This creep pulled off to the side of the road and murdered her husband in cold blood. THEN….with his body beside her dead, she calmly drove to a house as though nothing happened. Check out her fake courtroom performance. She needs the death penalty.

By the way, this awful actress was a police officer. Scary thought!

UPDATE: Sentenced to 50 years! Press HERE


  1. Why is it that those who are actually guilty act a fool in court when they hear the verdict? No, she didn’t do all that crazy hollering, but “fainting” is paramount to the same thing.

  2. I might have to start a whole category for fools who act up in court. Unreal. Keep in mind that after murdering her husband, she cooly drove to her mother’s house with his DEAD BODY sitting next to her in the passenger seat, okay?

    Sick, demented woman. Danger to society, really.

  3. The lawyers should have just let her hit her head. Reality just did.

  4. Yvette brings out a good point. Isn’t it interesting that these performers never get hurt when they “fall”?

  5. I don’t know anything about this case, but pity the poor lass she did not break out the “He abused me defence”, or did she?

  6. Well actually she did:

    “I was not trying to kill Marcus. I would never try to hurt him,” she said, weeping. “He always hit me.”

    “Prosecutors argued in court that the slaying was far from an accident. During the trial, witnesses portrayed Johnson as a wife with an aggressive personality and a tendency to drink excessively.

    Her husband was described as a peaceful man, a popular barber and a renowned amateur bowler. Forensic evidence and testimony from crime-scene experts showed that Johnson fired an intentional contact shot, prosecutors said.”

  7. Last time I checked people that have fainted don’t move their legs purposfully. Looks like made herself fall, I dont even think she fainted. She just sunk down to the floor…and stayed there.


  9. I hate police officers!!! They believe they can get away with anything because most of the time, they do get away with it. They are the biggest liars and thieves there are. some of them become police officers just so they will not have to answer for their drug dealing and various other crimes. Better screening is needed to become a police officer. It’s a shame the good officers have to suffer because of the bad one.

  10. The bald man and the woman seemed odd to me. That was a little over dramatic for me. Very odd indeed.