This convicted child predator/pedophile had attacked an 8 year old child in the past. The church KNEW….were AWARE that this freak was attacking people’s children; yet, they hired this trick and the members actually allowed him access to their children. And what did he do?  He did what any other pervert would have done.  He attacked yet another child. God only knows how many children fell victim to this freak.

The “silly women” spirit that runs rampant in that pathetic excuse for a church are to blame:


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Do you have a loved one suffering with Alzheimer’s disease? I was shocked to learn that BSmith has it.

There appears to be a connection between carbs and Alzheimers. Check out this Dr. Oz program HERE

And check out this information on coconut oil and Alzheimers

I have never understood the obsession that some people have with race. From sun up to sun down, certain people just meditate on all issues regarding race.

That’s a form a bondage. Can you imagine every waking moment, your actions towards others being dictated on what race people are? This V. Stiviano gal is one who is race obsessed. She is no better than her sugar daddy, Donald Sterling.

TMZ has gotten a video of her obsessing over wealthy blacks. This type of person is damaged.