PaulaWhite1Church Without Walls is in the news again.  You all remember when the Whites shocked everyone with their divorce announcement. Then eyebrows raised when Paula moved to Texas to help her partner, playboy Rick Hawkins with his “church”.   Link and Link

As it turns out, he ended up being struck with all types of sexual harassment allegations so he closed down his “church” and opened an “epicenter”.  And Paula, for her part, became a “life coach”.

Randy White at one point had put the church up for sale.  And now he has resigned as pastor of that church and guess who’s taking over?

That’s right. Paula White is returning to the church as pastor.  No work yet on whether playboy, Rick Hawkins will follow or whether or not they have broken up:

One week after her ex-husband resigned as senior pastor of Without Walls International Church, Paula White plans to take the pulpit Sunday as the church’s new leader, the Whites said in separate interviews late Friday.

White, who held her first staff meeting Friday and spent time looking for a place to live, said she will officially take the reins when she preaches at its two morning worship services. The services will also honor Bishop Randy White, who founded the church with her 18 years ago.

“Did I see it coming? … I can say that Without Walls has never been out of my heart or my being, and I’ve never been out of theirs,” she said. “But I have stopped trying to figure out sovereignty and destiny.”

Word of Paula White’s new post seeped out Sunday when Randy White preached his last sermon as senior pastor at the church and resigned. White, 51, said he was stepping aside because of health concerns. He declined to elaborate on his condition, although he said he had been ill and in and out of the hospital for much of the last seven months.

“I have some serious health issues right now,” White said in an interview Friday. “I’ve had six different doctors say that I had to take the stress, the pressure out of my life. So I’ve resigned, and Paula’s taking over.”


Hat tip to Deputy Monica for story lead


  1. I am actually thinking that this may have been a good move. A God move. I don’t agree with the divorce and how things were handled after, but I am actually hoping and praying that this is the first step of them getting on the right track (maybe even possibly getting their marriage restored).

  2. Wishful thinking, Monica.

    She’s all over the place.

    Remember the scripture?A double minded man is unstable in all his ways

  3. The only thing I can say from this is: WHYYY?
    She is poison and should be avoided at all costs. If she had repented she would have taken time off to re-evaluate herself, sat down under someone else. Not change her title from a ‘preacher’ to a ‘motivational speaker’, which is what she was all along. It’s all about the benjamins. She realized she made more money as a ‘pastor’ than she did as a ‘motivatinoal speaker’. The church people may not want to admit it, but the world knows a deciever when they see one.

  4. Paula White changed her title from pastor to motivational speaker for a reason — money. No she supposedly re-evaluated her situation and changed her title again from motivational speaker to pastor. Please. I feel for the people in that church. The Bible talked about wolves in sheep’s clothing and Paula White is just another in a long line of pastors who fit that description. I stopped listening to her a long time ago.

  5. Hi, yes, Monica I’m with Lynn on this.
    There is no indication that this move has anything to do with reconciling a marriage…there’s no smell of anything like that in the air.
    Sick. Is all I can say. God IS NOT double minded…and does nothing in the spirit of Confusion. I do feel sorry for the people there who are simply wanting a place to seek and serve the Lord.

    Yea Paula is all over the place. Where to LORD guides, He does provide. There would have been some other “pastoral” avenue provided for Paula…here is a “convenient”, “familiar” “opening” and she is a returning employee and need not re-apply. This is sick yall, I mean come on. Where is order? Where is repentence? Where is, yea, sitting down, being healed and being restored.

    People of God just don’t up and change their “titles”; yes, we are multifaceted and have many gifts the world and church are to benefit from but when I find it so easy to disassociate myself from God and Godly “positions” to gain the attention and respect of a “broader audience”…what is that really saying?

    If I sell Mary K for a living, the product is the product. If I feature my face with a title of Mom BeesWax, Wife BeesWax, Cashier BeesWax should not affect how much of that product I sell cause the product will speak for itself.

    Again, Paula gained her “fame” through God and God’s people. How dare she disassociate and take a title that indicates she never knew Him nor His people!

    Fake, fake, fake and yes, Pastor Zach Tims is her “spiritual son”…look at these sad, sad demonstrations of self-seeking and self-living people in “leadership” positions.

  6. there seems to be the appearance of them being “great friends” with all of this honoring and getting along…Something is amiss. I think they want to keep the money in the family and Paula can bring in the money right now…My thought was when I read this has she been there for Randy while he has been sick for the past 7 months…..I forget which black awards show I think it was the “Prism” this black lady out of Atlanta that puts in on every year and they honored Paula for her work in the black community, humanitarian, blah, blah blah….

    If I didn’t know Jesus was real for myself, I would have nothing to do with church. The stories and pulpit pimps seem nonstop.

  7. All I can say is WOW!!!!
    You better know God for yourself!!!

  8. These two will do anything for the almighty, the almighty dollar that is.
    This woman is a joke. Yesterday while flipping thru the TV channels before work, there was Paula White and guest talking about relationships and dating. I thought, how absurd, a twice divorced TV preacher who is now shacked up with another preacher who is involved in a sex scandal, giving advice on relationships and dating? I about died from laughter. Paula has no credibility. Kind of like Swaggart or Jim Bakker giving advice on———–anything.

  9. I am always amazed that people have no conviction about saying anything they wish against other believers. To exalt themselves to condemn a servant of God seems like a far greater sin. God has not called anyone to assist Him in correcting anyone. His Word forbids it. Therefore, it’s a sin. What is in our heart will always come out. If we truly care about others in a Godly way, we will deal with things in prayer. God’s Word is very clear. Noone has been given the right to criticize, gossip or judgement another. To do so to a servant of God carries a far greater weight. We are irreverent of God’s spiritual authority in the church, that God Himself has set up, if we think it’s ok to be casual as to run our mouths about any servant of God. For all we know, God may have told Paula White to give herself a second title of Life Coach, so she can reach more people. Some might not receive her as Pastor but they may seek her counsel. People like to find reason to criticize others. It’s usually out of jealousy. What have you achieved that makes you internationally known like Paula White? She has paid a huge price and probably always will. A big part of that is the criticism of others. And criticism releases devils to other, and back to yourself. This is a very serious sin. Once God spoke to Benny Hinn and said that anyone who spoke against Benny Hinn would bring a curse on their life. God sees this sin as very serious. Please get your hearts right where judging others is concerned. I believe we are in greater sin to condemn a servant of God, regardless of anything we may interpret as their wrong. Please have reverence for God and His servants, even if you don’t agree with them. God expects us to take such matters to Him in prayer. If we really care about others, we will pray and not run our mouths. Noone has been given permission to do that. Look at King David. He refused to kill King Saul, even tho God had taken the kingship from King Saul. David still respected Saul’s position of authority. He respected the office God ordained. We don’t have to like people or approve of them, to respect the anointing God has place on their life. This is a very serious sin, I believe.

  10. Alena said, “I am always amazed that people have no conviction about saying anything they wish against other believers”

    LYNN’s REPLY: Actually I am amazed at people like YOU who Google the names of known figures so that you can read every word about them as you sap up what you claim is the bad mouthing of servants. You don’t bother to stop reading or to turn away.

    What you are Alena is a hypocrite. Please stay off this blog. No one is above being discussed and the purpose of any decent blog is to have discussions.

  11. Aleana my dear, OPEN YOUR BIBLE.
    you said, ” God’s Word is very clear. Noone has been given the right to criticize, gossip or judgement another. To do so to a servant of God carries a far greater weight.”

    John 7:24 Do not judge according to appearence, but JUDGE WITH RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT.

    Psalms 119: 66 Teach me good JUDGEMENT AND KNOWLEDGE.

    In Acts 17:11 After Paul had preached the Berea “SEARCHED THE SCRIPTURES DAILY to find out whether these things were so.” ( In other words they JUDGED HIS PREACHING. )

    These are just a few things you can find in the Bible.

    Internationally known?!?!
    For divorcing her Pastor husband ( for no good reason) ,

    begging for FIRST FRUITS to get a SPECIAL blessing from the Lord.
    Yeah, she is internationally known.

    I could go on, but this isn’t my blog and I can’t type that well.
    Bottom line

  12. GREAT post, Cop! THANKS!

  13. “I am always amazed that people have no conviction about saying anything they wish against other believers.”

    That sentence makes no sense whatsoever. After reading it, i didn’t even waste my time with the rest of it.

  14. I need to follow your lead, DD and stop reading the nonsense that hypocrites drop on this blog.

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