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It never fails to amaze me the ignorance of certain professionals who have no problems putting other people’s lives in jeapardy. An idiot doctor in Long Island took it upon himself to put his patients lives at risk by re-using needles, thus exposing them to all types of horrible diseases.

He needs to be prosecuted for attempted murder and he needs to lose his license for mal practice:

Dozens of patients of a doctor on Long Island are being urged to get tested for HIV and hepatitis after the health department says he reused syringes.

The patients were given flu shots at the Dr. E. Jacob Simhaee’s office in Manhasset.

Long Island reporter Emily Smith has the story.

The Nassau County health department says 36 patients who received flu shots from Dr. Simhaee have already been told to get tested.

This time, health department officials notified the public right away, instead of waiting three years like in a similar case this fall.

“I wouldn’t go to him,” area resident Pina Vaccaro said. “Of course, I wouldn’t.”

That’s how it seems everyone is reacting to a second outrageous scenario in Nassau County of a licensed doctor reusing syringes.

No one answered the door today at the office of Dr. Simhaee, a Manhasset OBGYN now deemed by the state and county to have put 36 of his patients coming in for flu shots at risk for HIV and hepatitis.

“Clearly was an oversight on his part,” said Dr. Abbey Greenberg, acting commissioner of the Nassau County Department of Health.

It is a significant oversight, considering once a needle is pulled out of the arm, a vacuum is created that leaves a little backflow of blood in the syringe. At that point, the next patient is exposed to blood-borne diseases.

To read the rest of this sordid tale, GO HERE


  1. How could reusing a needle be called an oversight in this day and age??? Yeah, attempted murder sounds about right!

  2. What is really shocking is that Manhasset, NY is home to one of the best hospitals in the world. (That is the only emergency room, where I’ve ever been treated as a walk in patient in less than 30 minutes and was even given medication to take home, so that I wouldn’t need to stop at the pharmacy).

    This area is extremely affluent with mansions and even million dollar condos, so I am really surprised that folks with means who may have been his patients have not been more vocal about shutting him down and seeing to it that he is prosecuted beyond the fullest extent of the law.

    It is indescribably despicable what this man did. He deliberately endangered many lives for no apparent reason.

  3. I should clarify that I wasn’t implying that this Dr. is/was affiliated with N. Shore Manhassett Hospital, but just to know that he had a private practice in that area that caters to its affluent residents, is really shocking.

  4. This guy is still practicing in the same office and is now doing botox andrestilin shots. So clearly this has not affected him andhis bussiness which I believe it freally should have alot of his patients dont speak english and have no idea that this guy is an awful Dr