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Read this inspiring story about Roz Akins, an educator who has dedicated herself to helping black boys receive an education.

Here is one paragraph from the article:

Why are black boys struggling so much in the school system?
The reason why our African American males are struggling in Kentucky as well as across this country is because of a lack of expectation level in our schools. It is not that African American males cannot do work at a high level in our schools — they are not pushed to do so. Many of our African American males are taught by young white teachers who do not understand the learning styles of our African American males. Another reason that African American males are not successful is due to their home and community environment. Many of our young men do not have positive role models in the home or community. Parents need to be more involved with what their sons are watching on television, doing on the computer and the amount of time they play video games. Parents do not stress reading at home anymore!

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  1. That was an awesome article.
    We are soooo quick to discard and disregard our youth, especially the boys when they dont seem like shining stars but sometimes we have to be the mirror to reflect the light.
    I have a friend that was a teacher and she used to get so upset about our children…she would say they dont appreciate education like kids in Africa would/do or the parents are not involved they dont understand the importance of coming to parent-teacher meetings, etc. So one day I suggested that she start a program at the school to help get the parents involved…her response was that she wasnt going to do that. I was very disappointed in her and am glad she is no longer teaching.
    I find it so sad when we give up on our children, espeically the boys…they already have strikes against them from the womb. That is why I tutor and talk to the youth and try to show them other things, other ways of living.