Police believe that he murdered his wife.

FBI are searching for this former “janitor” who conspired with a homeless woman—child’s mother (by pretending to be a doctor) and thus, taking 8 year old Relisha Rudd from school. Police have a video of him taking the child into a hotel room.

I shudder to think the torment and horror that baby endured at the hands of this pedophile in that hotel room.

Again….FBI and police are saying that this child’s mother and step father, who are both in a shelter, assisted this man in getting the child and did not call the police or support an Amber Alert at the beginning. The family is denying all this of course.

That’s all I’ll say but I’ll be following this case. I’m sure that the FBI has a LOT of question for the now ***COUGH*** grieving mother who is out holding vigils since the janitor’s wife turned up dead.

The police believe the child is also dead.

Sad beyond measure.

Fred Phelps has met his Maker.  You all know Phelps.  This evil man and his bevy of an evil brood, went out of their way to make hurting people hurt more.

They would “boycott” the funerals of dead military men and women. They would “boycott” the graves of famous people and “boycott” suffering people.

Phelps’ wickedness started to fall apart a couple of years ago as the Holy Spirit started to lead various family members from his vice grip.  Several of his family escaped.

Then recently the bottom fell out as his “church” ex-communicated this devil.

Now the 84 year old hellion is dead and he has a lot of  ‘plainin’ to do to the Lord for mistreating so many of His children here on earth.

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At just 16 years old, Stephen R. Stafford II has accomplished more than most of the general population.
He’s currently earning credits toward his TRIPLE major at Morehouse College — pre-med, mathematics and computer science. The genius has yet another achievement to add to his list. He made “The World’s 50 Smartest Teenagers.”
Stephen started at Morehouse College at 11 years of age because his mother, who was homeschooling him, could not keep up with his potential. The college student is also a talented classical pianist; he began to play the piano at the age of two. When asked about his exceptional abilities, the teen replies: “I’m just like any other kid. I just learn very, very quickly.”

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