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bedwench1During slavery days the bed wench played an important role—to the “massa” of course. 

Her job was to sleep with the gross animal. After all, “Miss Anne” oftentimes did not want to bother. Can you blame her?

So the “massa” had certain slaves set aside for the purpose of pleasing his perverted behind and such slaves were deemed “bed wenches”.  They kept his bed warm in more ways than one.

One would hope that the day of the bed wench is over but unfortunately, it’s not. The only difference is that the poor slaves were thrust into that unpleasant role. Today the bed wenches are doing so by choice and void of any shame or pride. I’m embarrassed for them!

While doing research on the bed wench, I happened upon the following blurb, lifted from a racist website. Note that a white man is the author of the post:

The position of “bed wench” was something slave women wanted to attain. Why? Bling. Negroes love it now, and they loved it then. A job in the big house instead of toiling in the fields, nice clothes and shoes, jewelry, and better living conditions in general. Black women threw themselves at the Massa and his foremen, just as they throw themselves at white executives in the workplace. I’ve seen it.

bedwench2Obviously this white fellow is a bit confused. The “massa” owned the slaves so there was no prostitution going on. Massa felt zero obligation to give the bed wenches any gifts for their service. What they got was a wet behind and any diseases he had to offer. Let’s keep it real and not try to fix this mess. It was what it was.  And it was not pretty!  The victimized bed wench had to grin and bear it.

Although the comment above by the racist white man is offensive, part of it is actually true, I’m sorry to say.

He said, “Black women threw themselves at the Massa and his foremen, just as they throw themselves at white executives in the workplace. I’ve seen it.”

The part about black women in slavery days throwing themselves as “massa” is false. They were chosen to service that skanky, lice filled bum simply because they were slaves. And they often were taken away from their loved ones, boyfriends or even husbands.

The part about modern day black women throwing themselves at white executive men in the workplace is unfortunately true. Not true of all of course, but definitely true of too many.

How do I know this? I’ve been telling you all for the past year about the FASUM movement, led by Evia (the black cultist who has a following of black women whom she teaches to chase after white men).  

FASUM stands for, Females Acting for our Survival United by Melanin  and it’s a new “race” that the cult has created. [Look, I don’t make this mess up. I simply report]

On her blog she has…..

a. Told black women to watch their hygiene so they can better attract white men [slave bed wenches were also taught that]

b. Told black women to lose weight so they can better attract white men, who are known to favor thinner frames

c. Told black women that black men are “damaged beyond repair” and to avoid them

d. Told black women that if they stay with black men, they are “mammies”

As nutty as it all sounds, there are numerous blogs on the internet with black women writing them. Those black women spend hours chasing down pictures of white men with black women and they post those pictures to their blogs. The delusion is that white men are the saviors of black women.

Recently a member of the cult jumped ship (she got tired of the fantasy) and married a black man. She was talked about like a dog and will probably get kicked out of the cult soon.

Here is the truth, folks. VERY FEW black women are interested in dating or marrying white men and VERY FEW white men are interested in dating or marrying black women. It’s that simple.

However, such women chase down white men and ultimately become their bed wenches—used like dogs, until those white men bore of them and go find them a white woman to date and marry.

I sometimes peek in on their blogs to see what new lies they are teaching gullible black women.

A brainwashing trick that the cult members use is the trick of “urgency”. You will find them writing articles urging black women that black men are trying to kill them and are targeting them for destruction (I’m serious). They try to convince black women that we are all being attacked by black men who are seeking us out in an “open season” of bloodletting. And if you read their blogs, you’ll notice that any attempt at disagreeing with them will lead to the person being accused of a conspiracy to help destroy black women.

If you are reading this and you are a member of  the FASUM cult, you need to jump ship now.  Stop chasing and licking up behind white men.  White men are laughing at you. Very few of them want you. They want a white woman, just as most black men want a black woman. It’s nothing personal.

Because I’m married to a black man, members of that cult would label me a “mammy” [and their own mothers would be mammies too, right?]

Well I call them bed wenches, because that’s what they are.

Don’t become someone’s bed wench or laughing stock.  Have more respect for yourself because you are worth it.


  1. Proud Black Man

    If any woman has seen “The Family that Prays Together” should see it. this is exactly what is being talked about here.

  2. Welcome to Hicktown, Proud Black Man. I never heard of “The Family that Prays Together.

  3. Good afternoon.

    I am a born again Christian sister married to a white Christian man, the first I’ve ever dated. We will be celebrating our 6th anniversary in a month. Before marrying him, I was waiting for God’s will for a mate in my life. (Bunny Wilson’s book was a great guide).

    Once I finally submitted to the idea of God’s perfect plan I was open to anyone who was genuinely and Bibically qualified to be the head of my house. That meant years of focusing on me, my education and the Lord. I specifically prayed for God’s best and for God to remove any and every person who was not His will if they asked for a date. My husband wasn’t removed. I am of the mindset that sisters need to be open to God’s plan regardless of race as should every race of woman. That includes black men. And no woman is biblically supposed to be seeking any man, regardless of race, so the premise of that website seems way off. He finds you, not the other way around.

    I was raised by my Grandmother, the great-grandchild of a slave to embrace the family of Christ regardless of race. I was also taught to have great pride in the accomplishments of our people worldwide. I love being black.

    Psalm 139 says. We are all “wonderfully made.” My husband isn’t laughing at me. He has been the best provider, father and husband one could wish for. It has nothing to do with his race and everything to do with Christ. I have no problem with you as a Christian sister married to the brother God gave for you. What’s wrong with the one He chose for me? Or is there to be no fellowship between the races?

    If not for two generations of white women and a white man, our current President wouldn’t be the excellent husband and father he seems to be to a wonderful sister and their two children. This speaks to their character, not because they were white. But because he was raised well by people who would have been remarkable in any color. And Mrs. Obama’s mother’s strength of character as a woman blesses her Son-in-Law and therefore the world every day.

    I’m not sure who this Eva lady is, but I certainly wouldn’t call you a “mammy”. And to the man whom God gave me, I’m not a bed wench. I’m a wife. And we are both children of our Heavenly Father. It doesn’t make us any better or worse than any other couple of any race. I hope not to argue, I just wanted to share my story.

    God bless.

  4. **Hit the floor** The leader of FASUM needs to change her medication. I am offended not just me but for the many african american women like me that are in corporate american working our way of the ladder the right way! I guess I lost my next promotion. I am a proud size 16!

  5. Mimi,

    You need to re-read the article or ask if you are not able to comprehend the article.

    No place in that article did I indicate that I am against interracial marriage.

    You can marry whomever you please. My article is about a cult called FASUM who are encouraging black women to chase up behind white men as their saviors.

    Such women amount to bed wenches—-pathetic beings going after men, not for love or even attraction. But seeking out white men to be their saviors.

    That specifically is what my article is about. Has nothing to do with you, your husband, or your life.

  6. Great article. I just watched the movie ‘Mandingo’ , and I learned a lot about the bed wench. The deepest thing about slavery is the effects of it are still felt today.

  7. Excellent article! I have no interest in doing a web search on the FASUM though. I’ll let the deranged bury the deranged, but thank you for this information. OUTSTANDING!!

  8. This article was very enlightening. The FASUM cult you speak of reminds me of a YouTube video that went viral a couple of years ago of this young black woman who was talking about how horrible black men are and why she only dates white men because they are superior etc etc. She failed to see that a) these white men that she put on a pedestal also “used” her for sex and then left her b) the standards she placed on others she didn’t have herself c) she is going to instill that hatred of black men into her own sons

  9. If I didn’t know any better I’d say this Evia person was a Madam trying groom young women for a prostitution ring. I’ve skimmed her blog and it certainly reads that way, at least IMO. Something is really…off about this woman.

    IDK what do you think?

  10. Melissa, I never thought about that. I agree 100% something is OFF about that woman.

  11. I wonder if any of these bozos are familiar with Diahann Carroll or Lita Sullivan.

    Diahann Carroll married white men all FOUR times she was married. None of those unions lasted; I suspect she had the same sociopathic(the men were probably just as opportunistic as she was) view of love and relationships. Meaning that these women don’t love the men that they’re with, they just view them as a means to an end. What’s ironic is for all of their talk about stereotypes they happily embrace and embody the most pervasive one; The we(meaning black women) are greedy, mendacious and mercenary. Such behavior isn’t limited to one race or sex.

    Then there’s Lita Sullivan. She was a black woman from a wealthy family. She happened to marry a white man. Her family had misgivings about this guy. Eventually they divorce and he wound up MURDERING Ms. Sullivan. What’s my point? Just because you date or marry outside of your race does NOT mean that the relationship/marriage will be a fairytale. *Gets off soapbox* :P

  12. Outstanding post, Melissa!

  13. *blank stare*
    I have never heard of such a thing! Wow! Usually, I’m glad to be enlightened when I read your blog Lynn, but this is something I wish I’d never learned! lol

  14. WOW. Very powerful article. I am very thankful that you did you history and wrote this. The most dangerous thing about manufactured mindsets (that originated by bent men) is that they spread from generation to generation … and are, therefore, taught (kept alive and active) by the people who are victimized by them (the cattle). It it so difficult to get someone out of so wicked a conditioning when that same conditioning trains the host to not see the manufactured mindset as wicked … but to see it as their ‘saving grace’. Deception is indeed great, but God is indeed greater. Come Lord Jesus. Amen.