AND….look below to check out the mass call he sent to a mass group of people where he goes to their emotions. He tells them, “I know you are going through a tough time…” Well if I send that same message to 100,000 people, SOME of them clearly will be going through a tough time, right? DON’T fall for it, saints. KEEP your money in your wallet!

The only way to stop this wickedness is for God to start slaying them in the pulpit. Seriously.

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  1. BornAgainJerry

    Pulpit pimps have become masters of the preaching game; a pimp manipulates and exploits people for financial gain and this is no different!
    These guys just upped the game, Manassah was promoted by his daddy “master prophet”
    E. Bernard Jordan, who endorsed the late Rev. Sike (I mean..Ike) and in turn was groomed by Benny Hinn, because he knew this kid could attract an younger audience waiting to be separated from their money.
    (Notice Hinn’s prayer seeking a wife for the young Jordan and the wannabe hopefuls in the audience, strange how Benny couldn’t keep his own marriage intact)

    These followers fail to realize the deceivers they sit under have made themselves the mediators of faith (replacing Jesus) you must go thru them to get Gods blessing, or “favor”…for a fee of course!

    “For there is only ONE mediator between God & man, Christ Jesus” (1 Tim 2:5)

    On the platform with them are some the most conniving con artists in the game, (Magic) Mike Murdock, who talks out the side of his neck and Clarence McClendon with questionable academic credentials and two ex-wives under his belt.

    The heart of any message of a true prophet of God was to confront “sin the camp” a call to repentance and to walk in holiness before the LORD!

    These guys on the platform always follow the money trail, they know how to work a crowd giving them a message of false hope with dreams of wealth from God.
    Lying prophets turn you away from the truth with myths they have made up (2 Tim 4:4)
    in this case $1,000+ resurrection testimonies; as the vid shows (the names have been changed to protect the innocent)

    “Because from the least of them to the greatest
    of them, everyone is given over to greed,
    And from the prophet to the priest,
    Everyone deals falsely” – Jer 6:13

    “How long will it be in the heart of the prophets
    who prophesy lies? Indeed they are prophets
    of their own (deceitful) heart” Jer 23:26