1. This is the result of falling away from the word of God. The Prosperity Ministry was the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the gullible Black church. Nowhere in the Bible does God tell us to seek money. He tells us to seek ” Him” FIRST and we fell away from that. The Apostle Paul was writing to the church, warning us of tickled ears and wolves in sheeps clothing, but some of us believed he was talking about those of the world….well folks the world has infiltrated the church big time…smh!

  2. Well,..several things would have given me red flags from the beginning with this dude….
    Bad grammar and Gold Teeth:) and what do you do with 23 cars…and what is this quote “God will take you from where you are to “who you are”…wth????…please just give me the word line by line:)

    Agree with southernVal, we are told to not trust in uncertain riches…and we are deceived when we are drawn away of our own lusts….They could have paid and hired a reputable grant writer $3000 to get funding for non profits from the government. I also believe he took advantage of their ignorance in not knowing good business 101…

  3. His sheep knows His voice. Whyyyyyyyy if they were so connected to the Lord, did they not inquire of Him first. He would have answered. They need to examine their relationship with the Lord. We are to seek Him conerning ALL matters.

  4. CeCe has a great point. At what point do we use discernment and some old fashioned common sense? Some of this stuff, saints put themselves into.

    @ Oregon – LOL! Girl your comments about the red flags, hilarious!

    @ SouthernVal….always the voice of reason

  5. It is amazing how “our people” can scarem and holla and clap and cheer while being scammed. Its also interesting to see how they get subdued and chill when he said, “If you judging me you judging God”. The audacity of these people. There is nothing deep or spiritual about this. Anything sounds too good to be true has to be.

  6. @ Winston – I too was taken aback by his boldness in telling the people that judging him (the man scamming them) was equal to judging God.

    And NO ONE got up and walked out???

  7. Why wouldn’t the poorer churches at least investagate this man before giving him a check that they could not easily replace?

    This man made 9 million dollars in 2 years.
    It shows me two things.
    1. Many churches leave their discernment at the door once somebody says the words ” God told me”
    2. There are churches that are far more interested in making money, then saving souls.

    It’s easy to see how many of the famous pastors made, and keep their riches.

  8. It is time to return to God, America was once the light of christianity to the world, no dought they were a blessed nation and many christians are still blessed, God loves you as you continue to depend upon him and not on man. There are many vipers behind the pulpits today, power hungry, money lovers that is walking in deception. Taking advantage of people and their money. WAKE UP AMERICANS i know you mean well in supporting the gospel, but learn to desern these prosperity preachers are wolves in sheep clothing. Minipulators and vipers. Stop supporting these money mongers. God commissioned us all to “go” not just them. They use their sly gift of the gab deceiving people. They are LIARES. God is destroying them as they fall one by one, we going to see many more fall. Let us return to faith in God and him alne.

  9. Monica (Deputy)

    Unless one is a “babe in Christ” I fault those in the congregation for not being discerning in this matter. The bible is clear (in my opinion) on the matter and there “thou is without excuse.” This shows that so many are stuck on a personality and what “Passa said” that they leave common sense at the door!

  10. I guarantee you, Monica that some of the members did try to speak up. But those greedy pastors were salivating at the mouth to get a million bucks.

    15 years ago, when I belonged to a mega church (From the Heart, in Temple Hills, Maryland), my church was up in arms when Fred Price came to our church preaching a bunch of weirdness that was not in the bible. At least none of us could find it and he certainly did not share any scriptures to lead us to his teachings.

    When we wrote to pastor in droves to speak out against that mess, pastor’s wife announced to us that people need to keep their mouth off of the saints of God. Huh? The man is teaching us “doctrines” that do not appear in the bible and we are not to question it???

    He invited Price to the church again (and keep in mind that they had this stupid game going back and forth where they would send $100,000 back to each other’s churches…..trying to show off to see whose church could gift the other with the most money at OUR expense!)……..but any way, when Price came back, only about 75 people showed up. Keep in mind that at the time, we had a 20,000 member church. But we KNEW the word! And we refused to sit under Price.

    About 3 months later, apparently God Himself rebuked my pastor for allowing a false doctrines in our church simply for the sake of friendship. Pastor approached Fred Price and their friendship abruptly ended because Price believes what he believes. Period. An example: He told us that everyone who dies, dies because they chose to die and/or give up their spirit. That would include those who die in airplane crashes, brains blown out, etc. Just crazy stuff! And he stopped blaming sick people for being sick once his wife was stricken with cancer.

    Instead of apologizing to us for ignoring us and actually insulting us when we spoke up, the pastor (J. Cherry) came to us with his tail between his legs looking all silly and telling us—in so many words, that Fred Price had dropped him as a friend.

    I left that church. Now I’m in a small church where only scriptures found in the bible are taught.

  11. When one comes with investment strategies and trickeries, that defy even the most liberal rates paid by established financial institutions, there is no need for discernment. Sorry to say, not every thing is mystical and deep. However many of these gusy preach spookiness until they start to believe it themselves.

    AS Lynn rightly said, even if they had warnings they would surely have ignored them.

  12. The Bible says that we are to watch as well as pray, be wise as serpents yet harmless as doves, to study to show ourselves approved, and it says in Proverbs in all your getting, get understanding. Beloved in Christ or in the world, when it sounds to good to be true, IT IS! My heart goes out for those wounded, but it ought to be a lesson. If you dont agree with playing the lottery, then you definitely should not fall for a get rich quick scheme… Blessings! and remember, what does not kill you will make you stronger… This pastor is paying his debt to society, wait until he stands before the Lord…………

  13. “Pastor” T…….

    Where do I begin with people such as yourself?

    (a) You claim that people should not play the lottery. In other words, you are blaming the victims for being victimized. Newsflash! No one expects to be scammed and bamboozled by a so-called man of God, okay? Furthermore, every time you walk out of your front door and step into your car, you are gambling with statistics. Your car could get into an accident at any minute.

    (b) You say your heart goes out to the wounded. Hmmm…..does not sound like it to me.

    (c) You say that what does not kill you makes you stronger. I’m disappointed to see you repeating the same silly garbage that you hear out on the street. What a silly saying that is. There are people out here who have been raped, betrayed, tormented. It did not kill them, but it has WEAKENED them in many ways and has given them nightmares and a distrust that they would not have had. In many cases, it has put a hole in the hearts of people that will never heal.

    (d) You say that the pastor is paying his debt to society and therefore let’s wait until he stands before the Lord???????

    In other words, I should not expose that fraud and devil?

    If you don’t get OFF of this blog and stay off….Ole Slewfoot has a lot of nerve sending you up in here today with your mess.

    Nice try, “pastor” but I will CONTINUE exposing frauds like your pal, okay?

  14. Test EVERYTHING, hold fast to that which is good. These folks did not test ANYTHING. Kennard knew they wouldn’t and swooped in for the kill. He should be ashamed.