I won’t even pretend to be surprised by anything that Fred Price says. Won’t even pretend. Albert wrote an article recently titled, “Are we gods?” and in it he talked about how Benny Hinn had a secret “revelation” about how we are not really humans and other nonsense. It’s common for “preachers” to come up with these modern revelations that are so deep that they are the first to reveal it.

While visiting the blog of A Toast 2 Wealth, I saw where they uncovered this Price story. Check out the video below. Beyond sad and pathetic. People had better open up the bible and read it for themselves. By the way, suicide is a SIN and Jesus never sinned. NO, He did NOT commit suicide, everyone.


  1. Between this guy and Bill Winston, there is some foolery going on in the Black, Word od Faith church. My Pastor when I was in grad school took all of Price’s books out of our Christian Education department. I had one dealing with faith but never could get into it- dude preaches and writes with a certain arrogance that can really be a turn-off. Now he has little Junior at the helm…what next?

  2. I already didn’t “do” Fred Price and now you had to go and remind me of why. What an idiot!

  3. I saw this video on Youtube a few days ago and was truly disturb by what I heard. The part about if guns were available during Jesus’ time, He would have put the weapon in his mouth and pulled the trigger. That in itself is blasphemy to the highest degree.

    Secondly, look at the large congregation that continues to attend this ‘church’ every Sunday and listen to this mess. Of course Fred Price isn’t the only one who preaches false doctrine, there’s a ‘laundry list’ of demons at the pulpit each Sunday and millions who follow them.

  4. I wonder how Price would talk to people (mainly teens) about preventing sucide.

    “Pastor, why CANT I comment sucide? JESUS DID IT.”

    This idoit has NO IDEA what he is talking about. Like many of these false peachers Price is just MAKING STUFF UP as he sees fit.

  5. I thought about it a bit more and this sermon get worse as I think about it.

    1. Clearly Price doesn’t study the Bible or the DICTIONARY. There is a difference between suicide and sacrifice.
    SUICIDE is the destruction of ones OWN INTEREST. SACRIFICE is the destruction of something for a higher purpose. Jesus SACRIFICED HIMSELF for us, he didn’t SUICIDE himself.

    2. Price has unknowningly given people a excuse to kill themselves. (WWJD, he killed himself and so can I)I am sure there are members of his church that know people that have committed suicide. There is KNOW WAY he can say that suicide is wrong if he believes that Christ killed himself. How could he council anyone?

    3. He said if Jesus had a gun he would have shot himself. There is more than one way to kill yourself. Jesus could have easily jumped off a cliff, fell on a sword, or hung himself. Saying that if Jesus had a gun he would have shot himself is idiotic at best.

    4. Some of these super star pastor just want to say something to make a name for themselves by making outlandish statements.(ex: The world will end on May 21st, Jesus killed himself, Jesus was married)

    Cop out

  6. He needs to lay off the jack daniel.

  7. Let’s us all be in deep prayer for Pastor Price his family and church family. This is to remind all of us to “Read Study to show thyself approved unto GOD. II Timothy 2:15