By:  Lynn Green

UPDATE #2 – Powdery substance found on body. GO HERE

SAD UPDATE: On August 14, 2011 it was reported that Zachery Tims passed away. GO HERE

You all might recall recently that I reported on the fallen, minister, Zachery Tims who was caught in adultery.

Well his wife now has moved on and has written an open letter to those who are interested in what she is doing:


Hat tip to Sister Smith for update


  1. And now she has a church??? or why is she being refered to as “Pastor Riva”?
    sad situation for the body of Christ, that “leaders” teach the Word of God but don’t seem to apply it to their lives. :(

    As she said I don’t know all the facts–so I can’t judge but it looks bad to teach longsuffering and forgiveness when we’ve got stuff in our closet. I see there was now mention of her marriage in her bio on the site although TBN appearances were mentioned, everytime I ever saw her on there it was with “him”.

    And it’s been over a year–I had forgotten about them thinking they had reconciled.

  2. I don’t believe that she is pastoring any longer. “Pastor Riva” has been her name for a number of years. That is how the people know her – especially in church circles. Just a thought. But what is disheartening to me is the ungodly and disgraceful way that her husband treated her, his family, the church he pastors and the Body of Christ. After being “found out” (not coming to himself and repenting) he takes a 5 minute break from ministry, removes his wife’s picture from the church website and then he is back on TBN with his fake Will Smith wannabe looking no anointed behind! These shady shepherds today are a joke that ain’t funny. I no longer watch so-called “Christian” television. I’ve see more Jesus on “The House of Payne” & now “Meet the Browns”.

  3. I just looked at the link to Pastor Riva’s site and looked at her bio. There was NOOOOO MENTION what so ever of her Husband at all.

    Birth place, Check
    Education, CHECK
    Sister, CHECK
    Ministry, CHECK
    Kids, CHECK
    Husband(no matter how bad)who help to produce and rasie the kids, LET ME GET BACK TO YOU ON THAT ONE!?

  4. @Cop, my sentiments exactly, if she’s walking in the “forgiveness” she talks about why was the husband left outta the bio–does she want a person who didn’t know her before to read that and think her children are illegitimate(we need spell check on here :0)

    @DestinysLady, okay, I thought she was being refered to as “Pastor Riva” because of the Majestic Life Institute. There were pictures on the site from a birthday celebration so I assumed she had an organized group of followers. And like you I hardly ever watch “Christian” television anymore.

  5. I applaud her for moving on with her life after the way this man treated her publicly. I do feel sorry for her because from her letter it sounds like church folk got overly critical and involved in her business. If she feels that God called her to start her own ministry and move forward with her life than more power to her. I wish her well.

  6. Amen Diva

    I can just hear the church folk now.

    “You need to stay with your man, NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES HE CHEATS ON YOU.”

    Wasnt Zachery one of the chairman for Church without walls? And didnt Randy and Paula get divorced?


  7. She is a real precious sister. I am so glad she realized that God called her and not her husband. The church most definitely criticized her for not staying. But she move on and from the looks of things is moving up!

  8. Cop, haven’t you heard–“da apple don’t fall far from da tree…”

  9. @ cop
    Yes I read that too they were link in some form.

  10. oops! I read it hear on this blog haha. Thanks Lynn for keeping us so informed on the latest news and updates.

  11. And thanks to Hicktowners for being my eyes and ears. I cannot be every place at the same time so you all are truly helping me out with those tips. Keep them coming, please!

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  13. Be mature about the situation….don’t cast the stone and forget you might need forgiveness for your self one day.
    She is totally right in leaving him, and started her own’s only in adultery can she divorce her husband. She was not in sin and she has all the right in the world to move on and fulfill the calling of God in her life. (she is called to be a pastor!!!!!)
    And please don’t mentioned other pastors and their ministry on other people shot coming, trust me WE ALL HAVE SKELETON IN OUR CLOSET. AAAAAAMMMMMMEEEEEENNNNNN!!!!!!!


  14. I know both of them very well, we all came out of the same church here in Baltimore plus I grew up with Zach, the ministry did not change this man…. but did change Riva. I pray that she gets over him and let him help raise his kids. He proposed to her in church on his knees, one sunday. In the church we came out of, this was the normal M O for all of the leadership, so don’t think that this was something that just happened, this has been his lifestyle all his life, he just used the ministry to cover up his dirt and TRIED to win the respect of people in ministry. But what you do in the dark ALWAYS comes out in the light. I could write a book on a lot of people in ministry and they’re dirty beind the scenes lifestyle. You’d be surprised at the things Zach has done. This is mild for the Zach I know. You go Riva.

  15. @Mavis: thank you for being honest and truthful about the situation. It is what it..There were no TRUE deliverance taken place in his life so because of his unrepentance others have to suffer, it is not fair.
    @tgabriel: yes you are correct we all have skeletons in our closet, as a matter of fact there has been times that I could not even close the door to the closet!! But I am so tired of people using that as an excuse Zachary was a leader and God hold a higher standard for people in leadership. But if I have to live right without a clergical title, so does he and with a higher standard..Yes, Riva thank God there is a reverse to go and fix some things but thank God for Forward and you keep moving in that direction..

  16. Dear people,
    God has a lot to do with his people. While you are criticizing her, she has moved on and up. Yes, she is a Pastor, and God’s word told her to forgive of which she did, BUT he also stated for this cause divorce is permitted. So, it cannot be church people who show such ignorance, it must be uninformed individuals not apart of the body of christ. If Christ is coming back for a bride without a spot or wrinkle and he want someone pure and marriage is respected through him, how much more physically a marriage should be. Would these comments be made if he cheated with a Man? She has forgiven him, she is a Pastor, and is and will continue to be anointed by God. Please people, keep talking about her, because as you talk about her she grows. This is how she grows through trials and tribulations. Guess what!!! She did not bring this upon herself either. Such contribute to her growth in God. While you are talking about her, she is going from glory to glory. Take it from me, been there, done that.


    ??? Who exactly are you addressing? Who was critical of this woman?

  17. @Lynn, I agree who is being addressed and who is critical. All I see is people glad that she is moving on. What did I miss?

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