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By:  Lynn Green

  Maybe accused murderer, “minister” Reaves will find a boyfriend in jail.

An alleged homosexual “minister” named Robert Reaves is accused of murdering his roommates’s girfriend. Why? Jealousy over the fact that his male roommate turned down his offer to become his homosexual lover. How his roommate ended up living with this freak of nature is beyond me.

A man’s jealousy over a romantic relationship between his roommate and a North Carolina Central University student prompted him to kill the student last January, a prosecutor said Friday.

During a bond hearing for Robert Lee Adams Reaves, prosecutors said Reaves wanted to have a homosexual relationship with his roommate, Steven L. Randolph, and went into a rage when Randolph rebuffed him.

Reaves then followed Latrese Matral Curtis, who was having an affair with Randolph, after she left his apartment and killed her, prosecutors said.


According to news reports, Reaves has a long history of criminal charges based on criminal sexual conduct with little boys:

Reaves began his career as a preacher at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church near Bennettsville, S.C., in the mid 1980s.

He left the church in 1987 after being accused of criminal sexual conduct involving a boy under age 17, said Pastor Earl Platt, the church’s current pastor who succeeded Reaves.

Reaves was charged with criminal sexual conduct Sept. 3, 1987, in Marlboro County, S.C., according to court records. He was convicted of third-degree sex charges on Jan. 1, 1988. Platt said Reaves served time in jail for that conviction.

Reaves was also charged with simple assault and battery in 1982 in South Carolina.

Platt described Reaves as a “gifted preacher” who had a true talent for communicating with people. Platt said he hoped Reaves would start “doing the right thing” and move past the sexual accusations.

“That was his past. I thought, you know, he rose above that,” Evans said.

According to published reports, Reaves next surfaced in New York City, where he served as pastor at Cedar of Lebanon Baptist Church and studied at Elim International Fellowship. He resigned in January 2002 to establish Cedar International Fellowship in Brooklyn.

Platt said sexual allegations involving Reaves and a male minor also surfaced in New York.

Court records show that Reaves was charged again with first-degree criminal sexual conduct on July 13, 2002. That charge led to what court records described as a “non-conviction.”


One more thing I must mention.  The dead woman was married and having an affair with Steven Randolph, the roommate of Robert Lee Adams.  Had she been home with her husband, where she belonged and not out engaged in adultery she would still be alive.

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  1. Did the roommate not know his history? And thank God the church got rid of him. So many times folks will stand behind crooked pastors. I am just stunned and flabbergasted. My goodness!

  2. He is a minister in name only. He belongs to his father-satan.
    Lady D

  3. Ok, there are so many twists and turns to this story, my head is spinning….So dude was a pedophile and sexual deviant with a history of preying on little boys. He then moved in with some other man and killed his female lover… who was stepping out on her husband, because the man rejected his sexual advances…AND this creep was bouncing around from state to state to create new ministries and undoubtely find new boys to molest.

    I hope he winds up under the jail and that each of these states he’s been in, conducts a thorough investigation into what he’s been up to in each state and charges him accordingly.

  4. These people wouldn’t be “pastors” if the senior pastor wouldn’t allow anything in his pulpit. My pastor has said just anyone will not preach from his pulpit.

    I have attended a church where the pastor allowed anybody who said they wanted to preach in the pulpit. One guy would preach then go home and beat his wife. One wife told me she cringed while her husband spoke “preached” because she knew how she was going to be treated once they left the church. Scary! No wonder so many people are leaving the pews.

  5. From my reading of the story he was not under a Sr. Pastor. He was the pastor. Smaller churches usually only have one pastor and associate ministers. But they are not called pastors. And with it being a Baptist church, they reviewed his resume and others’ resumes and hired him. But it seems they got rid of him as soon as the first problem surfaced. I don’t fault the church because they dealt with the problem and he was prosecuted.

  6. It seems like these so-called pastors roam for a reason… becasue they have a shady background and don’t wish to be exposed. Remember the story that Lynn posted a few months back about the ‘preacher’ who had his wife in the freezer for years and no one knew because he traveled from church to church and his kids were not allowed to socialize with anyone.

    Sr. Pastors need to be very wary of these ‘traveling’ ministers and look into why they are wandering with no church home and members of their own. Often times, they are ‘running’ from something!

  7. In this case, the wages of sin was truly death for the Adulterer. My my my, more and more darkness being exposed by the Light!

  8. You know what, GodlySoldier? I bet her husband is a good man. Yet, she was sneaking around cheating on him with a man who obviously could not even afford his own place, but who continued to live with a pervert who was coming on to him.

  9. I know, I only pray there were no children involved…this is one reason how Aids continues to grow out of control among women. I wonder if she knew that he liked to straddle both sides of the fence?

  10. Oops, I may stand corrected, after re-reading the story, it appears the roommate did not give into his homosexual advances…

  11. Right. The purpose of the murder was to get rid of the competition. He was obviously very, very sick, trying to lead a heterosexual into a perverted relationship and so desperate that he was not willing to take no for an answer—to the point of murder.

  12. I think the roommate was having sex with both of them!!! She didn’t know but Reaves knew & couldn’t handle it so he got rid her…damn, that musta been some good d*ck!!! Watch some dummy try to email me…lol

  13. I remember this dude preaching when he was a little boy. Everyone in Bennettsville was suspicious of his gay ways. WELL now he will be as happy as a gay in Jail. Booty busting Time!!!@