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There is a saying that goes, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. I am fortunate enough to remember what Hawaiian Punch used to taste like. It only came in cans and it was beyond delicious.

I can no longer drink it because it tastes like liquid cardboard now. Just awful and it’s sad that it is being called Hawaiian Punch. I actually don’t know what that concoction is.

What really bothers me is that when these companies change their products, they generally won’t bother to consult with the public and they move forward as though nothing happened.

Take Scott Toilet Paper for another example. It looks exactly like Charmin now. One of the reasons people purchased it was because it was the anti-Charmin and it lasted soooooo much longer. Take it out of its wrapper and you no longer can tell the difference. Why did they change? And furthermore, why are they labeling it as the “original” Scott? Are consumers stupid?

Do you recall the original Palmolive dish washing liquid? It was thick and would last a very long time. Apparently it lasted too long for the manufacturers’ taste because it’s been watered down. YET, it still has the title “original” on the bottle. Again, are consumers supposed to be stupid? I am now actively seeking out a truly concentrated dish washing liquid. I never imagined leaving that brand but I have been forced to do so. And no, they did not bother to inform the consumers of the changes and continue calling their watered down version “original”.

What do you all think? Have you noticed any of your favorite products that no longer look or perform or taste they way they once did?

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  1. desertdetroiter

    Hawaiian Punch was too expensive when i was a kid, so my parents bought Kool-Aid. On the rare occasion that i was lucky enough to get some, i remember how sweet it was. LOL..sweet=good when you’re a kid.

    But i had some Hawaiian Punch at a party not too long ago and i thought it was shockingly sweet!! First time drinking it in 20 years. Didn’t like it. Just too sweet. As we get older, i think most of us just lose our sweet tooth.

  2. Man, I thought it was just me that thought the tast of Hawaiian Punch had changed. I use to be able to find the concentrate, but I haven’t seen it in the stores since my youngest child was 12 or so. There are a lot of products that have not only changed there taste, or composition, but they charge more for less now. i shop at Sam’s Club now because when you buy in bulk, you get more than your moneys worth. And all those convenience stores that sell items like Top Ramen for $1.29, buy those items at Costco/Sams Club and BJ’s and raise the prices to what they want. I used to think that I was just losing my tastebuds but its more than that. They really think we aren’t noticing. Good subject Lynn!

  3. I cannot imagine ever losing my sweet tooth, DesertDetroiter. Hand me some brownies! LOL

    @ SouthernVal, Hawaiian Punch used to actually taste like punch. Now I don’t know what that mess is. I won’t touch it now. I am happy you are patient enough to deal with Costco. Too many people in there for me.

  4. Products that no longer taste the same:
    1. Frosted Flakes
    2. Capri Sun Juice
    3. Whole Milk
    4. Sugar Corn Pops
    5. Popsicles
    6. Cool Pops
    7. Pepsi and Coke (cans have always tasted different than bottles!).
    8. Lowry’s Seasoning Salt

  5. Looking at your list, Dee—-I don’t eat Frosted Flakes so I have not noticed that.

    Never drink Capri, Pepsi, or Coke so have not noticed.

    Love Corn Pops. You are right. It’s no longer as good but I still like them.

    Popsicles taste horrible now. Agree!

    Cool pops, I don’t eat. I have never bought the Lowry’s.

    And I hate milk so I did not notice a change there either.

    Good observations!

  6. Lynn, I shop at warehouse stores because I hate to run out of staples,its cheaper and I can go shopping once a month,lol. I hate “makin groceries” but love to eat. But I have four children, 12 grandchildren(who love spending the night) so i keep what they like in my kitchen. We try to have Sunday dinners once a month and they have complained that some of the food doesn’t taste the same which is true. So I cook from scratch which means shopping fresh: fruit/vegetable stands etc…@Deelove: you can add Captain Crunch,Froot Loops and a host of other cereals. And you have to watch what brand of butter (not margarine) you buy too!!!

  7. I couldn’t agree more. I used to drink Hawaiian Punch by the gallon when I was a kid and now it is disgusting.

  8. Just about everything this is not made from scratch tastes different…some worse some just different.

    Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets…taste horrible now! I cant even eat them.

  9. oops…that should say:

    “Just about everything that is not made from scratch…..”

  10. Yeah im pretty sure the changed something in the drink when I was a kid it was the greatest thing ever. Now it taste like crap.

  11. It’s the bottles, I’m convinced. If you buy the bottle and buy a can, do a taste test and you’ll see the difference.

  12. Yes it’s the bottles. If u buy in the can it tastes more like the original. I buy it in the big gallon bottle for my kids but it tastes nasty to me, like they put salt in it or something.

  13. I used to be very active in the martial arts. In the middle of the night after my practice sessions, I’d be incredibly thirsty, and Hawaiian Punch (made from the concentrate) was the only thing that would quench my thirst. I recall reading that it used to be an actually healthful real punch concentrate (made with passionfruit etc.), and it did taste that way. Now it is just hideous chemicals. I also find that the Hostess snack cakes all taste awful and chemicaly now, notably the Susie Q’s, which used to be quite like a real charlotte cake. Again, now they are all inedible in my opinion. And finally, going a bit off tangent – ladies, remember the original Jean Nate’ splash? They changed that too! :(

  14. Good information, Hap. I totally believe that it was once a healthy drink. I’d be willing to pay more for the original taste. It was real punch and now it’s chemicals. And they wonder why America’s people are so sick?

  15. Hawaiian Punch is different. I’d like to add Campbell’s Tomato Soup to the list. It used to be when you opened the can it was more jello like in the can and you could make it wiggle out. Now, the soup is liquid and darker and it does not taste the same. We eat Wolfgang Puck’s soups now and his Tomato Bisque is delicious. Have you noticed the difference with Campbell’s Tomato Soup?

  16. Orignial Punch Lover

    I remember what it used to taste like and I am very upset with the new flavor. I remember when I was a kid it had an unforgetable tangy bite to it that made you want to drink can after can. Message to soft drink manufacturers “if you are going to change it then make the original available!”

  17. I hadnt bought it in a while but ive always loved HP. I immediately tasted that awful artificial taste that leaves an even more horrible aftertaste. I went on google and typed “hawaiian punch tastes awful” and i ended up here. The rest of the 2 liter went right down the drain.

  18. The interesting thing about Frosted Flakes is that Costco ones tasted better and are thinker then the regular grocery store ones. It’s like there are different bakers or distributing areas.

  19. I thought I was crazy!!! Hawaiian Punch DOES taste different now. When I was a kid I begged my mom almost every time we went to the supermarket or commissary to get Hawaiian Punch. This was in the 90s! It had this kick and bite to it that was really really good. Now I taste it and all I taste is chemicals. It’s like they dumped a bunch of salt and crackers into it. It almost tastes chalky. I figured that I just grew up and my taste buds have changed. Looks like I’m not the only one.

    I agree with the Campbell’s soup comment too. It is watery and not concentrated like it used to be. Palmolive I haven’t noticed a big difference with… maybe I just wasn’t accustomed to the original.

    Sunny D does not taste the same now, neither does Sunkist soda. Capri Sun also tastes a little less incredible (although still good).

    But HEY!! Listen up…The closest thing I’ve found to the original Hawaiian Punch is Shasta’s Tiki Punch. It’s carbonated, but it’s pure bliss. If they ever change that recipe, I’ll hang that company by their nuts!!! Go try it, it’s fantastic.

  20. Connie anchorage

    Everything tastes different now because they no longer use real sugar. It’s the new sweeteners that make everything taste like crap.

  21. Hawaiian punch doesn’t even taste like fruit punch anymore. It tastes like…red if that makes any sense.

  22. Agree. I have noticed the ridiculous tasting foods out there now and have come to the conclusion that we as consumers are being raped for our money.
    To add to the list : Carnation Milk and the Kraft cheeses taste different now too!

  23. I miss original hawaiian punch! They can still offer the artificial sweetener version as a “diet” version but the original needs to come back or i will never buy again! These artificial sweeteners ruin very good food and drink, This has also happened with one of my old favorite coffee creamers. Companies need to start consulting with their customers and doing taste tests before changing recipes. This seems so corny but I absolutely loved HP as a kid and I crave it often, yet no luck for me :(

  24. I typed in does Hawaiian Punch taste the same and wounded up here on this blog! I thought it was me too like the rest of you. I used to Looooooove this drink and when I tried it maybe 3-4 years ago something changed. You could always count on this drink to make you feel good as a child and as an adult. Now its crap and there is a horrible aftertaste. I am 51 years old and I miss feeling like a child when I would drink it….LOL Oh other products that have joined the bucket list,….

    Ivory Dish Detergent is no good no more suds I dont even know if they make it anymore and Joy
    Zest soap (the scent is not good anymore and it doesnt last as long as it did ask my 104 year old grandmother she swore by it and now it is messed up)

  25. I live off of Hawaiian punch and have read the labels because i’m into that and it tasted like it always tasted when it was 80 cal/serv. Then like a year and half ago it went to 70 cal and it lost its trademark tropical RED sweetness. Now this week i see the jugs are 60 cal a serv and it tastes funny. It WAS my favorite but I have to find a new drink now.