This may come as a shock to some black girls and women so brace yourself:

You are not white, have never been white, and will never be white

Now….stop and breathe deeply

As a black girl or woman, you have dark eyes. That’s a good thing, as dark eyes are a dominant trait. Blue, green and grey eyes are the result of a recessive trait.  Okay?

Now get over it! Be happy that you are who God made you.

Every now and then you will run into a black person who has blue, or hazel or green eyes.  Some of us have such people in our families. And that’s fine because it’s natural.

What is NOT natural—and what is dangerous, is when black women make attempts at turning their eyes blue or green.  Not only does it look crazy, but it can cause blindness.

Check the sad story below:

NOW….this is not the first time I have asked black women to PLEASE stop trying to emulate the eyes of white women. GO HERE to read about a black woman who went to Panama to get some blue eyes and ended up practically blind.  And also check out THIS article about another black woman who is fighting to save her vision after she plunked down THOUSANDS to have her eyes dyed blue!

****By the way, I DO NOT blame the 14 year old little girl. She is a child and does not know better. My fault is with parents and other adults who allow this nonsense to take place. Let’s keep that little girl in our prayers.

Hat tip to Yvette for lead


  1. Hopefully her eye heals, at least to the point where she can see with glasses and need a transplant. But it is sad that in the name of ‘fashion’ people are willing to risk health and you can’t tell me her parents didn’t know she was wearing those things. My daughter is 14 and wears glasses not because they are a fashion statement but because she needs them to learn (vision is 200/100). At this age if she wanted prescription contacts I wouldn’t allow it. Kids are not that mindful of germs. I’ve seen too many people spit into their lenses and put them back in, young and older.

  2. Yikes!! I’m white and I love my BROWN eyes!!! A lady came to me for a makeover the other day and she was wearing green contact lenses….she looked great. But to dye your eyes??? That’s crazy!!

  3. Uh-oh!! I watched the video after I posted…..sorry. It was the contacts but colored contacts can be dangerous?? Didn’t know that. Thanks for educating us on this.

  4. Hope I did not confuse you, Debbie!

    Some are using the contacts and some are actually dyeing their eyes. The young lady in the video above used contacts but I provided links to black women who are dyeing their eyes to have green or blue eyes. It’s very sad.

  5. Shoshanah Tyler

    Oh Stop it!!!! I am way past 50 and I like to wear colored contacts the same way I wear my many pairs of glasses and change. It’s a coordinated fashion thing for me.

    With my dreads, NO ONE thinks I am trying to pass. And BTW, I also change the color of my dreads to suit my moods…

    It’s not about trying to be white.

  6. It did confuse me!! Why would a person dye their eyes??? Common sense would tell you that is a high risk but then, common sense isn’t so common, is it?? It’s like Asian women (some, not all) do all they can to lighten their skin to look more Caucasian while Caucasian women (some, not all) gotta get that tanned look. To name a few results of these risks: Skin Cancer, Sun Damage, Wrinkling prematurely, Blindness and other eye issues, and of course, premature death. The risks far outweigh the positives of these actions. As a Skin Therapist, I can’t believe the extent people go to in order to be, in their minds, beautiful.

  7. My goodness! When will people learn you can not do whatever you want because others do it or have it? You are so right in this article. We have to start teaching our kids to be proud of how God made them and continually affirming them or else they go looking for it.

  8. Welcome to Hicktown, AT2W! I LOVE your website and you are now on our blogroll.

    @ Debbie – Yes, many Asian women also have operations to make their eyes look more European and less slanted. It’s sad what is going on out there.

    @ Shoshanah, no offense. But blue and green eyes on a dark skinned black woman looks awful and quite frankly…….ghetto fabulous. Black women only look good with blue and green and grey eyes when they were born that way.

  9. Debbie, you need to write and submit a skin care article for this blog. I promise I will post it and you can of course provide a link to your website or shop. In this heat, all of us could use some skin care tips.

  10. Ok, thanks.

  11. Shoshanah Tyler

    @Lynn, no offense, but blue and green eyes on dark skinned black woman does not look awful and/or ghetto fabulous. And where in my post did you even see “dark skin”?

    No one would ever think I was passin’. Get over yourself.

  12. I refuse to argue with you Shoshanah. Keep on telling yourself that you look good running around with dangerous colored contacts in your eyes, okay?

  13. Hey Lynn,

    How do I post a skin care article on your blog? I have a WordPress account. : )

  14. Email it to me and I’ll post it.

  15. Thanks Lynn!!

  16. LMAO…..It’s pretty obvious Lynn that you have never worn contact lenses, because if you did, you would know that not only do they come in various colours, they are also available in clear, personally, I have never worn coloured contacts and have no need to since my eyes are a lovely golden brown colour, which needs no further enhancement.

    I’ve been wearing clear contact lenses since I was 17 and they are fantastic to be able to see clearly…..As with everything, you need to have to take proper care when wearing them, which some people don’t, hence the problems.

  17. Just stumbled upon this article and I’ve got to say, for someone who’s preaching self-love and acceptance, you seem only be pushing YOUR brand of acceptance. A woman should embrace whatever makes her feel beautiful and not stick to some arbitrary definition of the word. Should we not wear makeup, nail polish, bras or style our hair because it’s not how we naturally are? As an adult, I’d think you’d know how dangerous it is to make blanket statements like “blue or green eyes on a dark skinned black woman looks ghetto fabulous”. I guess I should go tell my blue eyed, brown skinned friend that some ignorant person may mistake her natural eyes for contacts and make snap judgments about her character because of them. That makes complete sense.

    And before you jump there, no, I do not wear color contacts and I have no intention on starting. I just find it extremely disturbing when women of color spread messages of disapproval under the guise of helpful advice, health concerns or “keeping it real”.

    By the way, contacts are considered medical devices and are regulated by the FDA. That means you need a prescription to buy them, even the purely cosmetic lenses. Assuming that Shoshanah’s contacts are dangerous because they’re colored is a completely baseless assumption unless you have some sort of proof that she’s buying illegal contacts.

  18. This is unreal.

    1. There is a teen fighting for her sight due to color lenses
    2. Black women look HORRIBLE with those fake lenses in their eyes
    3. You are lying when you say you have a dark skinned friend with natural blue eyes. Yes, you are lying. Point blank.

    You need to read “The Bluest Eye” and you need to find something constructive to do with your time. Coming here with your rants is a waste of your time.

  19. I understand what you are saying but I also believe you are being narrow minded in assuming that black women do certain things to emulate white women. Do you believe white women who tan,get butt injections/implants, collagen injections in their lips are trying to be black? I mean since having thick lips and a big butt is supposedly an african american trait. A little more info for you. Most people black, white, and other have brown eyes. Colored eyes in any race is a rarity maybe not as much as in the white race but still and all not as usual as you may think. Black women are beautiful and there is nothing wrong if they want to do something that makes them feel better. The other day I saw a white lady with dyed blond hair and she looked a hot mess. Blond was not a good color for her skin tone but, guess what, she loved it and that is what its all about. The whole dyeing of the eyes is stupid and I bet you my next paycheck the female in the video is the exception not the rule. In short, I think you made much to do about nothing.

  20. Not going to argue with you, Monica. There is a child laying up depressed due to the fact that she wanted blue eyes and now is about to go blind in at least one eye.

    I’m going to close this thread because unfortunately, common sense ain’t always common.