I belong to NYTN’s Facebook page and he posted the funniest (or saddest) article. Fake/false prophetess, Sandra Lee Allen, is accused of bilking a pitiful “silly woman” out of $100,000 by claiming that the woman needed to pay back tithes.  She then allegedly took the woman’s money and went on a shopping spree.

Some of these false prophets are going to bust hell wide open:

Allen claimed that she was using $100k to build her ministry, but instead she bought a Jaguar X-Type and spent in excess of $30,000 per month at stores like Nordstrom, Coach, and Best Buy.

Mrs. Hughes says the money she gave Allen was to make up for the sins of her forefathers, and that she emptied her husband’s savings accounts and borrowed money from her children to pay Allen.

Hughes began by giving Allen checks, but Allen later told her that God only took cash.

Mrs. Hughes never told her husband about the money because she says she knew he wouldn’t agree to it. She estimates that she gave the fake prophetess approximately $93,000. Allen also claimed she was close friends with Juanita Bynum. She has been charged with fraud and is awaiting trial.  SOURCE


  1. Wow. You called her exactly what she was a “silly woman”. I feel sorry for her husband and kids.

  2. BornAgainJerry

    Does anyone ever notice they always want to build THEIR ministry with YOUR money?!
    but they never want you to hold them accountable to how & where YOUR money is spendt,
    this is symptomatic in todays churches, where the sheeple are so willingly “dumbed-down” by these perpetrator-prophets
    Test the spirits! stop “getting got” READ YOUR BIBLE for yourself!

    They’re always (mis)quoting “Will a man rob God..?” yet why do you churchfolk allow yourself to be robbed by your “little gods??!” by the ‘Sunday morning stick-up’