1. This woman confesses and professes to be called of God as an ordained minister teaching and preaching God’s Holy Word with her breast exposed?! What a shameful disgrace!

    I am speechless. At first, I thought maybe she was unaware, because the top she is wearing is inappropriate for her LARGE BREAST, in the first place… and she shouldn’t be to be wearing such a top as a woman of God, even if she does have on a jacket… but then I thought about it, Yes, she knew her breasts were exposed, and she and whoever the person shooting the tape also knew and didn’t stop the taping…

    What a shame and dishonor to her, and if they didn’t know, they saw this after editing the tape, and if this was an accident, then why would it be on youtube.. who released it to the public… therefore, the conclusion of the matter is, that she knew her breast were showing, and so did the person taping. It is without a doubt, to purposely show her breast for all the wrong reasons.

    I suppose her so-called divine purpose was to get the attention that she is getting from the public on youtube… but she forgets, what God has to speak about such as this, and there is no way God has called her to minister to anybody with His Truth, when she herself is in default showing her breast. Showing her twin-towers, is no different than speaking with a fork tongue… everything she speaks makes her a doubled-minded lair and she too, speaks with a fork tongue, if she claims this is what God has called her to do, and approves of her dress and behavior. Surely, she can’t justify her actions as being as Paul teaching and exhorts us to be in Romans 12: I beseech you therefore, brothers and sisters, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. 2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Surely, this is not holy, acceptable nor is the perfect will of God.

    Jesus said he would make us fishers of men, to call people to Christ, but He sure didn’t mean for us to strip down to the waist to get their attention.

    God give us strict counsel on how godly women are to dress, this is not to say the woman is to go around with long dresses and covered head, and not be fashionable. But she is to dress according to her call in ministry and as being a woman of God with honor and respect. [b]”I Timothy 2:9:I also want the women to dress [b]modestly[/b], with [b]decency[/b] and [b]propriety[/b], adorning themselves, not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, 10 but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God.”

    I read another article that her name is La Tarsha Emmanuel, well sister Emmanuel has serious spiritual issues and needs, and has need to heed God’s Word of Truth in all things regarding her preaching and teaching ministry in clothes that are becoming a woman of God especially, those things God speaks about when it comes to her appearance as to how godly women are to dress representing their call and their God.

    Paul said, he became all things to all men, but that sure does not mean she is to be all things to all men in a ungodly manner and therefore, she has need to get off her stripper’s pole, and get in God’s Holy Ghost POOL and be baptized again.

    Sister girl, you will do well to get it together and repent of your sins… Good judgment is warranted when ministering God’s Word of Truth.

  2. Well her nipples were clearly exposed. Also if you go to youtube in a related video she is seen expounding on another topic in same clothes this different camera angle only this time ample view of her open legs in short dress, her husband sitting their in total agreement.

  3. I’m sorry, what was the ‘sermon’ about? I was a little distracted…LOL.

    On a serious note, does she really think there is nothing wrong with ‘preaching’ the Word of God while showing her breast to the world?

    Seeing her video reminds me of a guy who also ‘preaches’, but uses curse words during his ‘sermons’. See video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzTikg0z9jw

    Yes, we are definitely living in the last days! Come Lord Jesus!

  4. @ Evangelist – Now tell us how you really feel. LOL

  5. My thing is, even if it was a mistake on her part, once she saw the video, she should have re-recorded!

    Ryan… I can’t with that video you sent. Horrid.

  6. Not a mistake. She exposes her nipples on every video. So we can totally drop error as a consideration.

  7. Her next sermon should be entitled “She Speaketh with Exposed Nipples”. This is a hot mess. How did the Lord allow you to see a message about the forked tongue and not show you that your nipples were exposed. I mean wow. What in the world. Is this what the church has become. Next people will be preaching naked while dancing.

  8. She is aware that her nipples are out. She did it on purpose because she is speaking from the stripper pole…so she had to expose herself to relate to other strippers.

    Wow!!! This is really out of control. And so is the cussing preacher…OUT OF CONTROL!

  9. The “cussing preacher” has lost a tooth since the last time I saw him. Apparently he cursed at the wrong person and got knocked out.

    These are not real ministers by the way. Agents of the devil.

  10. @Lynn,

    I agree with you whole heartly.

  11. This trick is a joke. Keep on playing with God…

  12. Um…those are nipples, DeePee. Was that your confusion?


  13. I heard of this on the Micheal Harris Show early today. As I listened to the topics being
    discussed about young women today, I asked myself who is the blame for this. Is it the
    fact that there are no fathers or real men in their lives to teach them different? Or, were
    these women abused as young girls or as growned women? Maybe these women allowed
    their abusers to defined who they are today? How do we help them? Remember, they
    are the mothers of the next generation.

  14. shes clearly crying out for help!!

  15. LOL…what type of help do you think she is crying out for?