Does anyone have an update regarding how many years this pervert was sentenced to for molesting his own grandchildren? Weird case. This nut ball and fake man of God had molested his own children when they were small. YET, according to the defense attorney—his son actually turned his children over this this demonic freak based on the freak’s word that he was through attacking children. How dumb can you get? Irresponsible and crazy I’d call it.

In any event, this sicko was convicted back in January but I have not yet seen anything about his sentence.

I reported on this bum HERE.

But the long and short of it is, Eddie Long and a host of other pastors invited this snake into their congregations where he hoisted his obvious ponzi scheme upon members.

Not one minister or member (apparently) was spiritual enough to discern that the devil was in the house making a fool of God’s people. And common sense did not enter into the picture either.


This wicked, psychopathic creep has been sentenced to 20 years for the lives he ruined and ordered to pay $15.5 million in restitution. satan is busy and on the prowl. PRESS HERE

Is it a human hiss or a snake hiss? Is it a human under the influence of evil? You decide:

This video starts with an interview of the group, Wicked Wisdom. Afterwards, you hear Jada singing “Something Inside of Me”

It’s disturbing to say the least. Some of the clearest demonic groaning activity I’ve ever heard. Literally growls coming out of Jada’s mouth. I KNOW what the “something” is inside of her and it is not the Lord.

Just in case you thought that it was a one time growling event, check out the one below which goes even deeper into the growling:

clown2-1This guy is worse than a medieval woman. Back in the olden days, it was considered ladylike to faint when upset or shocked about something. I have been trying hard to ignore this creep. He is a coward. I reported HERE in the past about how a barber knocked this jerk out.

After running over a couple of men (who died as a consequence) this thug-wannabe has fainted at least twice during court appearances. I was not surprised to hear that he fainted again today in court because it’s a sympathy grab. However, why does he wait until in court for all this drama?

He needs to have his street cred license pulled. This is just too much.

PRESS HERE to see this fool faint yet again.

The ONLY reason I’m not awarding Suge Hicktown’s Bozo the Clown Award today is because I ALREADY awarded it to him in the past. He is already a member of the Bozo Club here.

The former French president got it right:

World leaders see through Netanyahu. Not only did the former French president read him, in my opinion, the president of Nicaragua (Daniel Ortega) got it right when he said that Netanyahu is demon possessed. LINK HERE I believe it.

And look at this devil here caught doing what satan is known to do—-showing his true face when he think he is not being watched. This liar has been saying he was open to a state for the Palestinians and now that he is back in office, he admits he is against a state. So….more suffering for the Palestinians. PRESS HERE

What’s up with the racist comment he made about the Palestine people? LINK

In damage control mode, he now speaks with forked tongue…..HERE

This has nothing to do with Israel. I’m specifically addressing Netanyahu. I feel bad for Israel that they must continue dealing with that horrible person who mysteriously won an election after polls showed him lagging behind.

I initially saw this testimony on the AT2W website. This woman is talking about how she had been ill and how she was revived. I’m going to say this. Some of our illnesses are due to gluttony. Old fashioned eating. Our refusal to push away that plate. While I certainly don’t know this for certain—I have a strong feeling that if this woman were to lose 100 pounds, she would have no further health issues in her youth.  God has promised us 70 years minimum.  But we need to treat our bodies right.

She says that the medication put some weight on her but if I were a betting woman, I would bet  you that she was overweight prior to the hospitalizations. The church must deal with gluttony and obesity. This is a serious problem in the church and it’s an issue that churches avoid like the plague.  Fried chicken dinners, smothered liver and gravy, greasy potatoes, pies, banana pudding, etc.  It’s killing the black community.

Beyond that, praises to God for saving this woman’s life.