This is shocking news. I did not agree with all of his doctrine but I never doubted that he had accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. His wife also perished in the crash. I recall him once discussing his love of his wife. I’ll never forget what he said about her. He said that having her as a wife was like unpacking a gift daily….and he said that he is not yet through unwrapping. What a great thing for a man to say about his wife.

My heart also goes out to the families of the others who died in the crash. No one wants to lose a family member in such a horrific manner. It has been rumored that Dr. Monroe’s daughter was on the plane but I do not yet know that that’s true.

Stay tuned and please keep the family in your prayers.

“Apostle” Albert A. Young has been accused of freakish and perverted behaviors with a special needs family member. Too sick to even think about:

Young was with his niece in the ministry office on the evening of Aug. 12 when he made her sit in his lap and began touching her sexually, putting his hands inside the girl’s pants, fondling her buttocks and kissing her neck, according to a police affidavit obtained yesterday by the Daily News.
Young continued to touch the girl, at one point pressing and rubbing his clothed genitals against her and taking her hand to make her touch him, the document says.
When he was finished, the document says, the pastor warned the girl not to tell anybody about it.

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A while back I wrote an article about this “holy man” James Fortune and I asked the question…..Is he the devil in disguise? I am STILL asking that same question.

Keep in mind that this character tortured his step son by putting him in scalding hot water. I am unclear as to why ANY church would host him and even more perplexed regarding what authentic Christian would support him in any way.

Check this out. My question is still on the table. IS this man full of the devil?

FOX 26 News | MyFoxHouston

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Obnoxious TV talked about his dangerous “singer” HERE and the most updated article is HERE.

Al Sharpton has lost a ton of weight. That’s a good thing. What I’m concerned about, however, is the fact that he has gone over board. I understand that he once weighed over 300 pounds. I get that. I also can imagine how awful he felt emotionally and physically to carry around all that excess weight. And he was in the public eye, so the taunts must have been devastating.

At some point he decided that enough was enough and he created his own plan which has worked. I believe that everyone who needs to lose weight should research and then create their own plan for their own lives. No one can do a better job of crafting your eating plans than you because you know what you like.

Al has indeed lost the weight. No debate there. My concern is that at 5’10″ in height, he is now UNDER 130 pounds. He would be thin at 140. He is now skin and bones. He indicated that with his sparse diet, he has trained his body not to be hungry. Okay….but here is what he eats daily:

Breakfast: Several slices of whole wheat toast and green juice

Lunch: A salad with boiled egg for protein and a banana

Dinner: zilch…nada….nothing…..

He eats fish once or twice per week. My guess is that he sometimes eats other types of fruit.

In short, his day consists of 1,000 calories. Bread, juice, water, banana, and a salad. He also exercises daily. So he is down to 129 pounds.

my unsolicited advice to him is to eat a dinner nightly. Include a sweet potato or some brown rice with veggies or some soup.