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Acar4It’s very frustrating to see more and more fatherless black men going south and terrorizing society. I know nothing about the five men I’m about to highlight and have done no particular research. However, I doubt seriously that any of them grew up with a stable father in their homes. I guarantee you that most of them have “sired” babies by a variety of women to continue the cycle of roving wolves intimidating and presenting a scourge on society. Have this garbage any shame?

Five young men who staged one of the largest armored car heists in U.S. history, then spent their loot on strippers, Mother’s Day gifts and other luxuries were denied pleas for mercy Monday and ordered to spend at least 25 years in prison.

Calling the $9.8 million robbery an unjustifiable crime, South Carolina judge Michelle Childs sentenced three of the men to at least 25 years each in prison for armed robbery, kidnapping, assault and battery, and conspiracy. A fourth man was sentenced to three years for conspiracy, and the judge refused to reduce 25-year sentences for two others convicted.

All of these men are under age 30. Many of them will miss the duration of their youth because they will be behind bars like caged slaves.

But here is the saddest part of all of this. They were so ignorant, they had NO CLUE what to do with the money. So how did they spend it?

For a week, the men spent money on strippers, tennis shoes, tattoos, electronics, used cars — even Mother’s Day gifts.

All but one of the six men were arrested about a week after the heist. Nine months later, Lyde was arrested in North Carolina.
Family members say many of the men once volunteered in their communities, helped raise their siblings and aspired to be college graduates despite growing up in rough neighborhoods. One was a college athlete, another a sensitive father who turned to cocaine and alcohol after ending his relationship with the mother of his young daughter.

“He made a mistake,” Darryl Frierson’s father said. “They all made mistakes. … But take me, please don’t take my son. Don’t take him away from his daughter.”

??? A 9.8 million dollar mistake? I wish I had the history of this father’s involvement in his son’s life. In any event, so long! More mess off the streets.


They have no excuse for their crime, as some of them were in college:

Dominic La Shaun Lyde, 24, of Darlington, to 28 years. Authorities say Lyde, who was featured on “America’s Most Wanted” and captured after a nine-month manhunt, assaulted Jones with a gun.

Jeremy McPhail, 21, of Society Hill, to 25 years. Authorities say McPhail was armed and helped overpower Jones.

Paul J. Whitaker, 23, of Sumter, to three years. Authorities said Whitaker, also an Express Teller Services employee, stayed at the office to file a false security check on the truck.

Two other men, Domonique D. Blakney, 21, and his brother, 22-year-old Kelby D. Blakney, were sentenced earlier to 25 years in prison.

Frierson, Whitaker, McPhail and Domonique Blakney attended Benedict College. One of the men later recruited Lyde, Goldberg said. He also said Frierson and the Blakneys are cousins.

The men asked Childs for leniency because of their ages, their extensive family support and the fact that most of them had little or no prior criminal record.


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  1. This is a bit lengthy, but I wanted to demonstrate disparity in sentencing a propos race. The guys were idiots, but their sentences were way too harsh.
    Remember the bank robbers dubbed the Barbie Bandits?:

    Ashley Miller, convicted of theft and drug distribution, was sentenced to the maximum of 10 years. She has to serve two years behind bars, with the remainder on probation.

    She also has to pay at least $2,500 in restitution.

    Her co-defendant, Heather Lyn Johnston, who pleaded guilty to robbery and drug use charges in August, was sentenced to 10 years probation with community service, a minimum $2,000 fine and $2,500 in restitution.

    Benny Herman Allen III, who at the time of the February 27, 2007, robbery was a teller at the Bank of America in Acworth, Georgia, also was sentenced to the 10-year maximum. He’s required to serve five years behind bars and pay $2,500 in restitution.

    Seems like Hollywood has many young folk interested in the thug life.

  2. For the sake of argument, let’s say that blacks are guaranteed a stiffer sentence for the same or similar crime as a white person.

    Let’s say that blacks are fully aware of the unfair treatment.

    With that in mind WHY are black folks—men in particular, planning out and engaging in these horrific crimes?

    No sympathy here.

  3. $9.8 million robbery, armed robbery, kidnapping, assault and battery, and conspiracy. No miscarriage of justice here. When will we as a people stop turning everything into a racial issue. While yes we on a day to day basis are looked at because of the color of our skin stop trying to blame “the man” for everything. The real focus should be on how these men had no regard for the next person’s life all in the name of trying to obtain the finer things in life. The next problem with the whole scenario is family members calling this a “mistake”. This can hardly be classified as a mistake. Well I can say this they will have plenty of time in jail to think about the sacrifice that they made for their “mistake”.

    @In A Hurry. You made a statement “Seems like Hollywood has many young folk interested in the thug life.” These gentlemen were not kids. Some of them were even in college. Please don’t blame Hollywood for their actions. The sentence handed down to each individual is definitely fitting for the crimes committed.

  4. Hollywood/music industry may not be to blame, but definitely needs to be looked at. The entertainment factor cannot be denied when searching for a reason for such stupidity. The crimes being committed by college students may not rise to this level, but the rate of crime among college students is rising.
    I am in no way defending the behavior of these young men. A college student who wants to be a hoodlum? Crazy, their parents must really be scratching their heads. But I think we need to be mindful that we are not in a post-racial society. I am not saying that they should have gotten only 5 years, but 35 and 25??? A little harsh IMHO.

  5. P.S.: I wonder if the sentences were that harsh because not all of the money was recovered. If they didn’t cough up where it is, then they really are stupid.

  6. @In A Hurry. I still strongly disagree with your viewpoint but that’s ok we can still be friends. We as a society need to stop with the blame game and take responsibility for our actions. Just because I watch a video, listen to music, heck watch a violent movie doesn’t justify me going out and emulating what I saw. Especially once you have reached the age where you know the difference between right and wrong. These guys knew what they were doing and even took the time out to sit down and make a plan. They were sloppy in the follow-through of the plan and to top it off they spent the money on foolishness “For a week, the men spent money on strippers, tennis shoes, tattoos, electronics, used cars — even Mother’s Day gifts.” My question is just how much time do you think that they deserve for their actions? I mean on top of the robbery they beat a guard badly, duct taped him with broken bones and knocked his teeth out. 25 years seems like a fair and just punishment especially when these gentlemen didn’t have a regard for someone else’s life.

    I agree Lynn NO SYMPATHY HERE!

  7. I still strongly disagree with your viewpoint but that’s ok we can still be friends.


    I think they should have gotten 20-25 yrs. People commit murder and are out in 20. I just wanted to point out the racial disparity in sentencing. The drunk driver in KY who killed 27 people did 15 yrs. But, Black folks staying in school and becoming a part of the justice system instead of being subjected to it would definitely HELP in that arena.
    I agree that Hollywood/media doesn’t cause violence, but it does help to make society more comfortable with it. I think it accounts for more aggravated assault accompanying robbery. I would also like to know if they were high which might have contributed to their violent actions — but that is a whole other topic.

  8. darlingtonfinest

    It does seem 2 b an racial issue…if only u knew the boys and they background then it will b better 4 u 2 understand but u on the outside looking in so half the story u dont know about them.yes they was wrong but the 25 years of sentence is just too much im pretty sure if they were white or kids of your own you would want it to be less time…

  9. Who are you addressing, Lowing?

  10. I agree with you that Gates is a……um……donkey’s bottom.

    However, Obama is not a socialist and if he were, I would not have voted for him. I won’t get into a racial debate but clearly you and I have differing views which is fine.

  11. First off the editor of this article has to be a racist some of the statements proves that. I understand reporting on a crime but to try to paint a vivid picture of the defendants background and how they live or what upbringing they had is totally beside the point. I also feel like the editor expressed more personal bias against black people than requires in this article……

  12. Joe….um what specifically is your issue with the TRUTH told about this dumb crew?

  13. Y’all don’t know how it feel to lose your brother to the system . Me and my brother Domonic Lyde probably weren’t the closest of brothers , but at the same time that’s my brother . I mean yea they were wrong but giving my brother 28 years giving the others 25 or more years just is too much . Instead of trying to lock people down for making careless mistakes the judicial system should actually HELP people . People are only as strong as the elements around them and will react with what they are given . It’s that simple . That’s what happened to my brother and the others . I’m not saying my brother should be free today but I am saying they should probably review his trial and consider lessening his sentence . Love u big bro !

  14. Thanks for sharing your story and your opinions, Oorah. Sadly, if your brother does not get some type of decent education and training for a career, he will repeat the cycle if he is ever released. An idle mind is a playground for the devil. While in there, I hope he is expanding his mind.