The charge?

Solicitation of animals on Craigslist.

YES…you read it right. No, you need not check your eyeglasses or adjust your contacts. And no, you are not high.

Jerry Hall was arrested and released on $1,000 bail for solicitation of an animal for sex.

Of course he is innocent until proven guilty in America but he has some explaining to do….such as why did he meet the undercover officer in the place where he planned to meet him?

Protect your animals, everyone just as you protect your children. This is happening more and more often. Scriptures call it bestiality.

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About 20 years ago I remember hearing for the first time about Ebola. At that time there was a doctor who very clearly explained how it develops. He indicated that there are certain tribes in Africa that will EAT the dead bodies of their family members who have died. Why? Because they believe that by eating parts of their bodies, the ancestors will become a part of them eternally.

In short, that’s how Ebola virus develops.

I find it very disturbing that the truth about how it develops is not being discussed any more. I find it further disturbing that lies are being told about how it spreads. Two people with the disease have been brought over here. An interviewer on MSNBC asked a doctor if he could get it by someone on an airplane sneezing. The doctor LIED and said no. What are these lies about?

Keep in mind that two Americans contracted the disease even though they were wearing protective gear. So if THEY could get it, what makes people think that someone on an airplane being sneezed on cannot?

I cannot find any information regarding the true nature of this disease. Even if it’s only contracted by bodily fluids, why wouldn’t it spread? After all….anyone remember AIDS?