1. Well, Pat Buchanan is out at MSNBC finally, so I’m sure these idiots will be fired as well they should be.

  2. That is sad. Check out the link to this article from The Grio. This church is planning on protesting the funeral. http://www.thegrio.com/entertainment/westboro-baptist-church-speaks-of-whitney-god-gave-her-a-voice-she-used-it-to-teach-sin.php

  3. Westboro are all attention whores. Don’t pay them any mind.

  4. Westboro Baptist, be forwarned, dont do it, that would NOT be a good life choice. If I were those Westboro Baptist folk I’d stay farrrrrrrrrrrrrr away from her funeral or Newark. They will meet Jesus sooner than they want too.

  5. If that is so, they may find that protesting in Newark is slightly different than say, someplace in Idaho or North Dakota.

  6. LOL @ Ginny– reminds me of the episode of Martin when he and Bruh-man printed those Whitey Hutton T-shirts and started a riot at her concert! These people are only seeking attention, they are not trying to lift the name of Christ at all– maybe the Newarkians will give them a WARM welcome, lol!

  7. WarriorForChrist

    So ridiculous, first of all Whitney admitted herself that she had a substance abuse problem (Cocaine not crack) and from what I can see she was far from a “Ho” She was married for many years to the same man and had one child with one man. Even with all her problems she deserves respect. If these guys can’t find it in their heart to say something nice than just shut up! They’re not funny anyway.