19. March 2013 · Comments Off · Categories: Freaks on Display, Pathetic

Nine year old wanna-be rapper “Little Poopy” has many problems:

a. His parents view him as fecal matter, obviously. Why else would they allow him to have such a stage name?

b. His parents are allowing him to use his NON talented “rap” skills to brag that “coke ain’t a bad thing”. Of course he is referencing coca cola, right? Yeah….right.

c. His parents are allowing him (a 9 year old) to pat and rub on the buttocks of adult women.

Poor thang. He doesn’t stand a chance. First of all, he has ZERO talent. Cannot rap his way out of a paper bag. So apparently his parents believe that if they can get him some attention via his inappropriate antics, that would help. Protective services have investigated. But it’s not against the law for 9 year olds to brag that coke aint’ bad….and to rub on the backsides of adult women.

Wonder if he can read? Wonder if he knows that 5 x 2 equals 10?

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