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 By Lynn Green

T.D. Jakes is too old to be “cool”.  I was over at IC blog and saw that Jakes is supposedly wearing an earring now.

Ooooh. Interesting. I found some more pictures of him in his earring HERE

You would think that a man who has produced a son who talks like a woman would be doing everything in his power to go in the opposite direction of earrings. Both of his older sons have an effeminate way of talking but one of them is flaming. And the young man wears earrings in BOTH ears.

If I were Jakes, having produced something like that for a child—and the guy is basically a bum who bragged on TBN that he “listens to music all day” in his father’s music studio—I’d be concerned. At a minimum, he should have told his son that he does not get to “produce” music until after he gets a degree.

So T.D. is in his earrings and his sons are in theirs.

Stay tuned!



  1. When I read the wedding article on his website, I did read something about his ‘earring’ on his own blog and chalked it up to my being tired and seeing things and didn’t pay much attention. And I am ROFL at the effeminate son. I’ve never seen any of his sons, but wow. Interesting.

  2. worshipperfound

    There is another level to this story. Apparently TD Jakes’ camp is reproducing this photograph “without the earring” since he is getting so much attention. Check out http://www.independentconservative.com for more information on this.

  3. I just checked out the link you provided Worshipperfound. Very Interesting. I also went back to Essence’s site and after looking more closely saw that the groom happily wears/wore two earrings to the wedding. There is obviously some comfort level about such things in that family and I do know that in the initial photos, I did see something blinging from the Bishop’s ear.

  4. Well it seems alls fair, his daughter has a tatoo on her shoulder. This is very disappointing but I felt it was only a matter of time before “something” surfaced about da Bishop because it seems the Lord is getting His church ready, he’s been uncovering alot of mess in His house lately, the Weaks/Weeks, the Whites, and the multitude that have been covered by Hicktown. It’s time for us to buckle down and stand for what we know to be true and unfailing–The Word Of God. The Word encourages us not to put our trust in man because in his humanity man will fail you. Bishop Jakes, if your earring is alright why delete it from the pictures, you must answer to God.

  5. Bishop & Serita Need a Refresher Course in Wisdom

    I feel that it is very inappropriate for any occassion for a man in his position to wear an earring. He should have known better. You know the haters of the Gospel just looking for something to rail on him about. That diamond bling stud carries a very worldly, pimpish, baller, gangstah, B.E.T. type persona that just does not become a man of his caliber and position. Not to mention he is a HOLINESS APOSTOLIC fire ball preacher! I feel like he used very poor judgment by wearing it, especially at such a recognizable event! That’s just like me as an evangelist putting on fake eyelashes with lots of makeup and bright red lipstick with a tight fitting designer bling T-shirt with a pair of very tight fitting rocked up blinging jeans with high stripper-heels on and wearing them to a live Praise the Lord Telecast being viewed all around the world! It is all about the perceptions and Bishops like him have to walk a very fine line, because he is responsible for millions of souls who look to him as their spiritual leader ALL OVER THE WORLD. I am just so irrrrrrrrked! I still love him and “get over it already” personally, but I am incensed over how he is like one of the most reputted and well loved BISHOPS in the WORLD and “he of all Bishops” is blinging baller style like that! Serita should have been a wise woman of God and told him….”Nah Bishop… let’s keep this between us boo….you only “bling” in the privacy of our home when we together…not for the world to see you Bey…cuz you know something negative gone be said.” Just GROSS lack of wisdom on both of their parts and on the supposed “spiritual leaders/advisors” who are apart of his inner circle. Just a shame! Sorry shame at that and just more bashing on the Body of Christ. Plus look how he all “hunched down” dancing with his daughter…..I was like “oooooo no! You trying to be like dem youngens how dey get down”. Ahhh, just so unattractive for a BISHOP. PERIOD. I still love em though, but it just go to show you how ANYBODY can get caught up and let wisdom fly the coop and don’t stay sensitive to the consequences of what they do. We all are guilty in some way of doing similiar things that possibly brought reproach on the body of Christ to some extent, but stillllllll….HE is the BISHOP T.D. JAKES! He can’t fit in with the cultural norms of this day and the B.E.T. crowd—EVER! What was him and Serita NOT thinking….Go figure!?!

  6. One of the ‘saints’ tried to tell me that an “emissary of the devil airbrushed the earring into the pictures to create an uproar about the ‘Mand of Gawd’.” I tied to explain to her that not only did I see the original photos on Essence magazine’s website, shortly after they were posted and read his own blog which the posting is now removed (and he himself made reference to his earring), but also the video footage that appeared on Essence and other websites has been completely removed because you simply can’t airbrush a streaming video.

    Honestly, I don’t even care that he chooses to wear an earring. I do agree though, if he cannot wear it in front of his congregation though, then he really should not have worn it at his daughter’s private wedding AND then posted the pictures of it on the internet for all to see and comment on.

  7. Amen Diva,
    I’m Pentecostal and I get so tired of the whole earring debate as far as whether or not it’s a sin. My husband and I were discussing this and agree that the word doesn’t say it’s a sin to wear the earrings(that’s not what I’m accusing da Bishop of)but like Paul said “All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient(profitable): all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.” I Cor 6:12

    I also agree with A Good Thing that sometimes “the strong have to bear the infirmites of the weak” and consider the weaker sheep and refrain from some things. In simple terms “it just don’t look right” :)

  8. TD Jakes wears an earring
    He has 2 sons who have (as Lynn put it)effeminate ways.
    Jakes (per his web-site) PICKED OUT the wedding dress.
    His most popular preaching series was “WOMAN thou art loose”.
    His constant avoiding the topic of homosexuality being sinful.
    (even though the Bible clearly say it is)

    I am not starting rumors, I am just listing some facts.

  9. lol, LOL

  10. I heard since April that T.D. Jakes was wearing an earring. But there was no evidence untill i saw these photos from his daughter’s wedding. First of all no saved, Christian man should be wearing an earring. check the history about men wearing earrings.

    In biblical times, it was a symbol of slavery. Slaves were tagged on their ears for identification and ownership. Later, in the Egyptian culture, the mark of 2 earrings or multiple piercings on a male represented bi-sexuality and whoreish behavior. And all the great kings and leaders of Godless civilizations that were lascivious in behavior wore them as this symbol.

    In the early 70’s pimps started wearing 1 earring in the black community as a symbol of slavery to sex. It meant that you were a player and enjoyed multiple sex partners. It was called Macho from the term Machismo which means excessive male or extreme male. This is what the single earring meant and still means. 2 earrings on a man was, and in most cases still is, a symbol of bi-sexuality.

    There is a spirit behind every movement. It dosen’t change just cause you want to look cool. Hopefully T.D. Jakes will wake up and realise that and stop wearing it.

  11. Welcome to Hicktown, TruSouljah. You came strong, sister!

  12. If you do your bible study, earrings are not gender specific. Women AND MEN wore earrings in the bible. In Ex,35:21 Aaron asked them to bring the gold from womwne, daughters and SONS to build the tabernacle. Ishmaelite men wore earrings. It is not the earring, but the motivation behind it, to flaunt sexuality, wealth, etc…Nothing wrong with wearing earrings, not gender specific.

  13. @ TruSouljah. WRONG!!! Male slaves did NOT wear earrings. Their ear was pierced, never said an earring was in it! Deuteronomy 15:17

  14. I read the other Holiness blog and the author of that blog needs to check their doctrine concerning the Trinity instead of panicking that her “Man of God” wears and earring. His Oneness doctrine is heresy and yet the author there has no problem with that, which happens to be totally unbiblical…wow.

  15. I joined TD Jakes church in W.Virgina, and later moved to Dallas to be a part of The Pottershouse. During the Men’s Conference, Jakes was asked if SODOMY was wrong in the marriage. Jakes replied that “the marriage bed was holy and undefiled, and whatever happens in the bedroom is between the husband and the wife, and God closes the curtains”. The name of the conference was PMS-Power,Money & Sex, It’s A Man Thing.

  16. @ Terry – There is no scripture taken out of context as much as the one about the marriage bed. “Bishop” Weeks once claimed that husbands and wives can curse each other out in the bedroom, as long as it happens there and no place else.

    So it does not at all surprise me that Jakes is going against God’s CLEAR statement that sodomy is an abomination. Where does it say that God closes curtains?

  17. I need to add, that I left the Pottershouse, and never looked back. God has opened my eyes to the wolves in sheeps clothing, like Jakes, and their false doctrines. I am forever grateful to the Lord for the Cross.
    1 Cor. 2:2 KJV For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

  18. Look at Jakes’ fruit. His son is flaming and his daughter got pregnant at 14. Look at the man’s fruit.

    How long did you stay before you realized you were in a den of falsehoods, Terry?

  19. What bothers me about TD and his ilk is that they obviously see the scores of hurting around them but still put forth this pseudo religion/motivational speak/prosperity pimp nonsense that keeps thier (not God’s) followers mired in psychological quicksand while they live high on the hog.

    Honestly, after Eddie Long’s mess, I don’t even focus on the misdeeds of the wolves anymore. If you’ve got that level of spiritual whoredom in you and STILL manage to keep rapid followers, the problem obviously lies with the sheep.

    Study to show thyself approved….
    Try the spirit to see if it is of God….