By:  Lynn Green


My husband just sent me the most fascinating funeral sermon I have ever heard!

You all know how preachers tend to lie at funerals. They will speak over the life of a hit man, drug dealer, prostitute, etc. and paint the false picture of the person as a saint.


Put on your seat belts before listening to this one, folks. This preacher, Herman Murray, tells it like it is at the funeral of a teenager. He made it clear that the young lady lived fast and wrong…and minced no words when stating where her soul is!

Wow….just listen for yourself.



  1. Lynn I don’t usual watch clips but that was awesome. I love the way the camera scan the congregation and to see how they are hanging on his every word. That is powerful. I believe that message got through to someone.

  2. Love the message. Lynn, I have a question which has nothing to do with this topic. Can anyone help? Today, I was comforting someone who was going through deliverance at church. She was crying so I held her, cried with her and prayed for her. I got rebuked by the pastor and told to let her go and let God have his way with her (the pastor’s daughter). I was very offended by that. Has anyone else had this experience at church? I thought we were supposed to rejoice with those that rejoice and weep with those that weep? As a minister, I never had this problem before.

  3. That is a powerful word this man preached. I pray that the ones who needed to hear this got the message.

  4. Lynn, I had to pull my wife in here and we watched this clip and my wife loved it. She was like about time someone started tellin the truth. Now I have always wondered what preachers say at funerals of people they know was actin a fool but I always thought the preacher was supposed to sugar coat it. Well I see now that there are some real ministers still out there preachin that unfiltered, unsugar coated word of God. AMEN!!!

  5. I have listened at numerous of his sermans on youtube. Love it, very few preachers like him.

  6. @worshipperfound,It sounds more personal than anything else. What ever it is they wanted her to deal with it. It could be something thats going on at home and it’s being manifest during service so they want her to handle it. Alone!

  7. worshipperfound, it seems as though there is something being dealt with. sometimes spirits are cunning and savvy often appealing to emotion and such. I am not saying that is what happened here, but it was a thought. However, if you are having a misunderstanding, just go and talk to your Pastor about it. The devil always seeks to destroy leadership from the inside out. If the devil can cause offense that is never dealt with, problems can always occur. Just talk to your Pastor about it and before approaching him about it ask god for a spirit of meekness!

    This sermon was hard hitting and right on! People need to hear the truth especially about these obitaries and funeral preachings. There is not a more dishonest time in the church to me than these times. It is refreshing to see a man of God take an absolute stand with no middle ground and gray area.

  8. I meant God with a capital “G”.

  9. @worshipperfound,I agree with jjbrock in that it sounds like it was something personal she was going through and probably potentially embarassing since she is the pastor’s daughter and he was probably afraid that she might let it slip to you or someone else in the church, so in haste he rebuked you.

    Try not to take it personal though. I would just keep them both in prayer and keep it moving.

  10. @ divawidfevah, jjbrock, & onemom – Thanks for the advice. As a matter fact, the pastor’s daughter has three kids by three different men. We have been interceding for her for a long time. Nothing was hidden; however, I will take your advice and try not to be offended by the rebuke. Thanks again.

  11. Pastor Murray is an old fashioned preacher who does not compromise the Word of God. That’s the type of preacher I like.

  12. It has always puzzled me why people think they can live any way they want to, make no effort to correct themselves according to God’s word yet, the gates of heaven will be WIDE open to them. That congregation looked stung by the truth.

  13. @ divawidfevah, jjbrock and onemon: Praise report! Went to our prayer meeting tonight. But let me tell you, Satan was riding my back all day about the rebuke. But I did the opposite of being offended. I let love lead me and there was a sweet presence of the Lord in the meeting tonight. I didn’t mention anything to the pastor. I humbled myself and took the rebuke. Again, thank you for your advice and patience.

  14. Child of the Most High

    Power! The true word of God! Bless the Lord and I pray that many were saved on that day. If they did not then I don’t what would save them. He is a rare jewel.

  15. Glad to hear the news of your update WorshipperFound.

    This pastor surely did tell the unadulterated truth. The people probably appeared stunned because you really do not hear of people telling the truth like that at funerals. It normally is all about sugar coating the deceased’s actions. Based on how some of the younger attendees were looking, it did seem like he got their attention.

  16. This is a true prophet! I looked up the church’s website, called and told them how blessed it is to hear a 28 year old preach like a man on fire. I spent the afternoon listening to his sermon clips. May God continue to give this man boldness to declare His truth and ste the captives free~
    Lady D

  17. Rev Murray is an awesome man of God, I listen to him at time on Sunday afternoon here in Dallas/Fort Worth. I hate to bust your bubbles but, this is a sermon he preached and he used the casket as a prop,check out his sermon list. His grandfather Apostle Murray is the Pastor of this church. I just thank God for this young man.

  18. @ Gssmith- I thought so too based on the comments on Youtube and the video description. My pastor also has a “Casket” message within his arsenal that he preaches annually from inside a casket. He does it from the perspective of the deceased and for over 15 years now, it draws a crowd and moves people to rededication and renewed service to Christ.

  19. This indeed is a great message, but this is not a real funeral. This was an illustration he did to drive his point home. That fact does not, however, take away from the truth or the fact that more flat-footed preaching is needed today.