This woman is a piece of work. Not once did she do anything to stop her husband’s behavior and yes, she had to have known about his cheating. This is a man who carried diseases. This is a man who was so foul and vulgar and perverted that he bragged about washing his teenaged daughter in a bathtub “real good”. I shudder to think what that girl went through. The half has not been told, I’m sure.

Mrs. Hornbuckle stood dutifully by and supported a so-called man who was the embodiment of evil and wickedness. Two full years after he went to jail she was still showing up in court to support him—while his mistresses sat across from her. She did not allow any of it to touch her. Now she is admitting that he also beat the daylights out of her and I can imagine the other types of abuses he put her through because clearly he hates women.

Why now is she speaking out? Why is she STILL carrying his last name even though they are divorced? This is about convenience. She needs to distance herself so that the church will financially support her pitiful ministry. I would not sit under her for 5 seconds.

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Can you imagine going to a church and hearing about cells and molecules? Personally when I go to church it is to celebrate a Man named Jesus Christ of Nazareth. My heart goes out to those who are so spiritually bankrupt that they are satisfied sitting under NOTHING and sucking up NONSENSE.

God will deal with Carlton and his ilk.

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Neither of them are angels. Neither are sympathetic characters. They actually deserve one another. I don’t view either of them as victims.

I have never seen so much spit flying. He is spitting at her, she is spitting at him. He is taunting her, she is bucking at him. He is knocking her out cold. She is defending his honor. A HOT MESS!

To me they are two hot steaming messes and I believe that that was not their first fight and it won’t be their last. As quiet as it’s kept, there is a subset of humans who thrive on drama, including violent drama.

There is a sick set of women who believe that their men show love by beating them buy ativan online. You cannot reason with these types of people. But by the same token, don’t shed any tears over them.

I will hazard a guess as to where Ray and Janay are right now. I believe that they are laid up in bed together somewhere at this very moment….so why get your blood pressure up when Mrs. Price certainly has told you via her letter that it’s none of your business what she and her man does? They thrive on mess, believe me: