1. Monkey see, Monkey do…

    Romans 12:2 (KJV)
    And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

  2. Yes it is garbage. But then again TLC hasn’t been The Learning Channel for quite some time now. But we can still hope…. I guess?

  3. Wonderful! Just what we need – another vehicle by which Jeezebel can display herself. :-/ (SMH)

  4. Cultwatcher,

    We have a longstanding rule. If you post a scripture, post it with the understanding that many read this board who have never cracked a bible and therefore have no idea what you are talking about.

    With that in mind, we ask that if a person posts a scripture, they take the time to explain the scripture and how it relates to the topic.

    You might also want to explain what you meant by monkey see monkey do. Who is the monkey? And who is seeing and doing?

  5. I did not see the show and did not know anything about the show. Alot of people on my facebook feed were complaining about the show…I had no clue what they were talking about. lol

    They were saying things like, “I expected better” and “come on now”.

  6. Well this show to me must be foolishness, but paradoxically there is some good. It reveals and opens the eyes of those who are under the illusion that their alleged leaders live at a “higher standard”. Its one thing to be fun, its another to be trifling. I may offend some but even this week I was telling some folk I kinda detest this “First Lady” term. Thats just me. So I guess we should look out for fights, quarrels confrontations with choir directors and all that mess :(

  7. My thing is, how is this uplifting the Kingdom? Are we glorying God? Are you getting tattoos in Jesus Name? I’m just going by what I saw.

    I just don’t get it.

  8. @Lynn

    No one is an actual monkey…it just means someone is copying the behavior of someone else (mimicry). The Church seems to be taking it’s direction from what is happening in every day life.

    The Church(the called out assembly of God) must live in a sin sick world, but It has the responsibility to let the light of God shine through our life. We are supposed to share the Gospel(the death, buriel and resurrection of Christ Jesus) & conduct our life based on the teachings of the bible not the way of the world.

    Study of the Bible reveals to the indiviual what God defines as the standard of right and wrong which ultimately changes how we behave and what we call right and wrong.

  9. As a Pastor’s wife, I was appalled. But the real truth of the matter is that there are more just like them that are sitting in our churches and no one is the wiser. St. John Knit + Prada purses does not equal santification! I lead a intercessory prayer group of pastor’s wives that pray for ministries, churches and pastors. We will have to add this bunch of silly women to our prayer list!

    Your Truly,
    A conservative, bible-believing, sanctified, faith-filled, prayer and intercessor leader AND Pastor’s Wife.

  10. @ Cultwatcher, thanks for the further explanation. Best not to leave it to people’s own devices to figure out scriptures if they are not familiar with the bible.

  11. Ms Lynn first part of this interview, “Pastah” regrets being part of this show. Publicly repents. Didn’t he know they would have edited it in a trifling way?

  12. Ms Lynn first part of this interview, “Pastah” regrets being part of this show. Publicly repents. Didn’t he know they would have edited it in a trifling way? OOps sorry

  13. I guess you haven’t heard about the proposed Oxygen network show featuring some rapper named Shawty Lo and his 10 baby mamas and their 11 children…another “reality” show…. http://blogs.ajc.com/radio-tv-talk/2013/01/04/atlanta-rapper-shawty-los-oxygen-special-all-my-babys-mamas/?icid=buzzlink

  14. Happy New Year! I heard Pastor Lewis’s radio interview. Like he said, he was “naive and made a mistake” and other things. Im glad for the radio interview and the opportunity to hear his mind.

  15. I finally watched all 3 episodes of this train wreck and heard Brian Lewis’ interview. I felt that apology in the radio interview is insincere because he starts off ‘apologizing’ for being on the show, but then claims that “he didn’t know how those other people were going to act.” Um, what about YOUR behavior? Where is YOUR accountability in all of this? From what I’ve seen thus far in every episode he is the biggest attention whore of them all, with his wife running a close second. I would love to know why they were asked to leave their former church, but I have a feeling it is because they come across as too self righteous and lead people to believe that they are perfect and that all Christians should be perfect (like how they perceive themselves to be) and it is an absolute turnoff to believers, let alone people who don’t even know God.

    I do like DeLana and feel that she is a true example of what living Godly is all about. She is very real, but doesn’t get caught up in the messiness that the other get involved in and even brings them back to focus on God.

    I think the one good thing that comes out of this show is that it shows those who idolize these ‘Pastors & First Ladies” and think that because they have a nice house, nice car, nice clothes and expensive accessories, etc., that it is a lifetsyle to aspire to; that deep down these folks have issues just like you and I, they have failing marriages and if you sit up under them and wonder why they can’t counsel you or pray for you about certain issues, it is more than likely because they are going through their own and can’t manage. This show is a perfect example of why you can’t put your faith in man!

  16. This Brian of a person(Not Judging just critiquing a show), he and his wife. My oh my so self righteous. They have religious lingua down to a science. Words like, called,purpose, promotion, destiny. Hey I have seen 3 shows so far like it for its entertainment value. I also like it because it also ties into the whole, “No good men, no good women mess.” His interview. How comes a so called senior Pastor could claim to be so detached, that he didn’t know reality shows are trifling? How did he expect a TLC show to be about…(More Lingua folks) “Kingdom business?” Then in interview he says, ‘He doesn’t like those people’. Code word for if I can’t push you around you become enemy.