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By:  Lynn Green

     Awwwwwww! Hicktowners, let’s all meet at Town Square with a box of tissues. It looks like the victimized gospel singer, songwriter and producer, J. Moss will be needing plenty, as he has fallen victim to his penis.

He appeared in court recently to whine about the fact that the internet has ruined his reputation and negatively impacted his wallet by reporting that he has an out of wedlock baby—they have called him a deadbeat dad because he won’t pay child support.

So…..since he did not show up for his initial court hearing to answer charges, the plaintiff won by default and he was ordered to pay up.

But James does not want to pay! Apparently it’s all his penis’ fault that he made an out of wedlock baby.  Cry me a river!

Here are the facts:

a. James Moss, who writes gospel songs, surely is aware of the fact that fornication and adultery are sins. Even heathens out in the world know that.  Um…but my guess is that his penis did not know, or is such a bad dude that it did not care.  And let’s not forget, James is a victim of his penis!

b. This MARRIED MAN apparently fell victim to his penis. The brain located in his penis took control over the brain located in his head.  (Pass me some tissues!)

Let’s get this straight, Hicktowners. NONE OF THIS is James Moss’ fault. It’s his penis’ fault. Poor James. He’s a victim of his penis!

Since James takes zero responsibility for this adutery, then we must conclude that James’ penis caused him to cheat on his wife and make a baby out of wedlock. Now ain’t that a blip?   Awwww…poor James! More tissues, please!

Look below for a few more of the facts regarding poor James and his misbehaving penis:

As his wife watched, a popular gospel music artist sung the blues in court Thursday, saying a child support case over an out-of-wedlock son has hurt his reputation and ability to earn money.

In a generally civil but occasionally tense hearing, James Moss — better known as singer, songwriter and producer J. Moss — fought efforts by Lakisha Hughes, 28, of Douglasville, Ga., to increase child support by $230 a week from $1,028 a month to care for her child, Christion, while she’s at school or work. Moss defaulted in October in a paternity case and has been making the payments.

But the Bloomfield Township man said he’s been hurt by Web comments and a Detroit News report about the case.

“This has caused a credibility problem,” said Moss, during the two-hour hearing that his wife of 12 years, Melody, attended. They have two children together.

“This has negatively impacted my salary.”

I can’t take it. Hicktowners, WHERE ARE THE TISSUES! Look what Jame Moss’ penis forced him to do, ya’ll. His misbehaving penis caused him to approach a woman who was not his wife. Then he obviously wined and dined the woman who was not his wife. Then he found a place to meet privately with this woman who is not his wife. Then he took off all his clothes with this woman who is not his wife. Then ….. that misbehaving penis of his actually had the NERVE to enter the vagina of a woman who is NOT HIS WIFE.

His penis should be arrested, Hicktowners! See all that his criminal penis caused? Now the woman who is not his wife has a baby by him and he is crying about having to pay child support.

Bad, bad penis. You know, his penis should be ashamed of itself!  Where is the infamous Lorena Bobbit when you need her? What did the bible say? If your eyes offend you, pluck them out? COUGH….would that also apply to the penis?


*COUGH* My apologies to the “holier than Thou” crew who like to monitor the writers of this blog.  I know that “penis” is a bad word and should never be mentioned. But hey, I’ve asked you all to stay out of here and you won’t so what do you expect?

 Hat tip to Eric of  What Eric Thinks for story lead


  1. And to think that his wife was actually sitting up in the courtroom with him… She should have been somewhere sharpening her knife! Folks, I try not to condone violence, but obviously he needs to be separated from that evil penis of his!

    BTW, Lynn this was a hilarious article!!

  2. Lynn your right. J. Moss its not the internet that has givin you a bad reputation, ITS YOUR PENIS!

    But lets not put all the blame on the little fellow. There is one thing I believe. Its almost impossible to commit adultry and not tell a lie to your wife before and after doing so.

    Pay your child support, take care of your kids(all 3), treat your wife like a queen, READ your Bible and then walk in its ways.

  3. where is a good sharp saw when you need one -instead of court, I would have been at the nearest home depot looking for the sharpest blade I could find-good thing for his penis, I’m not the wife because his penis would not be able to get into any more trouble with its bad self….looks like praise isn’t the only thing he can’t keep to himself….

  4. Cop said: But lets not put all the blame on the little fellow

    LOL! Cop, that’s cold. You know how upset men get at the very thought their “member” is little. LOL!

  5. TwentyPearls said: I would have been at the nearest home depot looking for the sharpest blade I could find

    LYNN’s RESPONSE: Soror, now you know we AKA’s are too cute and dignified to be talking like that. LOL!

    DeeLove said:
    Lynn this was a hilarious article!!

    LYNN’s RESPONSE: Thanks, Dee! Now if the “holier than Thou” crew come after me, I’m sending them your way for you to deal with them. LOL!

  6. Ok Lynn and everyone who posted a comment here owes me a new pair of drawz! LOL Ya’ll crazy. I died at the subject line of this post. Too funny… well actually not for the wife, but that this ‘mand of Gawd’ actually wants people to feel pity for him for committing adultery.

  7. LOL! Now Diva you know we are on the midst of inflation. Girl, you betta throw them thangs in the washer! They be aight! LOL!

    Do I sense no compassion from you in the case of James Moss? After all, he IS a victim of that misbehaving penis of his. Where is your box of tissues?

  8. Twenty Pearls, take it up a notch. Make him cut it off himself. Give him some pain killer meds first though. when he came to, he’d think he was a woman when he looked down there. He’d be peeing in a bag the rest of his life.

    When I finished with him the only place he’d be singing would be in a hollow log to the squirrels.

  9. Yes Soror Lynn, you know we can take care of business in pumps and pearls! I would even wear gloves since its no telling where else the “little fella” has been. Ginny, got a bag?

  10. What’s even sadder, he ask her to have an abortion. Now that’s Dog Low. He tried to pull a King David and cover up his shame but it didn’t work.

  11. Oh, well James. I tried to help you out but the Hicktowners refuse to bring any tissues for you to use as you blame all your woes on your penis.

    See how mean the Hicktowners are?


  12. I thought J Moss liked boys, not girls! Oops, I guess I was misinformed.

  13. I’m glad David is in the Bible because it reminds me that you can straighten up and God will forgive. I feel bad for his wife, she obviously loves him. I don’t understand how she sat there in court and listened to all of that but she is in my prayers. Adultery is painful to all involved, especially the innocent spouse. I can’t feel sorry for the young woman though because she bears equal blame in this. She knew she was sleeping with someone’s husband. She and J. Moss should both be cut.

    Lastly, the child didn’t ask to come here so brotha needs to pay his child support.

  14. @worshipperfound

    Were not gossipers ok you’re crossing the line unless you can back that statement up.

  15. I’ve got to agree with Sister Smith on this one. We know for a fact that he made a baby out of wedlock. DNA tests have proven that out.

    Let’s not put any more on him (rumors of bisexuality). He has enough to worry about.

  16. worshipperfound

    I apologize for not doing my duty as a Christian and not lifting up this young man’s soul to the Lord in prayer but instead tearing him down because of his actions. Love covers a multitude of sin. Therefore, I repent to the Lord and apologize to all of you.

  17. First of all, he tore his own self down when he went out and made a conscious choice to cheat on his wife and create a baby that he chose not to support until forced by a court to do so.

    I say that because in your saying you apologize for tearing him down…and that love covers a multitude of sins, it gives the impression that everyone else who spoke against this hypocrite was wrong.

    The only thing I’m saying to you is:

    a. It is a fact, proven by DNA that he created a baby out of wedlock

    b. We have no facts to back up rumors of homosexuality

    So…..let’s not put somethong out there until facts can back it up.

  18. worshipperfound

    The apology was sincere, accepted or not.

  19. Who were you apologizing to? You certainly did not owe me or Sister Smith an apology.

    So what was the apology in reference to?

    You said: I apologize for not doing my duty as a Christian and not lifting up this young man’s soul to the Lord in prayer but instead tearing him down because of his actions. Love covers a multitude of sin

    The way I interpret that is…..instead of you saying that you should not have put a rumor out there, that this man is a homosexual when there is no proof of such….

    You skipped over that and included everybody by saying love covers a multitude of sin and you should not have torn him down.

    The way you said it, it was geared not towards what you said but towards the thread in general.

    Let me make myself clear for the umpteenth time. Hicktownpress specializes in exposing hypocrites—be they ministers, politicians or just the common man walking down the street hurting folks.

    I did not “tear down” this minister. He tore himself down by cheating on his wife—and he lied about it. Using satire, as I often do, I made it clear that he was not taking personal responsibility so therefore his penis is to blame. That was satire and everyone else got it.

    But here is the issue. I told the 100% truth backed up by DNA tests and his own admission (when he was backed against a wall).

    So I did not put falsehoods out there. You did. And instead of you saying you were wrong for the falsehood that you put out there, you wrote what you wrote to make it appear that I was wrong for exposing him in the first place.

    Folks, I am good at reading between lines and catching hints. Look at my False Minister section and you’ll see me exposing a ton of folks.

    If you don’t like it…you know my line, right?

  20. worshipperfound

    WOW, let me clarify, I (me, myself and I) apologize for saying what I said and how I said it. This is how I feel (I am not speaking for any hicktowner). I was wrong. I don’t know what more I can say. I am not coming down on your blog. I didn’t say or feel any of those things you are misinterpreting.

  21. Folks,

    The topic is the hypocrite who cheated on his wife. We can either return to that or I can close the topic.

    By the way, I did not misinterpret anything. I read it the way it was. Don’t believe it? Go back and read the dialogue for yourself. It’s all there.


  22. I know what’s said can “seem” negative sometimes but at the same time I appreciate this type of info–that’s not just gossip but is backed up by facts.

    For instance, this information about JMoss–my husband is a musician and buys all alot of music but to know something like this has taken place and there seems to be not repentence on the part of Brother Moss my husband nor I would not support him(in buying CD’s).

    We need a watchman on the wall–thanks Mama Lynn

  23. Is anyone praying for this situation or is it just a witchhunt? Just curious to know….So many opinions, so little prayer….Sad, very very sad…

  24. Angel Heart,

    Keep it moving. The time you spent signing up to use the blog and writing your note, you really could have used it praying for this deadbeat dad.

    But don’t tell me who to pray for. He needs to pray for himself.

    One more smart remark and you’ll be banned out of here. We don’t know you.

  25. Angel Heart…. isn’t that the name of that satanic movie with Lisa Bonet & Robert DeNiro? Hmmmmmm. *Adding Angel Heart to the prayer list*

  26. Sharp eye, Diva! I knew the name Angel Heart sounded familiar!

  27. hi i am renee mccoy matthews , my biological fahteris roy l moss jr
    i have grown up never knowing my family on the moss side , i know this on thing God has anointed me as well to write lyrics& i also sing the this is i am almost 40yrs old and these songs are so pregnant in me i desire to alow my gifts to work for me , j moss your lyric to honor and praise God
    ARE an inspiritation to the peple of the world let the Lord use more , as i know he does . ya pray for me as God helps my song also be heard ..

  28. when I was a child I overheard my grandmother talking to another female relative , saying “a man is saved everywhere but in his pants”. I didn’t understand what she meant until a few years after.

    LYNN’s RESPONSE: If a man chooses to be free of fornication, he can be. Sin is a choice.

  29. i dont see why people spend most of there time looking for j, moss’s sins. the bible says for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of god, dont get me wrong i am not promoting sin but what i am saying is we all fall someway,what we have to do is to pic each other up when we fall in sin, j,moss is a child of god juss like every one else, and he is not perfect, i wont spend my time accusing him,, i love him too much ,just like how christ loved me and shed his blood for me on the cross. the spirit that condenms is not of god, christ said, i have not come to condenm the world, but i have come to save the world, if christ did not come to condenm, who gives yoiu people the right to mock a anointed gospel singer that has touched so many hearts through his music, may god forgive you for your hush hearts that are out to tear j, moss rather than build him….

  30. You are a day late and a dollar short. This is an old thread. Why is J. Moss on your mind?

  31. Minister Robert Bryant

    Jesus said in his word, ye with out sin let him cast the first stone. I will pray fore him an his family. What you did J Moss is not right, go to God an ask him to fore give you. I ask God in the name of jesus, to come in to your life an touch your mind an your heart. To wash you as white as snow. Satan I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. Go an sin no more. Take care of you family. God bless you my brother.

  32. Minister Bryant, this article is 2 years old…

  33. Minister Robert Bryant

    I thank you fore letting me no, I never looked at the date. God bless.