1. Well, I guess he wont do that again. Leave people alone.

  2. I have to agree with you, Ginny. It’s best to leave people alone and to ignore some of their antics. Notice she also mentioned having a boyfriend in the car. How do we know whether or not he has a gun?

    People have lost their lives for less. And he’s fortunate it was mace and not lye. Leave people alone.

    I anticipate she will be arrested though.

  3. That was priceless…

  4. Well I live in the big city, and if we were to mace or argue with everyone who cuts in line or argues out of turn it would be a more deadly place. It was 1am, o these creatures of the night. He looks as if he was high on Robitussin while she was “so stoked”, that she had her ##### in the parking lot.