1. The sad part about this is, these young boys were taught racism by their parents. For someone to murder another person just because they are of another race (in this case black), their parents must have sown some deep hate.

  2. I am not quite ready to blame his parents. Sometimes people hook up with criminal friends and do things their parents would never approve of.

    I’d need more evidence before blaming the parents.

  3. I’m wondering why the other five boys and two girls involved have not been arrested or charged. What is the proper procedure is to punish them according to the law?

  4. I don’t know anything about anyone else but I DO know that the one who ran over him has been caught.

  5. Oh Mr. Deryl… if you’re smart, you’ll beg for the Death Penalty, otherwise… welcome to your new life in jail, where you will find out what happens to a racist white teen. I’m sure there is a handful of brothers (that weigh more than a buck-30) who are ready to welcome you home.

    GL! and dont drop the soap.

  6. I am wondering also why the other boys and girls have not been charged also. the Parents got to be so proud, who do you think taught them the behavior.
    It is a hate crime and the punishment should be death!

  7. This is what happens when parents don’t parent. The parents should also be held accountable for what their “little darlings” did. He’ll probably get 10 years and then be more dangerous if no one kills him first.

  8. This has nothing to do with these children parents , it has everything to do with hate , this kid went out looking for any black person not caring who it was , ( not caring who it was means he could of care less if this man had a family , are kids) him and his friends beat him up and then ran him over like a dog. Its 2011 an racism is still alive , what a shame what a complete shame.

  9. I agree, Sean. I cannot blame the parents for this one. These freaks need to take full responsibility.

  10. In prison, they will get the same special treatment Dahmer got. They, and by that I mean inmates, are waiting for these boys to come to prison.

  11. Let’s see if I got all the facts right – Something like this..right?
    First, CNN also asks us to believe that these teens “drove 16 miles” to a predominately black area of Jackson to find the first black person they could to harass. Trust me Jackson os 70% plus black and there would be no need to drive 16 miles. Next CNN insists that a 130 pound – 18 year old child beat a 49 year old grown man “to a pulp” in the plain sight of a “security” guard and others while they all apparently stood around and watched. (There is no fight shown on the video, but there was an altercation) CNN the claims that the person shown waving his arm is shouting “White Power” (Where’s the proof? Note that the CNN spokesperson even footnotes this allegation) Then, rather than help the man who was so severly beaten, the guard and others continued to watch as he “stumbled” onto a busy highway in front of the truck as the teen were leaving the scene. I ask all thinking people to consider – why? Why walk in front of the truck if you are just a helpless victim? Note the tall bushes between the truck and the victim. The drive is very narrow and the intersection is difficult to navigate because the Interstate exit ramp is only a few feet away.
    In order to safely exit the motel parking lot a driver must have a proper angle. Thus the driver (Dedmon -whom almost everyone here and elsewhere has already tried, convicted and condemned to hell for all eternity) backed up to exit quickly in the “heat of the moment” Again CNN is asking us to believe that this was premeditated. They say Dedmon “jumped the curb”. His tire may have run onto the curb, but the curb is only about 8-12 inches between the bushes and the street. The body was cleary found in the street – not in the bushes. Why did the victim (who we are led to believe could hardly walk) find it necessary to go in front of the truck? His car was parked close to the Hotel – not the street.
    No indeed, my dear “rush to judgement” friends. This young man did not deliberately premeditate to cause this death as is suggested here. Instead the 18 year old “child” panicked in the heat of the moment and fearing retaliation from the would be victim – acted out of fear and self preservation. The group of onlookers then began to spin the facts. They put the emphasis on making this a “hate crime”. The question is not whether this was a “hate” crime (whatever that is – all crime is caused by hatred not love) The question is What, if any crime was committed? I certainly do not condone the actions of this group of teens in any way and there’s no doubt that at least the two boys were looking for trouble and found alot more than they bargained for, but we as a thinking society are no better if we spew hatred ourselves and are guilty of the same thing we are accusing these children of doing. Isn’t this exactly the lesson of human nature found in the scriptures? Little children – do not believe everything CNN tells you!

  12. This “LuvURNeme” character is one of the reasons why I monitor the comments that I allow on this blog.

    He is calling an 18 year old a “child” and has created and spun a bizarre tale to try to make right the fact that this “child” murdered a human being on film, no doubt.

    So for those of you who wonder why I ban people, I do so because I CAN and this is my blog. And it’s a private blog.

    I have not banned this”LuvURNeme” character. However, I want everyone to understand that the bizarre tale that he has spun leaves me scratching my head.

  13. Bizarre indeed. Sounds like “whitewashing” a horrible event to me. This was a horrible crime against an innocent man, and yes I believe it was a hate crime.

  14. Your header reads: When a dog is rabid, it needs to be put down. Likewise, when a human is rabid, it needs to be put down. IF guilty (and it appears that he is) Deryl Dedmon needs to be put down. Response: Is a human an “it”? Are you an “it”? You claim to be conservative. It “appears” he is guilty? You have seen or heard nothing of the facts except what CNN (a very liberal organization)has chosen to tell you. Why not just get rid of our court system and cut the national debt. A huge % of the people in this country are rabid wolves as described by our Creator and Savior, rushing to judgement crying “crucify him” , crucify him”. Does that mean all of these are “its” and not humans as described by you? I call the the young man a “child” for emphasis and in reality he is not a man until he is 21. Internet blogs are not private. You cannot have it both ways. Yes Debbie, no doubt this is horrible and should not have happened, but everyone deserves a fair trial. If we aren’t going to allow him that this country is doomed. Sometimes I think thats what you all want and probably what will happen anyway. I promise you won’t like the alternative. I know alot more about this case than you do. I am spinning nothing. I am colorblind. I am whitewashing nothing. I hate this happened and it is a horrible thing. As the header states “IF ” a crime has been committed. That is the point of this rant.
    IF a crime has been committed it needs to be corrected. There is no need to play the race card here. We have all been guilty of the slurs. There is however an evil culture that underlies this nation. Take a look at what this individual [LINK REMOVED BY LYNN because the man in question is 100% NUTS and I won’t allow a link to his blog here] has to say about that. It’s your blog. If you don’t want readers then censor everything that doesn’t fit your agenda like CNN does. If you don’t have the courage to post this go ahead and delete it and I’ll go away. Regardless I will say no more on this. Thanks for letting me post.

  15. LUN, we are not going to agree. And YES, this is a private blog. Visitors are here because I allow them here. You just signed because I allowed you to do so. With one stroke I could make this an “invitation only” blog or I could ban you. So YES, it is a private blog, no doubt.

    You are not color blind. No such thing (unless you are talking about the genetic disorder of color blindness). But if you are saying that you don’t see color when you look at people, you are lying. Everyone sees it.

    I notice that you see what you want to see. EVERYONE else was able to WATCH the video of the “child” purposely mowing down a human being. Somehow you missed it. Have you considered eye glasses?

  16. By the way, there was no typo involved when I said that “If a human is rabid, IT needs to be put down”.

    Any human guilty of what that “child” has been accused of is in fact rabid and in my opinion has crossed over to an “IT” as opposed to the respect of being called a person.

  17. And the hatred lives on! No we will not agree. Neither will Almighty God agree with any of us when we are wrong. When I said Im colorblind I mean I see people as individuals not colors. We are all people of color if you want to get down to it. No one is pure white or pure black and these aren’t colors. God created a variety, a spectrum and the human race is the only real race card.
    Everyone else was able to “watch the video” I am a lot closer to the situation than the “video watchers”. Perhaps you see what you want to see.

  18. You are correct. Hatred DOES live on——and the one in this scenario hating is to one(s) that MURDERED a human being.

    Don’t come in here accusing me of hating anyone. Don’t you dare!

  19. REMOVED by Lynn

    Don’t come in here warping scriptures. And what does scriptures have to do with that VIDEO I watched showing your buddy or family member running over a human being?

    Go find another blog that’s discussing this story and agitate the people over there. We don’t have the patience here.

  20. One last thing to consider (for thinking people only)
    If CNN is not racially biased why does NOT the video caption read:
    “Teen Faces Murder Charges in the Death of a Man captured on Video”
    instead of what it does say…
    “WHITE Teen Faces Possible Hate Crime Charges in the Killing of a BLACK Man Captured on Video”
    Why you ask? I’m glad you asked. Listen closely…..
    The caption they used stirs up strife and gets people to read regardless of the facts or the truth so that the author (CNN) makes MUCH MOOLAH!
    “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of EVIL!!”
    Godspeed to those who are of the household of faith.

  21. LuvUrNeme, don’t come in here with that judge not craziness.

    LOOK at the VIDEO.

    Period. You obviously are related to this jerk in some way.

    Don’t come back in here. You are annoying. Take that mess to the “child” in jail who we saw on video running over a human being.

  22. BANNED

  23. BANNED

  24. Thank you, I felt like I was reading gibberish anyway from LUN…see ya.

  25. People like LUN have agendas that do not fit the scope of Hicktown.

    We have intelligent “residents” here and it’s very difficult if not impossible to pull the wool over our eyes.

    How can you look at a video and walk away with excuses? That won’t work here so he was a troll as far as I’m concerned.

  26. For LUN if it was the other way around black teens and a white man you would not have one thing to say. I hope once he get to prison he gets what’s coming to him. Mr.Craig was minding his own business and these losers killed him. The Lord said a eye for a eye!!!!

  27. Thanks, Nikki. LUN is fishy. I believe he either knows or is related to the accused in this case.

  28. Why aren’t the others being charged?

  29. Accessory to murder. All of them should be charged. He only had to pay $5,000 for bond. My parents would not have come to get me and his shouldn’t have.

  30. You have wise parents, Travis. I believe my mom would have gotten me but ONLY because she would never believe I’d be capable of such insanity.

  31. drop his punk ass off in the hood after u show some goons the video showing what he done!!!!

  32. I did some internet research on this Dedmon family in Mississippi, to see what kind of family Deryl came from…I was just baffled as to what they could have possibly taught him. …….they have Twitter and Facebook accounts. They have a lot of family members. There were lots of pictures of the family. They mentioned their hobbies as hunting, drinking, smoking, and they seem to like driving large pick up trucks, and a real love for their children………….so I am scratching my head, unless their was something more sinister underneath that pictures cant pick up (I guess I was looking for pictures of Klan outfits or something and Aryan symbols)……..Im pretty sure i saw Deryls mom and dad in the pictures even saw Deryl dressed up in a tie.
    Maybe the combination of hating black people and liking to hunt is a dangerous one. SOMETHING IS DEFINITELY WRONG WITH THIS FAMILY.

  33. I don’t believe in blaming others for the actions of one. His family is not responsible for his actions.

  34. PrettyIsAsPrettyDoes

    Lyndie…the thing about racism is that it isn’t always obvious. Most racists prefer to hide it. As a biracial woman, I’ve encountered a few individuals who were openly racist. They threw the “N” word around like it was nothing. Some people don’t care and they don’t try to hide their racism.

    But in Deryl’s case, it is possible that his environment fostered that kind of hate. His family may not be responsible for his actions but it is possible that some of his behavior was learned at home. I don’t know his family personally, but that is what I think. Racist attitudes come from somewhere and the influence often comes from a person’s environment.

    What happened to Mr. Anderson is tragic….it reminds me of James Byrd. :(

  35. Has anyone ever noticed that people always need to feel as though we are a part of something bigger than ourselves? Take religion as just one example. For many, having God in one’s life leads to a more positive balance of friends, family, and life in general. While we of course always hope for the best, the case of Deryl Dedmon is one of those unfortunate tragedies of life for which we find ourselves searching for answers; an example whereby – for Deryl – being a part of something bigger than himself (in this case not God, but rather a racial hatred that was developed over years of hanging with the ‘wrong crowd’) has now led to his probable execution.

    What do I think happened that night? Something probably between what CNN has reported and the ‘analysis’ LuvUrNeMe posted above. It was very sadly…a night that spun of out control very fast. Although CNN may have exaggerated the incident a bit for press purposes, I believe the incident was most assuredly (and unfortunately) racially motivated, I think that, had the national media not gotten ahold of the story, Deryl would be facing 2nd degree murder charges with a probable 15-20 year sentence. Do I think Deryl deserves the likely capital punishment he will receive? I’m not a judge or juror acquainted with the full facts, so I’m not really qualified to make that determination; however, I take no pity on the man – he will get what he gets and that’s OK by me; I have faith the system will prevail (as it typically does). My message to Deryl is simple: sometimes when you roll the dice, you lose. And this time you lost…big.

    But let’s not forget that the biggest loser in this whole situation is the Anderson family and their friends. I can’t imagine the pain and suffering they are experiencing right now – and the continued pain and suffering they will go through as the trial proceeds. I am sending them my good thoughts and prayers.

    Let’s be realistic: this situation will unfortunately happen again in the future; however, the one tiny nugget of goodness that can be gleamed from this whole mess is that forward progress IS being made as evidenced simply by the magnitude of media coverage! Would this story have even made local (let alone national) headlines as early as thirty (30) years ago in the deep South? Maybe…but likely not. My point is that we as a nation are continuing to evolve our thinking / actions to realize that racism is simply not acceptable behavior. Progress in this arena may be slower than we’d like…but it’s still better than nothing right? Who knows, maybe future racial atrocities will become less frequent now that Deryl is being made an example of across national television.

    If his death saves a hundred other people from racially-motivated violence (this could happen via many methods which I won’t go into here), then I’m all for it. Welcome to Machavelianism (spelling?) Deryl. The good of the many typically outweighs the good of the few (or the one). And you’re pretty much on the bottom of that scale now.

    Anyways, I’ve gone on for enough now, just my 2 cents, not meant to be offensive in any way. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if something I’ve said is unclear. Happy to chat about this further. Thanks!

  36. Executive, thanks very much for that well thought out post. You brought out some great points and gives us something to actually ponder.

  37. Why has no one mentioned the other 2 murders that have occurred at the same hotel in the past month.

  38. @ Red Peters – Your question makes zero sense. If there were 10 murders at the hotel, what does that have to do with this case where a murder was caught on tape?

  39. I am only posting because this story hits home for me in a way that I cannot explain. I do not know either family, however; I am also a multiracial college woman. I am in my early 20’s and I am a resident of MS. I grew up being called an oreo as well as many other hateful names that I had to overcome through the years. This was all while attending an ALL white private school. People never took the time to ask what my ethnic bacround was, they automatially assumed because I was darker than most, that I must be a “N,” or at least half.
    After hearing about this case, being that I grew up in the Jackson and surrounding area, I felt it was heartwrenching to hear that this still takes place. Just last year, the University of Mississippi chose to change their mascot because of racial implications assumed by society. When this took place, there was a KKK rally and march that took place in Oxford. Not only does that show how alive racism still is, it also proves how sensitive it is. I am torn becuase I hear my mother being a multiracial woman herself, state that she is afraid to walk the streets of jackson anymore because misidentiication may cause her to be targeted. My father on the other hand, has no fear of being racially discriminated against because he is a white male. When talking to my dad about this, I felt that it was humbling to hear him say, “This is the most absurb and outrageous thing I have heard of since the 60’s.” He then went on to say, unfortunately, MS feels the need to always rehash the racial past that ignorant people refuse to let go…. Someone told me a long time ago,
    People will talk about you… there is no way around it. They talked about Jesus christ and, look at what they did to him. They PERSECUTED him…. To expect any less treatment in insane….. But once people take talking about someone to the extremity of acting on it, it becomes a game of roulette.
    I feel that all 7 people should be charged with murder, because at any point, those so-called “children” had the opportunity to get out of the car, help the man, call 911 on a cell phone (which they all own I am sure), or say I dont want to be a part of this. We as humans, gain the right to speak during developmental stages, however; we as americans gain the freedom of speech from birth! USE IT!
    as for the parents:
    Any parent that loves their child, would never want to see their child hurt, much less facing a life sentence or the death penalty. They may be disappointed and angered by his actions but if they wanted their son dead, then they would have aborted him those 18 years previous. Blame can be placed on the parents, but children also go through rebellious stages between the ages of 14-24. They dont care what their parents have taught them or what their parents approve or disprove of. I do not condone the family, or the legal 18-year-old adults. I feel that in MS, being in the BIBLE BELT, we are taught to love your neighbor as you would yourself…. and one of the most popular childhood songs states, “red and yellow, black and white, THEY ARE PRECIOUS IN HIS SIGHT…. Jesus loves the little ‘children’ of the world.”
    I feel ALL 7 involved should spend at least 20 years in prison as accessories to a hate crime, and the boy dedmon, giving him the death sentence is doing him a favor. I feel he deserves the rest of his life to sulk and regret and become disgusted by myself for what he did. Maybe in prison, he can find a calling, and ask for true FORGIVENESS from the one person that can give it to him, because poor Mr Anderson will never be able to be asked that question…..
    God Bless, and value the ability to speak freely

  40. I agree that he should get the death penalty but the victims family does not believe in the death penalty. I wonder if that will carry any weight with prosecutors or will the seek the death penalty anyway.

  41. This is still “MISSISSPPI” just a different time! Yes , this is a “HATE CRIME”! Anytime you boast and brag about going to do harm someone and you carry the crime out, duh…It’s a Hate Crime!!! Anyone that believes otherwise is just a ignorant as the cowards that carried the crime out! Deryl Dedmon neeeds to spend the rest of his life in Prison!!! Putting him to death would be too easy, as for as the rest of the “waist of sperms and eggs” that were with him that night\early morning, They need to be put in prison for a very long time, yes the girls too!!! @LuvUrNeme , you are just as ignorant as anyone of the people that don’t think this is a hate crime..You said what you said because this story brought national attention and you probably are realtive to one of the cowards or perhaps your family was brought up by “hate” I feel very sorry for you and hope one day you will grow a “braincell”!!

  42. Murder is murder no matter who committed it, we could go back and forward with what race did what to whom for ever. Life was lost and more life will be lost behind this and other mess! Jesus didn’t die for us for this!! We are all here for a reason and that is to live life abundantly, to love and serve our fellow man. Praying for peace in this chaos!

  43. UPDATE – For those of you who are in DENIAL and who pretended that you thought that nutcase, Deryl Dedmon was innocent…..he admitted guilt and has been given LIFE in jail.

    In the future, don’t be so quick to protect the devil, okay?

  44. I know this is a old blog topic… However, I personally know Deryls real mother she is one of the kindest sweetest people you will ever meet. His parents are NOT responsible for his actions. He was NOT raised to be racist they did NOT teach him to act in this manner! He did this on his own and his “buddies” chose to go along. They made that decision on their own. I do NOT agree with his actions and yes and innocent man died because of them. But I do think that maybe, just maybe they did NOT mean to run the man over and kill him. I personally think that their intentions were to beat him up and leave, however it happened . It breaks my heart for the victims family and it was a terrible thing and yes it was a hate crime but keep in mind that this stuff happens every day white, black, mexican, ect ect ect…. None of it is right . However, Deryl Dedmond is the one on trial NOT his parents. So there for it breaks my heart that they have also became victims themselves for something they had no control over the parents are not responsible for the actions of Deryl and his so called friends the parents did NOT do the crime. Yes, Rankin County Mississippi is predominately white. However, the education system is wonderful it is a clean place and has alot to offer. People think that because it is predominately white that it is racist and loaded with “rednecks”. Just because one likes to hunt, fish, ride horses, play in the mud, drive large trucks and occasionally drink does not make one racist or a redneck. So dont judge people you do not know. I guess my point is that his parents arent responsible and he was not raised to act in that manner. They arent the guilty ones so the assumption that they raised him like that just really burns me up because thats not the fact. People make their own decisons and know right from wrong. Trust me ive made stupid mistakes and decisions and my parents raised me right and they were NOT responsible for what I did or have done in the past that was not correct.

  45. Real mother meaning not his “Step Mother”.