One of the most horrific cases I have covered here in Hicktown is the one involving pedophile, Frank Lombard. I get sick all over again when I think of how he acted as a predator, purposely targeting black male babies to adopt, so that he could rape and sodomize and pimp them out to strangers who could have AIDS or could be murderers.

I hope he rots in jail and that he meets his end there:

North Carolina Man Sentenced to 327 Months in Prison for Producing Child Pornography

WASHINGTON—Frank Lombard, 43, of Durham, North Carolina, was sentenced today in U.S. District Court to 327 months in prison for producing child pornography, announced U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen Jr., Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy L. Lanier, and Shawn Henry, Assistant Director of the FBI’s Washington Field Office.

Lombard, a former Duke University employee who pled guilty on December 17, 2009, to sexual exploitation of a minor, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler, who also ordered that Lombard serve a lifetime period of supervised release upon completion of his prison sentence, during which time he will be required to register as a sex offender.

According to the Statement of the Offense filed in conjunction with the plea agreement, Lombard admitted to streaming a live pornographic image of himself and his prepubescent adopted son to another Internet user via a webcam in August 2007, evidence of which was found during a search of Lombard’s Durham, North Carolina home pursuant to a federal search warrant on June 24, 2009. Lombard also admitted that during a June 24, 2009, Internet chat session with an undercover police officer, he invited that officer to fly to Durham, North Carolina, in order to have sexual contact with his adopted son.

At the time of Lombard’s June 24, 2009, arrest, child pornography materials were found in his home, and he admitted to law enforcement agents that he had engaged in sexual contact with his adopted son.
This case was brought as part of Project Safe Childhood and the FBI/MPD Child Exploitation Task Force. In February 2006, the Attorney General created Project Safe Childhood, a nationwide initiative designed to protect children from online exploitation and abuse. Led by U.S. Attorney’s Offices, Project Safe Childhood marshals federal, state, and local resources to better locate, apprehend, and prosecute individuals who exploit children via the Internet, as well as identify and rescue victims. For more information about Project Safe Childhood, please visit
In announcing the sentence, U.S. Attorney Machen, MPD Chief Lanier, and FBI Assistant Director Henry commended the outstanding efforts and coordination of the FBI/MPD Child Exploitation Task Force, Washington Metropolitan Police Department Detective Timothy Palchak, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation Special Agent E. Michael Smith, Jr., and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of North Carolina. They also praised the work of Assistant U.S. Attorney Keith A. Becker, from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, who prosecuted this case.
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  1. Thats all?????27 years….I guess.

  2. This pervert plea bargained. There should be no such thing as a plea bargain for someone who is clearly guilty and caught on tape.

    He should have received at least 100 years OR death penalty.

  3. What happened to Capital Sexual Assault????? He only got convicted of Child Porn after committing ALLLLLLL of those charges??? SMH!!!

  4. This Frank Lombard character is so sick and disgusting that to ever even consider letting him loose on society again is beyond human reasoning.

  5. Unbelievable. Really surprised and disappointed to see that this hideous case resulted in such a light sentence. I hope the children are now well cared for and my prayers are for them.

  6. If the child would have been white, would he have received a harsher sentence?

  7. Now this is just crazy! The good news is, prison inmates don’t take kindly to predators.

  8. What is not widely reported and in fact covered up, is that part of the way he was able to do this was the neighborhood he lived in. This neighborhood is a LGBT friendly neighborhood that has a lot of “cohousing” features that allow pedophiles access to multiple children.