1. I am not sure but didn’t G. Craige Lewis also speak about this? I think it was on one of his DVDs and he was stating that same thing. Many do not believe that demons exist but rather that people are acting/pretending. I KNOW that they do having dealt with them myself.

  2. The reason I believe they exist is because:

    a. The scriptures, inspired by God, tells us they exist

    b. Demons are fallen angels

    c. If we believe there is a devil, then we have to believe there are demons

  3. Yes Monica, he did mention it on his dvd.

    It is so sad that some many professing christians want to act like demons do exist nor do they believe that when Jesus said we shall cast out demons that He actually meant it. (Matthew 10:8) But you must be willing to Not live in sin, which most christians aren’t. The only time you will hear the ‘jesus is not god’ ministers talk about the devil is where money is concerned. (I’m talking about the pulpit pimps) If people really knew how deep this goes they would fall on their knees before God and ask for forgivness of their sins. But many want to sugar coat everything. There are so many scriptures that talk about devils and demons yet many want to act like the bible focuses on how we handle our finances determines our salvation.

  4. I also like to keep a balance going though. While demons exist, I don’t believe that every manifestation is due to a demon/evil spirit. I always found it interesting that there are a limited number of “spirits” listed in the bible. Some things are clearly the works of the flesh. Flesh cannot be cast out – it must be crucified!

    Though I believe this person is under demonic influence.

  5. there are a limited number of “spirits” listed in the bible

    While God was wise to keep the focus on Jesus by not listing every demon (or angel) be aware that the bible speaks of “legions”. A legion is equal to anywhere from 1,000 to 6,000 demons, depending on which sourch you go to. But the important thing to note is that there are many, many legions of demons and angels in existence. Also note that while 1/3 of the angels left Jesus to follow satan, God does not tell us exactly how many there were. It could have been trillions. We simply do not know.

  6. that was my point

  7. @Admin, I just want to correct you on something, demons aren’t Fallen Angels, demons are the grunts in the demonic kingdom, fallen angels are fallen angels, they are in a higher rank than demons. fallen angels are spirits like the prince of persia, etc.. Just like GOD has different ranks in HIS kingdom, Angels, Arch Angels, The Heavenly Hosts etc… lucifer and his copy cat ways also have his ranks. Either way they are still nasty, those things are legit and the industry is ran by principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places. When you hear entertainers like Kanye West, Enimen. Katie Perry, Bob Dylan etc.. saying they sold their souls to the devil, they aren’t playing. Look at the new HP commercial with Dr. Dre for his headphones beats, it blatantly has 666 in it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btwWGM2-VeA&feature=related
    Thank GOD for Jesus Christ who gives us authority over them all.

  8. @Eli, I have to disagree with you. Fallen angels and demons are synonymous. Satan is not capable of creating things or life. God gave him the gift of music not procreation. As you mentioned, the music industry is so controlled by satanic influence that it has entered into the church. In Revelation 12:7-9 , it talks about Micheal and his angels will battle Satan and his angels. Since demons (fallen angels) can’t be everyone at once, they use media and music to influence people.

  9. You are 100% correct, Tavarez.

  10. iuts just as Craig said in his video, fallen angels are the weak willed angels that satan was able to deceive because he couldnt create anything…

    The devil is smart, but not as smart as the grace of God, which means and suggests that God, the owner of this grace that covers his true believerd, is more powerfull than we think. The devil is just another creation, with a special gift of music but just a creation, God is the creator…who do you think is more powerfull???

  11. The devil is smart????

    You have GOT to be joking. That IDIOT thought that he could overthrow God.


    Scratching my head

  12. @Lynn, yes the Lucifer is smart…remember the trick he ever pulled was to convince man that he did not exist…now, that’s not to say he’s smarter that God, which by the way will never happen, but he us a smart being and they only way to out smart him its through Jesus. Don’t give him what he wants, he has a plan to destroy all of God’s creations. We are living in his wrath today, call on Jesus!

  13. Typo the greatest trick…