You all are NOT going to believe this! Southern Belle, Ms. Gilbow looks a little tipsy in this video where she “raps” the “n” word over and over again with a cute little twinkle in her eye! Giddy as a goose in heat as she chuckles and clucks for the camera:



NOW….check out the cute little Southern Belle claiming she is shocked and confused about the racist rant of her “boys”:

Finding Jesus link

CNN is promoting a Finding Jesus documentary. Time and other magazines has also promoted similar types of articles and/or documentaries. LINK

Isn’t it interesting that these people want to “find Jesus” but they seem not to have any interest in finding any other god?

Have you seen any of these jerks trying to find Buddah or Allah? Have you seen them trying to find the sun god or the god of the moon? Why are they always in search of—and ultimately trying to discredit Jesus? Why the obsession? Why not just move on to the next topic? Every year, without fail.

Stay prayed up, saints. satan is busy, still jealous of Jesus and still on the prowl.