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I received a true chuckle today while visiting the blog of IC  and seeing that “His Grace”, “Bishop” E. Bernard Jordan, is selling soap. Soap, everyone. Why?

Juanita Bynum wants her $200,000 threshing floor and “His Grace, Bishop Jordan” wants you to buy his soap.

Jesus was not obsessed with money. He was concerned about souls. People out in the world who are unsaved have good sense. Just as Christians can look and see that there is something peculiar about certain ministers constantly finding a way to empty out people’s pocketbooks, sinners see it also. It turns those who are not saved off and further away from the Lord.

How often have you heard the expression, “I’m not going to church. Those ministers are just after money”. Well you know what? The people who say that do so because they look at TBN and similar programs and see the constant, shameless begging that takes place. It’s a blight on the Body of Christ and it makes all Christians look bad.

So now we have “His Grace” selling soap. Check out this advertisement:

Blended by His Grace, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, these soaps will cause you to experience the prophetic in a way you would never expect. Click on the various products to see what you’re missing! source

Blended by His Grace? Is he God now? Why is “His” capitalized?  Also, since when has “His Grace” learned how to make soap? And guess how much His Grace’s soap costs, ya’ll?    $7.00 a bar!

Look what else your hard earned money can buy:

For $365, Bishop Jordan will go before God on your behalf, and discern the script that has been written for your life! link

So they are charging for prayers and prophecy, huh? Here’s the zinger! For a seed of $3,000 you can join his prophetic inner circle!

For a seed of $3,000.00 you will experience the benefits of prophetic one on one coaching, direction and guidance till the end of 2006.

The Prophetic Inner Circle is a group of committed prophets trained under the Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan. The Prophetic Inner Circle has one goal in mind, speaking the word of the Lord into your life. Your personal prophet will help you discover your weaknesses and move you into your personal strengths. With over 30 years of Prophetic Ministry, Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan has spoken into the lives of thousands. Better known as the Prophet to the Stars, Bishop Jordan has the unique ability to motivate people to move beyond mediocrity and embrace excellence and wholeness in their lives. Through his 1-on-1 coaching, Bishop Jordan has the ability to see the potential in people and cultivate the gifts and talents that often lie dormant within them. He has placed thousands on the road to their prophetic destiny.Members of the Prophetic Inner Circle will be assigned a personal prophet who will be a living letter of Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan. Your personal prophet will serve as your prophetic midwife. Your personal prophet will help you dream yet another dream, as you begin to discover the loopholes in your life that will direct you to your destiny. Your personal prophet will serve as your spiritual flashlight to help you to see your way out of your dark tunnel. source

What I really find disturbing is the fact that Run who claims to be a reverend, has endorsed this money grabbing clown and even bought him a ROLLS ROYCE! 

The men in black cloaks, Rev. Run and Bishop Jordan in front of Rolls Royce that Run purchased for Jordan. Unbelievable!

For more information, go HERE and HERE 


  1. They look like dog-gone warlocks with those cloaks on! My daughter and I went to his website, and it was like goin to a psyhic website-it was dark, new-agey and creepy.

    Apostle Paul would whoop behind if he was here!! But that’s where we pick up the mantle and expose these charlatans.

  2. I would expect some magical prophetic soap to cost a lot more than $7 – what a bargain?

    I don’t understand why these hustlers don’t just market their wares to the greater public rather than focusing on believers. I would have more respect for them if they could make a living in the free market. But it is just wrong for them to always be hawking stuff to and at church. Juanita Bynum has her candles while this character has soap. What next – some special blend of anointed oil?

    And what is with the black cloaks? They look like a couple of monks.

  3. Bria said the cloaks look like warlocks and JustMe said the cloaks look like monks.

    What does everyone else think? Warlocks or Monks?


  4. Now we have Mr. Cleo.

    Unbelievable. He sounds like a snake oil salesman.

  5. I can answer that Justme…they don’t market their wares to the public, because they’re not a gullible as the Body of Christ!!!!

    The marketing of dis “appointing” oil is overdone. People are really into candles now-they can imagine they’re using the same candles that JB uses..or their bathin with the same soap as bernard. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?!


  6. That was the same thing I was thinking too Bria “more gullible.” It’s a shame all I can do is shake my head. It really does sound like some type of psyhic website ie “prophetic one on one coaching, direction and guidance till the end of 2006.” Is that one bar of soap for $7, no thank you I rather go to Pathmark and get eight bars of zest for $5 and carve my own scripture in it.

    And I vote warlocks

  7. I was struggling for the right word and agree that they look more like warlocks. lol. Maybe their next venture will be a line of magic spells.

  8. Remember “Rev. Ike” ??? deja vu !! They look like pimps. Yuk .

  9. They look like “warlocks.”
    I have a question because i have been unable to google the answer. Why is the term “His Grace” used?

  10. @Misha
    “no thank you I rather go to Pathmark and get eight bars of zest for $5 and carve my own scripture in it.”

    –that was HILARIOUS, and I concur 1,000%… but for a small gift of $1,566.99 (from 10,000 “partners” aka those blinded by halogen light)I may be persuaded to disagree with you! :)

    I’m voting (the first mention was more a suggestion).

    *Monks hearts are towards God, and they give up MATERIAL GOODS!!

  11. As i’ve said on Independent Conservative…”Grace” is usually used to address the Queen.

    I’ll leave it at that. :|

  12. Ms. Lynn later I will find a link that shows not only did Run purchase that Rolls for Rev Jordan, but that Rev Jordan ran out and paid $30,000 tithes to Rev Ike on the Rolls.
    Rev Jordan pays tithes to Rev Ike

  13. Ms. Lynn later I will find a link that shows not only did Run purchase that Rolls for Rev Jordan, but that Rev Jordan ran out and paid $30,000 tithes to Rev Ike on the Rolls.
    Rev Jordan pays tithes to Rev Ike

    Sorry for double post

  14. “For $365, Bishop Jordan will go before God on your behalf, and discern the script that has been written for your life”

    I can go get my fortune told for $5-$10 buck on almost any corner in Brooklyn

  15. I have never seen such absolute garbage in my life. Maybe Bernard can use some of that soap to cleanse his spirit and wash Juanita’s sheets. Then just maybe we can stop the madness and have church. Until then I ain’t taking my eyes off of Jesus.

  16. @ DestinysLady – You fit right in here at HickTown!

    @ Redman – I should be surprised but I’m not. And what is Run thinking by aligning himself with that clown? What message is he sending his young children?

    Run and his wife said that a voice told them to buy a car for “God”. Since when has Jordan been God?

  17. LOL @ DestinysLady. Whew… I nearly fell off my chair from laughing when I read that… Good one. I agree these two do look like warlocks with the cloaks and there is something very dark, new age and demonic about that site. What I want to know is what is so special and prophetic about the soap? These folks are no different than the Anthony Robbins’ (a.k.a. Frankenstein) with his $1000 “Walk through the Fire” seminars. It is cultish and they prey on peope who have low self esteem and are yearning for some sense of belonging to something.

    They all make their millions off of weak minded individuals under the ploy that they are teaching them some right way to live. In one case, the false ‘profits’ claim to be speaking on behalf of God and in the cases like Anthony Robbins, he claims to help you become more successful in business and in life.

  18. Ms. Lynn: Run always said he was a Reverend, but did you ever ask what type? Jordan has always been his mentor or pastor or whatever.

    Misha: I live in Brooklyn and I ain’t seen these fortune tellers :)

  19. MY BOY JORDAN. I saw this man on BET’s tired show “Meet the faith”. Here are a few of Jordans many uneducated quotes on the show. “Misters of God should not have to take public transportation”, (His reason for them to puchase their own jet.) “Church leaders should have the best of everything to give hope to poor people.”, “You can have money without worship, but you CANT worship without money.” These are just a few of the gems from the PROFITT JORDAN. I hate to admit it, but I enjoy listening to him. Because every time he speaks it lets me know how little this man reads his Bible. Would you believe he is considered the church authority for the show “MEET THE FAITH”. My 10 year old daughter would run circles around him.

  20. Lynn-family,
    Just read this on http://www.eurweb.com
    T.D. Jakes will be on the Dr. Phil show.
    Well, I guess if Juanita can hobnob w/Oprah and Obama,
    and Paula can be Tyra Banks’ life coach, I guess the apple wouldn’t fall too far from the tree.
    Big Daddy’s chillin with Oprah’s protege.

    T.D. Jakes Phil McGraw (Dr.Phil)
    Juanita Bynum Oprah Winfrey
    Paula White Tyra Banks (at one time she was
    being prepped to replace Oprah)

    ***top dawgs in “ministry, are rolling with top dawgs in Media, what’s REALLY going on?***

  21. Oops, the names were divided into two columns.
    One representing T.D. clique, the other showing Oprah’s.

  22. Okay, I have absolutely heard it all. The “Bishop” has truly gone mad. He is about as bad as this lady I met in Connecticut who was charging people for “spiritual baths” to “cleanse people from their sin”!

    @ DestinysLady – “Maybe Bernard can use some of that soap to cleanse his spirit and wash Juanita’s sheets.”

    That was priceless!

  23. @bria @justme @Cop @Lynn, this was so hilarious, when your read comments. I was laughing so much. What a way to start my day! The soap @bria about the zest… I was crying almost. Lord it is time that the four of you start to get paid. The sense of humor on here is great! The capes, I am still trying to type without losing it ! I thought about the “cape crusaders” …Lord help me!

    When I first saw the master prophet. I knew the marketing strategy when he use the word “master”. My daughter saw this man on television because he use to have an infomercial… My daughter said Mommie, he looks like a WARLOCK! I am not kiddin.

    Now, these capes If I can stop laughing because to me personally it is no more than what does all these symbols mean. Run ‘s collar and his priestly garments and the master prophet’s ability to do what? People that wear these things are not bad but “for me” when I start seeing the big crosses and the spooky gear they set off BIG RED FLAGS!

  24. @misha sorry that I forgot you! I got you give you your props about the soap!

  25. I been out and about so much today I think I need some of this blessing soap.

  26. God is NOT a fool. God, Himself will address this person who does these things in His Name,decieving the people of God. One thing that God can and will do is expose the errors of Christian leaders for all to see!

    John 2.16 – To those who sold the doves he said, “Take these things away from here! Do not make my Father’s house a marketplace!”

  27. “Blended by His Grace”

    Here is my take…This is a twist on words. He is saying that God’s Grace blended the soap, as if to say the ingredients are blessed with the Grace of God and the name validates it. I could be wrong but I don’t think “His Grace” is referring to him but God. If you notice there is a scripture for each soap. Basically, he is trying to give some scriptural connection to the soap to make it “look” good to Christians so that they would buy it.

  28. How DUMB can Christians be??? Father God DID NOT, and I repeat DID NOT take our thinking abilities away when we received Christ. When we were in the world, we could spot con-artists 6,000 miles away! Now they’re wrapped in nice clothes, doing vain babbling and we can’t DISCERN THAT?? what is going on?

    my goodness!
    bria :|

  29. Bria,

    They are appealing to those Christians that have a zeal for God but it is unenlightened. Romans 10:2 states this: For I can testify that they are zealous for God, but their zeal is not in line with the truth.

    They are not walking in the truth. The bible is telling us exactly what is going. we just need to connect the dots. God is looking for the true worshippers that will worship Him in spirit and truth. Selah!

  30. Those dudes look like holy rollin Jedi Knights..

  31. LOL. Good observation, DJenk and welcome to HickTown

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  34. Oh how awful….I have to work in the world and non-belieivers who ridicule the faith, and try to love them and show them that I am a “follower of Jesus Christ”, I cannot even use the word “Christian” because of people that use the term so loosely and live such unGodly lives. The world notices, and judges, and then there are these people like Bernard Jordan, and words cannot even express how awful I feel for him, for those who see him, and God Forbid, follow his beliefs and his insane bablings, and his flirting with demonic ideas and downright fortune telling. I had seen him years and years ago at an Ohio Prophetic Conference, I had no idea he had gotten that untouchable, that crazy, that far away from the true Gospel of our Lord. My heart truly grieves for him, he is so deceived. Maranatha!

  35. That has to be one of the most ridiculous photos that i’ve ever seen? Pastors in capes? I’ve seen it all now.

  36. Be not deceived. God is not mocked. This is a tragedy and what is even worse is that people are so far removed from God and the word of God that they actually fall for these scams. This plain and simple is taking the Lord’s name in vain for personal gain and you best believe that they will be held accountable for that. This is nothing more than cultish witchcraft. Beware and take heed!

  37. Rev. Dr. Bill Cousins, DD THD

    Humm… Warlock is a good enough term. I feel they should be marked so because they are false prophets and teachers and evangelists. They look like they are warlocks because they wear the garb of and look like their father the devil. I don’t care how much money they seem to have, the fancy cars they drive, or the false prosperity gospel they preach which on the surface seems correct but is not. Anyone who accepts prophecy or ministry from these guys is dabbling in witchcraft and places a curse upon their own life unknowingly. Please stay clear of these false prophets and teachers. Run claims Pentecostal ordination from E B Jordan, as I read in an article about him, but He and Jordan are not true Pentecostal preachers or prophets or leaders or teachers. The prosperity gospel is a false teaching. Do not be deceived. God wants you to prosper and be in good health only as your soul prospers,3 Jo 1:2, That means seeking God first so the Lord God can truly bless you, Mat 6:33-34. True blessing is not necessarily money received anyway. Do not be gullible. Do not pay into or buy the products of these liars and false prophets or believe their spiel; they’re false teachers. These guys are witches, not of God. These guys give Christianity a bad name, along with other so called prosperity TV preachers who claim Christian status and are nothing more than charlatans and steel ones money. You can list a large segment of TV-evangelists and so-called faith healers into this group also. Everyone knows their household like names. In the final analysis they will all rot in hell fire and brimstone. The Bible is very clear on this. Seek the Truth through the Word of God, KJV or AKJV, NKJV, or KJVER Holy Bibles. God Bless……, Rev. Dr. Bill Cousins, DD THD, The Amen – Full Gospel Fellowship.