The internet blew up today with a report about an alleged rogue false pastor, Craig Lamar Davis. He is being accused of serial adultery, hopping from church to church and bed to bed, while infecting women with HIV. Below is a letter from a woman who pulled the cover off his lid:


It is my sincerest prayer that this email finds you in great spirit. My name is Ronita McAfee and I am the victim in the HIV Reckless case in Clayton County, GA, where Mr. Craig Lamar Davis is the Defendant. I have been spiritually unrested not sending out this email since Mr. Davis’ release from jail on August 9, 2012 after his Preliminary Hearing. I hope that you find this email helpful and not distasteful.

It is my intentions to forewarn as many unsuspecting people as possible that Mr.Craig Lamar Davis IS HIV POSITIVE since the Clayton County, GA, courts found it necessary to approve him a $30,000 bond after initially denying him. Mr. Davis was released on bail compliments to his wife, Jan. He was detained for almost 3 weeks. The courts defense is that exposing people to HIV is not a violent crime therefore a bond is entitled. Additionally, Mr. Davis shows no regard for the human life as it relates to his HIV positive status and having sexual contact with men and/or women. And it is also my belief that he is a flight risk. I went over and beyond making this known to the District Attorney’s office and still they found it in the best interest to approve Mr. Davis for a bond.

Mr. Davis has constantly denied his HIV positive status even after admitting to the detective at the Atlanta Police Department. Clayton County, GA, Assistant District Attorney, Sheryl Freeman confirmed that Mr. Davis is HIV positive and that he has stipulations surrounding his bond. (DUH!) I am just pissed that he even got a bond knowing that he has 2 cases (Fulton County, GA and Clayton County, GA) with the exact same charge: Reckless HIV. You can Google the GA code (16-5-60c) or call your local GA authorities and see how the charge actually reads. Please note that one does not have to be HIV positive to file charges against Mr. Davis ifthey have had sexual intercourse with him, protected or unprotected. Should Mr. Craig Lamar Davis have sexual intercourse with anyone and not disclose his HIV POSITIVE status prior to, it is a FELONY offense carrying up to a 10 year sentence. Thankful to God that I am negative (see attached results).

You can Google Fulton County Jail and input Mr. Davis first and last name and see his charge:

Clayton County, GA, removed Mr. Davis’ information from their website once he was released on bail. He is non active in their system but one can go to ClaytonCounty and access the information from Clayton County Superior Court records because it is public. There is a minimal fee. Even I would have to pay for it and I am the victim in the case.

This email is only for informational purposes and to let the people of the church know because it is alleged that Mr. Davis has been sexually rampant in the church. It is also alleged that 2 gentleman of Changing A Generation Full Gospel has alleged that Mr. Davis infected them with the HIV virus. They are said to be 23 & 24 years old.

I attached pictures as a means to identify Mr. Davis if you don’t know him by name or maybe you can associate him with his wife, Jan, being that she works at Changing A Generation as Bishop Morton’s executive assistant. Their wedding picture was reproduced from Facebook (Jan’s page) since Mr. Davis shut his page down after someone exposed or threatened to expose his HIV positive status.

Mr. Davis’ sexual history would not be a topic if he was not HIV positive presupposing he only has sex with consenting adults. He was a member of Divine Faith in Jonesboro, GA, where he was ordained as a minister. There he allegedly dated the pastor’s daughter and slept with countless others. He was also a member of Wings of Faith in Connelly, GA, where he allegedly dated the pastor’s executive assistant and countless others. He then wandered to other churches while sleeping with countless others and ended up at Changing A Generation in Atlanta, GA, where he dated the pastor’s executive assistant (Jan) and then married her only 10 days after divorcing his previous wife (Wanda PreTina Davis), per Fulton County’s public records. Then he started attending Changing A Generation in Decatur, GA, where he was the head armor bearer and was dating a woman in a leadership position there and actually gave her the HIV virus. It is said that he recently joined Elizabeth Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA (one week prior to his July 22nd arrest. You can also Google Mr. Davis’ name and his arrest and charge will appear).

*The timeframes of his church affiliations have not been exacted as of yet but it has been within the last 10 years. Acknowledging who Mr. Davis allegedly dated in the church is in no shape, form or fashion suggesting, implying and/or stating that either woman contracted HIV from Mr. Davis (with one exception) nor am I suggesting, implying and/or stating that either woman has HIV (with the one exception). The sole purpose of even mentioning Mr. Davis’ church affiliations is to show Mr. Davis’ pattern as he makes his presence known in the church.*

Mr. Craig Lamar Davis is a master manipulator: women have bought him cars, relocated and purchased homes under the impression that he was going to marry them, bought him countless suits and accessories (i.e. watches, ties, jewelry, shoes, etc.), given him their food stamp cards every month as if he’s entitled, depleted their checking and savings account on his behalf, etc. and he expects nothing less. He lurks at the church for his prey for some odd reason or another.

I encourage you to pass this information on especially to the Senior Pastor and to encourage people to get tested. I am being uncomfortably transparent with the hopes to help others. I have treated this as a private matter to benefit no one and have been spiritually unrested due to my disobedience to send this email. Please don’t use this as a footstool for gossip or to cause physical harm or harrass Mr. Davis. It is for ‘FYI’ purposes only. I have learned that the people that get tested are the people that are testing negative. People that are HIV positive do NOT test. They don’t have to because their status doesn’t change. If your partner does not test, assume he/she is HIV positive. Don’t rationalize this concept. It will keep you guarded and force you to protect yourself.

You may contact me directly at 404-***-****.


Ronita R. McAfee


Okay, I’m going to shock everybody and take this from an angle that you may not have expected. I’ve been posting stories about false pastors, demonic pastors, cultish pastors, criminal pastors, pedophile pastors, etc. for several years now. Nothing about “Pastor” Craig Lamar Davis is new or unique or surprising to Hicktowners who read this blog on the regular. IF the accusations against him are true, he’s just another wicked, false being doing satan’s work and falsely sitting up in churches making money and abusing nasty, gullible, silly women.

Yes, you read that right. I said NASTY, GULLIBLE, SILLY women.

And that leads me to address the letter that Miss McAfee wrote. While I certainly can understand her exposing someone who is running around passing out HIV like he’s passing out lollipops, I have to put her on blast like she put him on blast.

Questions for Ms. McAfee:

(1) Were you aware that Craig Lamar Davis was a married man when you met him on Facebook?

(2) Did you stop to ask yourself why a church pastor would be on Facebook meeting women when he needed to be out doing God’s work?

(3) At the time that you started down the road of meeting “pastor” Davis, did any part of your conscience raise up to warn you that you were walking into adultery with a dog?

(4) Is fornication a part of your every day lifestyle?

(5) Was this the first adulterous affair you engaged in?

(6) How long from the time you met this false pastor did it take you to meet him, pull down your drawers, hop into bed with him and have sex with this married man?

You are NOT a victim. I’m happy that you don’t have HIV but did you learn a lesson from this? His wife is the victim.

(7) WHY did you not mention your own part in it when you wrote your letter? Why didn’t you note that had you not slithered around like a snake and met with this married man, you would not have found yourself in the situation?

Let’s HOPE you learned something. Fornication is a SIN and so is adultery. You get no compassion over here.

Hat tip to Greg for story lead


  1. Be certain to go to the source link (above in article) to read more. Obnoxious TV has the full scoop.

    I find the following quote by the “pastor” very telling. Check out the language:

    “I have never f*ucked no boys,” Craig yelled. “Be sure to say that any man that comes to court or claims I infected them with HIV is a damn lie and I will see about them.”

  2. Welp Lynn, you typed EXACTLY what I was going to comment! She’s no victim, but rather a silly woman that “hopefully” was SCARED STRAIGHT and will in the future keep herself undefiled until the Lord possibly grants her a husband if it be His will. I pray she is thanking God for the GRACE and MERCY He showed her in allowing herself to get caught up in such a shameful fiasco! Hopefully, she will turn completely and wholly to Jesus, as the woman at the well did in John 4 and allow Jesus to be EVERYTHING that she may have been looking for in all the wrong places and men.

  3. Great post, Soldier! Where have you been?

  4. Gigifromthehills

    DARN IT LYNN!!! You asked all the good questions!!!

    I say we act like Curtis Jackson/50-cent and ask 21-Questions with this silly rabbit!

    (8)Why were you so thirsty for a man’s flesh instead of being thirsty for the man-Jesus?

    (9)How do you devalue yourself but yet, somehow expect someone else to esteem you as valuable?

    (10)If you engaged in oral sex, have you gone to your dentist to see if you are mouth cancer free?

    (11)Are you a Christian, have you given your life to Christ?

    (12)Have you repented regarding your sexual sins????

    (13)Are you still fornicating or have you come to your senses???

    (14) How is it you feel spiritually unrested about not sending an e-mail but you never felt spiritually unrested for dropping-draws?

    (15)What in the hell is really wrong with you????

    . . . . .anyone have questions 16-21?

  5. Darrell Hampton

    “What so ever a man soweth, that also shall he reap.” This crook hurt his wife, you hurt his wife now you and him are getting hurt right back. It always amazes me when people get into trouble and then claim “I don’t know how this happened to me or I was just sitting there and the devil attacked me”. That excuse, from a child is acceptable but not so much from an adult. A man is tempted when he is drawn away by his OWN lust! Seems to me you both “earned” and the devil paid you. There are only two ways to respond to receiving your just rewards from Satan: Either repent and change, then God will back the devil up off of you OR just keep doing what you’re doing until the devil accomplishes his ultimate goal for you DEATH. YOU CHOOSE!

  6. @ GiGi – LOL….great questions.

    @ Darrell – Terrific first post!

    Be certain to go to the Obnoxious TV link that I have above. He actually interviewed this woman. She complained about how rough he was during sex and how she felt like she was being raped…..YET, she continued meeting with him and slipping around behind his wife’s back.

    Finally, this rogue “pastor” broke off the relationship while telling her that other girlfriends are testing positive for HIV.

    Please note that HE broke off the relationship. Otherwise, she would would still be with him, HIV and all.

  7. & this is why I don’t visit websites like these with egotistical holier-than-thou judgemental “church folk”! You’re judging her sleeping with a married man & of fornication & completely overlooking his sin…why? Because he’s a pastor? Girl please! Are you going to judge the people who didn’t know he was married & who truly fell in love with this man? And please don’t bring up fornication like you’re perfect. Bottom line is this, he should’ve kept it in his pants the moment he said “I do.”, it will never be ok for a man to step outside of his marriage…but he REALLY should’ve kept his draws on when he found out about his HIV status…they’re both wrong, & no sin is greater than the other…but I’m sorry, knowingly giving out HIV trumps what she did…

    You don’t know ANYONE’S relationship with God & you don’t have the right to judge if it’s up to YOUR standards. I sin & I know I do, but my relationship with my Father is just that..MY relationship! You brag about how you have no compassion for thus woman because you can’t see past her transgression..but as a “Christian” isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? Hell, even as a woman or just another human being you should always be compassionate towards someone’s battles. I’m even compassionate for him…NO ONE deserves to go through something so scary & heartbreaking…

    So before you sit in judgement of this woman & this situation, you need to sit back and ask yourself “What if this were me? What if this was happening to someone near & dear to me? I can’t imagine what everyone involved in this situation is going through.”. The REAL Christian thing to do is pray for both of them, strenght & comfort for his wife, clarity & healing for everyone else involved…because the only perfect person is the man who died for me…& unless anyone of you were nailed to a cross so that I can be free….then shut up!

  8. @ Kiko – It is clear that you are so deeply ingrained in the world and sin that you are on the verge of reprobate status. Your entire rant sounds crazy.

  9. kiko-no one here is judging things by “their” standards. The situation and people involved are being judged by Gods standards.
    No one on here blamed an innocent victim…this woman knew he was married and still continued to have sex with him. A single person is still being adulterous when they lay down with a married person, being single doesn’t excuse them.
    And yes he should have kept his pants up and only been with his wife, but the point that everyone is making is that if these single women would have some standards about themselves and not engage in sex before marriage and especially with a married man, then it would be very difficult for said married man to cheat and just as difficult for the single woman to get HIV or any other disease.

    The only victim here is the wife. What part of, “Your Sins shall surley find you out”, didn’t sista McAfee understand? Even if the Pasha Davis was a single man, and she was single, the Word still remains the same: YOUR SINS WILL SURELY FIND YOU OUT: FLEE (RUN) FROM FORNICATION! What’s done in the secret of darkness God said, He will expose to the light, etc.

    uuhh, Maybe Pasha Davis hadn’t preached on these scriptures, or they hadn’t gotten around to studying them in Bible Study.

    Paul tells us in I Corinthians chapter 5, to kick such people engaged in sexual sins and all other kind of immorality out of the church, especially, those who are called to ministry God’s Word as Pastors… and as believers, we are not even to associate or have dinner with anyone who is called a brother or a sister who is knowingly practicing sins.

    There is no accountability! As Beleivers we are to rightly judge sin in the church and take proper actions to get rid of it, even if it means getting rid of the Pastor. There is nowhere in God’s Word wherein we are told not to judge, but when we judge, we had better make sure we ourselves are not in sins, trying to judge others… We are told to judge based on what God says are His standards, and judge righteously according to God’s Word of Truth, and not our standards and truth.

    I Corinthians chapter 5:9 I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people… not at all meaning the people of this world who are immoral, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters. In that case you would have to leave this world. But now I am writing to you that you must not associate with anyone who claims to be a brother or sister but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or slanderer, a drunkard or swindler. Do not even eat with such people. 12 What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? 13 God will judge those outside. “Expel the wicked person from among you.”

    The church which is the body of believers are in disobedience to Gods Word, and we continue to allow such characters to pastor our congregations and rule over us in God’s house. There is no way the members of this church didn’t know this so-called man of God was a defiled whore in God’s house… So very sad!… Another cause for the enemies of our Lord to laugh and blaspheme His name and Word..

  11. GREAT post, Evangelist. I miss you. When will you write another article for us?

  12. Gigifromthehills

    @kiko: Clear your throat and slow your roll on the keyboard. No one here is “judging” the woman the well, oops, I mean, the woman at the e-mail. The WORD has already judged her for her actions and God holds her accountible for them “if” she is a Christian and will not change her heart or her mind about what God’s WORD says about her and her relationship with other people… one word….REPENT.

    You wrote: “they are both wrong,& no sin is greater than the other…but knowingly giving out HIV trumps what she did…” My question to you: Aren’t you yourself “judging” by ranking/outranking the actions of one, making it superior to the actions of another when you designate which/whose sin is “higher”?

    I refuse to address c.l.davis’ role as vile as it is because he didn’t write a letter on the internet—-ronita mcafee did. Him being a “pastor” (so-called), he will have to give even a greater account based upon the position and authority he has within the body of believers and as a representative of God’s Kingdom. I personally, don’t believe this man is a “pastor” — his actions speaks to one who is playing the name-role of “pastor” yet clearly doesn’t walk in intergity and he definately hasn’t been broken as a man called to teach or lead God’s people into transformed lives that comes through the blood of JESUS. He would better off be somewhere studying his word and reading the works of men like Watchman Nee who ministers about the being broken and uncommon. Clearly, this man is NOT a pastor—and those who can’t discern within the body should question their role in allowing this wolf near their “sheep”. Nuff said about this “pastor”. I pray his wife receives wise counsel and trust the LORD to walk her mentally, emotionally and spiritually out of this battle via divorce and then walk her through the divorce with dignity. I pray she isn’t one of those silly rabbits who knows whats going on yet turns a blind eye for the sake of “having a piece of a man rather than no man.” I pray she starts listening to Holy Spirit because God says HE will not allow us to be ignorant of anything that concerns us…at some point, Holy Spirit was talking to Jan….girl should have said, “You’re speaking to me Lord, my heart is opened to TRUTH and I’m going to OBEY your voice and your will concerning me.”

    You also said, “and please don’t bring up fornication like your perfect”…My question/comment to you is, “Why not—Doesn’t the WORD?” Although I’m not perfect, the WORD is perfect. And if we start with the WORD being perfect and say the WORD says, “don’t fornicate”, then we have the right to place the WORD on the situation and into the conversation. And if we ourselves have fornicated in the past and have now repented, then YES, we can bring up fornication—-isn’t that how ronita found herself in this vile situation in the first place???? To ignore how it was that she came about needing to write such e-mail MUST be addressed in order to adjust her behavior for the future. Otherwise, she will be writing another e-mail letter about another man she found on Facebook. ***If she would stay off Facebook and get her face into the book what a testimony that would be****

    Now, as far as fornication goes, no, I haven’t–I’m still a virgin because my heart’s desire is to do the will of my Heavenly Father. My parents and Christian leaders taught me the WORD and showed me from the WORD how God keeps His WORD if I just trust HIM, follow and obey HIM from my inward-man (my spirit) and not by my outward man (my flesh). By allowing the WORD of GOD to break me, by yielding not to my flesh, but to the LORD, and by determining that I am what the WORD says I am, my virginity is still in place and I’m at peace, waiting for the LORD to say, “Go At It” after I have said “I DO” with a convenant. Do I have compassion for women or men who aren’t virgins before marriage, I sure do because my purpose is to minister to the heart of mankind that we are what GOD says we are, created in HIS image—not animals, having no moral guidance, just instincts to recreate for survival. Do I have compassion for someone who claims to be a born-again believer yet practices the sin of fornication? NO!!!! For that person is playing with the mercy and grace of God as if GOD is either not real because He’s invisible to the natural/carnal self, OR that person thinks that GOD is a toy sitting on a heaven-shelf waiting to be played with…NOT. Or, that person thinks he/she is him/herself God or a God and can do whatever he/she wants. When mankind thinks like that, salvation is far from them.

    God shows love, mercy and extends grace over and over; however, GOD says He will not always strive with mankind. God does expect us to get off the milk, eat solid food, and behave not as infants, but as adults. God told us who will NOT inherit the Kingdom…..fornicators and adulterous folks are among those listed… it sounds to me as if GOD himself removes HIMSELF from the “compassion” arena.

    At some point a “battle” should become a “defeated foe” and “under the feet” in which a believer can declare him/herself “more than a conqueror” or an “ex-something” otherwise the WORD of GOD is a lie. At some point, ronita (if she’s a believer and in her WORD like she was in this “pastor’s” penis) would have come across the truth that there is NO temptation that God has not made a way of escape…NO temptation.

    No one “deserves” to go through something so scary and heartbreaking….that word “deserves” means: to get or receive something because of the way you behave. Therefore, “deserves” should be reserved for those who weren’t sinning by choice yet found themselves with HIV….folks who were raped, molested, received tainted blood via blood transfusion, came into contact with tainted blood accidental, born with HIV due to Mother passing it, spouse contacted HIV from an adulterous or DL spouse…..these are situations reserved for “deserves”. Unhappy as it sounds, if you have sex outside of marriage, you run the risk of an STD…it’s a gamble when you treat your body as some type of Russian-Roulett game. God’s WORD warns us about sexual sin…it’s time folks read the WORD and respect the spiritual warfare that’s taking place with natural consequences.

    Lastly, according to the WORD, Paul instructs us as “Christians” what to do about this situation. First, put the “pastor” out. Second, PRAY, yes, PRAY that death takes them out for an excellent reason—-you do know that’s in the WORD of God…and no, I will not tell you where to locate it because it sounds as if you are willing to search the scriptures out for yourself and then spend time with the LORD as HE takes you higher into the walking out your salavation. As for me and my house, as I serve the Lord, I will pray…I pray folks who call themselves born-again believers, to wake up from foolery and start being the BRIDE Christ is coming back for. I will never shut up, but will use ronita’s internet rant as a springboard of discussion at the next Women’s Fellowship meeting in October — My topic will be “Trick or Treat….are you the enemy’s trick or God’s treat?” and I WILL play 21-questions as a way to get women to think about themselves from a GODLY position of value and alert…….not from a kama-sutra position.

    God calls us to a standard of HOLINESS….ronita’s healing comes at the feet of JESUS and some serious counseling—and NOT through the avenue she has chosen all because her spirit felt unrested about not sending an e-mail…..does her spirit feel unrested about sin? Again, I say let’s play 21-questions for in doing so, it pulls the covers off the enemy’s game.

    Again Hicktowners, we are to pray for Lynn, as the enemy desires to attack her for the boldness she has to speak out against the enemy’s tricks. Then, pray for one another that the LORD will continue to give us discernment as we discuss these last day wicked schemes. Pray a hedge of protection over us that we will not fall into the same traps—but will rely on the finished work at the cross to keep us VICTORIOUS by HIS GRACE!!!!!!

  13. Hey Lynn,

    I miss you as well. Been somewhat busy of late, but I will get around submitting something to you.

    God bless you and keep up God’s work!

  14. Why is it that when Christians hold to the standard of God, they are villified by other “Christians” as being “egotistical holier than thou?” and “judgemental churchfolk?”

    No ones excusing “pastor” Davis’ behavior, he’s a sexual predator for sure; since enough church goers don’t study scripture between Sundays have thrown discernment to the wind..!
    One of the ways to know the difference between a true shepherd and a false one is CONDUCT!

    Pauls conduct: “You are our witnesses, and God also how devoutly, justly and blamelessly we behaved ourselves among you who believe”
    to the Thessalonians 1:10
    one of the many traits/or behaviors of false pastors is “Having eyes full of adultery that cannot cease from sin, enticing (seducing) unstable souls” 2 Pet 2:14
    they have a form of Godliness but deny its power..of this sort are those who creep into households and make captives of gullible women loaded down with lusts, led away by various lusts..”
    2 Tim 3:5-6

    “For it has been told to me (Paul) concerning you by Chloe’s household that there is strife among you” 1 Cor 1:11
    Was Chloe being ‘egostatistical holier than thou’ for informing the Apostle of the Corinthians misconduct??
    he replied, “It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you…But I have written to you not to keep company with anyone called a ‘Christian’ who is a (practicing) fornicator…not even to eat with such a person. For with what judgement have I to do with those who are outside? Do you not judge those who are INSIDE?” 1 Cor 5:11-12
    The same Apostle also said, “But fornication and all uncleaness…let it not even be named among you as is befitting for saints” Eph 5:3
    No one here is claiming to be living in sinless perfection, just because we’re under grace is not license to practice willful sin-
    “What shall we say then? Shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace? Certainly not!” Rom 6:15
    I do feel compassion for the victims, but all parties involved in all this sleeping around are wrong; yes, sexual desires are natural and strong, nobody said it was easy, but if we want to live a life pleasing to God there should at least be a willingness to live Holy- I recommend 1 Thess 4:3-8 in Christian brotherhood

  15. MadMinister'sWife

    I might be wrong for making this statement but, I am so sorry, but I have to say that I do not feel sorry for this woman. From a previous story that I read, she knew that this man was supposedly separated from his wife, which means that he was still married. Why would you sleep with a married man in the first place? I don’t know what it is about these pastors and ministers, but women seem to be so attracted to these men. They don’t care if he is married or not. They will come to the church, see who the pastor is, find his wife, size her up and start to be readily available to the pastor because they feel that they have a chance to get him. Present herself as being so God fearing, loving and caring, when all she wants is not God, but your husband and the perks that she thinks comes along with being a pastor or minister’s wife.
    Yes I am mad and rightfully so!

  16. @Evangelist, woooooweeeee-!
    Excellent! you the truth with a capital “T”!
    (I was in the process of typing my comment, didn’t know yours was posted, didn’t want you to think I was attempting to plag1arize your comments)

  17. It only sounds like she is warning people not asking for your sympathy or verdict of what you think of her.

  18. @ Mel – It is totally unrealistic to think that you can put a letter like that out in the public domain and not have people respond. Period. So with that in mind, I really don’t care whether or not she wants opinions. She put herself and her Twitter address AND her phone number out there, so that would suggest to me that she wanted feedback.

  19. first and foremost, Let me just say, HE WHO GOES WITHOUT SIN, LET HIM CAST THE FIRST STONE. As a registered nurse and christian woman, these people will need to be tested regularly for the next 6-9 months. Just because you “test negative” on the first round, does not mean you will not later develop HIV. this disease can lay dormant for months prior to testing positive. Research it. From a moral standpoint, I’m sure we ALL have engaged in things that we shouldnt have or are ashamed of, just didn’t get caught. Who are we to judge these women for the choices that they made, whether or NOT she knew he was a married man, is irrelevant at this point. the fact of the matter is HE knew he was married at the first point of contact so let’s NOT forget that. This is such a sad state of affairs, to say you HOPE she learned her lesson, is not only FOUL and insensitive, but rather indecent in nature to say the least. She is trying to warn others about the dangerous acts of this person, who like many of YOU, have no compassion for the community at large. Judge not, lest ye be judged. It is ignorant to make rude comments such at those posted above, thats why our community suffers more than any other because we are so quick to condemn, rather than rally and try to come together. These women will have the rest of their lives to think about this. this is NOT a game. Shame on you for belittling this person, whom none of us have ever met, do not know the psyche of these women but yet we choose to judge and condescend. Use your Masters degree for the good of the people at large rather than further tear them down. I digress…

  20. The reason that I am allowing Kimberly Ann’s note to show up here in Hicktown is to show everyone the sheer ignorance and sin that we have to deal with. Look at Kimberly’s smearing of God’s Word.

    When Jesus looked at a group who were about to murder an adulterer, He did NOT intend for that one line about the stone to be used in such a perverse manner as Kimberly and her ilk use it. Jesus did Not intend for the rest of humanity to think that they can never confront sin or a sinful person.

    Another scripture that gets perverted is the one about the marriage bed being defiled. People take that scripture and twist it to mean all kinds of sick stuff, none of which God intended.

    Now following Kimberly’s screwed up logic, no one should ever in life confront or question a sinner. So if a pedophile rapes one of Kimberly’s family members, we should not say anything because “he who is without sin…” OR if someone breaks into Kimberly’s home and wipes out her family and takes off with her valuables, no one should say a word because, “He who is without sin….”

    We are supposed to believe (based on Kim’s logic) that we are to ignore the letter that was blasted all over the internet and not confront the adulterer who put herself in the position that she is in.

    Kim, GET OFF this blog quick and in a hurry. Take your nonsense elsewhere.

  21. @ Kimberly, I find it hard to understand anyone reading the comments above can come to the conclusion that they are “rude and ignorant” and “without compassion to the community at large”
    I don’t know any right thinking person who would wish such a terrible disease on anyone; I would never desire anyone to go to an eternal HELL, but some will end up there (and I don’t intend to be one of them!)
    the point you seem to be missing is ‘actions have consequences’ Joseph, before the law of Moses knew it was a sin against God to sleep with Potiphars wife, he got outta dodge! Davids actions with Bathsheba had a dominoe effect, scandal, murder, the loss of a child and caused Gods name to be blasphemed; He repented Psalms 51

    You said you’re a Christian woman, but what you espoused is Postmodern “Relativistic” Christianity with no standard for the truth, people calling themselves believers, but “doing what is right in their OWN eyes”
    Scripture says, “Let everyone who names the name of Christ depart from iniquity” 2 Tim 2:19
    When Jesus said “He that is without sin…” also told the woman “Go, and sin No more” it is the Christian’s obligation to correct unChristian behavior without hypocrisy, thats the context of Matt 7:1-5 (most people who quote that verse never seem to get pass verse one)
    Paul the apostle warned “Let a man examine himself, for if we judge ourselves, we would not be judged..”
    I’ll end on this note

    “Do not correct a scoffer, lest he hate you. Rebuke a wise man and he will love you. Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be wiser still. Teach a just man and he will increase in learning” Prov 9:8-9

  22. This dude is not an ambassador for Jesus. This mistress is not a victim. They are both culpable and do not deserve pity but they both do need MUCH PRAYER! No one is judging them, we must weigh a person’s actions according to what is in scripture. Neither of them are living godly lives and sin has consequences and she is very blessed to not have contracted HIV. I pray that she stays out of bed with men that are not her husband. The only victim is this man’s wife and if she knew of his behavior, and condoned it, she’s not a victim but an accessory to his criminal behavior.

  23. Gigifromthehills

    @Evangelist, BornAgainJerry, Albert, and Lynn: Well said based upon the WORD of GOD — for faith comes by hearing and hearing by the WORD of GOD.

    After this comment, I am done with this subject because clearly, although it doesn’t take a Masters Degree to read the WORD of God, it does however, take a consecrated heart and inward spirit willing to be broken and led by the LORD to not only comprehend His divine WORD, but to intentionally walk it out day by day. It takes the desire to be yielded and humbled through santification where the outcome is, GOD, YOU BE GOD OVER ME to turn from sin and run to GOD. To the unbeliever the WORD of God and this messages makes no sense. To the new or immature believer, it is a hidden treasure requiring much digging in order to appreciate it without finding fault in those who have already searched the scriptures out and are making application of it even when it is hard and it hurts.

    GOD WILL NOT SHARE HIS GLORY WITH NO-ONE….period. IF HE SAYS FLEE FORNICATION, then FLEE FORNICATION….period. Otherwise, go right ahead and run into the mess/death that awaits for not heeding.

    For Ms. McAfee to strip down naked and not be ashamed or remorseful of her sexual acts as being an offense to GOD —- only writing a letter that points to behaviors of low-self esteem, anger and revenge when “rejection” cropped up into their dark and unsantified behavior and not expect others to look crossed-eyed at her being referred to as a “victim” or not expect people saved and not saved to have strong opinions regarding her “warning” makes no sense at all.

    This evening,I went back and read the entire letter Ms. McAfree wrote. I was only kidding when I asked the oral-cancer question. Boy, was I shocked when I read the nasty, X-rated stuff she made available for others to know. Why she thought was appropriate and wise to share on the internet without asking Holy Spirit what should be expose makes no sense to me nor gets any compassion from me because clearly, this is a grown woman making 1600 BC choices that come with 2012 consequences. Real logic for a woman would say, “I don’t want to have to consider HIV every other month; therefore, the penis is NOT the problem—-my desiring to be my own boss-God is.”

    In mentioning “he who is without sin cast the first stone”, last time I read the entire chapter of John 8:7, Jesus also told the woman to “Go and sin NO more”…..Am I wrong to say the 2012 paraphrase to Ms. McAfee could translate, “STOP *&#@ every Tom, DICK and Harry!”???

    Yes, I am compassionate towards those with HIV/AIDS; however, this isn’t about showing or being compassionate towards those who have to live with HIV. This is about foregoing the lust of the flesh and the quickness to be thristy for flesh rather then exercising sound judgment and discernment for one’s own health and sake. If compassion is what is being sought, then the WORD of GOD must be the starting part of bringing a person to their senses.

    THIS is the compassionate message I give to Ronita McAfee: REPENT! Change your heart and your mind about yourself and about GOD’s message to you concerning SEXUAL sin—and then RUN!!!

    This is the firm rebuttal I leave Ms. Kimbery Ann Jackson: 1 Corinthians 6:13-20 is the BIBLICAL STANDPOINT(because moral standpoints change with every presidental election)in which neither you nor I can shake our fist and say, “research” because God himself has already given us clear and concise warning.
    Not throwing shade on Ronita’s attempt to “warn” others about this legion-demonic filled man who is in need of deliverance; but to point her in the right direction, “Women who say they love the Lord shouldn’t need to be warned about c.l. davis (or any other sexual agent of the enemy) because they should be yeilding their hearts, minds and souls to the LORD and obeying his WORD, trusting He knows best for us because as a loving and protecting Father over his children, He cares about every little thing concerning us and He wants us to be victorious in every area—particulary with our bodies.”

    Ms. Jackson, I read from The Living Bible (Paraphrased)1 Cor. 6:13-20 ***For sexual sin is never right; our bodies were not made for that, but for the Lord and the Lord wants to fill our bodies with himself…….That is why I say to run from sex sin. No other sin affcts the body as this one does. When you sin this sin it is agains yourown body. Haven’t you yet elarnd that your body is the home, the temple of the Holy Spirit God gave you and that he lives within you. Your own body does not belong to you. For God has bought you with a great price. So use every part of your body to give glory back to God, because he owns it.

    For all others:

    Can someone who disagrees with what we’ve written and sees our comments as judgmental please provide bibically researched commentary about what God is saying to believers in this chapter and how does it not apply to Ms. McAfee and her current situation “if” she is a believer?

    Lastly, I say again, folks, stay off social network sites in attempts to fulfill your lonliness or to validate your self-worth. If you don’t have the right kind of discipline these social outlets can and will be your demise. Stay off FACEBOOK and get your FACE in the BOOK would be the wiser.

  24. No, Lynn don’t chase Kimberly off… let her speak…controversy is good. This lets all of us know who the true belivers are in God’s Word, who stand the best WE know how in the Word without compromise. As pointed out by Brothers Albert and Jerry, it is obvious that Kimberly DOES NOT have spiritual insight, understanding, or knowledge in the Word, or how to use scriptures.

    Kimberly said: Who are we to judge these women for the choices that they made…

    I say, WE are Christians who must correct, rebuke, instruct, and reproof sin, and judge sin. Had these two critters JUDGED rightly for themselves right from wrong, sin and righteouness, as Christians, they would have known that their choices were not pleasing to God and were not choices true Christians should have made. God gives us freedom of choice to judge for ourselves right from wrong, good from evil, righteouness from sin… so they are without excuse, and yes, if we, as belivers can’t judge sin as sin, then we are not in obedience to God’s Word. Paul says, in I Corinthians chapter 6, that we, as saints will judge the world and angels, so if we can’t judge in such matters as this, then we have a serious problem with our relationship with the Lord, as believers.

    Kimberly said:… whether or NOT she knew he was a married man, is irrelevant at this point.

    Sorry, dear heart, it is not irrelevant whether or not she knew he was married or not. If she profess and confess that she is a Christian and knew that he was a preacher, married or single, surely, she knew fornication, which is sex outside of marriage is a sin. And that should have been enough for her not to even consider sleeping with this man or any man for that matters in the first place, if he was not her husband… she knew, she was not married to him…

    Kimberly:… the fact of the matter is HE knew he was married at the first point of contact so let’s NOT forget that.

    Yes, he knew he was married, and what he was doing was sin, and so did she! Sound like you’re trying to justify her behavior as a mistake instead of a sin…

    Kimberly said: This is such a sad state of affairs, to say you HOPE she learned her lesson, is not only FOUL and insensitive, but rather indecent in nature to say the least.

    You are right! ( see, I agree with you… this is a sad state of affiars. They both have need to repent of their sins, and the sadness is that he calls himself a minister and pastor of God house, and she knew he was a minister and should not have ALLOWED herself to become entrapped into his web. The “foulness and insensitivity and the indecent in nature” of all of this is, the disobedience of both Pasha Davis and Sista McAfee… and the fact that they professed and confessed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and that they were Christins yet, they did not follow God’s teachings as an example of their salvation and faithful in their profession. God warns us that the wages/price, cost of sin is death, and we are warned not to allow our flesh to be satisfied with lustful desires… James in chapter 1, explains to us that giving place to our lustful desires, sin is conceived. Therefore, I also not only hope , but I pray, she has indeed learned her lesson not to fulfill the desires of her flesh, but to walk as we are taught in the Spirit of the Lord, and we will not fulfill the lust of our flesh. And this is not only for her, but for eveyone woman and man who say they are belivers, God is not mocked, His Word is truth and you WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOW, AND this is the chastisement of the Lord.

    Kimberly said: She is trying to warn others about the dangerous acts of this person, who like many of YOU, have no compassion for the community at large. Judge not, lest ye be judged. It is ignorant to make rude comments such at those posted above, thats why our community suffers more than any other because we are so quick to condemn, rather than rally and try to come together. These women will have the rest of their lives to think about this. this is NOT a game. Shame on you for belittling this person, whom none of us have ever met, do not know the psyche of these women but yet we choose to judge and condescend. Use your Masters degree for the good of the people at large rather than further tear them down.

    Awwww, Kimberly, did you not know that there is not where in the Bible where we are told NOT TO JUDGE SIN!??… also know, the woman at the well had no need to warn anyone about her sin?… so why did sista Mcafee? In fact, the woman at the well showed humility, and never said a word when her accusers took her before Jesus, because she knew she was guilty of her sin… and guess what?… she never said one time to Jesus, that He could find the man at the Jeruselam hotel, nor did she give his name or ask why the others didn’t bring him along as well. She had no defense except humility, she saw no need as to include him in her sin. She concerned herself about her OWN sin… and allowed Jesus to speak on her behalf. Jesus made the statement as you quoted: HE WHO GOES WITHOUT SIN, LET HIM CAST THE FIRST STONE… because He knew those who brought her to Him to be judge and condemned had many sins, and the first sin on their list was that they only brought the woman and not the man, un righteous judging… In Sista McAfee’s effort to expose ( you say, she was trying to warn other women) but I say, she was trying to expose Pasha Davis’ low-down-low-life, she exposed her own low-down-low-life behavior.

    I think sista McAfee should have taken the stance as the sinner who was praying with the Pharisee and kept her mouth shut, and had a little take with Jesus. The Pharisee was bold and self righteous in his praying to God, boasting about how good he was, and not like others, wanting to be seen and heard. But the sinner was SO ASHAMED OF HIS SINS, he never lifted his head to heaven when he prayed, but he beat on his chest and cried out saying, “God have mercy on me, a sinner.”

    Sorry, I did mean for this to be so long, but I had to address Kimberly… BTW, Kimberly, having a Masters degree in any form of education does not qualify a person to compromise sin, or lift up ignorance just for the “good of others at large”…

  25. Gigifromthehills

    “TO JUDGE SIN!??…also, the woman at the well had no need to warn anybody about her sin…”

    It is clear from the words proceeding the above comment AND from Biblically sound writings of Minister Evangelist that she was meant the woman caught in the act of adultery and not the woman at the well. *Just wanted to state that before someone is isn’t of the fold tries to run up in here and throw shade*

    **EXCELLENT MINISTER EVANGELIST! I had to do a double read due to the laughter each time I read the word “Pasha”….funnnnneeee!**

  26. LOL…thank you, Gigi for looking out for old folks eyes LOL… I should have done a double read to make my corrections, spec I had a senior moment LOL… glad you caught the mistake, and were there for me…Now that’s what I call being on the job looking out for the best interest of God’s Word and the saints. You corrected my error, I received the correction, and you saved me from a multitude of sins had someone come up in herrr with foolishness. LOL …

    “Pasha” is something I picked up from my mom, and a few other old saints in the church who could not pronounce the word “pastor”, because they either had no teeth (teeffs), or their teeth were to big and needed… again, thanks, love ya!

  27. Apostle Xavion LayI

    We first have to look at the situation the Pastor was wrong in what he has done. I agree after he got married all outside focuses for sex should have been stopped with or without HIV. The woman who wrote the letter was upset but in order with what she said and did. She did what any person would do if they wanted to prevent anyone else from experiencing the fright that she did. Now we can’t speculate whether she had prior knowledge of his wife or not there is no factual information that has been provided for us to make that call. She could have found out about everything later. So let us not attempt to make those type of observations. The sin was the sin. Who committed it is between them and God. Now we must look on this situation and prevent it from happening in our own household by making sure we stay tested regularly and making sure our spouses do the same because you honestly never know what they are always doing. Be blessed.

  28. With all due respect, Mr. LayI,

    #1 – The woman DID know he had a wife. She indicated that he was separated. Perhaps you should go back and read what she wrote.

    #2 – I disagree with you that their sin was between them and God because she WROTE A LETTER telling the world about her sin and even included her phone number and Twitter address.

    #3 – I TOTALLY disagree with you that I need to prevent it from happening in my own life because I don’t hang out on social media looking for a man. I happen to have a husband but even when I did not, you would not catch me sniffing out married men.

    Likewise, the regular “residents” of Hicktown don’t have to worry bout it happening in their lives because they are not that stupid as to be promiscuous enough to hop into bed with some man they just met and continue even after he displayed “rough” sex. Give me a break.

    Your post is way off.

  29. Apostle..???! You may want to rethink that one, your comments don’t sound anything like an apostle would say; here’s what another APOSTLE said, “Now, concerning the things of which you wrote to me, “It is good for a man not to have relations with a woman, nevertheless, because of sexual immorality (pre-marital sex) let every man have his own wife and the woman likewise…But to the unmarried and widows it is good for them to remain (celibate) even as I am, (verse 7) But if they cannot excercise self-control, LET THEM MARRY. For it is better that they marry than burn with sexual desire. 1 Cor 7:-3, 8-9 APOSTLE PAUL

    If “The sin was the sin. Who committed it is between them and God”
    Why did the Apostle Paul state, ” It is WIDELY reported that there is fornication among you”…?
    And you are inflated with pride about it, instead of grieving that he who has done this deed might be removed from among you
    1 Cor 5:1-2
    REAL Christians are faithful to God and their spouse don’t need to be “tested regulary” your comments smack of mis-trust between husband & wife; if you can’t trust your spouse in this matter, why stay and take a chance on becoming infected, thats the very reason this article is posted!

  30. Jerry,

    You knocked that one out of the box! I noticed that title also and decided not to even deal with that because it’s ridiculous.

    Everybody and their mamma has elevated themselves to the office of the Apostle. And most of these self appointed apostles only have 10 or 11 members.

    Thanks for saying what I did not choose to touch!

  31. Gigifromthehills

    @BAJerry: AMEN!…said the santified choir!!!

  32. Gigifromthehills

    @Lynn: …and all 10 or 11 of the members neither read nor study the WORD of God for themselves. SMH…if they only knew the truth!