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I need to hear from some members of the church of “Pastor” Sidney P. Malone.

Church LINK 

I received a tip today that alleges (NOT yet proven) that the man had his wife placed falsely in a mental hospital so that he could carry on an affair with his mistress in peace. Again, this is an allegation.

When you visit his website, you will find yourself wondering why this married man never mentions his wife.   And when you visit his “About” page, you will see nothing but EGO, inflated.

The fact that he has anyone sitting under him in church is a miracle.

Source #1 – Outlines the accusations against Malone

Source #2 – In source #2 you will find that there may be a twist in this story

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OH….and if you are HOPING that this character is not from either Florida or Georgia, think twice. He’s from Georgia.  Those two states are in competition for producing outlandish “pastors”.


  1. I listened to a radio program today which gave the impression that the pastor’s wife in this case truly does have some emotional issues. So maybe she did need to be put away in the hospital for a while, BUT if he was cheating that certainly did not help her case.

    I still would like to hear from any members of this church.

  2. Wow, looks like the good pastor beat his daughter up recently?

    According to a Collierville Police Department police report Pastor Sidney P. Malone could soon be preaching from a jail cell. On April 9,2008 officers responed to a Domestic Violence complaint at 1952 Ivy Wood in Collierville, the home of Malone. The complaint was being made by the minor daughter of the pastor of New Growth In Christ Church.
    The daughter states in her complaint with her grandmother Earnestine Atkins present that she had called her mother Rochelle on the phone and her father approached her and told her to get off the phone. After getting off the phone the daughter is told to go to her room,which she replys “OK”. The daughter states that as she was closing her bedroom door her father busted into the room and began approaching her angrily saying repeatedly “Nigger what the hell are you doing?”.
    The daughter states that at this point she backed up to her bed and told her father not to touch her. He responsed by telling her that he could touch her because he was her daddy. The daughter then states that her father hit her in the nose and choked her from behind. She then screamed out at the “Man of God”, her father that she hated him. malone then threw her CD player and started to break her CD’s. Malone then told his daughter to “Get the hell out of his house”.