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I don’t know whether I should laugh or just shake my head in disgust. I am 100% against teens running around with their drawers showing. That’s a fact. I have no idea what type of job any of them think they will get dressed that way. And I blame their parents for allowing that nonsense.

Although I am against the way they dress, I don’t want to see any of them get hurt as a result.
My husband sent me a story this evening about two teens who had traded insults with a man who had told them to pull up their pants. Unfortunately the man ended the feud by shooting one of the teens in the buttocks.

Tisk, tisk, tisk. Come on, Mr. Bonds. That’s not the answer!

When the young men emerged from buying candy, Bonds appeared with a semiautomatic handgun.
As the pair ran away, Bonds fired several shots, hitting the 17-year-old in the buttocks with a bullet that exited his thigh, according to the affidavit. The young man was treated first at Methodist South Hospital and then at the Regional Medical Center at Memphis.



  1. I’m sorry I couldn’t help chuckling to myself when I read this yesterday….its a little over the top. But it is a disgusting habit and girls are doing it now wearing thongs….smh.

  2. Lynn, I laughed too. l thought it was a little over the top to shoot the kid. However, that kid will think twice about letting his pants sag again. It sums up what my family used to say back in the day, It’s better that we discipline you out of love than for the world to discipline you out of hate or disgust.

  3. I got tickled reading this but that man should not have shot the boy.
    It is a very disgusting habit. I’m sure many of the teens that do it parents do not condone it but as soon as they leave the parents watchful eye they are sagging those pants. Even sadder than the teens doing it, is the ADULT men that do it….um why? Here you have 40yr old men, sagging their pants and wearing braids. Really? It’s awful.

  4. desertdetroiter

    Lynn, i feel guilty as all get-out for laughing at this story, but something tells me that the teens were being smart-aleks when he told them to pull up their pants and he decided to teach them a lesson about smarting off to their elders. LOL..i know i’m wrong for being tickled to death about this, and i know the man was dead wrong for shooting the kid…but i can’t get mad for some reason.

    Stacey…i’m tired of it too. Seeing grown men (as opposed to stupid youngsters) sagging their pants, wearing braids, and getting tattoos put all over their bodies.

  5. LOL….Hicktowners are too much

  6. LOL….but I do have one comment….” I am a mother of 4 teenagers and no matter how much I told my son to pull his pants up, he still would wait until he get outside to pull them down. We went so far as to tell him that before taking on any fashion they need to know the history. So we found the history on sagging pants, but he did not care. So as a parent we can only do and say so much. Now that he is 19 years old, we have to continue to pray for him and pray that GOD WILL GIVE HIM DIRECTION.
    Love your site…GOD BLESS U!!

  7. I never liked those sagging pants when my son was a teen. Thank God he outgrew that mess. He didn’t listen to me when he was young but when he saw the lack of respect he received when he started applying for jobs he pulled up his pants and put on a belt. Now that he’s grown he sees how that whole image held him back from certain opportunities. My thinking is why give society another reason to deny you access? I think the girls that sag their pants and reveal their thongs are just nasty.

  8. Well, the man could have killed that teenager, that is absolutely wrong.

    However, good standards and having pride in how you dress and look is a problem these days. Not only does the ‘saggy pants near your thighs look’ lok absolutely ridiculous, but some of these guys think they actually look cool.

    Someone I know has an irresponsible ex-boyfriend wo dresses like this, like guy is nothing but a layabout who can’t even feed his child, useless.

    When I see guys like this giving me the eye, I just turn the other way and think to myself, pleaee don’t come and talk to me….riff raff!

    That’s just what I think though.

  9. I just noticed the typos in my post above!