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A Hicktowner who reads the blog regularly but who chooses to stay in lurker mode just emailed me this heart warming story.  In fact, I was so blessed by it that I’m starting a new award called the Hicktown Hero Award and Ed Peirce is the first recipient!

Here are the facts about this hero:


  1. Ed Peirce had been a stockbroker and business owner of a computer training establishment in West Virginia.
  2. He left West Virginia after retirement and moved to Rock Hill, SC to be near his adult daughter.
  3. Because he was in good financial shape, he purchased three houses, with plans to live off the rental income from them.
  4. As fate would have it, two families fell into economic disaster, with the heads of the households getting laid off (hopefully they have applied for unemployment).
  5. Peirce, instead of evicting them, went out and got a job to help pay the mortgage on the homes!

“I sat with them and prayed for better times,” Peirce said. “These are stand-up guys. Family men. Proud. They paid me before, when they were working. You don’t show your faith, your Christianity, in words. You do it in deeds.”

Peirce now lives in one of the three small houses, because he had to sell a larger house off Celanese Road where he had lived for the two years that he’s been in Rock Hill.

He’d begun to fall behind on his own mortgage because he didn’t have the rental income. Rather than evict his tenants, however, Peirce sold the Celanese Road house and moved into one of the three smaller houses he’d planned to rent.

Yes, Ed Peirce sold his own house and moved into a much smaller place so that people with babies whom he’d never met until last year aren’t left on the street with no roof.

Afternoons, Peirce heads into Walgreen in his 12-year-old pickup truck, or sometimes on his motorcycle. He waits on customers — the only gray-haired, pony-tailed grandfather in the joint.

“He’s growing his hair for cancer,” co-worker Kevin Cooper said. “Great guy, that Ed.”

With so many negative articles here in Hicktown, it’s great to be able to report that this hero, Mr. Peirce, is an ordained minister:

Peirce, an ordained minister who loves God but isn’t much for organized religion, makes it plain that his role in life is to help people. He carries a Bible in the saddlebag of his motorcycle and will stop and preach on his way to the biker church he attends.


If you would like to nominate someone for our Hicktown Hero award, email me at Hicktownpress.  I’m on gmail.


  1. Congratulations Mr. Pierce!

    Wonderful news, that really made my day.

  2. Yes, with all the negative going on in the world—-from the church to the street corner, it was great to get a positive news tip to uplift the spirit.

  3. What a great story! We need more Mr. Pierce’s in the world.

  4. Hi everyone!

    My landlord is a good guy as well. He owns many properties. This winter I was laid off from my job and he never sought to evict me from my apartment. He even came over to fix things and asked me if I needed anything when I underwent cancer treatment. Once I was healed from the cancer, I went back to work. I went back in May. He waited all that time to receive rent from me. He never ONCE made me feel like I had to get out.

    Thank you Jesus.


  5. One Mom,

    What a beautiful testimony. And it reminds us that most of us humans truly do have a good nature.

    You were blessed with such a wonderful landlord!