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OH!!!!! So the plot thickens as Jesus Christ continues snatching the blinders and veils off of pimping pulpit pastors. Everyone was veeeeeery suspicious when Paula White suddenly joined forces with Randy White to announce that she and Randy were divorcing. Something just did not add up.

THEN, we hear that she purchased property in San Antonio, Texas worth $700,000. Many of us wondered why and how she came to choose San Antonio. THEN, we discover that she has recently started to “pastor” and “preach” at the Family Praise Center, the church of a very eccentric divorced, womanizing pastor named Rick Hawkins and the PLOT THICKENED.

Why did she leave her husband and her home church to go help another man in HIS church? Did that and does that make any sense to you? Don’t scratch your head. It makes no sense to me either.

Rumors had been floating around for awhile, but most disregarded the rumors because only an alley cat would be THAT BOLD!

NOW we discover that Playboy Pimping Pastor Rick Hawkins is in a heap load of trouble with accusastions running rampant of telephone sex with members and just general filth. His wife divorced him a year ago but even that was not enough to slow down that womanizing lust bucket.

Hmmm…..Wonder what Paula White sees in Mr. Lust, Inc.?

The News 4 Trouble Shooters spent months investigating the founder of the Family Praise Center on Northeast Loop 410, and investigating claims that he asked women for phone sex, had extramarital affairs and used church funds to silence his victims.

Rick Hawkins is a showman. He’s a charismatic and powerful preacher saving souls in the name of the Lord. He also shapes the lives of students at his School of Excellence, a charter school bearing his name. Hawkins is the author of several books, including advice on relationships.

Hawkins is also a preacher with a problem. Hundreds of followers have made a mass exodus, leaving his Family Praise Center church recently because of word that he has been caught up in a sex scandal.

READ the rest of this illicit, sordid soap opera HERE

And check the video HERE

Hat Tip to the HickTown lurker who kindly sent me this story.  Keep the tips coming, everyone!


  1. Most of these guys/gals are jokers. Not to be taken seriously, manipulating money grubbers. If people want to be manipulated and have money stolen from them, thats their business. As for me they won’t get that privilege

  2. Well, this mess has been going on for a LONG time. In February, Paula removed Randy and added Rick Hawkins to her board of directors.

    Paula White is in real trouble folks. I know I’ve been extremely hard on her but I think she’s a real messed up Mississippi girl who has gone from bad to worse. Currently she is manipulating the “peace-offering” and begging for money. A peace-offering has nothing to do with money yet she teaches falsely that it does.

    Starting monday, I will begin my bi-weekly series called “The last vomit of satan”. If you think I was smash mouth before, you ain’t seen nothing yet:)

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

  3. girlfriend’s has been pulled too tight…she can’t see out of slits for eyes~!!

    Phil, you know I’ll be there with bells on..I can’t wait!

    I gave u all shout outs on my page…check it out.

  4. meant…”girlfriend’s face has been pulled too tight…”

  5. The “wow” factor continues here at HickTown! Really my faith in God is even stronger but what I think about these people pretending to be so sold out for Christ…. having sold out podiums and stadiums to give people religious rhetoric. I am NOT closing my HEART AND MIND to CHRIST but I am closing it on just about most of these ministries that I am just not comfortable with. Paul White’s ministry is one of them…I love the book of Revelation, and each moment I see how this very chapter is unfolding right before our eyes.

    People are going to watch “every ” move a minister makes christians or not. Something give away in these ministries. I believe some start out of the gate being sincere but forget to stick and stay close to the gift giver and fall prey to the very thing you suppose to minister against.

    Seriously, reading about these cosmetic ministries falling each day is so troublesome. To be quite frank, most of these ministries that are being exposed are some that I NEVER quite agreed with my spirit.

    Keep up the good work HickTown…. for bringing light to those dark places!

  6. Wow. I was never a follower or really had heard of either before until I read the articles on Hicktown. This only makes folks like me even more skeptical of organized religion.

  7. And yet not a one has the common sense God gave a gnat to sit their butts down and honestly repent. Instead they continue to tempt God and don’t realize that while they are being exposed mercy is being shown them to put aside their pride and repent.

  8. @Yvette, when you’re using witchcraft the spells only last for so long before the effects wear off…these charlatans & warlocks must stay in the face of their prey…keep them focused on them, the witches/warlocks so they won’t be distracted and find out the truth.

  9. Thanks Lynn for doing this story. I continue to be amazed at the mess that is quickly being exposed here in San Antonio. Actually it is something that has been going on for years, many rumors and suspicions and it is finally being exposed. But I thank God for the truth because this Pastor and this ministry has been hurting so many people for years, unfortunately people that I know. Thanks again and please keep our city in your prayers.

  10. I did not know you live in San Antonio, PJRDON. So you are right there where all the action is taking place. Keep up updated if you learn of anything new in this case.


  11. Bria, Amen.

  12. So many pimps with drama, so little time to read it all.

  13. Wow! Focus on San Antonio….I live here too and used to attend Cornerstone until God woke me up and showed me that tithing is Old Testament law.

    1. John Hagee says “Jesus did not come to be the Messiah.”

    2. Rick Hawkins divorced and messing around w/ church members and using church funds to pay off victims.

    3. Rick Godwin caught fleecing the flock, using church funds to fly around the country in private jets, expensive gifts and hotels all on church money.

    I believe all these scripture twisters have been given over to a reprobate mind. They believe their own lies, and have so much pride and arrogance they refuse to see that they are false profits!

  14. I believe all these scripture twisters have been given over to a reprobate mind.

    There it is in a nutshell!

    If this is your first time signing here at HickTown, WELCOME! I hope you become a regular contributor/resident here.


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  18. Wow! Women actually sued him? What was the outcome and where can we get our hands on this info?

  19. tap, tap… Hello, is this mic on?

  20. Thread CLOSED – Why are you back here regarding a story from November, 2007? Come here again with this and you’ll be banned.