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By:  Lynn Green

Hicktowners, you may or may not believe this nonsense. Remember a few days ago I highlighted the partying “priest”, “Father” Malia? He was the one running around spending thousands of dollars on alcohol in clubs and claiming it was for “charity”.

PRESS HERE to see a picture of him, appearing totally drunk and partying hard. LOL!

Say cheese, Father Malia.

On the day the Episcopal church opened an investigation into his nightclub crawls, new pictures surfaced of a Pennsylvania priest getting his party on.

The candid camera caught the Rev. Gregory Malia living it up with lithe lovelies at one of his favorite haunts, Pink Elephant.

He’s seen drinking Perrier Jouet pink champagne that costs $550 a bottle and doing shots with the gals, all wearing identical minidresses.

What is this world coming to? And why do they do their mess under the cloak of Christianity? It boggles the mind.

Hat tip to Greg for update and Hat tip to Diva for original story lead


  1. That area is pretty strict with their beliefs. If found to be true, Father Malia will be looking for another profession.

  2. did you say he had sex with the girls , i hope not he has [REMOVED BY LYNN] ., hav you read his last juant in the paper

    LYNN’s RESPONSE: In order for me to print what you claimed above, you’d need to include a link to where you found it because that’s a serious accusation. You claim it was in a paper? Well send me the link.

  3. Much ado about what? Interestingly I came across this buried on the web. http://www.pitchengine.com/gregorymalia/gregory-malia-trial-to-take-place-on-september-27-2010-in-wilkesbarre-pa/91003/ I didn’t read anywhere else that this man was physically hurt in the gun altercation involving his daughters. The press was obviously present in the preliminary hearing and must have known that all the “victims” made it clear under oath (different story to the press apparently) that they were not threatened by this man in any way, gun or no gun. Yet, someone apparently did more than threaten this man, they physically harmed him. Wow ! Splicing the story together it seems that Malia was having dinner with an employee and the employees boyfriend…when one of his daughters appeared in the crowd and threw beer all over the man. It’s unclear but it appears that Malia was there first and one of his daughters was watching him for almost two hours before the incident happened. This sounds more twisted than the original story. Its funny that this guy has been accused by just abut everyone which made me a little suspect when he said nothing and his lawyers said nothing. Malia claims to have purchased expensive bottles of champaign which he still has that were to be auctioned off at a charitable event that was being planned. This story and everything that followed seems like the press instigated a great deal of hatred for this man, potentially unjustly. Priest or not, the man runs a large corporation and has a right to live his life without others invading his privacy. Its frightening that just because he is successful others think its ok to distort the facts and try their best to ruin this mans life and reputation. Shame on the press, I thought the days of this kind of yellow journalism were long over. We can all become targets of this kind of attack and we should hold the press responsible. I don’t like what I’m seeing here.