slimerizer1I love to see abused or formerly abused and/or mistreated women pick themselves back up, brush themselves off, and move forward with their lives.  Such is the case with Gizelle Bryant, estranged wife of Jamal Bryant (pastor of Empowerment Temple AME in Baltimore).

I have reported on Jamal in the past but here is a summary.

a.  Jamal is the son of Bishop John Bryant and comes from a family of preachers and bishops.

b.  With a history of rebellion [not doing what he was supposed to do in school], Jamal had flunked out of high school, but went on to earn his GED.  To his credit [and possibly his father’s connections] he was accepted into Morehouse College and was doing well. At one point he headed the youth division of the NAACP at the national level and became a minister.

c.  He started Empowerment Temple and along the way married Gizelle.

Long story short, there was alleged adultery in that marriage and he has been accused of creating a child outside of wedlock via that adultery.  GO HERE to read articles I’ve written in the past on this topic.

In 2008 Gizelle filed for a divorce but changed her mind.  As of 2009, the divorce is on again because she re-filed.  In her original filing she mentioned that she had been physically abused. That has not been proven in a court so I want to make that clear.

Regardless of the circumstances, this woman has been through some things with Jamal Bryant.  But there is great news.  She has moved on.

Gizelle and a friend have launched Sliminizer, a lingerie line for women sizes 4 and up.  And the lingerie is color coded to the skin.  Looks good.  Look below for more details:slimerizer2

SLIMINIZER, the new shapewear line available in 10 different skintones and at affordable prices, launches on-line this Friday, June 19th. Veteran shapewear and lingerie designer to the stars Kate Liegey and SLIMINIZER co-creator Gizelle Bryant believe their slimming, yet affordable line of shapewear will resonate among all women. “I spent years designing apparel for stars and now I’m thrilled to be making it accessible to everyday women,” says Liegey. “We’re really proud of SLIMINIZER because it combines the comfort of lingerie with the sleekness of shapewear at affordable prices.”

SLIMINIZER shapewear co-creator Gizelle Bryant, who together with Liegey created the color match system giving women 10 skintones to choose from, believes women of all ethnicities will celebrate and embrace this new line. Bryant believes, “Sliminizer is a product for every woman who wants to look and feel her best.”

In today’s tough economic climate, the creation of SLIMINIZER is a story of perseverance and reinvention. After a highly successful career spanning two decades as an intimate apparel and shapewear designer for leading apparel companies including Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Bali – Liegey, who has also designed apparel lines for pop star Jessica Simpson, and Tyra, struck out on her own committed to creating a new shapewear line to meet the needs of today’s woman.

Liegey began an immeasurably challenging year of product development which finally paid off leading to the production of the SLIMINIZER shapewear line in China! It was a chance meeting at a popular New York eatery that brought Liegey together with Bryant in the ladies room where the two met while commiserating about the downside of shapewear – how hot it makes you feel, how it hikes up on your thighs, and how limited the color choices are. That conversation led to their current partnership on SLIMINIZER shapewear and to the innovative creation of the color match system which provides women with 10 skintone choices.

The shapewear line has already been embraced by O Magazine in this month’s “Adam Says” column where SLIMINIZER is featured as a must-have for women wanting a smooth and sophisticated look. Also on this month, SLIMINIZER is featured again in another of Adam Glassman’s summer fashion columns.

Good for Gizelle!  I love to see women pull it together and succeed in spite of circumstances and negativity.

The shapewear can be found HERE


  1. Good for her. I just hope she’s done her homework in order to make it a success. Too many women married to famous or successful men rush to find their niche in wake of a divorce and often times it doesn’t pan out for them the way they planned because they haven’t done proper research… case in point- Sheree’ from Real Housewives of Atlanta with her fashion business.

  2. Fortunately she received a mention from the Oprah crew. That will give her a push.

    And her partner has a lot of contacts.

  3. May God CONTINUE to BLESS the Beautiful Woman of God, GIZELLE, and EVERYTHING she puts Her HANDS ON!!!

  4. Likewise I was happy to see that sister move onward and upward. Thanks for your comment, Cee.

  5. I just wonder why so many ex-pastors’ wives going into the body shaping business. What’s with that? I have heard at least 4 ex-wives
    so far. Maybe it’s just a trend or something.

    LYNN’s REPLY: Name the other wives. Otherwise, your comment sounds fishy to me.

  6. To Lynn, you need to do a little more research. Jamal got his GED, went to Morehouse, then went to Duke Divinity School, and then went on to get his doctorate. Theologically, we are all destined to rebel against God in some way. Every person in the world Christian or Non-Christian has rebellion in them due to original sin. However, despite himself, Jamal answered the call of God and decided to pursue that call. And it’s God’s grace on his life. You probably need to take a long look at your life and it doesn’t compare to the good Jamal does. It is very unfortunate what has happened between he and his wife. I too am glad of what she is accomplishing. However, what are we going to do? Are we going to start praying for young black men who have great potential or are we going to crucify them for their mistakes to the point of asking them to live a life of remorse and shame. That’s just not the gospel and I think that’s what people have a hard time with. God still loves Jamal and will and has dealt with him but the Father is going to give up on his sons and daughters who have married each other and are not getting along. Just like any natural parent but the thing is a natural parent’s love does not compare with the love of the Father.

    LYNN’s RESPONSE: You have it twisted, backwards and confused. I don’t need to do any research. I’m not the one engaged in the types of behaviors he is/has been engaged in.

    You are writing to the wrong person. Address your letter to him.

  7. Truth Seeker, we are not all destined to rebel against God. Romans 3:23, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. We are human and therefore are prone to mistakes, but we don’t have to rebel against God. Not with the power of Holy Ghost ruling and abiding in your life. Is anyone perfect? No, but we are to strive for perfection. We can be perfect in the things that we know. Such as, living right, and laying aside the sin and the weight that so easily besets us. If we stay in the face of God we won’t fail. If we stay on are knees we won’t fall. You can’t fall when you’re on your knees. Jesus is too close to His return for us to get sidetracked and play footsies with the devil. We have to stay on our knees in prayer, push those plates back, and line up with the Word of God. We as people of God need to grow up, stand up, and stop making excuses. He is not pleased with those that have a form of godliness and deny the power thereof.