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By:  Lynn Green


Knock – Knock

Anybody hiding in the closet?

Come out, please!


I KNOW someone is hiding in the closet. Would you speak up, please?


One of my earrings is missing. Somebody is wearing one of my earrings and I believe the person doing so is hiding out in the closet. Would you come out of the closet, please? Your game is up!


Okay, I’m just going to open the closet door and FORCE whoever is in there wearing one of my very feminine earrings to come on out.

[sounds of someone scurrying to the back of the closet]

Hmmmmm…..sounds like a rodent in there!

[opening door]

I can’t see his face yet but he surely does have an expensive looking suit on and some $500 shoes and more jewelry on his fingers than I’ve ever seen on a man and…..what a huge belly he has. Surely has been eating well.  Ooh! That cologne…or is it perfume….is awfully strong!

[person covers his face]

So you are being stubborn, huh? OOPS! I just spotted my earring on your ear! I see a shining bald head. You look familiar. Either you take your hands down from your eyes or I’ll do it for you! Don’t make me get violent up in here!

[person uncovers face, knowing he’s caught hiding in the closet]

My, my, my…..so my cousin was right about growing up with you in West Virginia, huh? He said that you were FLAMING and that the boys would pick on you and that he and a couple of other compassionate boys in the neighborhood would protect you. He said you showed zero interest in girls until you started to preach and knew you needed a wife as a cover as you moved along the preaching circles.

[man in closet looks like a deer caught in headlights]

I must give it to you, sir. You hid out well for years in the closet. But after your twin sons showed up on TBN wearing earrings in BOTH their ears and talking in a feminine voice, I guess you admired their boldness in coming out, huh?

[man in closet looks like the devil, knowing his mask has been pulled off]

And once it became obvious that your twins are pillow biters (well, one of them is flaming!) you softened your stance on homosexuality and started to engage in blaspheme.

HOW DARE YOU insinuate that King David was a homosexual. HOW DARE YOU part your filthy, vile lips to say that Naomi and her daughter-in-law, Ruth were lesbians. HOW DARE YOU blaspheme God like that.

Are you telling me that a daughter-in-law cannot make a vow to follow and protect her aging mother-in-law unless there is perversion involved? Only a pervert would see it that way.

And are you telling me that GOD—who said that King David was a man after His own heart, would go against His own Word by making a homosexual the star of the Old Testament? Do you think God is crazy? God said homosexuality is an abomination to His nostrils.

There was NOTHING gay about King David. Jonathan was his dearest friend and it did not go beyond that. Only a pervert would see homosexualty in such a sacred friendship.

GET OUT OF THAT CLOSET! Who do you think you’re fooling?



  1. This post was funny but yet not funny! I hope your cousin is mixing him up with someone else. Say it ain’t so! Well, he did pick out his daughter’s wedding gown. Wouldn’t the bride or her mother pick out the DRESS?? I’m not trying to sound petty, but…

    I have to check back in after I read the source.

  2. worshipperfound

    There is a new article on http://www.independentconservative.com regarding TD Jakes. A young minister who was Jakes’ armour bearer has come forward and claims TD Jakes propositioned him a number of times to sleep with him. Sounds about right to me!

  3. *Picking myself up off the floor*. Whooooooooooooooooo! That closet ain’t big enough for him to hide in after that post. WOOOOOOO!. Can you say, PUT ON FULL BLAST!

    ROFL @ Dee, I remember reading that too about him picking out the wedding dress and I scratched my head at that one. Guess the daughter, knew he had such impeccable taste.

  4. Now “true saints” if this is indeed fact, you know we must pray that the many sheep that are under this “covering” will finally see the “True Light”, come out from under the “angel of light” and not be made to stumble any further because the pedestal they have placed the “Black Bishop of America” on has been exposed.

    I’ve been following this from IC’s blog and must say again,
    EPH 5 in effect…the Light is exposing all those dark evil deeds being committed by so-called “mend of Gaaaaaawd.” God will not always strive with man.

    Oh yes, God is not going to share His glory with ANYONE. He’s tired of the Ichabod state of the church and He will restore His glory for His name’s sake! It’s all about HIM. Continue to watch AND pray AND have an ear to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the church in these apostate times.

  5. GodlySoldier,

    Thank you for that reminder.

  6. Majority of these places are not churches they are babylonian temples. While a part of wants to hold out hope against hope that perhaps this story isn’t true, I can’t help but remember TD’s son being caught coming out of a gay bar. Just makes you wonder. i guess I can’t say I’m surprised but…. Yep, we need to pray for the people who were under him that they don’t lose faith and can seperate what a person does and who God is.

  7. T.D. Jakes thou are loose now!!!

    Jakes is slowly pushing his Homosexual agenda on people. if it’s because Jakes or his son maybe homosexual, or he just wants a bigger audience for his empire. Whatever the reason, he refuses to stand up against this lifestyle.

    One thing I have yet to hear from Jakes (and might never hear)is for him to say that homosexual lifestyle is a sin.

    I pray Jakes proves me wrong one day.

  8. I purposely didn’t respond to this when I first read it as this area is very sensitive to me.

    If it is true about Jakes then I am angry and I pray God’s mercy though I am not upset that he has been exposed!

  9. Tyler Perry Move Over–stay tuned for another episode from “Mama Lynn’s House”—LOLOLOL

    I hope it’s not true. I don’t follow his ministry like I used to years ago. When I saw God begin this season of exposure(it’s been going on awhile now) I started pulling away from the “hype”. There are still many great preachers out there and I’m not downing “Mega-Ministry” cause I say Moses was the Pastor of the 1st “Mega” church. :)

  10. I just read you story on this. I learned about TD years ago from a minister here in Detroit he allegedly “approached”.

    But your lead in is out cold. lol

  11. Oh come on…This is reaching and beyond ridiculous!

  12. Bishop…what specifically is “reaching” and “beyond ridiculous”? We don’t read minds here.

    I’m about to implement a new rule that if the first comment a person makes here is negative, it will equal an automatic banning.

    20,000,000 blogs on the internet. Take your insults over there.

  13. Oh I’m sorry..I didnt introduce myself and make a nice comment on this little Blog!! get outta here with that!

    The article is reaching in connection with the source and its contents are beyond ridiculous.

    I hope that clear now

  14. “Bishop”, uh…don’t you have more important things to do with your time than hanging around a blog? Don’t you have a group of churches to lord over?

    Stay tuned, everyone! I wonder if this holy man of God is going to start cursing folks out. LOL

  15. Child of the Most High

    Well, well, well…I thought it but NEVER heard anyone else say what I was thinking so thanks sister. TD “Sugar” Jakes is more feminine than I am and I consider myself to be a prissy sister. I do not know if he actually acts on his tendencies but I must say that he is QUITE sweet in his mannerisms.

    I have a praise and worship leader who behaves like him and my mouth drops some Sundays and Wednesdays wondering who sees what I see. It truly grieves my spirit but because I do not know for sure I have not said a word.

    I would love to hear or view the sermon that you are writing on because if so then it’s a wrap for me! If you can find it, please post it for us.

    I got turned off from “Sugar” while I was turning the channels and saw him on that jerk’s show, Dr. Phil. I have very conservative views concerning godly men consorting with evil men. I get my views from the bible so my thoughts seem to upset some but I see that he is selling his soul for popularity. Is sugar really ministering to that type of audience or simply being a yes man to Dr. Phil? Anywho….I will get off my soap box. Thanks for the confirmation.

  16. Welcome to Hicktown, Child of the Most High! Love your user name.

  17. I lived the gay lifestyle from the age of 16 to the age of 23, and the Lord recently opened my eyes to the difference between a man loving a man and a man sleeping with a man. Unfortunately, many people in this world cannot make such a distinction.

    LYNN’s RESPONSE – What is the distinction?