According to police reports, Belcher, 25, and his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, 22, were arguing around 7 a.m. on Saturday. Also at their home was Belcher’s mother, who was visiting to help care for their three-month-old daughter, Zoey Michelle.

Around 7:50 a.m., Belcher shot Perkins several times. She was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

Belcher drove 15 minutes to Arrowhead Stadium where he stood in the parking lot and thanked general manager Scott Pioli, head coach Romeo Crennel and linebackers coach Gary Gibbs, for what they had done for him, news reports said. Belcher had played three seasons for the Chiefs and had started in nearly every game.

Then he pulled the trigger.


Where do these useless punks come from? I mean….seriously? This demon possessed nutcase murdered the mother of his 3 month old baby in front of her mother. Not a care in the world that that woman has to spend the remainder of her life with that horrifying image to work through.

Next, no care for the fact that his child was going to be left an orphan, since clearly this creep had already determined that he was going to off himself also.

I find it interesting that his only care was for those managers and scouts who had recruited his selfish behind. How flabbergasted I was to see that this wicked monster had the GALL to spend his last minutes on earth (before stepping off into hell) driving to his coaches to thank them for what they had done for him. You see, it was all about himself, his feelings, his ego, etc.

There is nothing that his girlfriend could have done to deserve being shot down like a dog in front of her mother and WITH the baby in the house. This jealous creep clearly killed her because she had gone out and enjoyed a decent evening with some friends.

satan is busy.

My heart goes out to that 3 month old baby who has to go through life knowing that her no good “father” murdered her mother in cold blood. And my heart goes out to the mother who had to stand witness to her child being murdered by a demon.



  1. I believe it was his mother>

  2. If it was his own mother, that’s even worse. That guy was scum.

  3. Yes it was his mother and she called the police. How sad for both mothers and that innocent little baby. This guy clearly was selish..that was my 1st thought. My second thought was I pray for the baby that has lost her mother at the hands of her father. Then I thought to myself, the Lord is indeed on His way…
    My question is why do these people kill people around them and then themselves…why dont they just kill themselves? I just dont understand it.

  4. Her last memory of her son is of him murdering a human being. This guy was a straight up sociopath.

    I really am bothered by this one. I was seeing “red” yesterday when I was working on the story. That’s probably why I did not notice it was his mother and not the girl’s mother.

  5. Sad and disturbing story.

    I live in the same city as the young lady and from what I have read and heard these two were in a volatile and intense relationship.

    According to the NY Post this relationship had many characteristics of domestic violence.

    He was living the typical life of a pro football athlete and was recently sidelined due to a head injury. They were adjusting to life as new parents, then add his abuse of alcohol and painkillers. This was not a good situation.

    At one point, she did find the courage to move out, but returned this last time.

    Maybe that’s why his mom moved in, she knew “something was not right” and was trying to help the couple.

  6. Even though I feel sorry for his mother, I am left wondering why she is taking custody of the baby and not the maternal grandmother. I totally agree with Lynn and Stacey. He was a coward and if he wanted to leave this world, then that was his right. He just didn’t have the right to take Kasandra’s life. It sounds as if she was beautiful on the inside and on the outside. What a tragic shame.

  7. One more thing,
    Why did this maniac seem to find it to be o.k. to not only traumatize his own mother by committing such a horrendous act in front of her (fatally shooting Kasandra), but he also felt that it was o.k. to traumatize his coaches as well(fatally shooting himself). Just what in the hell was going through his sick mind??? The only positive thing that I can come up with out of all of this is to be thankful that he didn’t kill the baby as well.

  8. Dee, you make a great point about how this weirdo also traumatized his coaches by killing himself in front of them. Sick character. Really sick freak.

    I too wonder why the maternal grandmother does not have the child. Perhaps she does not want to start all over again raising a child.

  9. I have not heard anything about the girls mother, maybe she had passed on. Even in the article Energize posted, it said she stayed with relatives and no mention of her mother.