1. Ms Lynn, I am glad you said it and not me. Are some men out of control? Yes, but these modern day hood chicks are something else. Now you see why those “rappahs” make videos about them.

  2. There may be more going on here than a typical hood rat. I would be interested in hearing about her mental health history.

  3. Well last week one almost blinded a bus driver in New York, I will tell you no doubt, these young females nowadays will come at you harder and quicker than one of those drop down pants Negroes. Its no joke. Once someone one tells them they are cute summer time, some skimpy clothes, tattoos, some weave and the new lip/mount/tongue/eyelash ring you can’t tell them nothing. LOL I live in Brooklyn, its attitude city.

  4. Winston – LOL!!!!! Too funny.

    I agree the girls of the generation after ours (meaning the gen Y and younger) are no joke. They are ready to fight at the drop of a hat and they have really bad attitudes.

  5. @Stacey hello. The thing though is there is some young wannabee ball player who will marry this woman and establish a life of grief. Now when someone gets married to such a one and she flips and they fight is that domestic abuse? Just asking.

  6. I don’t believe for a second that the ball players will see her as anything beyond a jumpoff.

  7. I don’t put the blame on her it’s these athletes who continue to communicate with these girls on twitter. Remember Kat Stacks all these blogs wrote a bunch of things about her ,but these men continued to met up with her. For some reason men are curious about these crazy girls. Guess they want to see if everything people are saying about these girls are true. I’ve witnessed other NBA players holler at Miss Hawaii in the open so its not going to end. No one is going to marry this woman but if they looking for a quick thrill they will come calling.

  8. Well personally I don’t see the difference between her and Kardashian or whatever. Maybe I am wrong but trust me there is always some silly fella who will fall for that “trick”

  9. This chick represented Hawaii in a pageant? Wow. They have low standards. She is very uncouth and I cannot believe that she got past the screeners. Nor does she have any respect for her position. To get on YouTube and embarrass herself like this is pathetic.

  10. No, she was never in a pageant. She simply calls herself Miss Hawaii. She is pathetic.

  11. Oh, well I can see why she wasn’t. She would NEVER make it past the interviewers. She needs to tone it down a nothch. Did you post this in “Attention Who**s” Because that is what she is seeking, attention. YouTube can turn anyone into an overnight sensation, especially if they do something gossip-worthy. She needs to sit down somewhere.