s just horrible. We are not liars or rapists. How dare you to continue to come here and judge us. We don’t want to hear your verbal abuse and holier than thou comments. Of course you care or you wouldn’t continue to comment. He probably is a Christian but a very warped minded liar and rapist. So do you think that everyone who when to Hyles and Hyles himself who committed crimes were just “fallen” men too? Do you think that the men and women who are abused in these IFB churches should just let the abuse of power happen? This is a forum to vent and freely talk about what we know and felt because of these abusers. If you can’t understand how victims feel and you sit in your high tower of judgment on us then you should leave this forum. You are probably abusing others because you have no idea how to relate here. Just go away and stop making excuses for abusers, liars, and rapists. Seriously. If you write again, you are a liar because your post says you really don’t care. Plus, we are better people than Jarrell, we haven’t raped anyone.

  75. Ignore her, John. She is a hypocrite. If she comes back, I’m banning her.

  76. but lynn, i thought we were all free to post?
    im not condoning pastor jarrells actions. and i do care what yall say in a sense. but in a sense i dont. i like a good debate honestly!
    i do understand the abuse and stuff that has come from an ifb church..i have been there done that….im am pretty young and have been through a lot from them.
    but i find it funny that you (john) said “how dare i come here judging us” thats what yall are doing to bro jarrell….and i must be missing something…but i never said anything abusive. but whatever..i know i am getting banned…but have a great memorial day.
    p.s. we are all liars…

  77. Marie is not a woman, this is a man. Marie needs to OUT herself/himself like we all have!! Thanks Lynn.

  78. im pretty sure marie is NOT a man..

  79. Not a lady either.

  80. you wouldnt know

  81. but i am curious.. what do you mean by “OUT herself/himself” ?

  82. Sorry Lynn, I have no tolerance for IFB sympathizers. Have a great day Lynn.

  83. Marie might very well be one of his numerous affairs. He clearly had a string of women.

  84. haha. good one :)

  85. Sad all around this story…….and I’m using my real name!!

  86. Well, well, well. We have another person who tells us not to “judge”. Don’t you love it when they take a Bible verse and use it to try to make light of someone’s hellish behavior? As I remember, in the Bible, Jesus called out to the money changers and overturned their table because he “judged” what they were doing in the temple. And before you say, “Well He could, He was God”, He was God made into FLESH. And yes, He got angry, just like we’re angry because Jarrell used the house of God and it’s people to feed his double life. So Marie, all we’re doing here on this forum is OVERTURNING THE TABLES. We’re exposing Matt Jarrell for who he REALLY was and we can do that now due to the fact that he IS dead. Personally, I was too scared to open my mouth while he was alive and so were alot of other people. Marie, you are the perfect example of someone who is a part of the IFB church; they teach that you’re not suppose to speak bad about the pastor cause “he’s a man of God and God placed him over the church to guide the flock so you better be careful what you say about him or how you treat him.” – I have only one thing to say about that-as Jarrell would say,”Puke”.

    You mentioned you were young Marie, sweetheart, let me tell you, I was 23 when I got involved in the IFB church, and spent 10 years of my life under that bondage of serving out of guilt and fear. I’ve been out of it for over 7 or 8 years, and I’m finally learning that God isn’t up in Heaven waiting for us to screw up so He can pound us with a hammer. God is Love, a phrase that was laughed at in my IFB church.

    Yes, we ARE all sinners. The difference between us and Jarrell however, is that we feel remorse for our sins. At least I do, and judging by the comments from Lynn and John, I’m sure they do too. We have empathy for other humans, the Holy Spirit guides us in the right direction IF we don’t quench It. It’s only by God’s grace that we all don’t fall into immorality or whatever our weakness is. Jarrell used God for His own benefits and selfish wants. He did the same exact thing as the Samaritans did when they moved in on the Israelites land. You see, when the Samaritans moved onto the Israelites land, great numbers of lions started to attack them. The Samaritans suspected that the God of Israel sent the beasts. They didn’t worship the God of Israel, they worshiped their own god. Anyway, the Samaritans asked the king of Assyria (the Assyrians had captured the Israelites) for an Israelite priest to teach them the rituals of the God of the land since it was actually the Israelites land and the Samaritans knew they served a different God who blessed the land. As a result of them learning some things about God, the Bible says the Samaritans “feared the Lord yet served their own gods.” You can find that story in 2 Kings by the way if you want to read it for yourself.

    They used the priest and the rituals of God Himself to get the lions to stop attacking them but they also still served other gods. They used God, in other words. This is what Matt Jarrell did. He used God for his own benefit. He didn’t want to be devoured by the lions, per say.

    The reason why we are harping on Jarrell and why we all feel this story is so intriging, is because he WAS a pastor. There are other people out there doing the exact same thing but you don’t see us “bashing” them, it’s true. It’s because they AREN’T pastors. The Bible puts strict requirements on the men He chooses to put in the place as one of His pastors. They have a HUGE responsibility- to lead the flock. They are suppose to be there to guide the congregation just like a shepherd boy with his flock. A shepherd boy looks out for his flock. He may fall asleep once in a while but he doesn’t leave his hillside to go dress up as a wolf so he can devour a sheep on the other hillside. You get my meaning?

    Good night all.

  87. Thanks, Maurice! Well thought out, thorough piece.

  88. I thought so too, very well written.

  89. I am a current member of Open Door Baptist Church. This man makes me sick! I hope no more comes out, I dont think that my stomache can take it!

  90. Why did you sit under this man as a pastor, Joel?

  91. I was a member of Open Door but had to leave before Jarrell got there. I loved Bro. Matthews and thought he was great but the IFB was no longer a good fit for me. Happy to leave and so much more at peace now.

    Joel, didn’t you see the red flags with this guy?

  92. I know peeps who went to him for marriage counseling. What sent up the red flag for them is when he began to ask in private, what the wife’s sexual habits were like.

  93. So disgusting. People just ignore the red flags and live in denial of the obvious.

  94. Auriel, that’s not uncommon. He actually had a “sex-ed” class for the adults in our church. He also asked my hubby how many times I give “it” to him. Jarrell was addicted to sex and it wouldn’t surprise me if they found porn on his computer. I found out recently that when he would be at the church getting ready to leave to go travel, he’d call his wife and tell her to “come pay him a visit”. They’d go in the church office and lock the door. I guess he had to get his fix before leaving.

  95. The more you all discuss this man, the less like an authentic Christian he sounds. It must have been tough living a lie.

  96. Nothing wrong or weird about calling his wife….blessing places with your wife is ok but outside of marriage it’s not. Just sayin’.

  97. That’s true Debbie. My point was, his wife was very obedient to him and jumped whenever he called. Personally, I’d feel funny about satisfying my pastor husband in his office when there’s school going on down the hall and the secretary is just outside the door. I’d much rather take care of those things before he left the house in the morning.

  98. And Lynn, it was tough for him to live a lie, hence the reason why he probably committed suicide, not to mention he was facing 25 years for the first rape and with his hatred towards homosexuals the way it was, there was no way he wanted to be in prison.

  99. i just dont see the point of airing out his dirty laundry?? i dont in any shape form or fashion condone his actions…it to me is just really sad! but he is a sinner..someone should have never EVER let him become a pastor or continue to be the pastor if they knew about this or had any questions!
    you did make your meaning very clear maurice. and im glad u explained it the way you did!
    i am young. but old enough to make my own choices and not completely follow the IFB way…
    i do go to an IFB church..but im in no way an IFB sympathizer… not ALL IFB churches are the just because some are bad not all are…
    i have experienced how horrible IFB churches (and college) can be..and how hateful they can be to someone that hasnt even done anything wrong! and treat u the way they do because of someone else related to you!…..i for the longest time didnt even want to go to church and had hatred towards church and IFB ppl for a while…but i went somewhere else and was shown that not ALL IFB churches (colleges) are the same…some are sincere in what they do…others are corrupt and are doin everything for the wrong reasons.
    i personally would rather go to a Southern Baptist Church. but i continue to go to an IFB church….
    i think everything happens for a reason…and all this with bro jarrell probably was for the good…i think it is sad that he took his own life and that his family didnt even get to say goodbye….but he is being judge by God. and i just dont see it as our place to judge him…i wasnt trying to make people mad! i hate his sin..but i do not hate him. God hates the sin, not the sinner…so i dont do things by how the IFB have taught me..nor is my thought process the way they taught me..i am old enough to know what the bible says and how God would want me to react in a situation like this!

  100. Marie,

    One of the purposes of this blog is to air out the dirty laundry of rogue, criminal, and false clergy. So if you are bothered by it, there are at least 90,000,000 other blogs you may visit. You won’t be happy here.

  101. im not bothered by it really..some of it i find interesting. i just didnt see the point of it…but i do like reading other peoples thoughts of the IFBs :)

  102. I understand where you’re coming from Marie. I think Satan walks this earth as the Bible says, like a roaring lion, seeking who he may devour. He doesn’t stop at the IFB church, he moves on to the Catholics, Protestants, Methodists, Evangelicals, etc.. And he doesn’t stop at ordinary people either, he goes for the leaders of the home AND the church and sometimes he uses the kids to bring turmoil into the home. Because of this, we need to know our Bible well enough to know when somethings not right with someone else. My relationship with my gay niece is now ruined because I listened to Jarrell and put into practice what he taught the church (and me) on how to handle homesexuals. I made her feel discusting and she now thinks I hate her because of how I handled the news (which wasn’t very good-let me tell ya). I still don’t believe in that lifestyle because I feel that God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve, but I should have loved her and hated her sin. Now, I can’t even be a testimony around her cause she won’t even talk to me let alone come near me.

    So sitting under that kind of preaching does affect how we think whether we want to admit it or not. I liked to think that I was my own woman and no one had any influence on my thinking – I was wrong. I surprised myself with how I handled the news about my niece. Looking back, I’m ashamed of myself – I was no better than Jarrell himself and brings me to tears.

    Just be careful Marie, the IFB church is very powerful even without God.

  103. Many times when someone has a strong hate for another group such as homosexuals or transgenders, it means they are themselves homosexual or transgender.

  104. This guy struck me as a womanizer. I don’t see homosexuality as his issue.

  105. I was mentioning that because of the “hating homosexuals” comment. Hating homosexuals is a big thing too in IFB. He was awful no matter what.

  106. I’ve visited ODBC a few times and have attended a few church activities and have family members that are members. One detail I wasn’t aware of until this story broke was the name if his ranch. How could that not have sent up red flags? The “MADDOG” Ranch??? I would have had serious issues with that. It’s none of my business what someone names their ranch but that’s too in your face for me to accept. But like everything else I’m sure he had his a story for that too.

  107. Not sure what “MADDOG” really means or why he chose such an odd name for his ranch.

  108. I believe there is a liquor called “Mad Dog”

  109. Debbie, you may be right about the homosexual thing. He once told us from the pulpit that you would NEVER catch HIM dressed like a woman. Then, a few years later at our churches Christmas party at a local restaurant, here he comes prancing in dressed like Grandma, in a dress, with nylons, breasts, lipstick, and a gray wig. They were playing Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer and his best friend was dressed up as the reindeer chasing him around the banquet room. Some people laughed; some were SHOCKED. But some were shocked that an IFB preacher would even play such a worldly song. In the song it says, “She’d been drinkin’ too much eggnog..”. IFB really harp on listening to Godly music with Godly lyrics. Anyway, I guess we WOULD catch him dressed like a woman afterall. There have been men dressed as women before and women dressed as men like around Halloween time or as a practical joke, but if you knew Jarrell and how much he HATED homo’s, this little “joke”, as he tried to pass it off, was extrememly out of what we thought his character to be. He got Old Paths Baptist Church kicked out of the prison ministry at York County Prison because during his preaching there, he zeroed in on a gay with his legs crossed. Jarrell made the statement,”My wife can’t even cross her legs that tight.” Well, the gay man went straight to the prison pastor and long story short, we were never allowed to return. But we don’t believe that he was really gay, we just feel that he was molested when he was a boy and that created such a hatred towards gays but also he may have been angry on the inside because he had gay tendencies himself and couldn’t deal with the emotions and feelings.

  110. Try reading maddog backwards.

  111. @ Ted: “Maddog” was his nickname from his army days.

  112. Ouch! That hurt! Went straight into my heart. Eerie.

  113. Debbie, you are not the first to wonder if he had homosexual tendencies. He hated gays so much that even others who hated gays were thinking he must have been abused as a kid or have tendencies himself. So the fact that he sodomized women did not surprise them.

    I also know he used hidden cameras in the church, so wondering what else they will find.

  114. Meant to add, there is a detective Detective Deitz In W VA who would like to talk to any of his victims or anyone with information, regardless of where they live. I know of someone who has been talking to a detective, also found this posted:

    Detective Deitz
    Phone: (304)357-0200

    Mailing Address:
    PO Box 75087
    Charleston, West Virginia 25375

    Physical Address:
    409 Virginia Street East, Room 280
    Charleston, West Virginia 25301

  115. Informer, did you know him from his Army days?

  116. What a mess this guy left. But then, everywhere he went he left others with his baggage and his wife as sweet as some said, she was his enabler. She had to see some red flags.

  117. Texas Grannie

    I also thought about the homosexual angle. In the incident in San Antonio, he forced a woman to do oral sex. In W Virginia, he sodomized his victim. Doesn’t anyone else think this is strange?

  118. The goal of a rapist is to humiliate. I cannot say he was a homosexual. I can only go by what we know. What we know is that twice he was accused of rape and/or sodomy. He admitted to having sex with one of them. We also know that this “pastor” picked this woman up from bar. What was he doing there?

    So he clearly was not fit to pastor anyone. I know that. But I don’t want to put a homosexual charge on him because there is no evidence of that. Men who are straight dress up as women to be funny all the time.

  119. True, we don’t know and we need not assume.

  120. Maurice, I did not know him back then…it was a nickname that was mentioned many times. But I see that it could have been made up as well. I’m not saying that as fact; I’m only allowing that I am not a blind follower that believed everything that came out of his mouth.

  121. In West Virginia, “sodomy” includes oral sex. It may be the same act, but described as a different crime because of the law.


    I can’t believe I looked that up.

  122. I downloaded and read the actual reports, one case was what we think of when we see the word “Sodomy”.

  123. He did not have cancer. He lied to his own mother.

  124. This is such a tragic situation at so many levels. I’m not trying to be lighthearted or cute and actually am trying to talk about mature things in a non-sophmoric way. I don’t want to get overly graphic, but anal sex between a man and a woman is not normal. Granted, I didn’t say there’s anything wrong with it. If people want to do that, then that’s their business. I’m just saying it’s not the “norm” and most men are not attracted to it.

  125. Harold, the bible speaks against sodomy specifically. I agree with you.

  126. Nichole, What is your source of the fact that he did not have cancer? We have been waiting for that to be confirmed or otherwise. Thanks for any info you can share!

  127. Not that it matters now, but he did have cancer. Was confirmed both in life and there after. Had many small tumors that went away through treatments, but one huge one on his liver that would not go away.

    Mad Dog was what they called him in the military and it is not uncommon for soldiers to carry nicknames and call signs throughout the rest of their life. If you knew him, the military was always a big part of his life even after he got out.

    Folks, facts are facts and there is a lot that happened here. There is a lot that went wrong and it goes way further back than 2007 or 2003. However, facts do not start with “I think”. We need to stick to the facts here to learn from this, help who we can and move on.

    Nobody on earth can answer the why, what and hows of this. Nobody but God has a complete picture of this, the history and what was going through his mind.

    My only real comment is it’s horrible on every front, from every perspective and I would not wish any of this upon anyone.

  128. Brian, are you saying that the autopsy did reveal cancer? I’m asking for clarity because I have it from another source that was thought to be reputable that he did not.

    You are right, it is horrible and we have been praying for your church and for his family. Grace, forgiveness and healing can only come from the Lord.

  129. Brian, who has confirmed the cancer? Did you actually go with him to his appointments? Did you or someone you know personally go with him to Panama for his treatments?

  130. Yes it did and yes two other men were physically there with him in panama. No, I was not one of them.

    That is as far as I’m going on a subject that is totally irrelevant as he and the cancer are both dead.

  131. The autopsy revealed that he did not have cancer. The coroner was certain that he never had cancer and the remaining tumor he claimed to have had was nonexistent. His entire life was a lie. Narcissists are pathological lists. He is no different.

  132. All of this is hearsay without links to actual articles, etc.

  133. Nichole, I have a friend who thinks they know Brian personally. Can you give any indication that you do have valid info about the autopsy results? Lynn is correct in the fact that it is only hearsay at this point. My interest goes beyond wondering about his physical health. I am not interested in giving my opinion on Matt Jarrell, I’m looking for facts. Do you any proof to back up your claim?

    And with all due respect Brian, it doesn’t matter if he had cancer or not. But it does matter whether or not he was lying about it.

  134. I find it interesting that a website link is needed to verify an autopsy. Do you think the coroner’s report is online? It’s not. Do your homework. I did. It’s not rocket science, its called research. Roll up your sleeves and investigate – don’t rely on me if you think I’m giving false info (which is ridiculous considering the track record here – how anyone believes ANY THING this man has ever said is full blown insanity).

  135. If you are interested in facts, you can order the report for yourself. Everything is available according to the open records act or whatever it is called.

  136. Great then! I do believe I’ll be ordering me a report of Jarrell’s autopsy because I still believe that he didn’t have cancer. Brian, I don’t know how you know 2 men went with him to Panama but if that’s just something he told you, sorry, I don’t believe him.

  137. So basically, Nichole, you are unwilling to share? I’m not doubting your account of facts so to speak, I’m simply asking where you got your info. There are plenty of people on this and other forums who are bitter, angry people out to bear false witness. I was hoping you aren’t one of them. Since I don’t KNOW you, I asked for your source of truth. No offense intended. (Kind of goes with my not following blindly.)
    But, hey, maybe we can create a new job for someone in America, since SOMEBODY is gonna have to be making a record number of copies of THIS report! Always look on the bright side! :)

  138. I think it’s fair to ask for sources since anyone can come in here and make any claim.

  139. I just spoke to a lady in the WV Medical Examiners office. You must be next of kin to order an autopsy report. You can request it through vital records, and she gave me the steps of process on how to do that. But she said it will be several weeks yet before it is available.

  140. Nichole, you should really have facts to back up your accusation before you say it to be fact. I too called and found out that it takes weeks to get the vital records. They will only release the autopsy report to the next of kin. So unless you are a a next of kin you have no clue what the report says.
    As for Brian it is very important to the members of the church to know the truth where all of their money that they put in to help with his treatments in Panama to know he was not lying to them. If you are so close to these people then there must be some proof yourself could get to provide that information. I know that he is gone but it will at least show he wasn’t a liar. There are alot of allegations going around and yes people he was close to and they loved him are hurt. They want to believe that he was telling the truth so that they can continue to believe that he was a good person.

  141. I know for a FACT that he took up an offering here in PA after telling our church some sob story about a woman who lost her husband unexpectedly and was in financial straits and couldn’t even pay for his funeral. It was around the time Jarrell was getting ready to move to leave the church. Everyone, including us, got a letter from this woman telling us that she never saw any of the money and he kept giving her excuses as to where the money was. She even informed the police here in PA and from my understanding, sent letters to the Texas congregation as well. Although, I can’t confirm if she sent the letters to Texas, I do know that we all got them here in PA. Nothing was ever done about it.

    So, this little farce about him having cancer – HA! I believe that like I believe in the toothfairy. He needed money, he was about to move his family to Ohio.
    He played on the hearts of people who loved him and felt sorry for him. I can’t believe I actually felt sorry for him when I heard the alleged diagnosis until I got some mixed info about his “cancer”. Nothing added up from the very first time I heard about his “illness”. I gree with Annie. They should make the report public because there’s alot of people whom I sure gave their hard earned money to help with his traveling expenses to Panama for cancer treatments.
    Like everything else, I’m sure the autopsy results will be on the internet sooner or later just like his double lifestyle finally was revealed.

  142. i dont really think the autopsy or anything of his medical business should be on the internet for anyone to see..he may or may not have lied. but his autopsy is none of anyones but his family’s business and the people they choose to share the results with….

  143. Sylvester Matthews is a smart man. how did Jarrell get by him?
    is Matthews this cult-ish as well?

    I haven’t been accused of assault …. how can a pastor put himself in any position to even be accused? Moreover, the leadership allow this to continue and still claim to protect the flock?

  144. In response to Johnny: IFB’s are taught that you never question the man of God. So there’s your answer.

  145. Anne, there was not one group offering from ODBC for his treatments. Unless it was a Wed night, im in another ministry that night that is out of the auditorium. Individuals may have given and churches that he preached in may have given. But ODBC did not take up offering to help.

    As for asking the family for a copy of the report, I think that is extremely tacky. I mean really, like they don’t have enough going on right now. I trust what I have been told, if you don’t that is totally your choice.

    Again, that is the last I’m going to say on the subject.

  146. This man’s family is clearly grieving. Whatever the public thinks of him, his family loved him, I’m sure.

    They should not be asked to supply autopsy results or anything else. They should be left totally alone.

  147. Marie, unless you have sat across from this man while he is directing his rage toward you, unless you have been a victim at his hand, unless you know firsthand what this man was capable of…you would not understand why “airing his dirty laundry” isn’t simply just airing his crimes. People are searching for answers and healing.

    Brian, I don’t recall anyone on here asking for the family to produce a copy of the report. But it is unfair for someone to come on here making detailed claims (Nichole) about the results, and not have anything to back up her statements. We don’t know you or her, and there are two conflicting accounts. We don’t want to believe the worst story, simply because it was offered. But we have been around long enough to know that the “good” version isn’t always the “right” version. (ie, San Antonio hospital stay vs JAIL.) Not that you would admit it in a public forum, and I wouldn’t ask you to, but I hope you were not one the men who had knowledge of the allegations back then and did nothing about it. I pray your church learns the lessons God is trying to teach through this, so that you don’t find yourself here again in a few years.

  148. I agree. NO ONE should even think about going to the family to ask for a copy of the autopsy report. I don’t remember anyone on here even saying they’d do that anyway. Like I said, it’ll come out sooner or later.

  149. Actually, Brian is one of Jarrell’s right hand men. So therefore when the new pastor is assigned he will be making the desion on who stays in the position and who will go. The new pastor will not need the bodyguards like Jarrell did. That is what they were! I know them all personally. I remember God Save America and he made sure his bodyguards were there to make sure that people didn’t stop him to talk.
    (Johnny) Yes Bro. Matthews is a very smart man. But like we have all said, Jarrell was good at lying to people. Remember he was a trained specialist he could even pass a polygraph test with no problem that is what they trained him to do in the specialist ops program. He himself had mentioned that several times.
    As for Brian, I never said that the family should produce anything. And as for him asking for group offerings no. But the church did have the ushers hold offering plates at the back of the church for anyone that would like to make a special offering to help with the exspense. I know for a fact!

  150. If church is about Jesus Christ and salvation, I would love to know what is going on in churches where the “pastor” becomes the topic of discussion instead of the Lord.

    People need to watch who they are following.

  151. Informer, no I had no idea of anything. Was a great friend to me and my family. Still in shock, but keeping focused on Christ as I said Sunday morning during SS. Will also gladly serve in any capacity the new pastor directs.

  152. You seem to have been very honest and straight forward, Brian. Thank you for that. I wish you and your family and your church the very best. Christ is all you need, and your focus on Him will bring strength and healing to your hurting hearts.

    Those of you who have good memories of him should count yourselves blessed. Not all of us are that fortunate. Our focus on the Lord will bring strength and healing as well.

  153. Brian, how can you stay in such a church?????

  154. Brian and his family left the church last week. With that said what exactly did the Church do? I don’t see how you can blame the Church for this one Man’s actions.

  155. Intheknow, Someone in the church leadership covered up the fact that there was a criminal record in 2007, lied to the teenagers, and their parents, and the congregation, he/she/they also failed to properly investigate…the membership as a whole is not to blame, but those who lied and sat on a criminal charge will answer to God for these highly inappropriate actions. They enabled him to continue his double life/criminal activity, by attempting to cover up his actions. Numbers 32:23, “…and be sure your sin will find you out.”

    I pray the church will open their eyes to the truth, and not bury their head in the sand, and allow things to continue on as they were. God has a way of bringing His truth to light, and sometimes it’s not very pretty. I pray they will learn the lessons here and heed God’s leading and Holy Spirit direction, as it may involve tragedy more close to home next time. (Not to take away from the victims’ tragedy, it is indeed great! Just to empasize that God has a way of getting people’s attention.)

  156. Just as a side note, intheknow, was there Biblical accountablility in the church? Did anyone track the pastor’s travels? Did the congregation have knowledge of all things pertinant (including finances) during this man’s pastorate?

    My questions are not to cast blame in hindsight, but to shed light on the future. Getting things in order according to Scripture, praying over every single decision made from here forward would be good practice. Even if it is what color to paint the nurseries, or where to take the kids to camp, whether the aged saints go to Branson or Gatlinburg this year…let it be bathed in prayer and not decided on a whim.

  157. Given that Jarrell lied about so many other things, how sure are you that Jarrell was Special Forces at all? Yes, he was in the army, but did he ever mention WHICH special forces? If not, it’s likely he was a fake in that department too.

    If you’re curious, you might want to email the people on this site, who specialize in verifying Navy SEAL claims:

  158. It has come out that two men knew back in 2007 . Jarrell told them that it was a gun charge and they did not investigate further.

    From his obituary:

    Matt was a proud veteran of the U.S. Army and served in the 160th S.O.A.R. (Special Operations, Aviation Regiment Airborne) unit.

  159. Then if it was “only a gun charge”, my first question would be…why did they lie to the church about it? Why not just be truthful? Does the congregation not deserve to know that their shepherd was in jail, no matter what the reason? There were teenagers on that trip with him, I believe. Did their parents not deserve to know what really happened down there? Did it fall under their (the 2 men) job description to protect the reputation of the pastor at any cost? Even if it means telling outright, blatant lies? Are either of these men still holding leadership positions? They LIED to cover up his arrest. That’s some scary stuff, IMO.

  160. These men are on staff. I fully agree with you that these men covered for him and need to be held accountable for their part in the outcome. I beleive if they had not kept this from the church there would not be a victim in WV.

    I hope the new Pastor cleans house.

  161. intheknow, if you don’t mind me asking, do you attend this church?

    If so, are they going through a process to acquire a new pastor, or will the pulpit be filled internally? Or have they already called a new pastor? Totally curious, and if you don’t feel you can answer, that is certainly ok.

  162. I am a member and we are in the process of calling an interim Pastor.

    This ordeal has been very hard on our church family. We need to call a Pastor soon so we can get back to serving God.

  163. Oh my, I am not a member nor have I been a member of the church but I pray that they find a pastor ASAP. Do you know if they will do a thorough background check? I hope that the men who covered up this do not stay on staff.. That is some serious stuff! Anyway, I am praying for the church that God sends the right man in there to clean house!!!

  164. intheknow, who are you serving in the meantime?

    Though you do need the guidance of a Godly shepherd, I hope you understand that you can still serve God in the midst of the storm. That’s when your true character is revealed. The new pastor is not Who will bring healing; that can only come from the Lord. Don’t lie in wait to do service for The King until a new pastor gives you direction; that’s where the Holy Spirit comes in. In worshipping Christ, you will find joy. If all you feel you can do in the confusion is praise Him, He is worthy and HE wants, longs to hear your words of adoration. That is SERVING Him!

  165. There is alot of time and effort being spent on getting it back on track. All of these efforts are taking away time and resources that could be of better use serving God.

    I am looking forward to getting this mess cleaned up and behind us so we can spend ALL of our efforts serving God.

    My intention was to shed some light on the matter and answer your questions. I am not here to get into a debate over how to serve God.

    I thank God every day for his grace and mercy.

  166. FROM INFORMER:”Just as a side note, intheknow, was there Biblical accountablility in the church? Did anyone track the pastor’s travels? Did the congregation have knowledge of all things pertinant (including finances) during this man’s pastorate?”

    Informer, when you’re in an IFB church, you are taught to NEVER question the pastor, let alone, track his travels, God forbid. Doing so would mean that you don’t trust the pastor. Doing background checks to verify whether or not his statements he gave were true about being arrested due to guns being in the truck, would look like you don’t trust what he says and you’re looked at as “questioning the Man of God”. If you do these things, YOU are looked down upon and some times when word goes around the congregation that you questioned his actions, you are outcasted or treated so unfairly that you might as well leave the church. This happened to my husband. He questioned why there weren’t any more budget meetings and why the budget wasn’t posted on the hallway way anymore and from then on out, Jarrell disliked him and made things hard for him in the church.

    As far as the people who covered up his lies being held accountable; I sure hope so. I know Pastor Parcell personally and it would be my prayer that the church would vote him in as pastor. They couldn’t ask for a more Godly man. However, I feel he was wrong in not checking out Jarrells little lie he told him when he covered up his arrest in San Antonio. On the other hand, it goes back to that “NEVER question the Man of God”. I know Parcell really believes that, I don’t agree with it any longer, but I know he does or he would’ve handled it differently.

    We here in PA could have saved ourselves alot of heartache if background checks would have been done on Jarrell when he came to pastor our church. Apparently, there were problems with him in Petersburg, VA and when the fire was getting to hot, he decided to move in on a little Baptist church in York County, PA where the congregation was very needy of a pastor at the time. He came right after the deacons got up and stated that they were getting worn down and tired and we had to make a decision about what pastor to bring in. Then along came Jarrell, and we took him in like the Israelites took Saul in. Hind-sight is 20/20. I’m glad to be free from the IFB belief system. It’s really messed up and in alot of ways, isn’t Biblical at all. For instance, you aren’t supposed to have an even number of deacons. OPBC had 2 deacons for the 10 years years we were there, no more, no less and they were the same ones. They never changed. Oh well, we came away from the IFB church different people, that’s for sure. I’m just glad we left before it had a huge impact on our kids.

  167. Maurice, I think I would be leery, personally, in hiring a pastor who outright lied to us before. It’s not that he just failed to bring it to the churches attention, he told lies to cover it up. No thank you. That is only my opinion though, and no one really asked for it.

    I am not an IFB “hater”, I am a Baptist, but I will never again associate myself with the IFB movement. Dennis Corle kinda sealed the deal for me with his praise be to Jarrell article in the Revival Fires.

  168. Intheknow, I meant no disrespect to you or anyone in your church. Your previous comment just came across (to me) as if y’all were just sitting around waiting. Please accept my apologies if it was misunderstood on my part.

    I can tell you that you all have been lifted up before the Lord on numerous occasions, and by many people, as we recognize that this is an extremely difficult time for your church and the families there.

  169. Sitting around is the last thing the church is doing. There has been so much that needs to get done, at the same time we are losing key people.

    Maurice the man you mention is one of the men that knew this in 2007. I know that Jarrell told him it was a gun charge but at the same time he sat by and allowed everyone to beleive that he was in the hospital. That is a lie by omission. I am not saying this should kill his ministry forever, but he should move on because it is a festering wound.

  170. I am a former member of Open Door Baptist Church and I have no respect for a man that covers up such things as a sexual assult and will openly lie to the church! I believe that Parcell should be removed from Associate Pastor and finding a job soon!! I know many who are still there do not like his preaching or the fact he hid soo much! People left because of him!! I believe Open Door has had enough and hop God blesses my former church with a godly man to lead that flock and restore those precious people! I pray for Open Door on a regular Basis!

  171. Good for you Jill. Bro. Matthews was a great pastor (too bad he’s retired now) and I hope too, like you do, that ODBC finds a godly man to lead the church.

  172. We visited the church, met the pastor, heard him preach and went away never to return. I spent years in the IFB movement and graduated from one of their “far right” colleges staffed by Hyles graduates and Hyles wannabes. Jarrell won the Hyles-is-me award…hands down!
    It is sad. It is sad for his wife. It is sad for the church. It is most sad for his children who are collateral damage. These type guys thrive on the enablers who surround them. Wives. Church staff. Church members. (not all) The deal is these perverts are in ALL religious groups. You name it…there are perverts. There are shysters and thieves. Look at the Benny Hinn and Paula White and that entire crowd of thugs. Kenneth Copeland and the family dynasty. Sad thing is…gullible people keep listening and defending them and that’s the tragedy.
    Bottom line: God gave us a brain to use. We will be held accountable for not using it and asking questions and holding EVEN pastors to their places and their words. Yeah…we are sheep. But sheep with brains!

  173. I had no idea Parcell allowed the congregation to believe Jarrell was in the hospital when he was actually in jail. So sad and very disappointing to me. Hopefully, God will send a sincere pastor to tend to the flock at ODBC.

  174. This ended up being a good thread. Many questions were answered and several of you gained clarity.

  175. Maurice, Parcell went to San Antonio to pick up the kids that were left alone while Jarrell was in jail. He was told by Police that he was being held on a sexual assault charge. When he got out of jail he told Parcell that it was a gun charge and they trumped up the sexual charge but he was cleared of that with DNA.

    I remember when Jarrell got back from SA he said from the pulpit that he was in the hospital and how the stones hurt. Parcell sat there knowing he was lying to the congregation.

  176. Intheknow:
    I was also there when he told the congregation he was in the hospital and that the stones hurt. I will say I am very disappointed in finding out that all these men knew what he was doing and stood there and let him continue. I have been going to this church since I was a little girl Bro. Matthews is a godly man and even he was lied to by him and his group of men that followed him.

  177. I was just thinking today that Parcell and the other guy told the kids he was in the hospital before they had any contact with Jarrell. So the hospital story was made up by them, and Jarrell ran with it.

    I cant help but think that if these men would not have covered for him the outcome could have been different. It surely would not have been plastered all over the media.

  178. I think you are right. It is so hard to make since of why they would not have looked into him being accused of sexual assault and a DNA cleared him it takes how long to get DNA test back? As long as I have been going to the church Bro. Matthews NEVER traveled as much as he did. I know that they are told not to question your Pastor, but when he has been arrested for it and you know he was arrested for it you should at least for the women and children in the church look into it. Just doesn’t make sense. Of course the Media doesn’t help paint a good picture either they have to at least make it a good story or it isn’t worth telling.

  179. Jarrell was the Alpha male and the rest of the men were submissive to him. There is a strong and unspoken rule, as it were, to never question the pastor or you will be ostracized. This rule needs to be broken and remain broken, it doesn’t work. Stop being afraid to probe the leaders of the church. In fact, I said the wrong word, it is subservient not submissive that these men showed to Jarrell. Submission is a good word but subservience is letting someone walk all over you and intimidate you into obedience and silence. Subservience is abusive and that is what Hyles is/was all about when he taught pastors. Controlling. The truth is more horrifying than the media story that was told. Christian schools need to be held accountable too for their teaching mind control….and schools I mean any school that is like Hyles Anderson.

  180. The “kids” that you’re talking about; are you talking about Jarrell’s kids?? And why were they left alone-where was Ginny?

  181. It was where he took the “kids” that were graduating from the private school that year. He takes the Seniors every year on a Senior trip and the group of seniors wanted to go to San Antonio so that is where he took them. See the media and everyone has wrong information because they don’t know the truth only making up crap. He was not there to Preach at a church he was there with the Seniors. They all were either 17 or 18 and there was also an adult left with them they were not there alone. Bro. Parcell went out there because he is the Principal of the school. The Media and the people that continue to stir crap up and tell untrue stories need to stop. But I do understand that it is only a good story if you keep telling untruthfull things. Nobody knows what happened that night or any other night but Jarrell and the other lady. He will have to answer to the only person that matters. Just because he took his own life does not make him guilty you have to be in the situation he was in to understand why he took his own life. The media and others that did not like him have already sentenced him before he even had a chance to defend himself. I don’t approve of what he was accused of by no means. But I did know him very well and he did do a lot of good things for the people of ODBC and he was a man that would help you if you ever needed help. The people at ODBC loved him and still do so the media has stopped why can’t you all get over it and let it go. His trial is over now he has already stood in front of the only person that can JUDGE him. Let his church family and his wife and children heal from all of this.

  182. Innocent men don’t hang themselves in jail. He knew the jig was up and took the cowards way out.

  183. I agree with “In the Know” that innocent men don’t hang themselves. Jarrell always liked a good challenge and the challenge to try to proove himself innocent would have been something her would’ve partaken in. But he knew the truth and so he took the cowards way out.
    But I also agree with “Wow Really” that we ought to let this go. Matt Jarrell doesn’t deserve any more attention than he already has had about this. It’s a total waste of my life to give him attention after he’s dead. (or when he was alive for that matter).

  184. Okay “In the Know” I know you seem to think that Innocent men don’t hang themselves but guess what it happens all the time. People like you are the reason why he is guilty because you dislike him and you think he is a bad person. Who are you to Judge? That is all I am saying.
    You will be the one to answer to God for your Judgement. I never said that he was innocent and I never said he was guilty because I was not there and neither were you. Women everyday scream rape and there are a lot of people in prison being released after being accused and found guilty because people like you say guilty because you just don’t like him. And now they are finding out they were innocent. Once again we will never know the truth only 3 people know the truth.

  185. Ok first I never said if he was guilty either but I know for a fact he lied and covered up the charges in 2007. Second, I loved him and his family dearly, I am still in total shock over this. I have spent alot of time with him hunting and traveling and would never imagine he was keeping such a dark secret.

  186. Oh, please! How many times does a man have to be accused of rape before someone accepts there is a problem?

  187. Thank you Lynn. You would not beleive how many people beleive this is a total Government setup. They will not believe it no matter what evidence surfaces.

  188. Even Jesus wiped his feet of places that he deemed useless to be in. Denial is to some people only a river. Movin’ on.

  189. I guess having a rape kit in his truck in San Antonio was just in case of…well, help me out guys: can anyone out there think of a good reason to have that particular collection of items in your possession on a Sr. trip?
    Jarrell lied to me and about me, in devastating ways on multiple occasions, he sat across from me screaming at me like a banshee, hurled all manner of hatred my way. He was capable of horrible things, and there is no doubt in my mind that he committed more crimes than we know about. MY opinion based on what I knew of him. However, forgiving him is commanded by God in Scripture and I havec no problem doing that. I did as soon as I heard the accusations, before he committed suicide.
    But the ignorance of people who are still ignoring facts, clinging to their belief that the man they knew and loved couldn’t possibly be guilty of such heinous crimes is sad and sickening. The truth is, you didn’t know him at all. You were only introduced to the facade he wanted you to see.
    You really should stop getting on to people because they have faced the facts. It makes you appear quite foolish.

  190. And “Wow Really”, your comment that people like “Intheknow” who dislike Jarrell are why he is guilty of rape is asinine. Disliking someone does not make one guilty of rape. Brutally assaulting someone in a sexual manner makes you guilty of rape.
    If you are going to get on here and make a case for Jarrell, you really should read through it and make sure you are not sounding like an idiot. That only makes your attempt towards his defense that much weaker.

  191. Scary to think that something like that was in pulpits in the nation.

  192. I believe the man is gulty! Ibelieve Rik Parcell should be held accountable as well as the other man in the church! I believe that it wont be long before these 2 families leave! When that happens, true healing can come to the church!

    I like everyone else want answers… I am a member of Open Door Baptist Church. The church is moving on and I think it is time to let this rest!

    This is the only time I will comment on this! I am going to keep serving Go as the church has and put this behind me!

    Yall have a blessed Day!

  193. Wow! Reading all of this has been exhausting! My husband and I were on staff at ODBC in ’85-’88 and could not wait to get out of there. I would have to say that only a handful of people left a good taste in our mouths, the Matthews are a couple of the good ones. My husband taught intheschool and really loved those kids, but was so saddened and disturbed by the damaging theology that was forced down their throats. One couple that my husband had led to the Lord, he was discipling and bought them a NIV study Bible. When the man walked into church the following Sunday, a deacon (won’t mention any name) told him, “that’s not a Bible, burn it.” So very sad. The Gospel was hindered in so many ways. There should always be clear and honest accountability and the pastor should NEVER have all the power and the final say.

    I really, truly hope Open Door cleans house and repentance happens and they can really do great things for God’s kingdom.

  194. Quite sad Irene!! Love and miss you both a lot!

  195. Thank u so much, Debbie. We’re so glad to be back in touch with u.

  196. I attended Old Paths Baptist Church in Spring Grove, PA when Pastor Jarrell was there. I recall that he didn’t like homosexuals, in fact I remember a sermon in that he related a story to us about how he and others from the church were at a restaurant and they apparently had a gay waiter, and they made rude comments to him and left w/o ordering. I have former neighbors who attended the school there and the “education” they got was nil. I also believe he was totally dishonest; I remember when my husband died in December 2003, the church took up a collection for me (unknown by me at the time until a neighbor who also attended the church told me several weeks later. Upon inquiring at the church regarding the money, he tried to make up excuses that he had mailed it to me, etc. I then proceeded to call the police, who investigated. Unfortunately, they could not prosecute because the donations were “voluntary” and they were not obligated to give them to me. I then wrote letters to some of the church members informing them of what was going on. Don’t know what happened after that, as I didn’t attend anymore. I do know that he never told the congregation about any of his arrests. I also know that when I found out that he was going to a church in Texas, I actually called them and wrote to them detailing what he did regarding the collection, and suggested that they might want to check into his background. I doubt that they did, or why would they have hired him?

  197. Fyi Our church is awesome the people who have been there since before he did this we were strong and when this did happen we had to stay strong together for our God is strong and we needed our church to stay together and not split up our faithful members are still there serving in the ministry and Yes Pastor Jarrells kids and wife is still there serving in almost all the ministries we have and just to let you know they put the sight back up and here is our new pastoor too :)

  198. Thanks for this positive update, ODBC member!

  199. Open Door Baptist Church has had a new Pastor since August of 2011. The church is growing and seeing souls saved and lives changed.

  200. Appreciate you all keeping us updated and I’m very happy that God’s people have taken back the church!

  201. Maurice, I’d be interested in hearing from you, perhaps we can exchange email addresses, as I was the woman whose husband died and did not receive the collection money. I find it interesting that Johnny Erdman is now the pastor of Old Paths Baptist Church in PA. He is Ginny Jarell’s brother. I also found it interesting that when I contacted him to discuss the fact of the “missing” donation money, he claimed to know nothing about it. Coincidence? I pray for the people at that church and I believe they are being “snowed” by yet another member of the family.