Any excuse will suffice to show up acting a complete fool. WHY are innocent people in Ferguson having to deal with their businesses being burned to the ground? How is it helpful to their case to attack the businesses of innocent human beings?

Do you think those thugs in Ferguson care anything about Michael Brown? Of course not. This is their chance to cause chaos.

I put a lot of this fault on the prosecutor who chose to make his announcement at night……at night when he KNEW that the chances of an eruption would occur. At night when he KNEW that the thugs like to misbehave under the cover of darkness. At night when he KNEW that making the announcement during the day was far better because people go to work during the day. Businesses are OPEN and occupied during the day. Making that announcement at night was dirty.

Michael Brown was your typical bully. I saw the video of him menacing the store owner after taking the man’s property. Brown was a typical bully. Like the classic bully, Goliath, he appeared to have zero fear. That’s why he had no respect for authority, the police. That’s why he stuck his fist through the window and punched the guy. That’s why he CHARGED after that officer. And sadly, it’s why he’s dead.

When it first happened, a tape was released with the voice of a witness who had dialed 911. The voice was of a young black male who described what he saw. He described seeing Brown “charge” repeatedly at the officer. The young man sounded frustrated and perplexed.

My heart goes out to the Brown family. Sorry they were unable to do anything about their son’s belligerent behavior.

Two thumbs UP to Bill Cosby and his loyal fans in Florida. He got standing ovations from his loyal fans who saw through the smokescreens and LIES of his accusers.

Was he a womanizer in his youth? Obviously YES. A rapist? No way. Get over it, gals. You gambled and lost. And you did not get paid for your services. Suck it up and keep your panties on!

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Rumors were flying that Dr. Munroe’s daughter had died in the crash. Then I read that his son had died.

Good news! They were not on the fateful plan that crashed and they are ready to continue their father’s legacy!

Slewfoot thought he had scored some points. In fact, Heaven has gained and the devil has lost.