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HickTowners will remember that I have reported on the pervert, Warren Jeffs. 

GO HERE to hear the YouTube video of that demon possessed child molester where he preached about black folks, calling us spawns of lucifer. Think about that. A wicked, evil, pedophile is calling blacks the devil. Go figure!

Now a group of children have been rescued from his cult:

Authorities said Monday they have taken legal custody of 401 children who lived on an isolated West Texas polygamist retreat built by imprisoned “prophet” Warren Jeffs.

Authorities load members of the FLDS onto buses as they search their Texas ranch for clues of abuse.

The children are being kept at a temporary shelter at historic Fort Concho in nearby San Angelo while authorities investigate whether a child bride gave birth on the ranch at age 15.

The children in state custody are joined at the shelter by 133 women, most of them mothers, who were taken during the past few days from the sprawling Yearning for Zion ranch, said Marleigh Meisner, a spokeswoman for the state’s Child Protective Services agency.

The women are free to return to the 1,900-acre compound, officials said, but many have chosen to remain. At this point, officials said, the children’s fathers are not permitted to see them.

Court proceedings began Monday to determine whether there is enough evidence to remove the children from their homes on the ranch, which is near Eldorado, Meisner said. A hearing is scheduled April 17.

The children will be appointed lawyers and legal guardians in about two weeks, she added.

Meisner said the temporary shelter is filling up quickly, and officials are facing a “critical shortage” of foster homes. Officials will try to keep siblings together, she added.

GO HERE to read remainder of story

PRESS HERE for creepy sermon of Warren Jeffs “preaching” to young girls, brain washing those children as to why they need to marry so young.