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By:  Lynn Green

I highlight enough pedophiles here that you all know how dangerous they are. Many of them go into fields of authority specifically so they may have access to people’s children.

Very few of them have any true desire to be freed of their sickness. I believe they are demon possessed and have no interest in getting rid of the demon that has them on the prowl.

Should these freaks be allowed in church, around innocent children? You decide:

About a fifth of registered sex offenders and a sixth of offenders who haven’t been caught attend United States churches, according to Smyna, Tenn.-based Keeping Kids Safe Ministries. The Christian group helps churches safeguard children by setting clear expectations for accountability among attendees who are sex offenders.

“There is no profile of a sex offender,” said Greg Sporer, president and co-founder of Keeping Kids Safe. “They’re just run-of-the-mill people. We think that sex offenders mirror church attendance in Americans.”

Not all sex offenders are child molesters who pose a danger to young children. Sporer said research shows that 10 percent of registered offenders are pedophiles.

Churches are a positive atmosphere for rehabilitated offenders when they understand their expectations and know they’ll be held accountable, Sporer said.

“A church is actually a pretty good place for a registered offender as long as you get those really strong accountability rules that they can’t break,” he said.

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  1. Wow this is deep, but I think what the Reverend is saying makes sense in that Jesus does not discriminate and therefore the church shouldn’t either.

    Most larger congregations have a youth church. I think that the sex offenders should not be allowed in those services or in positions such as teaching Sunday school or in positions where they would have a great deal of contact with youth, as in my opinion this would only tempt their fleshly desires.

    Most parents sit with their children in regular/adult services and monitor their children and what they are doing. Because of this, I don’t think there is any harm in the sex offender attending a regular service, like I said as long as he is not placed with any children in an unsupervised setting.

    Even in churches that don’t yet have this dilemma, parents should be aware that there could possibly be pedophiles who attend their churches and monitor their children actively.

  2. Good morning Hicktowners! It’s been a while since last commenting with you. I am married to a sex offender who attempted to pick up a 16 year old girl while he was 17. There are sexual offenders that are definitely dangerous who DESERVE to be watched at all times, but please don’t forget the boys (or gals) who made stupid decisions in their youth and are being charged with the same heinous crimes as the rapists and such.

    I think that states need to be more explanatory of who are REALLY sex offenders and who aren’t. Unfortunately, there are lots of men and women who make it to this horrible distinction who don’t deserve to be there.

    Good day Hicktowners


  3. Welcome back, OneMom!

    Your husband’s type of case is not what we are addressing here. In fact, I have covered one or two cases where teen boys were jailed for sexual relations with girls pretty much their own age.

    What this article is about is REAL sexual predators.

  4. I thank you Lynn for the distinction. There was no harm meant, but I always like to draw attention to this unfair distinction whenever I can. Regarding REAL sexual predators, I am torn on the issue. I believe that they need to be saved, but the safety of all is at risk. If there was some kind of way to monitor them, it would be better.

    I then agree with Diva. But I have a question. What if a former pedophile who has been an upstanding member of a church for a number of years states that they have been called to the ministry? What is to be made of that?

  5. Mr. Lynn Green you are using the oldest trick in the book .SCARE TACTICS. How many sexual offenders are you in contact with on a one to one get to know you you basis.? First: not all sexual offenders are pedophiles. I hope you are aware of this. You say “very few of them have any true desire to be freed of their sickness” Is this a personal feeling or do you have statistics proving such? My husband and I have sexual offenders in our church and we have friends who were former sexual offenders who have been out for quite a long time and now are even reunited with their own family and have children. No this man did not offend his own children. I look at people on a case by case basis. I see what they are now not what they were. It is people like you who are so narrow minded that scare the population into believing these previous offenders can’t change. SHAME ON YOU!!! The statistics prove you wrong. Have you even bothered to look before shooting off your mouth? What is the expression..think before you speak or in your case type.

  6. JSE…you had better be glad I’m in a particularly jolly mood today. Enjoy your day ma’am. And I would STRONGLY urge you not to allow that garbage around any children in your life.

    By the way…interesting that you view the “shame” as being on me instead of on the perverts who rape, torture, sodomize and murder children.

    Come on here again with that sickness and you’ll find yourself banned out of here.

    HICKTOWNERS, let me share something with you regarding the “JSE” types. JSE is the type who would turn a deaf ear to a child begging for help and relief from a sexual predator. Her type would turn their own child over to a known freak just to “prove” that the freak is cured.

    Shaking my head.

  7. Thanks Lynn for defending the children. As a person who has been down that road and counseled several other women that have been that road – thank you.
    Can pedophiles can be cured? I don’t know, but I won’t risk any child that I know to find out.
    I’m glad that JSE has this wonderful thing happening at their church, it sounds like her guard is down because nothing has happened – so far. JSE, please stay alert and don’t allow these people around children – I don’t care how “saved” they are. “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”
    Protect the child – not the child offender.
    Lady D~

  8. LadyD,

    We actually don’t know that nothing has happened. Keep in mind that they threaten to murder the children and their families for telling.

    It may be another 20 years before those children will speak up.

  9. Our musician who was “cured” and “saved” is now doing a 10 yr stint in prison for molesting 2 young boys in our church. And when I say “in our church” I mean the molestations occurred in the church building. Those with good sense kept their children away from him. I would rather risk offending someone than to have my children molested.