Neither of them are angels. Neither are sympathetic characters. They actually deserve one another. I don’t view either of them as victims.

I have never seen so much spit flying. He is spitting at her, she is spitting at him. He is taunting her, she is bucking at him. He is knocking her out cold. She is defending his honor. A HOT MESS!

To me they are two hot steaming messes and I believe that that was not their first fight and it won’t be their last. As quiet as it’s kept, there is a subset of humans who thrive on drama, including violent drama.

There is a sick set of women who believe that their men show love by beating them buy ativan online. You cannot reason with these types of people. But by the same token, don’t shed any tears over them.

I will hazard a guess as to where Ray and Janay are right now. I believe that they are laid up in bed together somewhere at this very moment….so why get your blood pressure up when Mrs. Price certainly has told you via her letter that it’s none of your business what she and her man does? They thrive on mess, believe me:

Ignorance abounds!

GO HERE to read about other idiots I’ve discussed in the past who keeps creating babies that they cannot take care of. This mess is epidemic in certain corners. These people have no respect for themselves and my heart goes out to the offspring who don’t truly have decent parents.

Paula White and Randy White were once on top of the world. They had everyone fooled. Or did they? Is it possible that at one point they truly were sincere and truly did love the Lord? We’ll never know.

Several years ago, the couple shocked the Christian world when they announced that they were divorcing. And then…oddly….Paula White raised eyebrows when she moved to Texas and….***COUGH*** decided to “assist” another so-called pastor with his church, abandoning her own.

With Paula gone, the Church Without Walls declined steadily. The once huge congregation of 22,000 dwindled down to nothing. Act of man or Act of God? They have officially closed shop.

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