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by Deputy Diva 

 In wake of the aftermath of the Sean Bell verdict, undercover detectives face even more heat for improperly stopping one of their own, African-American, three star chief, Douglas Zeigler.  Zeigler (shown below), 60, is the NYPD’s highest-ranking uniformed black officer and heads up the Community Affairs Bureau.

Three-star NYPD Chief Douglas Zeigler

According to the NY Daily News, Zeigler was parked in an NYPD-issued vehicle near a fire hydrant when two plainclothes cops approached on May 2, sources said.

One officer walked up on each side of the SUV at 57th Ave. and Xenia St. in Corona about 7 p.m. and told the driver to roll down the heavily tinted windows, sources said.

In his briefing to Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, Zeigler said the two cops, who are white, had no legitimate reason to approach his SUV, ranking sources said.

After they ordered him to get out, one officer did not believe the NYPD identification Zeigler gave him. One cop got into a heated argument with the chief even after seeing the ID, sources said.

That cop was stripped of his gun and badge and placed on modified duty last night, sources said. The status of the second officer was unclear.


I’ve personally met Chief Zeigler and have several attended ceremonies at 1 Police Plaza, where his photo is prominently displayed on the same lobby wall on which Commissioner Kelly’s photo appears. You have to literally walk around and behind this wall of photos to formally enter the building.  For these officers to claim they didn’t know who he was is really absurd.  He is at every graduation, formal ceremony and notable NYPD event.  Hopefully this will be the wake-up call the NYPD needs to reassess their training practices regarding their undercover officers and prevent another police brutality/fatality from occurring.

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  1. NYPD is off the chain and needs to be revamped from the bottom to the top. They constantly exhibit open racism and are almost never held accountable for it.