By:  Lynn Green

Mo Kelly just sent me a video that caused my jaw to drop. Ya’ll know that I specialize in exposing pimps so it is pretty difficult to shock me at this point. After all, I’ve reported on perverted pimps who rape their own church members and exposed one pimp who was so lust filled that he boasted to his congregation about “bathing” his teenaged daughter!

So given the sicknesses that I report, it’s difficult at this point to drop my jaw. LISTEN to this mess, Hicktowners! A $16,000 dog? Give me a break! First of all this fool talks like someone who is uneducated. He—Leroy Thompson, Sr., butchers the English language. Sounds like he has a preschool education, yet through money sent to him by “silly women” as the bible describes them, he is living high on the hog, even buying his 17 year old teenager a Lexus at congregation’s expense!


Hat tip to Mo Kelly!


  1. Instead of the $16,000 dog, he needed to have invested in a Speech Pathologist.

    For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

    This man has not only lost his soul, but is responsible for all of those church ‘saints’ losing theirs as well.

  2. I am looking forward to commenting on this after I watch the video at home. He sounds like an uneducated fool! I am soooo sick of the prosperity kick!!!!!!!

  3. hey, he needs to run for president “you will never be broke another day in your life”! I couldn’t even watch it all. So, a conference called “Money cometh to you” emphasis on “cometh” maketth it spiritual and gawdley, conference??? And of course, we have crazy “negroes” waving hands and in agreement.

  4. Oooooohhhhh my goodness!! This was just awful. Everyone, please make sure that you view this unbelievable video. I am stunned at the foolery that he was spewing forth. FOOLERY!

  5. A couple of years ago I went to his Leaders Conference to hear Bill Winston, who would be speaking there. Unfortunately, I had to endure Thompson’s message first. Most of his message was unintelligible. While Thompson was speaking, people were walking up to him putting money in his hand (apparently this happens whenever he speaks at his church). One woman walked up to him and tried to give him $5 and he told her to take her $5 and don’t insult him with it. I didn’t have much respect for him before the incident and after that, I have none. I don’t really need to see the attached video. I know he acts like a clown.

  6. WorshipperFound, you have got to be kidding me!!! He refused to take that woman’s heartfelt $5?? What about the woman in the bible who only had a penny to give?? Those fools (Thompson, Creflo and the other pulpit pimps) are definitely not of Christ. I feel sorry for the lost ones that they are leading straight to the lake… They are pepetuating and encouraging a love of money. This Thompson fool would almost be hilarious if it wasn’t for the fact that he is affecting people’s souls. He needs to take some of that cash and instead of spending it on a $16,000 dog, invest in Hooked on Phonics!

  7. @ DeeLove – Yes it’s true — he refused her $5 because he said it’s an insult. And true, he does need Hooked on Phonics because without it, even if he started preaching against sin, his members still wouldn’t be able to understand him (LOL).

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  12. Church has a warehouse- at the church
    full of jet ski’s, motor cycles, and pimpin
    rides. Can I get a amen??? Seen with
    my own eyes. There’s basically a friggin
    dance club in one of these buildings.
    Black lights, strobes, fog the works.
    What do u need that for? Mabey they’ve
    got a stash of x pills with a stamp of Leroy
    on one side, and a $100 dollar bill on the other.