1. This seems to be the new trend – running ponzi schemes in churches. First Bishop Eddie Long and now this. I am starting to see Pastors bringing in all these so called ‘financial advisors’ to fleece their flock and convince their parishoners, if I could put my money into it, you should too and then they fleece their entire flock. It is even worse when they use someone with name recognition to say, well if a “Winans” is involved then you KNOW you ought to invest.

    People need to stop relying on religiosity and someone else’s say so, when making financial decisions. Do your own research.

  2. Good. When will church folk wake up? If you want to make investments……………. go to a brokerage firm or investment counselor. NOT CHURCH !!!!

  3. Now that the word is out that churches are being targeted by criminals with Ponzi schemes, my sincere hope is that people will keep their money in their accounts, safe or in their 401K where the money is safe. Greed is part of the issue here. People need to be careful about pulling out their money, trying to get rich quick.