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My, my my. It appears that Pastor Rick Godwin has expensive tastes. I first learned of Pastor Godwin years ago because of a book he had written about the occult. Yesterday I exposed another San Antonio Pastor (Rick Hawkins), who has appointed himself “bishop” and today San Antonio makes the news yet again! Looks like Pastor Rick Godwin is having a grand ole time at the expense of his church. Check this out because it’s part of the reason so many sinners refuse to step foot in a church. It’s this fleecing of the flock in the name of Jesus that has caused the Holy Spirit to personally walk through churches ripping off the veils of protection and exposing the mess for what it is:

According to reports from his church members and leaders, he allegedly only flies first class and via chartered planes, paid by his church as opposed to using his own money.  He has been accused of using the church’s money for everything from his spa to his jewelry to his personal items! 

These “pastors” have truly figured out a way to make the biggest fool out of God’s people. Is this man too cheap to purchase his own personal goods?  And given how expensive it is to fly, and considering how much money people such as Godwin make, why not buy his own tickets?

It is actions such as the one above that is going to put the Church in a position to lose her status with the IRS. The devil is going to use this flock fleecing as an excuse to cause politicians to make a bold move against the Church and pretty soon, churches will be seen solely as businesses that need to pay taxes on everything. Regarding Godwin’s church, it appears that anything goes there, including rock music.  The goal is to use whatever necessary to draw a crowd.

According to church members, Godwin is so desperate to have his members empty out their pockets to give every last dime to pay for his new church that members are reporting that he talks about money nonstop.  If that’s not enough, he blasts videos of a devil telling them that he (the devil) is glad they won’t give.

If his members don’t RUN out of that MESS, they are CRAZY!  God is NOT a respecter of persons but Godwin certainly is:

Hat tip to PJRNDON for story lead

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  1. Lynn,

    Bravo! This guy is a big mess and I’m glad you brought this to your readers attentions. He’s just another of the “here and nows” and doesn’t seem to care about the hereafter!!!

    Nice job!!!

  2. Mom…what is wrong with the church?! omg…this is so disheartening to hear!

  3. Ms. Lynn the problem is Christians like me are refusing to step into a church. I am tired of all of these guys and their antics. I am even more tired of the crazy folk who embrace and enable them.

  4. @Redman….WE(you and I) are those Christians who refuse to step into a church. Do you have a blog Redman that I can add to my blogroll? I want to get my hicktown fam on my blogroll.

  5. Lord have mercy! you know that I am going to say WOW! You know this stuff is insane. I am not going to be a BEDSIDE BAPTIST, but it make you wanna be! I am not going to play the fool for anyone’s ministry. You really got to understand that these people are getting into the extremes. Now, I am a woman who appreciate the finer things in life… yet, when it comes to taking advantage of people and all the people who are in a struggle who can have a great Walmart Cards for that Cartier watch… am I missing something? There is so much KINGDOM WORK that needs to be done. When I see post like this, I do my homework. I have been following ministries like this for a long time. I am still getting amazed at the fact that they become so self absorbed and how people continue to support them inspite of what they hear and see.

  6. I live in San Antonio, TX and have attended this church, and actually got up and walked out. It is nothing but a prosperity gospel church (twisted scripture) and they have a $36 million dollar church they are building on the north side of San Antonio. They also bought a mall carousel for $100,000 so they can lure new people to the church. If you go into downtown San Antonio and witness the homeless and hungry who are living on the streets with nothing, it will put things into perspective for you. It is sad, attendance is down, but there is a new sucker born every minute who wants his/her ears tickled.

  7. Hey everyone I am new to this place, so whats the deal with this church and why are you dogging this man out? Look all churches are doing this, ALL!! Now I do believe GOD will intervene and deal with these Pastor not just Rick, but all pastor, even yours? I believe Olsteen is doing the same thing, and I don’t have a problem with it, so why should you??

  8. Itstime

    Welcome to Hicktown

    NO not ALL churches allow the pastor and his family to use the members tithes and offerings as their own personal funding.

    Sometimes GOD does intervene, by giving his people common since enough to stop giving to churches that provide an over the top lifestyle for the man of Gawd.

    And just because you and Olsteen dont have a problem with it doesnt make it right.

    I have a problem with it because poor people are being asked to give money to cater to the WANTS, NOT NEEDS of the pastor.

  9. To Cop,
    So what if the poor are being ask, but here is a secret; they are asking ALL people to give, not just the poor, now just like any person they can always say NO, many of us have in the past Nobody is being forced to give, they give according to the Spirit of GOD that leads them, GOD does not force and neither do Pastors. And yes sir or maim all churches do this how else can they afford the building, bills ect.

  10. People this story is all one sided, nobody knows all that took place. What you have here is documents from one person and that person the church hired to get within compliance and he quit because he did not get his way and he was acting out of spite and decided to go to the papers. Now he is NOT guilty of anything they are only allegations. This Pastor goes to other countries and does GODs work there, he the pastor answered the call, now if anyone has ever been on long trips you know that it is very uncomfortable so why not take whatever way to get there.

  11. itstime

    I dont understand how a pastor can sleep at night knowing some people with very little money give all of their tithes and offerings just so
    The pastor can fly first class
    so his daugther can have an dream honeymoon
    so they can stay at the best hotels in HAWAII, LAS VEGAS, AND NEW YORK.

    Would you ask some one living on public assistance for money so the pastors wife can buy more jewelry?

    If any money is collected its PRIMARY use should be for helping those in need (even if they dont tithe)and to sustain the church building.

    If the pastor needs money to support him then let it be used for REAL NEEDS(ie food, water, a place to live) , not for first class tickets around the world, luxury cars, mansions, pearls, weddings and 2,000 dollar suits.

    Theirs no contentment in having everything given to you thru poor church members

  12. The story about Rick Godwin was first published in November of last year and the blog is still active at


    The man in question didn’t go FIRST to the papers, he went to the pastor and to the elders, just like the bible says to do in Matthew. He was rejected over and over and eventually he left after being treated badly. Many people have left Eagle’s Nest now and attendance is still dwindling as God continues to wake up his chosen.

    I’ve been speaking with a Pastor Pam, and she thinks that the Holy Spirit has removed Himself from these apostate churches and does not recommend attending any church.

    Another thing that has come to light regarding Rick Godwin is that he has another daughter whose mom passed away tragically in a car accident. Godwin automatically got custody, but when he met his current wife Shannon was put into an institution and then a children’s home.
    Here’s the heart breaking email (she also sent pictures of herself and two beautiful children)sent to different people at Eagle’s Nest from Shannon in her own words:
    ” As you are learning, I am Rick Godwin’s oldest daughter by his first marriage. Before I go on any farther… let me go on the record as saying “I love my father with all of my heart”. He did not abuse me or treat me badly. My father was stolen from me by his second wife Cynthia Ann Wright Godwin. Why am I doing this now you may say… I’m doing this because all these years, letter after letter, card after card, I thought one day my Dad
    would be restored to me in some small way. I thought Cindy was doing God’s will and had changed…. but through a few close friends of my Dad… my father never got most of the letters, birthday cards, and requests for pictures of my baby sisters. At one point in the mid 80’s… I got to form a relationship with my dad and I have never had conflict with him by my own hand. I begged to be included just on the fringes of their lives.

    My mother was killed in an automobile wreck July 14, 1973 in Panama city Florida. I was awarded to my Dad automatically. I was with him in Columbia, South Carolina when the accident occurred. He was a wonderful Dad and he took care of me with love and care… as good as any mother could. I have always admired and respected Dad… (still do). I am sure he doesn’t know all the facts… and what he does with the truth is his affair.

    When He married Cindy.. then 17 years old… I was honestly happy. Her mom was great, too. We spent a lot of time at her mom’s cloth shop they owned. Her mom was pregnant with Penny. What I didn’t know is that after she found out her half-sister was on the way.. Cindy tried to kill herself.

    About 3 months into the marriage… dad was gone a lot and slowly she began to change. She would tell me God wanted me to kill myself so I could be with my mother. She would tell me before they went away on the weekends, (I stayed with church members) who had girls my age… to have it done when they returned. I was eight. She tried herself by giving me handfuls of prescription drugs, Bayer aspirin, Iodine, methyalaid, mushrooms in the yard, weed-killer, etc.. She beat me, pulled my hair out… I had bald spots and when dad or church people asked them… Shannon tried to kill herself, Shannon got in a fight at school, etc… She told me if I told she’d really hurt me. I believed her. I never told. She told me to tell my father I hated him and wanted to go to Florida with my mother’s people (I did not), she told me not to speak or have anything to do with him or when he was gone… I’d get it. I’m sure my dad was hurt and confused. We’d be in the car riding, and dad driving in front of us, and she’d tell me to get in the back seat, then the front, then the back and on and on..
    I didn’t realize why my dad stopped the car and tore my behind up. She put me on the interstate twice after church and told me to go call my grandma in Florida. She told me to say a women her child picked me up and let me off at a gas station… I guess in 1976 someone would believe a mother would drop an 8 year old off on I-26 AND LEAVE THEM THERE. She’d call my dad frantic and say Shannon ran away. My father made me apologize for scaring her and then gave me the belt in front of her. I don’t have time or page space for everything..but it was horrific. She coached me well on how to act and finally I was put in the South Carolina State Hospital July 10, 1976. I have all these records, too.
    My granddad Luke Godwin (who lives now in San Antonio) found out I was in there and asked me to come live with him and I was so happy and said Oh yes! The very next day Cindy came and told me I was to refuse to see him and I heard he was banned from the intuition. She was the only person that I was supposed to say could see me.

    The Blanding house said I couldn’t stay any longer because I wasn’t crazy and Cindy told me to say I’d kill myself before I’d go back to my father. They finally put me in the Carolina Children’s Home September 4, 1976. Under director Phillip Ross. Meanwhile… church members were inquiring about me and were told I was in Florida, my mom’s people were being told I was grounded, asleep, in the bath-tub, etc…. One day a church member’s daughter saw me on the playground at Lyon Street Elementary school and told her mom. Her mom called my mom’s oldest sister Sue White in Florida. They hired a private investigator to find out. They got all the details and when inquired about my mom’s life insurance policy that my dad was guardian over laid in trust for me it was gone. A judge who was a deacon in our church was over it and he allowed my dad to use it at his pleasure. He took Cindy to Hawaii, etc…

    In the end he re-imbursed half and had to turn me over to my grandma to avoid prosecution. I have all the court records, transcripts, etc…. this is not fabricated. I only wanted my dad to know that I never wanted to leave him. I love my father but Cindy is still keeping him from me and intercepting communications by not giving him letters, messages, or telling him I want money or need help. All lies. This is why I’m doing this now…. she would never stop…. but God will.

    Dad… I still love you..
    “Dear Staff,

    I am writing to you in regard to the email from Shannon Godwin Ramsey
    that was sent out to everyone. I hope by now all of you can recognize
    the battle for what it really is. This is nothing short of the
    putrefied work of a few enemies of Rick and Cindy and ENCF to continue
    to harass and try to destroy. It amazes me of their lack of the fear
    of the Lord, but it is evident with the lowest level of exploiting
    Shannon for the purpose to furthering their work of destruction.
    (Shannon did not have any email addresses for ENCF staff or members,
    but they were obviously supplied to her.)

    As some of you may know I have served the Godwins for approximately 22
    years. First of all Pastor Rick has spoken openly from the pulpit on
    numerous occasions over the years about his first wife and his
    daughter. He has never tried to keep it secret nor did he need to, but
    has been very open about the facts that he once played in a rock and
    roll band, that he gave his life to the Lord and shortly after that
    knew that he had been called into the ministry. His first wife did not
    want any part of serving the Lord and refused to follow him in that
    call. Soon afterward she was killed in a car accident leaving a small
    child for him to care for.

    I can only tell you that over the years the contacts that I have
    received from Shannon have always had to do with wanting money or
    assistance from the Godwins with her practical needs, never about
    wanting relationship. Rick and Cindy never denied her contact with
    them. I remember on one particular occasion that Shannon had called me
    three or four times at the office to give me messages about her needs
    and request for assistance. Rick and Cindy both asked me to let her
    know that she was welcome to call their home directly anytime and they
    would help her. The calls that I received from Shannon over the years
    have always had to do with what she needed and after her need was met,
    I did not hear from her again until the next need arose. She also sent
    a couple of letters to Rick here at the office which I gave to him
    directly, so communication with her dad was never hindered.

    I know that Rick and Cindy have sent her money numerous times,
    purchased a car for her, paid for her to go to school and then she
    dropped out, and I’m sure they have helped her on numerous other
    occasions. The accusations in the email are bizarre, outlandish and

    I am writing simply to encourage you not be distracted by her email.
    Let us hold fast to our faith. Let us also walk in His light and love
    and forgiveness. Keep our eyes on the Lord, not on the battle.

    We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us and gave Himself
    for us!

    Love you all,

    Judy Orr, Executive Assistant to Pastor Rick Godwin”
    “I received this letter (below) anonymously from a staff member at
    Eagle’s Nest and I wanted the opportunity to address this first hand.
    I am not being exploited…I want answers. My mother loved my dad and
    also came to know the Lord. The pastor dad was serving under was a 450
    pound racist preacher who used the N word from the pulpit of his
    fundamentalist Baptist Church. Mom was tired of the “no pants” and
    legalism and tired of dad being gone all the time preaching so it was
    either, he stop this and they seek another church or else she was going
    to have to make a major decision. Dad believed in this guy and wasn’t
    leaving so mom left and then she got involved in a terrible car
    accident. The letter reads as if mom left dad and God judged mom.
    What right does Judy Orr have to say something like this! How
    malicious but I am sure she was the very one being exploited by Cindy
    and Dad!

    I have called in the past especially in the 1980’s for some help and
    assistance and dad was gracious to send me money and a used car;
    however, I have only called and spoken with Judy three times in my
    Since then, all I have wanted is relationship with dad. I have not
    spoken with dad since the mid 90’s and he never seems to get my cards
    and letters so that is why I sent them to the church. Her comment that
    “The accusations in the e-mail are bizarre, outlandish and untrue” is
    amazing. They are fact just like the records that I have from the

    All I want is reconciliation and how hard it is to read a letter like
    this to the staff from an assistant and still no call from my dad!
    Someone please talk to dad for me!

    Shannon Godwin Ramsey”

    Today is Valentine’s Day, I wonder if Rick is taking Cindy to the Riverwalk for another $300 dinner on church money, like he did last year!!

    As for chartering a jet and flying first class for his daughter because of “comfort”…..why didn’t he take church money and put the others in first class too?

    Also, when a pastor twists scripture and preaches that “sowing seed”is about giving money….and that Jesus was rich, and died so you could be rich too…..that pastor is preaching a FAKE Jesus…..so how can you say that he is spreading the wrod of God? He’s spreading a false God, and a santa claus jesus….A FAKE JESUS!! Are you really saved under the prosperity gospel’s so-called God????

    Follow the money trail….straight to the preacher’s pocket.

  13. Hey who in the is this person? this wordwatcher?

    Hey we are not speaking about his daughter, we are talking about church spending, please stick to the current issue, the pastors daughter is future blogs, and anyway was not his ex a drug addict?

    cop says: I dont understand how a pastor can sleep at night knowing some people with very little money give all of their tithes and offerings just so
    The pastor can fly first class

    itstime says: I tell you what if you had ever been to that church you would know the poor are hardly visable, in other words you could not tell who the poor was. And he asks ALL member NOT just the poor come on get off you that soap boxs that false statement.

    and who cares where he stays at night.

    cop says: Would you ask some one living on public assistance for money so the pastors wife can buy more jewelry?

    itstime says: well if I was on pub assistance, I don’t think the church excepts that type of money, and it’s illegal to pay with that anyhow.

    cop says: If any money is collected its PRIMARY use should be for helping those in need (even if they dont tithe)and to sustain the church building.

    itstime says: Are you sure he does not do for the community? you better do better research because he does. But of course nobody will mention that.

    cop says: Theirs no contentment in having everything given to you thru poor church members

    itstime says: Where in the world do you live? have you ever even stepped foot in that church? you are talking all kinds of BS, you have no idea whats going there but yet you babble alot of bologna.
    People look I don’t don’t what world you all live in however you all need to wake up, All churches throughtout the whole world are doing this from Washington State to Texas, all churches are collecting tithes and offering. Purchasing airline tickets first class or higher to travel, buying things hello, it’s happening and if you think it ain’t try again.

  14. Yes, itstime, MANY churches all over the world are fleecing their flock just like Eagle’s Nest and Rick Godwin. They are called APOSTATE CHURCHES, whores and harlots are the words the bible uses….COME OUT OF HER!! God is waking up his people and taking them out of these apostate churches!! Pray for wisdom!! Pray for truth to prevail! God will hear your prayer…he called me out after many, many years!!

    HILLSONG and Brian Houston are coming to Eagle’s Nest!! Wow, Godwin must be calling in all his favors….he’s obviously desperate to raise money for the new $36,000,000 church he’s trying to move in to, with a $100,000 carousel.

    Attendance has dwindled so much at Eagle’s Nest because of his dishonesty! He’s desperate and grabbing at straws to get the the BIG building finished…..with it’s own elevator to his office and his own private garage!! He can spend all the tithe money he wants any way he wants and then beg for more money to open another apostate church…..RUN FROM THESE WOLVES!! He never said he was going to stop chartering jets, or buying off the elders, he said he wouldn’t do it again until they move to the new building.

    Hillsong may give you goosebumps and feely goods all over, but it’s not the chills that will get you to Heaven, it’s Jesus…and not the fake Jesus that those apostate churches worship either…..THE REAL JESUS, SON OF GOD, LAMB OF GOD, AND SAVIOR OF THE WORLD….RICH IN SPIRT, FAITH, WISDOM AND TRUTH….NOT MONEY!! Jesus does not want your money, he wants your heart! Where in the New Testament did Jesus or Paul say to tithe? Paul said to give as you purpose in your heart and give cheerfully.

    God is paying attention to how his widows, orphans and the poor are treated. Godwin kicked the men out of the church that were looking after the fatherless children. They just asked some simple questions and then were treated like lepers by Godwin and his bought off staff!

    Tithing is Old Testament and was always spices, grain, wheat and animals….NEVER EVER MONEY!! Tithing was under the law, and Jesus fulfilled the law! Read Malachi 2, he’s addressing the crooked PRIESTS of the day, not Israel. Read through chapter three…..

  15. @ WordWatcher, thanks so much for posting the article.


  16. okay word watcher,

    I could care less what happens at eagles nest I attend Olsteen’s church in Houston. Now as I was asking you wordwatch is it true that rick’s ex was a drug addict? Lets see Olsteen has the largest congregation hey word why don’t you come out here and pay us a visit, and you will notice that we tithe and offer too, hey we even bought chairs at $2500.00 wow those are sum chairs huh? Hey so you feel GOD called you out to become a gatekeeper? And you never answered my question? were you ever a member at eagles nest? You know I feel that sometimes people or bloggers will lie too, just to get there point across, what do you think wordwatch? hmmmm you think some of these bloggers are twisting words? to make there point?
    One more thing, you say tithing was under law? So how do you suppose the church stays afloat? I believe there is scripture that talks about macedonians who were so evil that when Paul preached to them they were so in great awwwww that they wanted to help other churches via money? hmmmm that sounds like giving. Now since we live in society that because we are humans we sometimes get carried away and thats pretty easy to do. I am sure us humans have made many mistakes right wordwatch and everyone here, we are NOT perfect people I am sure wordwatch that you have sinned many times as alot of us have, but imagine if someone found out our most embarrassing sin and it get posted in the paper, or the media? can you imagine the humiliation? I thought I would share that moment. What are your thoughts my friends?

  17. Would somebody pass me some popcorn, please? Looks like we have an active and lively debate going on between WordWatcher and ItsTime.

  18. admin,

    So you wish a debate? what would the title be? I will be willing however it must be based on facts, not just twisted words, what do you say, and since you want this, you create the rules, I’m game. Now if wordwatch is not a member then that would be fair, if not well I don’t know, I am a bit handicap because I am in houston not san antonio.

  19. LOL! Looks to me like you two are already in the midst of a debate, ItsTime. I’ll wait and see whether or not WordWatcher returns.

  20. itstime,
    Osteen has denied Christ on live TV twice! He too preaches the prosperity gospel. He refuses to preach God’s word, but preaches a “feel good” gospel that is made up of stories to his “itching ears” congregation. Hey, it pays well and makes Mr. Osteen a very rich man. Osteen is a great motivational speaker, but should not be doing it in the name of God.

    $2500 for chairs would depend on how many chairs you got. The new Compaq Center holds a lot of chairs, if you got all of them for $2500, then you probably got a good deal.

    Tithing is OLD TESTAMENT LAW. While Jesus walked the earth, tithing was still in effect. At the Cross, Jesus fulfilled ALL OF THE LAW! If you obey one part of the law you have to obey all of it. There are over 300 laws that Jesus fulfilled. To live under the law says that Jesus did not do enough on the Cross. So which is it? We are supposed to give, we are even EXPECTED to give, giving is good, giving money is good, but it does not necessarily have to be money….tithing is legalism and falls under the old law. Some people can afford to give MORE than 10 percent. Let the pastors live by faith for a change, and trust that God will lead the people to give enough….now there’s a concept of how churches will stay “afloat!” Nothing wrong with giving what you can afford to give, it just does not have to always be money.

    Yes, we are all human. Most of us are not in the public eye, but those that are, especially those that claim to be preachers, should do their best to set a good example to the flock.

    Please show me where in the New Testament that we are required to tithe 10% of our income.

  21. Lynn,
    You are welcome. My heart breaks for Shannon Godwin. My ex threw our children away too when he met the new spouse. Nothing could be more heartbreaking for a child.

    I don’t know if the first Mrs. Godwin was a drug addict or not. I know Rick Godwin was in a rock band before he became a preacher. Shannon says she was saved before she died, but at any rate, Rick Godwin has no right to imply that the reason the first Mrs. Godwin was killed in a tragic accident is because she was not saved.

    Shannon Godwin grew up an orphan, and we know that Jesus has a heart for orphans, widows, and the poor.

    Thank you Lynn for what you do and for your voice.

  22. there are four videos of the false teacher Joel Osteen, you can listen and blog here:


  23. Okay watcher stated that Osteen has denied Christ twice I want to hear proof of that I do not believe one word of that Osteen would never say something as stupid as that if he did don’t you think the members would walk out on him? Come on watcher you must be out of your mind or something, if what you say is true how can you account for the thousands of us that attend? Have you ever read his books? Heard his sermons? Nowhere anywhere does he deny Christ that is whole thing behind a church, what are you talking about.
    Don’t feed me this thing about Old Testament laws unless you know them well, now do you believe when Christ died on the cross He also abolished the 10 commandments?
    You say it does not have to be money, well unless you live in some other planet money is what makes the world turn, so money is what would be the thing to give. And of course you can give your time.
    Now you state tithing is legalism? What? since when? Now prove that what you just said is true, where are you getting your knowledge? Do you know what legalistic means, or how it’s used?
    Watcher I don’t know what church you’re from or if you even are member but you there is something wrong here. Now we are not back in the days of Corinth, or the other cities that Paul wrote about, how did they manage to keep there buildings? Now since we live in a world of buildings we don’t have to be outside, but do you know anything about starting a church? Have you ever started a church? I bet you have not? So you have no idea of what you are talking about.
    There is no place in the NT, but there is offerings look at Macedonia, however we are not in the NT days, that was thousands of years ago. We now have buildings, you see the way if works is the pastor depends on GOD, and on the members to assist, however what if GOD lead His people to give to the pastor and the church? Who is to say that GOD did not lead His people to give, No one can fathom GOD’s mind or His way of thinking, no one not even you watcher.

  24. It seems any pastor that is successful are preaching a twisted gospel. Why is that? to you watcher are pastors not allowed to be successful? Would you say that Rev. Billy Graham was a prosperity Gospel preacher? I mean he collected tithe and offerings? would you say that? he was successful also. Granted you do have PG here in the world and well as Jesus has stated this is not a perfect world, thus the reason for His coming.

  25. hey watcher,

    Since you don’t know if rick’s ex was a drug addict then how can you say anything about his daughter, because you don’t know nothing about them to assume you do is futile and lies. Now do you know that his daughter always call her father at eagles nest when she need something mostly money and then not hear from her until she needed more money, and rick would send her money pay for her to have a car, so this thing about oh poor shannon, really needs to stop she is a manipulator and does not tell the truth. Now as she (shannon)states in the letter that she claims she got anonomously, no someone stole the that information and she got a copy of it, seems alot of people from there SA local newspaper are involved, to include all who stepped down and the one that went to the newspaper with the information.

  26. I mean don’t take my word for it just read the document watcher included in her comment above. I also left out, that rick and his wife sent her to college that she (shannon) dropped out of. So watcher you don’t know anything about rick’s family other than what you read, you know nothing personally about rick. You do not know rick, I doubt you even attend that church, so who are you?

  27. So all this was just manipulation concerning shannon so you can get the some sad feelings from the readers but what I don’t unerstand is what does his family have to do with eagles nest issues? Why bring up the man’s family, that is the lowest thing anyone can do because they ran out of reason to point the finger at him. Now that sounds like you have an agenda against this man. Now you want to say that Hillsong is fleecing the members too? wheres your proof, Hillsong is a very succesfull praise and worship band, the music just ministers to my soul and I love it, and so do thousands of others. You stated and I don’t know why that I get goose bumps from the music but that won’t get me to heaven? wow is that your theory? I have to get goosebumps to get to heaven? Where in the world did you get your knowledge from?? you need to get your money back.

  28. So now you all can thank me for my point, and letting people know that people will say just about anything to get attention for there cause even if it’s not the truth, so now you all need to think, why has all this come out? why are people going to lie and mainpulate other people to get there point? Something to think about, let me know what you all think.

  29. itstime says first he/she is from Houston (Lakewood), but now he/she is from Eagles’ Nest….who’s lying now?

    Typical of your desperation to clear Godwin, you blame the victim. Shannon Godwin was 8 yrs old when her father abandoned her. She never said he was a bad father, I did! And I stand by that….any wimpy, arrogant, prideful, idiot can make a child….it’s takes guts to be a father. When Rick Godwin abandoned his daughter he spit in the face of God. He chose his 17 yr old girlfriend over his own flesh and blood. Some man of God….what a loser!

    I don’t know if she manipulates, all i have is the word of a loser who is desperately trying anything he can to get people (Judy Orr) to take up for him. All his insiders have either been bought off or have left the church so I have no respect for the one’s that stayed and got bribes with tithe money.

    Mark Wood is someone who has been in the inside circle at Eagle’s Nest and he was in the meeting they had after the newspaper article came out. He left the church because of this. Here’s a quote from his own words,

    “There are 3 primary reasons I left ENCF.
    1. When confronted with these allegations the elders and Rick confirmed that they were in deed facts. (Now, you don’t know this because you weren’t a part of those meetings but I was so please hear me out) Unfortunately Rick thinks it’s perfectly fine for him to take tithe money from God’s people and waste it on personal luxuries and then hide the financial records of it. He says it’s just “personal preference”.

    Quit trying to desperately grasp at straws…your pastor that you worship is a fraud and a greedy man.

    Let the people here make up their own minds….

    Here’s Osteen slithering out of what Christ teaches:


    there’s several videos there……

  30. What benefit will it be to you if you gain the whole world
    but lose your own soul? (Mark 8:36)

  31. hey birdwatcher,

    I never said I am from eagles nest, who told you that lie? and are you referring to me? I did not blame anybody, you do that well yourself you blame everyone except yourself. I bet that you are the cause of leaving the church you went too before, you are a trouble maker, you need to take responsiblity for your own actions. Look why is it that you hate those pastors that are succssfull you really have inner issues, my pastor is neither any of those thing you claim, just look at the number of members and we are still growing, and not only that but you don’t even know these men or churches yet you already judged them as fraud, waste, and abused, you birdwatcher have problems and you need someone to hear your pathetic story, you need to just shut up and go see a professional, your anger is dictating your life, and you say pastors refer to you as what did you say, cryer in the wilderness? maybe they meant, the crybaby in the woods, who keeps crying, oh they don’t like me, whaaaa, thats all I hear, you may be able to fool these people here with your lies but you don’t fool me one bit. You sound like you would call yourself ambassador of Christ, armed with a yard stick judging who is more righteous and who is not, when Jesus sent His disciples out HE told them they would know I sent you because of your love. And I don’t see that in birdwatcher at all, you all readers you be the judge see if there is anything to this story.

  32. watcher I ain’t losing a thing, what about you, you spread lies you don’t think you will be held accountable? Guess again. Hey you should know this are you not the cry in the wilderness?? you should know scripture, but i don’t think you do at all.

  33. itstime:

  34. Oh my come on watcher, just look at your comments, you claimed that I attended eagles nest, and I never said that, look here at comment number 30.
    Then you stated that Olsteen had denied Christ twice and I am telling you that you lied about that too.

    Anything else you want me to show you? you watcher you need to recheck your lies you are starting to forget them, that is a typical sign of a pathological liar. Please you need to stop.

  35. Here is the public letter I wrote my Dad… no lies.

    Dear Dad,
    I love you so much! Your a great Dad as far as that goes…. As far as drugs, I have no secrets. Anyone who knows me knows my story… my kids too. Let’s define drugs.. I got hooked on pain pills after back surgery and was arrested for putting 1 refill on an rx for 12 Darvocet-n-100. Governor Jeb Bush granted me clemency in 2006 and I’ve been free since Dec. 2nd, 1999. You can’t get clemency in the state of Florida easily… you have to be for real. I would and did not call you for bail… my ding-bat husband did that without my permission. You or any family member are the last on my call for bail list. I do have pride and my husband got his head reamed for that act. Shannon would never, ever call a family member for bail.
    My son Joey was adopted by my step-sister at 8 months old because I could not give adequate care financially for his medical needs. He lives 3 miles from us and I and his sister Hazel have a relationship with him… he also knos the truth. I went and asked his forgivness a long time ago. My kids also know I danced for a time, too. I did it out of rebellion and God forgave me as well as my children and family.
    You have helped me in the past and I’m grateful and never hid that from my story. I talk about when I did not need help… just wanting a little time or asked for pictures of my sisters.. I got nothing. I have never said you guys did not help me.
    I’m not a whinner and I despise pity. I am lucky and there
    are people out there a lot worse… but God let me walk my path for his will so that I can help others. It’s not about Shannon…
    It never was. I only wanted you to know that I never wanted to move away and leave you in 1976. Not my choice. You are and have always been my hero, Dad.

    “Approach the ordinary with the extra-ordinary”!!

    In a message dated 2/13/2008 11:54:18 A.M. Central Standard Time, jorr202@encfsa.com writes:

    I’m transparent… still no response

    Shannon Godwin

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  36. This is the letter supposedly from my Dad to me from Judy Orr’s e-mail….

    February 13, 2008

    Dear Shannon,

    I am emailing this from Judy’s computer since I do not and never have had an email address. Since you are available by email, I thought this would the best way to communicate with you.

    I did not even know where you were or where you lived since you have moved again since our last correspondence. I hired a private investigator to find out where you are. I have been out of the country and just returned. I read your email, and I must tell you that it hurt me Shannon. What is going on and what is this about? I hope and pray you are not back on drugs again. Remember, I have always talked to you about making the right choices. You know I have always taken your calls, letters and cards here at the church and at home. I have tried to help you by sending you a car when you were in Knoxville, Tn., paying for school as long as you attended and tried to help you get plugged into different churches through the years.

    The only thing I could not support or condone were the calls for assistance the different times you were in jail. I told you I would not pay bail, court fees or lawyers. I told you to take personal responsibility and again make the right choices.

    Shannon, I am also concerned about your other son, Joey. Where is he and is he okay?

    I always am and have been open to communication and relationship with you. Since I don’t email it would be best to call me. I know you have my number. I don’t understand why you did not do this in the first place. Cindy and I are praying for you. I hope to hear from you soon.


    “Approach the ordinary with the extra-ordinary”!!

    I Answered the e-mail promtly and Cindy sent me Valentine’s day cookies on the 14th… which I was grateful for. No response….

    Shannon Godwin
    From: jorr202@encfsa.com
    To: jorr202@encfsa.com
    Sent: 2/13/2008 11:54:18 A.M. Central Standard Time
    Subj: Letter from Dad

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  37. I love and admire my father Rick Godwin… I have never put him down…

  38. watcher tell me something where did this rick man twist scripture as you say he has??

    Scripture does say Jesus was rich, He had everything in the world, thats not twisted.

    What scripture do you base sowing seed?

  39. so where do you attend itstime? Eagle’s Nest or Lakewood? I realize you don’t want to read or check out any facts. you just naively follow after whatever feels good for the moment. It has been all over the news about Osteen that he denied Christ. I can’t make you look and read anything for yourself so just stay dumb for all I care.

    So, talk about liars, what you said about Shannon Godwin is despicable. You don’t even know her but yet you spread rumors about her that you don’t have a clue if they are true.

  40. Does it have to do with scripture in 2 Cor 9?

  41. watcher in 2 Cor 9 vs 6 we can start there or would you prefer another verse?

  42. don’t you read, I am from Houston where at do you think I attend, lakewood, look at comment number 30, I already said this twice, did you forget your lies again? People are you all taking this person serious?

  43. Okay dumbwatcher,

    what did I say about shannon? you loser

    NOTE FROM LYNN: Please don’t start name calling. If so, I’ll close this thread

  44. Yep, I am right about you dumbwatcher,

    You are a pathological liar, period. People look here and see the lies he/she has stated all along, this person wants sympathy by telling you all lies. In hopes she will get your backing in attempting to bring this rick pastor at eagle nest. Which is very funny, hilarious, people if this is all she wants then you all listen to, but watcher can’t be trusted at all.

  45. This is what watcher wrote: so where do you attend itstime? Eagle’s Nest or Lakewood?
    I said lackwood look at comment number 30 here.

    watcher: I realize you don’t want to read or check out any facts. you just naively follow after whatever feels good for the moment. It has been all over the news about Osteen that he denied Christ.

    I said: there is no need to, I know Mr. Olsteen.

    watcher: I can’t make you look and read anything for yourself so just stay dumb for all I care.

    I said: Good, then don’t, dumb, look whose talking, your the one that is acting like a complete idiot. And I am supposed to take your word for it.

    watcher said: So, talk about liars, what you said about Shannon Godwin is despicable. You don’t even know her but yet you spread rumors about her that you don’t have a clue if they are true.

    I said: Now what did I say? about shannon? People look here and see if I said anything about shannon, now what I did ask is, was rick’s ex wife a drug addict? So what you are doing and saying again is despicable, they ARE ALL LIES, lies of the devil, shame on you watcher and someone name pastor pam called you a what??

  46. Sowing seed is sowing the word into people’s lives for free!! Scripture says Jesus was rich in spirit and truth, it does not say money. Jesus spoke more against money, than he did for it. He told the rich man to sell all and give it to the poor!

    rick godwin preaches the prosperity gospel….it is a lie.

  47. No what you stated is a lie, what scripture are you basing this on?

  48. Look itstime…you sound scared and insecure. People can make up their own minds. I posted Shannon Godwin’s letter and rebuttal from the cold-hearted church. I have no agenda, and I have no reason to lie. I’m not the one covering up my poor choices and bad behavior, Godwin is. No one here knows who I am, so I don’t need the attention either. Sorry itstime, try again.

    Relax…take a chill pill! I haven’t lied about anything and you know it! So move on buddy….

    “dumbwatcher” now that’s real mature!!

  49. Great!! Godwin won’t hire a lawyer for his own daughter, but when he gets caught he hires a whole team of them for himself.

    Maybe if he’d have been a father to her she wouldn’t have gone to jail in the first place.

  50. I don’t know about you all, but there is prosperity gospel going on here in the world, but olsteen and godwin are NOT PREACHING it. Look don’t take my word for it olsteen is televised on local cable channels, and as for godwin well I’m sure if you go to his website at “www.encfsa.com”, and hear his sermons and listen to what you can and then ask yourself is he preaching the PG or not, and you can base it even on watchers comments, but you be the judge and let GOD lead you and open your spiritual heart and ears to listen. If you go to the site and mention it on this blog I bet watcher will come up with some negative statement about it. say anything and watch.

  51. watcher what does that have to do with spending come stick to the subject matter and don’t forget to answer my question, WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT SHANON? watcher don’t give us your woe is me theory on what took place back then with the godwins you were not there, you know nothing about it, gosh I can’t believe you are still trying to pimp this, its so funny. You are the false person here.

  52. My father’s a very good speaker.. I’ve learned a lot from his sermons. The power of serventhood is my favorite!!

  53. Are you all ready for me to close this thread?

    Plase say your closing remarks, and then I’m going to close this one up.


  54. Thanks Lynn….I’m done! I’d just like to say to follow the money trail. There are many good websites full of information like this one. Basically, if anyone tells you that “sowing seed” is giving money and God will bless you, heal you, reward you 30/60/100 fold, etc. is a part of the prosperity gospel of twisted scripture. Sowing seed is sowing the word of God into people’s lives. There is nothing wrong with giving money, and many pastors are accountable and will show you where ALL the money goes……

    GOOGLE “kristy beach” and read what the PG did to her and her family. And yes, Godwin and Osteen BOTH spread the lies and deceit of the prosperity gospel.

  55. Also, google this:

    “PREACHER’S NAME false teacher” and find out about your pastor and what he/she believes.

  56. Lynn,
    Thought you might like to know:

    Hey,just heard..Rick has set up a trust (Godwin Family Living Trust). Is he trying to protect something at this time? Also it looks like Summit is the proud owner/register of 2 Mercedes Benz…just like Jesus. Also found out the line of credit for the church was increased by $615,000 in late November..I wonder if anyone at the church knows this!!!

    Posted by: John at February 19, 2008 05:56 PM

    Did anyone know that the law firm that the church is using is very expensive and John Hagee’s personal attorney and that his son in law is one of the attorneys? I wonder if the church will ever see what they are paying to underwrite Rick’s indulgences?

    Posted by: John at February 19, 2008 11:16 AM

    Read about it here:

  57. yes Lynn you can shut this thread down its of no use, When people will go to any length and they are a pack of lies then its not worth the effort, she will dump you a lot of BS for personal gain, so thanks for allowing me this freedom.

  58. Hey wait one more thing, I believe that bird watcher is actaully shannon.

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