1. What is your view on the Irsaeli-Hamas Conflict and what should be Americas role from a biblical and political view point?

  2. The people of Palestine are suffering and dying. The media is good about telling us Israel’s issues but they rarely tell us how the Palestine people are suffering over there.

    The missles have done little harm. Yet, the women and children of palestine are being bombarded and killed.

    I’m not looking from a scriptural standpoint but a human one.

  3. Because of scripture I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and don’t curse the sons of Israel. However from a Political standpoint, this Netanyahu fellow purposely escalated this thing to get the USA involved in this ongoing mess. Its his way of placing pressure on President Obama so that he can, “stand with Israel”. He is also trying to agitate Iran so he can have a reason to strike their nuclear facilities.

  4. I was very sorry when that snake, Netanyahu was able to wiggle and slither back into office again.

    The French president was right in calling him a liar a while back.

  5. Gigifromthehills

    @Lynn: “I’m not looking from a scriptural standpoint but a human one.” AMEN, Amen, Amen!!!!! Way too many evangelical folks need to stop putting mental scare-tactics on those of us who speak out against Neti’s dehumanizing actions against Palenstine. These are people with feelings, desires, hopes and cares too!

    If we would really take the time to do an indepth look from a geographical, historical, and political research, we probably ask ourselves just who are the Israelites spoken in scripture, who are Ishmael’s decendants, and where are their places in the LORD’s heart? But that’s a whole nother topic and I don’t want to stir up one of our beloved Hicktowner resident….at least not during this special week of thanksgiving.

  6. Yes, don’t start no stuff. LOL

  7. My “Open Thread” was simply to share ‘opinions’ about the current conflict between ‘Israel and Hamas’ not Palestine; not to engage in ‘Ad Homimen’ based emotional agitation and character attacks instead of the subject
    Since I am the one who initiated the subject, I must assume “evangelical folks” accused of using “mental scare-tactics” is a reference to me (if not, I stand corrected, if so, I take no offense)

    Former Prime Minister Sharon removed the Israeli settlers from Gaza over a 20yr period for peace; ever since, Hamas has come in lauching on its neighbors, and constantly the recipients of those attacks have been told “to stand down”
    I don’t know any nation that would have tolerated such affronts over a long period of time; no one would appreciate their neighbor dumping garbage into their own backyard
    The question that must be asked is “Who threw the first stone?”

    Even the President stated “Israel has the right to defend itself”
    that speaks for itself-
    I find the reporting of the news media to be overtly biased; down playing without mentioning how Hamas hides behind “human shields” hospitals, schools and other civilian non-target areas to launch weapons which result in collateral damage & civilian casualties
    I have yet to hear them mention the ‘early warnings’ to civilians to evacuate buildings housing weapons before a military strike; missles have been fired on Tel-Aviv, these are unguided weapons that fall into populated areas, thankfully some have been intercepted

    As in any conflict there are casualties, both sides are crying while on their way to the cemetery, nobody rejoices in war, I certainly don’t

    I would like very much like to hear the indepth views of Palestine/Israeli history in an objective manner

  8. ???? – You lost me. People answer according to their own belief systems, etc.

    I’m unclear as to who you think attacked you.

    I’m not personally interested in approaching this from scripture. I don’t like how the Palestine people are being tormented so I approached this from a human perspective.

    Remember that this is a blog that allows for people to express their thoughts in a way that comfortable and true to themselves.

  9. Gigifromthehills

    @BAJerry: Oh no my brother, I wasn’t referring to you (unless you own and operate one of those television stations that keep popping of at the gums about God says Obama is sending America to hell if Israel isn’t backed by President Obama) I was referring to folks like Pat 700-I-alone-hear-from-God Robertson, James Roberson, that Daystar man with the bushy eyebrows and his heavyset wife. Seems like everytime I click on the television (which isn’t a lot) somebody’s throwing scare-tactics across the airwaves about Christians going to hells fire if they say anything about Israel that isn’t pleasing. And I’m like, “for real?” So, okay, am I going to hell for telling unsaved folks living in Israel that if they die tonight without having excepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, as their redeemer, I’m going to hell? Seriously, I’m going to hell if I tell them that they are no more special than anyone else—-in fact, if they really want to know how special and chosen they are, leave this earth without acknowledging and receiving God’s only begotten son, Yeshua.

    You see, I have family living in Israel. I have family, who are falashas and my heart’s cry when I visit them is to give their lives to Christ—that their claim to being “chosen” is fruitless if they don’t accept the saving grace of Jesus. That the torah, the law isn’t going to place them above God’s plan of salvation. Some of my family have given quoted evangelicals acknowledgment of them being “chosen” and in God’s will.

    So no, Brother BAJerry, my comments were not about you, but about evangelical folks on the air waves that have gotten a lot about Israel twisted. They need to be sharing and speading the Gospel to folks in Israel instead of hell-stoning and brim-firing our President in his position with Israel.

    I apologize to you if I offended you in anyway.

    @Lynn: I apologize for starting a quarrel among us. Please forgive my emotional posting earlier that has caused a rift. And yes,I still stand by your position about the people of Palestine. They too are human beings who deserve better then what is being dropped upon them as if they are litter!

  10. Gigifromthehills

    ***Also wanted to mention, that my same family members living in Israel have many complaints about white-skin Israelites treating them like 4th class citizens and treating them like monkey crap—yet they remain in Israel….and I’m like, “okay, so ya’ll some bi-polar habeshas if you ask me (but you didn’t so I’ll shut up and listen to you weep about your hardships) because I would get the airlift up out of Israel!”****

    That’s what my complaint is about—-if one speaks out about Israel being wrong and unfair to Israel citizens who are dark skin, folks try to throw scare-tactics on you. I know I’m not making much sense right now—my emotions and memories are surfacing and mixing into the convo right now, so I’ll exit until I can calm down and make sense.

  11. Lynn, Gigi: My Sisters, I offer my sincere apologies to both of you for any confusion and/or misunderstanding on my part-
    Gigi, I did assume your “excitable” comments were addressed to me;(for the record, I wasn’t offended nor was there any animosity towards you in my comments)
    Thank you for the apology, but its not necessary, the fault was mine; but please accept mine. ‘I stand corrected’

    The LORD tests our faith for moments like this:
    “Therefore as the elect of God holy and beloved,
    put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness,
    patience; bearing with one another and forgiving
    one another; if anyone has a complaint against
    another even as Christ forgave
    (us) we must also do” Colossians 3:13-14

    P.S. Lynn, we’re on the same page, I don’t like to see any human being mistreated or suffer; Hicktown is family, and like all families misunderstandings happen from time to time.

  12. “I would like very much like to hear the indepth views of Palestine/Israeli history in an objective manner.”

    Check out some “Judaic” authors, speakers and producers who were raised in up in Judaism and culture that wrote about Jewish-Israel history & culture.

    Benjamin Freedman

    The Hidden Tyranny (1961)

    Here’s the transcript of the speech that can be downloaded

    The speech is also on youtube:
    Watch “Benjamin H. Freedman Warns America” on YouTube


    -A mini book by a Judaic professor Israel Shahak called “Jewish History Jewish Religion” who taught @ a Jewish University in Jerusalem.

    -And another Jewish professor who teaches contemporary history @ the University of Tel Aviv, book called “The invention of the Jewish People.”

    -A book by Gilad Atzmon-“The Wondering Who?”

    -And a book “By Way of Deception” by Victor Ostrovsky, Jewish former Mossad Agent.

    -A short documentary by a Jewish film director Yoav Shamir called “Defamation-anti-Semitism: The Movie”

    -And his 2nd movie called, “Checkpoint.”

  13. Well,

    I hate the fact that people are dying because the Powers at be are trying to suck the USA and others into WWIII. I can’t stand it. But from a biblical perspective we know how everything is going to play out. Daniel’s prophecy soon come. Whichever person ended up being President was going to be sucked into this mess and possibly keep provoking Iran just enough for them to start a war. history is repeating and it stinks.

    But I’m hear to tell you God is greater than all this mess!!

  14. Watch “Shocking leaked video:what some actually believe!” on YouTube


  15. Gigifromthehills

    @BAJerry: Ahhhhhhh,my brother! My heart smiled when I read the scripture–we are truly beloved family. Yes, I get emotional when there is talk of Israel because I know what some of my family members who live there are going through, yet not many people listen (that could have been me had my parents accepted the route of Operation Solomon). I wonder if folks know how people of color are mistreated in Israel and how do those of us in America speak out? This newsclip from youtube that is only a drop of why I get emotional: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_acfNfFkgw&feature=endscreen&NR=1

    PS…..the hicktowner resident I was referring to has showed up and out…..”cladius”

    @cladius: Hi cladius….I was wondering when I’d hear from you (lol…in a good way)….yep, you’re the hicktowner resident I was referring to (keep smiling, you know it’s true).

  16. @ GiGi -I just saw your apology. You did not start anything so there is no need for an apology. We are offering opinions.

  17. -@ Ms.Gigi..”I don’t want to stir up one of our beloved Hicktowner resident.”

    -I was wondering who you were referring to? Good one. I tried so hard not to get involved. I was glad that the topic was raised up by someone else.

    -I am smiling and weep often concerning this issue. You are right when you said “..yet not many people listen..”

    -Below are 2 response from friends, concerning the info I sent them. :)

    -Friend One Response- a white woman-former pastor: “Claddius, we are strong supporters of Israel and their right to fight for their territory. This may come across offensive, but I don’t know another way to request it but by saying please do not send any more articles to us like this because honestly, I don’t read them.

    -Friend two Response-a nigerian friend, came up together from a african baptist bckgrnd: “Cladius watch what you believe. Israel has been under attack since he was born? And Israel will always be under attack, but will overcome.”

    -I just wanted to cause an awareness in hoping to trigger a tiny bit of compassion from Americans, especially White Christians for the Palestinian folks. Many Christians have been indoctrinated in a negative way concerning this matter that they forgot how to “think for themselves.” A lot of Christians in America (especially the 10 million plus followers & worshipers of John Hagee, and the milions of TBN and other so called religious network followers & watchers) forget that their are Christians in those middle east nations also.

    -I pray that our president doesnt give in to the bullying of Israel. Why should we keep sending Americans to fight and die for Israel’s war?