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By:  LadyD

People are viewing the Word of God from their worldly perspective. That’s why people are coming to Jake’s defense, thus enabling him to continue in his backslidden state.
Eli was the priest of God and had 2 sons – Hophni and Phinehas “that knew not the Lord, because they were really sons of Belial.” (1 Samuel 2:12).
They continually took/stole sacrifices that the people bought to the Lord, therefore their sin was very great before the Lord (1 Samuel 2:13-17)
Eli heard all that his sons were doing, stealing the offerings of the people, sleeping with women at the front door of the tabernacle. (verse 22) He did speak to his sons, but to no avail because there were no consequences.

God finally sent a prophet to Eli and told him of the coming judgment on his entire lineage. Because Eli honored his sons above God, his family would be forever cursed (verse 29). God then confirmed His Word again through young Samuel.
In the end both of Eli’s sons died on the same day – By this time Eli was grossly overweight and near blind – when he got the news of his sons death and that the ark of God were taken in battle, and he fell off his stool, broke his neck and died.

Eli’s daughter in law was about to have a baby heard all this news, went into labor, gave birth to a son and she died! The child’s was named Ichabod because the glory of the Lord was gone. (1 Samuel 4: 11-22)
Back to TD Jakes whose story parallels Eli’s:

  Jermaine Jakes
1. He was well aware of his son’s/children’s sins. He could have talked to him/them, but there were NO CONSEQUENCES!! He honored his son above God – and the glory of the Lord departed.
2. Therefore the cloaking of his family’s sins continued while he went around the world with his false gospel.
3. We do not have control over our children’s behavior, but we are not to hide or cover their sins. If this young man has a mental problem, there are all kinds of medication and counseling available.
At this point Jakes will either (A) Continue embracing the homosexual rhetoric to cover his son and join the homosexual movement.
Or (B) Repent and see God bring restoration and healing in his life and the lives of his children.
I hope he chooses letter B~


  1. OUTSTANDING article! You had no idea I was going to turn your response into an article, but hey. There it is!

    Jakes has been serving as a covering but GOD—the HOLY SPIRIT, has snatched the covering off of this 29 year old grown man and exposed it for the world to see.

    I know God’s personality. There is no doubt in my mind that God went to Jakes first and told him to deal with his son. I believe He even gave instructions.

    But Jakes has elevated himself to a level where he thinks he is beyond reproach and I believe he ignored God.

    When Jermaine was locked up, he listed the Potter’s House as his place of employment. What happens if Jakes drops dead? How long will this GROWN MAN hang on to his father’s coat tails?

    This is the tip of the iceberg. Remember, he was locked up in 2003. He is not being made responsible. He has no schooling or way to sustain himself outside of his parents.

    SHAME on T.D. Jakes for helping to make his son a cripple.

  2. I am NOT a Jakes fan; however, I have just a few questions.

    1. Does anyone else remember Jakes preaching at a leadership meeting years ago where he asked a) what do you do when your 13 year old daughter comes and tells your that she’s pregnant? b) what do you do when your son tells you that he is gay? My question is…how do we know that Jakes didn’t talk to his son/children about their sin(s)? How do we know that their were no consequences for their sins? It wasn’t a secret about his sons sexual preference.

    2. I understand and agree with covering and/or cloaking of the sin(s).

    3. It is very well possible that this man was diagnosed sometime ago and placed on medication. Its possible that he stopped taking the medication on his own. What choices Parents can’t force you to take your medication. The only way that he can be forced into treatment when something like this happens or is life threatening.

  3. May be his son should go see Jakes buddy Dr. Phil.

  4. #1 – Son chooses not to take his lazy butt to college or trade school to get a degree or training.

    Consequence: You are on your own. Don’t look for any money from me and I won’t employ you until you get either a trade school degree or college degree!

    #2 – Daddy I’m gay

    Consequence: God calls it an abomination. May I lay hands on you, have the saints pray on you, anoint you with Holy Oil and remind God that HIS WORD says it’s a sin? Will you commit to helping me to free you of this demon that has invaded you?

    No? Okay, so you will not be working in this church or holding any leadership positions here.

    INSTEAD, Jakes simply stopped dealing with homosexuality as a sin. Now I’m tired of repeating this over and over again.

  5. Is that the most recent mug shot?

    And truth be told, there is a lot of homosexuality in the church these days and folks tend to just kind of overlook or accept it.


    Marla, I’m going to remove this and put it in the other article that deals with Jermaine. It’s too off topic for this section.

  7. Lynn, you are something else! LOL! LOL! I understand not working and/or holding a position of leadership in the church. However if sin is sin, why have anyone working and holding leadership positions in the church? Do we not have liars, drunks, gossipers, backbiters, fornicaters and adulterers all working and holding positions our churches? We all have scandals in our local churches of these things going on and still run church as usual. I’m not saying that its right, but what I do say is let’s not begin picking and choosing which types of sins to discipline. Why not discipline them all. Almost 80% of the gospel music industry is in the same condition as Jermaine and we still play, listen, praise and worship off of their music not to mention directing our choirs in our local churches. We have become too content with sin as a lifestyle in the church PERIOD.

    I wonder on the average how many children of wealthy parents attend college or just decide to gain experience working in their family businesses? Of course, I would prefer my child to attend college or trade school, but sometimes they don’t choose either one and prefer on the job training. We do have children who have never attended college or a trade school working jobs in corporate other than janitors, file clerks, secretaries, waiters and waitresses. With the exception of working at the Potter’s House, I don’t think there is anything wrong with Jakes letting Jermaine work in one of his businesses? Is that still upholding him?

  8. Mega supersized churches are not for me.

    One consequence is when God hand you over to your reprobate mind and allows you to believe your own lies (i.e., no one will find out, Rom. 1:28). JJ’s sin has been exposed for all the WORLD to know and has caused his family grief, sounds like severe consequences to me.

    I would think he has done this on many instances. From the information, it reads as if he was familiar with the gestures for solicitation. According to MADD stats, a drunk driver on average has driven drunk 87 times before they are finally arrested. Eventually, unchecked sin becomes a habit, then a lifestyle.


  9. SugaCoales,

    I’m not going back and forth with you. You asked me about specific, direct repercussions from a father to a son. I responded.

    Now I’m through with it because you never wanted a response in the first place.

  10. To keep this topic from becoming derailed, I would ask people to actually READ what LadyD wrote. She took the time to research and find scriptures.

    AFTER reading what this woman wrote, IF you have comments pertaining to what she wrote, please respond. Don’t respond based on the title.

  11. Wow Lynn I did not expect that at all, thank you~
    Response to Sugacoles, the house of God is not the family business and should not be run like one. Pastors deal with the eternal souls of men and the rules of corporations do not apply.
    We are not talking about children of wealthy parents, this is a child that was raised in a Christian home where parents did not hold him accountable or responsible for his actions. He should have never been allowed to work in the ministry in his condition.
    In every epistle that Paul wrote, he told us how Christian should act in private and in public. How pastors and laypeople should behave to reflect a true relationship with Christ. Did/has Jermaine behaved in a Christ honoring way? No he has not. Can he be forgiven? Yes he can.
    We all sin everyday, some sins are sins of ommision (unaware – unintentional) and sins on commision (you know you doing wrong).
    But – repentance wipes our slates clean through the Blood of Christ. God forgives and restores, I’m a living witness.
    Until this young man realizes that he needs a Savior – he will not change.

  12. Great point, LadyD! The House of God is not the family business. That’s GOD’s business! And none of his disciples were homosexuals and He confronted and dealt with sin.

  13. One question….That picture… Where is his hairline??? Did it run when the Detectives yelled “Freeze?”

  14. Great example Lady D and thank you. I am in a bible study and we are focusing on the Old Testamanent in Numbers and Leviticus and God is so specific about His Word and instructions; there is no way around it.

    I believe why we are, “analyzing” with scripture and data to back it up, not “judging”, the situation is because Bishop Jakes is supposedly a leader in instructing and telling people how to “live their lives”; and the scripture mentioned already in this blog is basic “must be able to rule is own household”..Instead of telling the world how to live “clean around your own front door” I believe is what we are saying… All of this nonsense of “the Lady, her Lover and her Lord, “woman thou art loosed”, “not easily broken”; reposition yourself, etc. and those that are under his leadership lives are in a wreck (Juanita has lost her mind, Paula White, etc.). The Bible does talk about righteous judgment and we are to judge the household of faith.

    A thought that crossed my mind is that I hope that this doesn’t tip Bishop Jakes over the edge and start preaching the “gospel of inclusion” which doesn’t acknowledge homosexualtiy as a sin, and go the way of his friend Carlton Pearson; it wouldn’t take much.

    I do take responsibility for my children; even though, they are 26, 22,and my three-old grandson (especially about Jesus, I want it in him when I am gone) in continuing to tell them what the Lord loves and hates and what is right and wrong…We all need to be reminded because the world and its cares can come and steal what we know and have learned if we aren’t diligent and stay close to Jesus.

  15. Diva,

    When you look at his picture from 2003 and the updated one, he is going bald quickly. Living a hard life.

  16. Jermaine Jakes is not a child. His father is not responsible for his aberrant behavior. However, TD will most certainly have to answer to God for how he trained up his manchild. Jermaine struggles like every Christian except his struggles ended up on the evening news. My prayer is that with his obvious instability this public exposure and scrutiny will not send him over the edge. There are many influences in this life, but as ADULTS we make our own choices.

    Josiah even with his wicked Granddiddy Manasseh and his evil Daddy Amon, the Word declares that Josiah, “…did that which was right in the sight of the LORD, and walked in all the way of David his father, and turned not aside to the right hand or to the left.” II Kings 22:2 Jermaine had a choice to “do right” even if his father did not make him “tow the line”.

    As a grown man, Jermaine must find his own way to the Cross. Even if he had to go back a few generations like Josiah and find a man in his family (biological or not) that lived holy and preached sound doctrine then he should have done that and then follow that example! He cannot blame the pressures of being a PK or the aftermath of TD’s flaky doctrine for why he was was in the park trying to free willy!

    Finally, the Church folk that like things under the rug while we pray – go under there yourself! Had Jermaine not been exposed he might end up mugged, dead or dying of AIDS!!! (I pray he is not infected already!). Hopefully this fiasco will lead to repentance which will lead to his total deliverance!

  17. DestinysLady: TD will most certainly have to answer to God for how he trained up his manchild.

    That’s the point I keep trying to make over and over and over again and very few are able to “get it”.
    Jermaine did not just wake up one morning and go out exposing himself. I believe signs of his sickness has been with him for years. And that there was ignoring and cloaking.

  18. I do find it interesting that on T.D. Jakes web site that he has a section called “Preparing your children for greatness”.

    Reminds me of Juanita and Paula giving married couples advice.

  19. I am often amazed and constantly annoyed when some parents watch their children play with matches and then cry and rebuke the devil when their little malcontents set the house on fire!

    Yes, there are many cases when the child strays from holy and righteous teachings. But there are many who NEVER had such teaching in the first place! Their Bishop/Pastor Daddy & First Lady/Co-Pastor Mommy WERE NOT examples of holiness and righteousness.

    Here is another scenario that I have witnessed firsthand time & time again. Parents who are so consumed with ministry attempt to compensate by being their children’s friend instead of their parent. They let them get away with murder because they don’t want to make them any more angry with them (the parents) than they already are… I had a relative recently let their pregnant teenager disrespect me while she did nothing. I repented afterwards, but I told that little heffer that after she had that baby her and I would meet her in the backyard because she had an &#%@*whooping on lay-a-way from me.

    Everyone will not tolerate the lax morals and manners to which some PK’s have grown accustomed. (Jermaine was too comfortable whipping his skippy just blocks from the Potters House…). I am blessed to know thousands of preachers and their children and I will boldly say that 8 of 10 PK’s are upstanding upright people due in part to how they were raised. There however a number of PK’s who are ill-bred, ungodly and have no business in ministry because their parents are ill-bred, ungodly and have no business in ministry!

  20. Bishop T.D. Jakes offers Support to son Accused of Indecent Exposure

    Bishop T.D. Jakes of Dallas says he is offering “help, support and restorative grace” to his son, Jermaine, who faces an indecent exposure charge. “It is in moments like these that I am so grateful that we do not preach that we are the solution, but we look to Christ for resolution,” Jakes, pastor of Dallas’ megachurch The Potter’s House, said in a written statement provided to The Dallas Morning News late Friday night. “So then, as a very human family with real issues, like many other people, we will draw from the same well of grace to which we have led others to drink and be refreshed,” the statement said.


  21. P.S What does this have to do with Jakes? After all, he is NOT responsible for the behavior of his son. I would NEVER claim this to be the case OR use this as something to attack Jakes. We ALL have to stand before God in judgment OURSELVES AS INDIVIDUALS.

  22. Let me get this straight, Sandy 77.

    a. You did a search for blogs discussing this issue.

    b. You took the time to read this blog.

    c. You signed up.

    d. Now you are commenting with attitude?

    Why are you here?

  23. A father who allowed his son to be in the company of drug addicts; who did not make it clear that shooting heroin was sinful is not responsible when that son becomes an adult and smokes crack, but I assure you that father will have to answer to God on Judgment Day!

    A parent is not responsible for how their children behave as adults; but they are accountable to God for how they RAISED that child.

    I have witnessed firsthand as some of those preaching prophesying pastoring saints rebuked the devil out of everybody elses child while doing a piss poor job of raising their own!

  24. BY LYNN:

    I deleted this because in it this wicked demon tried to put a curse on my readers.

    satan, I bind and rebuke you in the name of Jesus!

  25. Louise,

    I have been veeeeeeeery busy lately. No time for nonsense.

    1. WHY did you do a web search so that you could find articles on T.D. Jakes?

    2. After doing the search, you sat your behind here and read for HOURS, eating up every word.

    3. What on earth does the fact that Jakes has written some books have to do with the FALSE doctrines he is pushing off on American and beyond?

    4. What do you mean that Jakes’ son’s situation is between his family and God.

    Stop THERE! First of all, he pulled his penis out in PUBLIC. Hello? It was not in PRIVATE. It was in a PUBLIC PARK with no care that FAMILIES AND CHILDREN are walking by. Hello? Anybody home?

    5. Your comment that says “IF some of you were Christians” is plenty for me to BAN YOUR HYPOCRITE BEHIND OUT OF HERE FOREVER!

  26. smh…. You know I have to wonder if Ms. Louise was standing in that very park when Jermaine pulled his penis out and had wagged it at her, would she still feel the same? Would she still be cursing everyone else and claiming that it was between his family & God?

  27. LOL! Diva…do you seriously believe he would have wagged it at a woman?


  28. That was a ‘hypothetical’ Lynn! LOL ROFL!!!!

  29. Christians putting a CURSE on people???

    I’ve heard of Apostle, Bishop, & Pastor, but WITCH DOCTOR?

  30. Louise must be a pastor or pastor’s wife who gave birth to razor-toothed demons herself and can’t face the facts that SHE RAISED THEM!

    “It’s between his family & God” DOES NOT APPLY WHEN YOU ARE ON CHRISTIAN TELEVISION ONE MINUTE AND THEN YOU ARE WAVING YOUR WILLY IN A PUBLIC PARK THE NEXT! These ig-nent religious hypocrites who are always trying to hide their mess or their idols/pastors mess make me sick! They are a stench in the nostrils of God as well!

    Lynn don’t worry about curses. Louise don’t have the juice to loose the devil on nobody. He don’t work for her. Trying to curse believers is a clear indication who employs whom!

  31. Reading a few of the comments I thought on my experiences in the churches-per my spiritual journey. There is one question I would like to ask:

    What will happen in the pulpits and altars all over the world when we tell the sinners and or the people with the issues of sin to step down and sit down? I have lost all respect and trust for the atmosphere of the members and leaders of churches, but I’ve learned to turn my complete focus on the LORD.

    Perhaps, when I make an attempt, an effort to return to my particular church – I will be delivered from people’s mistakes and sins. Not one of them hung upon the cross and died for me, so why should I allow them to be a hinderance.

    I’ve seen, experienced and heard so much with all the attacks because I desire to live holy – that I might hear clearly from the LORD. I was attacked like a lion on the loose in a nice neighborhood.

    I have learned that Jesus hung upon the cross for me, and God sent him to redeem those that believe. So I have taken the people inside the church, on the street corner preaching and etc. off the old rugged cross. An end to the confusion. I finally learned how to be wiser than serpents, and to watch out for the wolves in sheep clothing.

    I’ve learned about the magic altar and the secret society memberships across the land. Nothing else can surprise me about the inside of the church. Not even the pastor that sleep with all the simple silly and disrespectful single and married women in the church.

    I’m been attacked by a first lady that might have caused many to file a lawsuit and live as a millionaire but I honored the audible voice of God and His word: Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm…

    I have stood in a prayer line before a Senior Pastor of a church with his wife standing to my left and he whispered in my ear telling me how pretty I was. I raised my hand to remove his hand away from me. Then learned that he was sleeping with other women in the same church and fathered several children by the most beautiful woman.

    I’m sick of all this offenses! Why can’t people respect God and take a seat and stop the madness. More and more demonic spirits are releasing as this continues. The prince of the air is busy, no matter what church you leave, the demons travel.

    People that speak in tongues – no longer fool me, and those that called themselves prophets-the cover is no longer valid to conceal a demon nature. You Shall Know Them By the Fruit of the Spirit. I will not, and do not release names, but when I pray I will call names out to God to help, heal, convict and deliever. I might carry a cross in my life, but it was Jesus that hung up high on that old rugged cross which qualified him to judge rightfully. Afterall, he took up himself all the sins of the world.

    Gossip is easy participation, but when your name and family is tossed out over the World Wide Internet and locally in the red of being negative. Then you know who is praying, and those that are gossiping.

    LYNN’s RESPONSE: I am not sure that I understand what you are saying. You were all over the place in your writing.

    I will say this though. Reporting the NEWS that the son of a famous bishop was caught in a family park masturbating for strange men is not gossip. It is NEWS.

  32. Even when you tend and mind your own business and leave church and go straight to your vehicle…trouble looks for you. I a personal private and a loner and I was attacked. I had to really learn to trust God with my whole heart. That takes discipline and making an agreement. Who will win the spiritual war we fight from day to day?

  33. I’m going to close this topic. When it gets to a point when a person is waaaaaay off topic and you cannot reach the person, it’s time to close up shop.