A Georgia pastor and father of two who once confessed that sometimes “I don’t feel like God is hearing me” killed himself outside his home while his wife, kids and 800 member congregation waited for him to show up for church on Sunday.

According to 13 WMAZ, Rev. Teddy Parker Jr., 42, of Bibb Mount Zion Baptist Church in Macon, Ga., was discovered by his wife, Larrinecia Parker, 38, in the driveway of their Warner Robins house with a “self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

The Christian Post left messages for the family and the church office on Tuesday and responses are still pending.

Lakesia Toomer, a church official, told WMAZ, “We consider this a private matter between the family and the BMZ church family. We kindly ask that the public respects our privacy at this time.”


If you are reading this, please understand that suicide will NEVER be the answer! Peace to his family.


    My prayers go out to the this church and his family.

    They’re pastors that are nice, smart and kind.
    They’re are some that are rude, evil and foolish.

    Some should have never been pastors, others should have switched to another career.
    They get burned out, stressed out and depressed.

    And some pastors (like this one) could have used some counseling, therapy or other mental health services.

    Until Christians recognize that pastors are just as frail to the entrapments of this world and need just as much help (if not more) as everyone else we will continue to have pastors that fall morally, mentally & physically.

    Having an accountability partner or group should be a requirement of all pastors. It may not stop a pastor from committing sucide but it may not even get to that point with the proper outlet.

  2. My prayers go out to the family, friends, and loved ones of the church. May God comfort their hearts with His powerful love, mercy and grace, and grant them His peace which passes all human understanding. This is so very sad, and is a great loss of life to the body of Christ, and a gain for the devil.

  3. Can you imagine the anger he must have had when he ended his life……to do it in front of his home, knowing his children could possibly have seen him like that? I just don’t understand.

    He suffered from manic depression. PRESS HERE