I first saw this feminine man when I was a child. My siblings and I watched him for sport. He would “lay hands” on people. If they dared not fall out, he would knock them out. As children, we found it hilarious.

The man is in his 90′s now. He’s still wearing the wig. He still is effeminate. He still looks like a plastic voodoo doll. He is still bizarre.

What has taken so long for his church to get exposed is a mystery. But what is done in darkness will always be exposed by the Holy Ghost to the light. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later.

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Juan Demetrius McFarland of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church of Montgomery, Alabama has decided that he sees no reason to leave the pulpit in spite of the following:

1. Contracting AIDS outside of his marriage
2. Spreading that AIDS (knowingly) throughout the church to the nasty women who hopped into bed with him even though they could clearly see his wife
3. Sharing with the church other shady dealings he has been involved in such as mishandling funds and drug use

Am I surprised that this devil has boldly boasted about his antics while refusing to leave the pulpit? Absolutely NOT. satan is bold. I’ve said this before but will say it again. I would love to see the Lord start to strike this type of trash dead right there in the pulpit.

Poor Raven. She claimed she is not an African American BUT in this interview with Wendy Williams she brags about an African American role that she has had.

Tip to Raven. STOP taking African American roles since you claim you are something else. Let the ones who claim their roots get the roles!

This woman is a piece of work. Not once did she do anything to stop her husband’s behavior and yes, she had to have known about his cheating. This is a man who carried diseases. This is a man who was so foul and vulgar and perverted that he bragged about washing his teenaged daughter in a bathtub “real good”. I shudder to think what that girl went through. The half has not been told, I’m sure.

Mrs. Hornbuckle stood dutifully by and supported a so-called man who was the embodiment of evil and wickedness. Two full years after he went to jail she was still showing up in court to support him—while his mistresses sat across from her. She did not allow any of it to touch her. Now she is admitting that he also beat the daylights out of her and I can imagine the other types of abuses he put her through because clearly he hates women.

Why now is she speaking out? Why is she STILL carrying his last name even though they are divorced? This is about convenience. She needs to distance herself so that the church will financially support her pitiful ministry. I would not sit under her for 5 seconds.

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